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Degrees of laziness

Ladies and gentlemen 
I am sure that there are,
more than ten degrees 
of laziness.
I’m just to lazy 
to write all of them.
Please feel free to add more
degrees of laziness 
in your comments below.

First-degree of laziness 
People who will not 
do anything, 
if they can get 
someone else to do it
for them.

Second-degree of laziness
Putting off anything,
that needs doing,
Because you don’t
feel like it.

Third-degree of laziness
Taking all the time 
in the world, to do, 
anything people 
ask you to do.

Fourth-degree of laziness
When you feel fine,
calling in sick.

Fifth-degree of laziness
Avoiding work of any kind,
At any time.

Sixth degree of laziness 
Placing your Fitbit 
on your dog,
to log your steps.

Seventh-degree of laziness
Refusing to learn
what you need to know.
Which includes 
reading instructions 
or asking for directions 
when lost.

Eighth-degree of laziness
Refusing to participate 
in a sexual act.
(When you don’t give a f**k)
Not that you can’t 
Get it up

Ninth-degree of laziness
When you refuse 
to do anything 
for your family,
that you,
know how to do.

Tenth degree of laziness 
When you are known,
for not returning things 
you have borrowed.

Eleventh degree of laziness?

Copyright © Robert Kinard