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Hello Tan, it's me, Dad

Hello Tan, it’s me, Dad
Memories flood my mind since you've been gone
Hearing your voice in my head lingers on
Fun times when we made lemon pound cake together
I could always confide in you, you made things better

Hello Tan, it’s me, Dad
I keep hearing you say this in my head
Feeling heartbroken with grief-stricken dread
Thanksgiving Day will never be the same
I wish I could still hear you call my name

Hello Tan, it’s me, Dad
You cultured me and taught me about life
Your family values helped me become a good wife
You always pushed me to excel and strive
And taught me to enjoy life while I am alive

Hello Tan, It’s me, Dad
I wish we could spend just one more day
But Your fate was planned another way
Never to hear you say again, feeling sad
Hello Tan, it’s me, Dad

Copyright © Tania Kitchin