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Unparalleled power
Unparalleled opportunity
Opportunity of a lifetime
Opportunity to dream a dream
Dream that isn't utopian
Dream of a peaceful world
World of yours and mine
World devoid of hate
Hate for hate's sake
Hate engendered by ignorance
Ignorance by fools
Ignorance so tragic
Tragic stupidity
Tragic mess seeping deep
Deep inside the core of the soul
Deep in our hearts
Hearts that incessantly bleed
Hearts that inexhaustibly weep
Weep a river
Weep a floodgate of tears
Tears that can't be stopped
Tears that can't be hidden
Hidden for long
Hidden behind a veil
Veil of unfathomable secrecy
Veil concealing a flurry of emotions
Emotions that flow like a stream
Emotions so visceral
Visceral fears
Visceral pain
Pain no medicine could ever dull
Pain with white-hot intensity
Intensity so searing
Intensity so overwhelming
Overwhelming sense of unease
Overwhelming power
Power to corrupt
Power to entrap
Entrap anyone
Entrap me in various ways
Ways uncountable
Ways destructive to us all
All of humanity
All who live and breathe
Breathe air and life
Breathe fire and passion
Passion to fight for a change
Passion to fight fire with fire
Fire to win a well-fought battle
Fire that can't be extinguished

Date written and posted: 10/07/2018

Copyright © Edward Ibeh