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An Excavation

As one gets older some look back,
some want to see what they did right and wrong.
Some call this their memoirs,
a life of their many memories.
Maybe an excavation on life is what we needed,
look deep into the many years gone by.
Found what we did right,
now how can we copy it.
Found what we did wrong,
now set it a side.
When a deep life excavation is done,
what will we find.
Write it all down both right and wrong,
pass it on to the younger ones.
Many years ago the younger ones learned,
they learned from the older ones in the family.
Maybe we need to turn the hands on the clock back,
to old practices of learning from the older family members.
Today the younger ones seem to be lost,
so lost in this crazy world we live in.
If we did an excavation on our lives,
what mysteries would we find.
Maybe we can save a younger life,
maybe make our life more meaningful in return.
Date Written: 6/21/2019
Title: An Excavation
This or That, Vol 4 Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Edward Ibeh

Copyright © Paula Goldsmith