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PTSD Advice

As I see it there is no cure
Meds can help that's for sure
But meds can make things alot worse
Mental health is a real bad curse

The meds will help you sleep at night
Or even help you fight or flight
The effects may damage your internal store 
Kidneys livers even more

I know this at first hand
So join me on this awareness stand
I stand here totally med free
Trying to think rationally

Its about trapped memories
We must search for the keys
The only way to rid this fear
Process the memory shed a tear

To process the memory we must go back 
Get the processor back on track
Its a complex piece of machinery
It's called the brain can't you see

They talk of trauma and incidents
Put it in the box sounds magnificent 
The filing cabinet is over flowing
PTSD just keeps on growing

So relax and ground yourself
Another winner in mental health
Do this and return from hell 
Use sight,touch, sound and even smell

Bring yourself out of the dark place
Look around for the friendly face
Open up and talk it through
This victory does belong to you

Many types of help out there
A lot of family and friends do care
Don't try to fight it on your own
The black dog has just grown

Try the doctors or self refer
You need help that's for sure
Once in the system your tool box is bigger
Hit the black dog with the big yellow digger

He will never totally disappear 
You will be stronger have no fear
When he raises his ugly head
Your strength will put him back to bed

I am referring to therapy 
Non intrusive just you see
It's not for everyone I do know
But surely it is worth a go 
Finally I will just say
Take every day 
Stay strong and remain positive
You've deserved the right to live

Copyright © Gordon Alexander