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In the midst of hope

As the shattered ruins of tomorrow’s world 
horrifies shallow minds
As the peace which we all succumbed to 
remains unglorified
As the place we call our own 
litters with the ravages of the fortnight 
Humanity lies holding a candle
in the name of peace and harmony
which yet does not penetrate their minds 

As the inhabitants of this world decimate
their lands are pillaged
As people embrace vanity 
and suffer their own ways
As the string of skeletons have their name etched 
In the book of sorrow 
In the book of dead
The rebellious peasants are intent
on causing wreckage
Proving harm to their own people
They don’t know that rather
we all are the descendants of the same forefathers

I want this to end 
noises of gunfire hurt ears drums 
Piercing and killing lives
the images and the feelings
scar some for life 
This is the place of death
And I try to keep hope.

Copyright © Piya Goel