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slumbering seeds

a cog in the wheel and a log on the fire

of dreams I hallucinate unless the days

are visions of sleepless delusions of truth

its real and surreal when nights close in

I used to be a knight in shining armour

kissing the princess after conquests won

life matured and dreams changed their way

I became chipped wood shaved into pieces

abrasions of a sculpture unfit for purpose

a brigade of chainsaws stunted my growth

the forester ruled relentlessly and debrided

what was left of saplings and torn offshoots

roots failed to spring up from the underworld

weeds’ thorns cut deep into vulnerable skin

and festering wounds oozed poison at will

one day however a creek crept up from below

viscous tears gave me a springboard from arrest

I plunged in slow motion to follow the stream

when I reached the ocean I feared to submerge

too vicious were tides and the surf sucked me in

drowned me but spat me out ‘return to sender’

still dreaming I built a beach hut by a rock pool

drift wood sea shells and white flag of surrender

octopus’ arms released me to become a dolphin

no more do I have to save the world on my own

because a small marine fairy liked my abode

fixed my anchor with love passion and kindness

the sand quakes and spray caresses our bodies

embraces night terrors adopts them as friends

for honest companions can weather the storm

14th April 2021

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann