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Release To Reclaiming

Winter’s grip
winter’s release
release of frost
release of cold
cold winds cease
cold snow melts
melts into puddles
melts into spring
spring comes merrily
spring comes leaping
leaping o’er mountains
leaping little lambs
lambs so playful
lambs fluffy white
white new blossoms
white buds on trees
trees that slumbered
trees now awakened
awakened in fields
awakened in gardens
gardens gracious
gardens glorious
glorious hue
glorious color
color vibrant
color alive
alive with zest
alive with pleasure
pleasure of posies
pleasure of poppies
poppies purple
poppies golden
golden sunset
golden daylight
daylight unfolds
daylight dazzles
dazzles the mind
dazzles the eyes
eyes enjoying
eyes beholding
beholding creation
beholding God’s wonders
wonders in sky
wonders on earth
earth reborn
earth reclaiming
reclaiming spring
reclaiming hope


submitted for Spring Is In The Air Poetry Contest sponsored by Emile Pinet

Copyright © Carol Connell