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Confirm Or Deny

        C A U S A T I O N       vs.        D E T E R M I N I S M

Choices form towards our preordained trajectory 
Decision built bricks stack factors progressively 
Circumstancial pegs compile in accord to faculty 
Dogmas of downtrodden clogged with profanity 

Circles run rings around predictions, an equator 
Divides same from same in symmetrical centre 
Cogs who push their neighbours never blame us 
Duration in environ expidited by wheel's impetus

Certainty occurs, journey obscured from turning
Decorum's shield prohibits peripheral discerning 
Contingent coddles confederates, cave sedation
Dictated picture is droll pattern of premeditation

Character patter converses with class conducive
Dialogue delays, latitudinal liberal splay spruking
Concious diverges in a dual carriageway purview
Deliberation channels hairpin 's curve impromptu

                       14th February 
                     Fortitude Breaks 
                    Causation Chains

Copyright © Sigrid Ermine