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     SWEET SLAP    
               Being deprived of Mom’s love and affection
                I spent my unfortunate childhood days
                Her deliberate discrimination
               compared to my siblings pricked me always.

               Not provided with proper food or care.
             ‘I am unwanted’, to feel each moment.
             To give me bonus points she did not spare
              passing abusing crescent crude comment.

             I was twelve then and went to friend’s home
            as school closed early after tiffin hours.
            We were making fun and playing carrom.
           About delay was not at all aware.     
            My senses reacted at end of game.
           At eve street lights on, I ran in hurry.
          Mom waiting at the gate, too late I came.
         She slapped me without any query.

           Most expected, abuse must not be mild
          But surprisingly she burst into tears.
          Repeatedly uttering ‘Oh! my child
           I was so scared as if I lost you Dear!’

       'Write Me an Emotion-Act' Contest by Brenda Chiri                           
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