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ComPassion's Braver Angels

Impressive values,
like love,
claim resources that liberally breed
physically happy health
and conservatively feed
mentally glad wealth.

Oppressive disvalues
like homophobia and racism
and sexism and ageism
and ableism 
and monoculturing disregard
for threats of global anthro-supremacist ecocide,
express what we are against
because these are sources of sadness,
bad health suppressions,
sad impoverishing depressions,
even mad disrepairing
retributive repressions,
investments in revenge,
apartheid demands for militarized retribution,
negative win/lose 0-sum
closed system reparations
repeating historical-monocultural
entrenched distrusted dissociations

Continuing viciously recycling
straight white patriarchal injustices
rather than positive win/win restorations
of positive
herstorical virtue circles,
polyculturally spacious
inclusive webs of EarthMatriarchal Peace.

The proposed 8th prime principle
does not positively promote
therapeutic justice.

Decontextualized focus on what we are against 
betrays giving full mindful 4th Principle witness to
our disvalue shadows
against economically exploitive monopolies,
colonizing monocultural trauma,
white patriarchal monotheistic supremacy,
straight cisbinary monotony,
monochromatic anthroprivileged risk
overwhelming Earth's resilient therapeutic opportunity.

Our health and environmentally safe wellness values
for compassionately mediating our 7th positive principle
breed universal health
and feed unitarian wealth
of sacred EarthMother's unconditionally warm working web
playing interdependently win/win games
promoting resonantly sentient love lives,
nonviolent wombs
polyculturing sacred communion

Like 8th Principle sperm
universally purposed
to conjoin EarthTribe's unitarian
green/blue 7th Principle egg.

Our 7th Principle declares our positive joy
for healthy natural life
and wealthy spiritual love
embedded in sacred EarthMother's empowering web
valuing co-invested AnthroPeace Warriors
co-infested Muses
co-passionate Sages.

Do we need and want an 8th Principle
taking a bold
revolutionary further step
to explicitly articulate what we actively disvalue
as the ecological antithesis
of Earth's sacred systemic 7th Principle
of a polyculturally inclusive EarthTribe
restoring our sacred green/blue indigenous communion?

I believe our positive principles
of therapeutic health,
empowering a wealthy sacred win/win web of polycultural beauty,
enlightened Earth/Anthro balance,
grows non-violently profound neurosystemic peace,
culminating in peak experiences
of our most recent 7th Principle.

And I believe in the synergetic completion
of perfectly pitched 8 octaves 
for articulating MuseTherapy Resilience.

When the first photograph
of Earth's revolving
green-blue living egg-womb
was broadcast back to Earth,
anthro-privilege could physically see Her
sacred healthy wealth
of profound eco-political value,
in Her health-wealthy prime 
7th unitarian value
of PolyCultural Communion.

Now, in this new post-millennial Anthropocene,
we already begin to feel threats
of EarthSystemic oppression,
neurosystemic chronic trauma,
EarthTribe depression,
onset of anthrosupremacist remorse,
rabidly defensive denial
of rapaciously incorporated overpopulation,
despair that Win Universal Earth
and Win Unitarian Anthro healthy 7th Principle Consciousness
of herstorically positive indigenous intent
for whole-systemic thrival
too quickly fades,
foreshadowing today's 8th Principle dispassionate discernment.

If we would dismantle sacred Earth's historical-monocultural
systemic trauma Oppressors
of organic regenerators
recreating love-life's multigenerational
PolyCultural Communion,
Then we might choose to restore 7th Principle EarthJustice
by letting go of less resilient
traditional win/lose anthrosupremacist images
breeding neurosystemic dissociation
and feeding toxic disvalues
of patriarchal monotheistic colonization,
monoculturing cisbinary predation,
capital economic monopolization
of therapeutic EarthMother sacred healing values
choosing regeneratively felt win/win
universally open, transparent
and unitarian holistic, vulnerable
ecotherapeutic webbed, nonjudging
nonshaming systems
for restoring PolyCulturing Communion

Thereby dismantling 8th negative anti-trauma disvalues
confronting Anthropocene privileged systems
of history's monotheistic imaged
patriarchal natural capitalistic maninfested destiny,
a win/lose devolutionary privileged assault
and dispassionate battery
overpowering EarthTribe's restorative peace
ecotherapeutic resources.

Can Earth's monotheistic major force
of retributive injustice nature
and repent
and commit to restore
7th Principle panentheistic wisdom peace
for this,
and the next 7 sacred millennia?

Bicamerally indigenous compassionate minds
want wealth conserving hearts
and need health liberating bodies
to wisely know
neurosystemically intelligent
Win/Win 7th Principle 
therapeutic opportunities
for EarthTribe sacred healing
AND Monoculturing AnthroSupremacist 
Win/Lose 8th Principle
trauma warnings
against further EarthMother dissociative harm

Against impressive values,
reconnecting love,
reclaiming 7th Principle resources 
that liberally breed
physically happy health
and conservatively feed
emotional resonance
spiritual resilience,
mentally glad wealth.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck


Book: Shattered Sighs