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Unread Poems

He is

He is, 
A colossal anchor clenched to my ankles. 
Constantly trying to drag me downward,
into the deep, dark sea of his beliefs. 
I try with all my might to rise high,
to fly the sky, to explore the world and myself,
but every time I get lift off and start to feel the lightness of freedom,
I feel his grasp clamp down hard,
pulling me down deeper into the freezing, bone-chilling ocean. 
Demanding I stay at the bottom of the icy and isolated sea, 
giving all my energy, hopes and dreams to serve only him. 
One day I will break free. 
I will fly higher than ever before. 
I will soar the beautiful crystal blue sky, 
harnessing the ability to fully love myself.
Then share that love to help others;  
The ones who are still trapped in the depths of their own painfully cold, sorrow-stricken seabeds.
To collectively skyrocket up towards the divine warmth of the sun,
with sensations of such pure love and liberation,
that before we only could dream such a minuscule percentage of.
Independence and adoration will become our forever, grateful new reality!