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Shadow Always With Me

A dark shadow
Busy as bee
Nothing to see,
No matter what!

Is in a Horrible Horror
How he will face his Dear?
With sobbing Heart
Without any tear.

Neither an Anchor to hold back
Nor a Sail to take there,
But, a guiding light
Whose love shows the way.

Is one in a million,
Never looks for praise
Just goes on quietly working
For those he loves most.

He don't know the variation of day and night,
Always struggle for his Dear's right.
Is as hard as mountain,
For his Dear's utopian.

His Dear is noone else,
It's me who matters and dwells.
He has worked so hard so many years,
But, from today I cannot see his tears.

His Arms are my shelter,
Assuring me that it will be better.
His Hands  are in my comfort,
Lifting me up when I fall short.

His voice makes me strong,
Teaching me what is right or wrong.
He is my father it's nothing new,
Whenever I was lone he has been my crew.

I love you father!
These mere words can't describe
the brightness of your Heart,
That you continuously pour into me.

Copyright © Vivek Verma