Unread Poems

The Journey Of Prayer


Prayer is a journey we can take to God’s throne,
Approaching so boldly because we’re His own.
There at His mercy seat we see in red
The blood that He placed there, on Calvary shed.
No more is the veil that kept us from there!
We can go oft on the journey of prayer!
Every hour, every day, every moment He waits
To watch as we journey through prayer’s open gates.
He’s never too busy, and He is so wise
As He looks upon us with our tear-stained eyes.
We have such a battle with life’s trails and strains,
We stumble and falter and fail Him again,
We wonder so often how He can forgive
When even the best for Him we try to live.
Yet He remains faithful and won’t cast us out,
He’s there to assure us whenever we doubt.
Each prayer is answered with Yes, Wait, or No,
There’s NO prayer unanswered when to Him we go.
The journey of prayer starts that one special day
When you as a sinner will take time to say,
“Dear Jesus, I trust You, I want You to live
In my heart now forever through Your Spirit to give.
You died and You rose from the grave long ago,
Now I ask You to help me Your presence to show.”
If you prayed sincerely as you talked to Him there,
I welcome you now on this journey of prayer!