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Till the sun-shine

When the earth cleaved asunder with
A mystic clamored sound 
My dispatched instinct wandered along
For a covert place—secret and unknown!
I found the time was dilated,
Slow and slow,
The earth failed to make her 
Sublime appeals audible,

Then I existed 
With my timeless moments of life
In many events and in many promises, 
I passed through heated desert for
The serenity of an oasis..
Loveliest and lasting, 
I retained the mist of love 
That seeped off the arid air,
It dangled from a leaf like a dew-drop,
Shimmered with the elegance yet to be
Dried up again into a mist, 
Its warmth will augment my hope
And cling to my life till the sun-shine!

Copyright © Mustofa Munir