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Weird Tale

More ego...
More dreams those fantasies 
I close my eyes and I journey,
1; 2; 3.. I count: Learn with me!
Studying piles of books,
I'm building knowledge like those kids
in kindergarten with blocks

Glasses and bottles,
Same thing: what ever though...!
I'm professor where's the power puffs?
Yes I made those girls,
Blues, reds and greens,
Those hues,
Waters: yes I love bubbles!

Master P... I do my calculations,
Triangles and circles: I see angles
Shapes and symbols
My mistress performing spells,
Enchantress: with spineless dresses
That serpent woman,
I love her to death
Yes! she bit me...

Odd story...
Weird tale: the effects of magic potions 
Powders and spices...pooof! 
Strange herbs burning,
Gray incense resonating
Seeing and hearing things, 
Yes I'm hallucinating!

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