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I Want a Mansion the Child Says

A mansion the child says, with a million miles of green grass. 
I hope his heart will not be broken, if this does not come to pass.
Shelter in the form of a house is really the important part,
I tell the young one. A home is truly the best start.

Shelter in a lean to, a cave, or thatched hut in France B,
Can be the best of places, it does not have to be fancy.
You must remember about shelter the main thing is…
The people inside who love you, who make you feel like a whiz.

They are your true shelter, your place to go in a storm.
They know how to nurture you, to love you up and keep you warm.
Shelter is not a dwelling as much as a wonderful place to be.
A mother, father, grandma, auntie, whose love eyes clearly see….

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger