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Above earth's lamentation

The bottom of the sleepy Sun hesitated
Just below the misty azure waterline
The dimmed eye brimming with tears

Silently watching over all the suffering
A glowing teardrop leaking down
Over the sad gray wrinkles of the Ocean's cheek

Till the grief was too all-encompassing
No longer being able to bear the sight
Her eye closed slowly, squinting as she cried

She wanted to let out an Exodus cry!:
"Arise, cry out in the night,
at the beginning of the watches!

Pour out your heart like water
before the presence of the Lord!

Lift your hands to Him
for the lives of your children
who faint for hunger..." (1)

She wanted to kick and thrash the waves all about!
She wanted to send out messenger pigeons
Declaring a treaty to the four corners of the earth
Calling a universal truce -- World Peace

But what could she do in all this darkness?
The stars covered with a smoggy cloak
And so the Sky closed her reddened teary eye
Hung her head low

Said her prayers to the Creator above
Praying for relief of suffering, 
for an increase in empathy 
and more uplifting miracles

Sharing in the prayers sent 
up to Heaven by everyone
wafting upward...
Then disappearing...
 as if into another world

Although the immense Sky stretched (to peek) 
Stretching across the vast empire of all the lands...
...all the way to outer space...
 looking for Heaven
But His "Kingdom is not of this world" (2)

Still, the Earth praised Him 
for making her beautiful
At least there was that, 
there is always Beauty
God can't help it -- 
He's so beautiful Himself

Making up her mind to sleep on it
Tossing and turning the navy blue covers
Now it was the Moon's turn to sob
    into the noctilucent billows 

Till they were drenched with sadness
Letting out a cascade 
of sapphire woes
Crashing torrential emotion 
upon the tired shore

Until the morning, 
when the Sky felt calmer 
And brighter, and much more cheerful
For "His mercies are new every morning" (3)

So how can I keep from singing? (4)
I sing through the wind, the birds, the angels, 
And for words to be passed on, I sing through you

Even if it's a song full of lamentations
I'd rather hear a mournful song 
than no song at all
There's a time for silence, 
and a time for expression

God cares about all your feelings
and everything that happens to you
or to those you love
You can tell Him anything

(1) Lamentations 2:19
(2) John 18:36;
(3) Lamentations 3:23; 
(4) reference to the song "How can I keep from singing"

Copyright © Michelle Smith