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Broken breakfast

Breakfast appears in mourning and sorrows 
The sugar that came hanging on our lips got drown into tears
Stray bullets flew over the table singing ridiculously in chorus

The blue skies changed color crashing our hope and feelings
Fear visited every olive branch darkening its shallow beginning 
While gladiators flooded the table looting gold and diamonds 

Morning breakfast is totally broken into unending tears
The sound of guns ran through the window pane Not a usual one, our table is struck and surrounded by bloodshed

Thousands of vegetables fell off the table 
Disturbing, dark, soul-wrenching, bloody, depressing and hopeless 
Little and big elephants lost their desirable future

The table
In whom I trusted and invested too many minerals 
It was beaten, disgraced, frustrated and began crawling on its belly 

Land of liberty, I promise to lead the afflicted through grace
But I am just too scare of my dreams 
Cause I am afraid that our table doesn't fall into a murderer's home 

Inspiration: Sir. Elvis Gbana Hallowell; his work "Dining table".

Copyright © Edwin Olu Bestman