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Who Are You

Who are you?
What makes you "YOU"?

You were born into this world alone.
And you found that you were trapped in a body; 
A body of a male, or a female, or a disabled on views of manmade society.

Then you were given a manmade name. 
And you were raised in a family;
In a wealthy or low-income family, in a religious or non-believer family.

You were being brainwashed by family, media, and your surroundings.
You were taught the knowledge of the people who praised and honored you.
You achieved manmade degrees for getting a good job and pay bills.

You donated your wealth to being a generous person to others' eyes.
You are spent your whole life showing off to others who do not want your care. 
You were too busy showing off your name, body, 
your wealth, education, and creativity.

Time passed, you were realizing. 
Your body and brain were aging.
Then one day, you died alone, and your loved ones left you in a grave. 
Alas! You were so crazy to drive the best car, but who drives your car now when you are in the grave?

You thought your beautiful house could protect you from storms and thunder. 
But what you have done to protect yourself when your body is buried under.
Once you cared about your body so much, which was filled with bacteria 
You are dead now, and your own bacteria started eating your own flesh. 

One day you wanted to look perfect to others and have fame. 
Now you are just a perfect picture on a frame. 

Don't fool yourself.
Who are "YOU"?

Copyright © Farhana Akter