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Thank you mother-I love you

Nine months of suffering and pain
In your womb you carried me without any complain
I was nurtured inside of you until due date
Giving birth to me brought your life happiness and gay

Hush little baby every night
You are hurt when you hear my little cry
The way you cradle me as I suckle and lie
Is just so special as it calms me down and to dreamland I fly

As I reached toddler stage it was never easy for you
Everything I scattered and on my clothes I pooped
I didn't know you could act so cool
In cleaning my messes because I was such a little fool
OH !mother dearest "I LOVE YOU"

Watching me grow up is what you are so fond of
By and by as years roll
I am a young woman now struggling for my tomorrow
Your humble footsteps mom, I will follow

I am so sorry for all the headaches and messes
I know you'll forgive me because your love never lessen
I'll work so hard to achieve my goals and pay my debts
May you live longer and be blessed abundantly by our father in heaven !

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