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The files of Doctor Hugh Mein

in 2040 in a small town in
near Seattle. 
 A Group of college students
on a class assignment found
a briefcase with the words
"GODSENT" on the front.
they pried open the case and found
documents addressed to " Fittall Morris"
from the governments of Mongolia and Cuba.
The documents illustrated how these governments
paid researchers to create a disease that would
create panic throughout the world.
The documents were dated  July 9 2001.
Other documents found in the briefcase
illustrated the success of creating an
upper respiratory virus, and injecting it
into wild animals throughout the world.
One document was dated November 3, 2019.
 It detailed the use of a pig bladder filled with water
thrown into a fire and the steam releasing the virus.
the other spoke of injecting swine and cattle
before feast and festivals
so that the handlers of these animals
would carry the virus to
the people they contacted.
These students most medical student
took these documents serious, they
handed them over to a Professor at the College
( which must remain Nameless, for Security concerns)
the facts of this incident bought the professor to believe
that someone used a time traveling devise to
bring the document there for some unknown reason.
The condition of the briefcase looked new, it smelled new,
but the materials it was made from would not
register when carbon dated tested. The paper
that the documents were on were not of wood fiber, or plastic, but
a fiberey material unknown to that time.
some of the instructions within the briefcase
were made giving instruction
of building a shelter that would house a remedy
within the walls.
it detailed the motion devise that would
 administer the vaccine for cure and remedy.
but it didn't say why humans shouldn't handle the vaccine.
it only spoke of the science of medicine.
that the cure would most likely be derived from the virus, and it would
communicate either from defeat or overpowering the host.

Copyright © Allan Terry