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It`s necessary for men to be alert,
And Wrong for the entire universe to be swayed,
Your last goal can even be achieved only when you revert,
What will be the reply to questions about your earthly character played,
After being in a world known to make you a pervert?
Yeah, I mean you my special listener who is totally made,
We would meet ourselves in truth,
Only when those lost find their steps on strong route,
Knowing nothing about this world`s doctrine concerning the genesis and doomsday of humanity,
The suggestions suggest we mend our reasoning of beliefs on the principles of the HIGHEST GOD,
Rather than enticing our precious breath and potency on so called,” hopeful philosophy”,
It`s sad, how the ignorant minds are swindled to take strong trust in compiled self-analyses by religionists concerning the creator and his kingdom,
Whereby their leadership had won for them members who perceive no intricacy laid in their personal referendum,

All this comes in pictures assented by journeyers who had lost their salvation map,
And their parade on the globe is likened to goats walking toward a trap,
I mean that statement, since the eyes of many are closed for so long,
A quantum of the world now believes in words exaggerated to maneuver them to wrong,
I don’t believe nor trust in religionism,
Neither am I a fanatic or tied to rationalism,
“When will everyone be in someone’s wheelhouse?”,
That`s what they say to grab the innocents like missing fowls,

“Today is born from the belly of yesterday`s teachings”,
They say to correspond to the relevancies of their power,
Yet they feel no regret after losing their vainglorious tower,
How clear I see the fall of their transient throne,
Those renowned corrupted preachers of religion are now cast down,
And the scientist’s knowledge is melting after he came out with a clone,
Pathetic it is seeing them in death gown,

But it`s not a choice, rather a must to tell you that,
“TRUTH” is an ace in the hole,
Now on the pinnacle of Mount Zion do I see the father of Sweet JESUS,
And the lamb; the way, the truth and the life, 
His power fulfiller being the HOLY SPIRIT,
I`m blessed to know the reality on pro bono,
Though lives are lost every day just to discover the truth…oh No!
However, the circle keeps going round them, but they don`t strive to know,
If you fall part, come to that city of salvation before you lose that your precious soul!






Copyright © Anderson Walkingshoes