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Today's Stroll

Today’s stroll has a crisp air tone
Aiding us to adore nature’s home
I’m enjoying the cool breeze, 
She is too
Both feel ready 
For a nice long exploration tour
I look at beauty of trees and branches
She inspects scents and traces with great interest
I take notice of blue skies and white puffy clouds
She concentrates on sniffing wet grounds
I admire gorgeous flowers showing their faces
She examines various animal dashes
I respect thick luscious lawns’ greenness
She looks for the right one to do her business
I promptly use a bag to clean after her
She waits for me to follow the order
I see signs of houses on sale
Quickly take information to tell a friend
She keeps using her strong sense of smell
Stays busy exploring more lawns and trails
I enjoy seeing beautiful wreaths hanging on front doors
She still is interested in sensing numerous odors
I like to appreciate various landscapes
She loves snuffling nearby bushes
I stop and listen to singing birds
She takes time to snort shrubberies even more
I learn about trees, leaves, flowers and birds
She gathers knowledge of inscriptions of various critters
We come back home to start with the day’s work 
I get busy with chores 
She gets ready for a long nap lying happily on the floor

Copyright © Smita Kulkarni