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The First Gathering, The Wrath, The Return Of Zeus


The First Gathering, The Wrath, The Return Of Zeus
( "Wherein Fate and Destiny Reign Over Blind Worship )

Else the throngs of mortals find the truth,
teeming in the angry hordes they may,
forget to pay alms and worship us all,

instead learn to burn their own flame;

Dare they become gods of their own creation,
rule as they may with greater might
see in the night sky a greater heaven

 with blinded power plot another course-

once lit the fires of power will never cease

our  reign will quickly fade!

Then spoke Ares,

brothers the answer is war

we must teach them war is the way

 that greed and lust are to be glorified

 that obtaining ever greater wealth the true goal,

 we dare not do otherwise

Aphrodite then rose,

Her beauty awed even the Gods,

She laughed and declared

war is not the answer

we must gift those of mortal flesh

love, carnal pleasures 

and nights of heavenly delights

they may then build more temples in my name

and marvel at our divine wisdom

Hera could stand no more,

how dare they ignore her power

not consult her in this new game

knowing mighty Zeus was galaxies away

She sought to gain more influence with the lesser Gods

as her jealousies were legion and her heart as cold as the frozen North

she bellowed,  punish them is the way

plagues and pestilence to ride along with-  War

let Death exert its powers!

 Phobos and Deimos next rose to speak,

in unison favoring Hera's dark call

and their father's passion for - War

singing of the beauty of blood and gore

the humbling of all mankind

that they would again pray to the mighty gods

look to Olympus and bow in enslavement;

At that moment,

a lightning bold struck the temple pillars

from above an angry voice roared - Cease!

you have angered he that must never be challenged

I Zeus, will allow none of your wicked schemes

bow now to me,

so my wrath may subside

and banishment from Olympus may not be on your heads

As all bowed,

Zeus appeared, with his blazing sword drawn

these earthbound creatures of weaken flesh are mine

war is allowed only when I command

Ares, leave now else the fires of my wrath I may sate

as Ares fled, Hera hurriedly walked away 

Phobos and Deimos begged for forgiveness

mighty Zeus calmed.

Below the city saw the fires of the volcano erupt

the citizens all fell into a panic

crying out,  mighty Zeus  please save us

suddenly the eruptions ceased

the masses raced into the temples

giving thanks and paying alms

Zeus smiled and said,

now graze on the bounty below

know this, your time shall come

war and death will be your swords

greed and lust shall rule

and you too will then feel the 

pain and the immense darkness of being gods!

Then Death spoke,

Zeus, you live a thousand years as a day

your time shall one day come

my power shall vanquish yours

enjoy this fleeting moment

for yours and man's future holds many surprises.

Silence reigned, centuries flew by

and in the echoes of yesterdays

dark whispers and sadness in hidden realms hold sway.

Robert J. Lindley,  1-20-2021
Free verse, (  A tale born of inspiration and poetic musings )

Note -
My having yesterday read Keith O.J. Hunt's magnificent poem titled,
"Land of the seven suns" stirred my soul and  woke my muse.
When my muse shouted wake from thy abandonment of hope,
Pick up pen and let the dead gods of old speak!
I was shocked at the passion the muse displayed'
And with some apprehension did as I was bade to do.
Giving thanks to my dear friend Keith. Such inspiration is indeed
A golden gift. 


Zeus does not bring all men’s plans to fulfillment.
– Homer

Chorus: Zeus, who guided men to think who laid it down that wisdom comes alone through suffering. Still there drips in sleep against the heart grief of memory; against our pleasure we are temperate.
– Aeschylus

In times of dread, artists must never choose to remain silent.
– Toni Morrison

Copyright © Robert Lindley