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She said if I could be her for 1 minute
I'd understand her love for me is timeless
Imagine painting pictures with phrases 
Listen to the words and see the vision
She described me like a good book
She said I walked with confidence
Full of common sense
I said I want her heart to be my home
I felt so misunderstood and alone
My heart was mishandled 
Love life Sahara dry 
You showered me with love
And believed in me, why?
I have been searching most my life
For love with no worries or strife
You’re my partner
Soon to be wife
You and I are one
Love has just begun
I hope these feelings 
Last a lifetime
Sweeter than sugar
Glad your all mine
The sun doesn’t always shine
But rainbows exist we’ll be fine

By Great Dae

Copyright © Great Dae