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Poor Thomas


Poor Thomas has met that darn demon ginger cat on the prowl
As I heard a lot of spitting and hissing, then, one almighty howl

I ran out bare footed as the old ginger cat was ready to pounce
Then I gave that old ginger cat a kick, to where it flippin’ counts

As no darn, ginger fat bully cat is going to give my Thomas gripe
It can stop its sneaking around here in the darkness of the night

My front doorstep belongs to Thomas, that is the way it will stay
And this is his home now, and it needs to be safe for him to play

He shot in the house, from shock the poor chap was near as sick
And, my foot was as hurting from giving that cat a bare foot kick

Thomas; is away curled up sleeping, recovering from sheer shock
It is hard to believe; that darn fat ginger cat is of a priest's stock

I off to see his priest father and demand his cat is put under lock
Or I will be reading it, its last rites and its fat tail I will surely dock

Indiana Shaw . . . 

“It’s really hard to believe that this old fat ginger bully of a tomcat 
actually belongs to our local retired priest” . . . :  /

"That went under the categories of: bullying, cat, conflict, recovery
from, religious, violence" ha, ha, ha" . . . ; )

Copyright © Indiana Shaw