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In search of love's end

Did you ever love someone madly, though never fully understanding why?
Untrained for such distress, when they touched your hand.
You shared a few days in the morning Sun, and loved on warm nights.

I would bring you the moon and stars if I could, though you never wanted something so grand. So why does it hurt even more, knowing I could never fulfill your simple desires? 

I don't mean to make you uncomfortable with eyes that can't hide the longing...I tried so hard to walk away, even broke into a run..,once.
Pride goes quickly when the heart can't be bothered with such pettiness, 
and seasons continue to move forward the clock.

I want to be free of this chain made to hold fast my soul,
I pull & pull but the links just grow stronger.

So I'll travel on, looking for a new dawn, 
with a sutured heart that never healed..,
in search of love's end.

Copyright © Quoth TheRaven