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New Forms of Poetry

These are recently invented forms of poetry. Add a poetic form you created.

New Poetic Forms

Invented Forms of Poetry by Members

If one of these forms is a duplicate of or too similar to another form, please let PoetrySoup know.

Alemseged's Alphabetical | Alemseged's Symple | Bell | Constanza | Corny Q & A | E-I-E-I-O | Gammo Balta Style | Gammo Haneka Style | Gammo Kamba | Gammo Leveled | God's Dynamic Steps! | Progressive Beat | Suzcrostic | The Andaree | The Tesla 3—6—9 | Trionet | Vingt-Vers Contenu | Yalto |

Alemseged's Alphabetical

invented by Alemseged Sisay


Invented by an International Poet and Writer Alemseged Sisay in Addis Ababa.

A forty line, a seven stanza of six lines each except the last stanza which has four lines. Alemseged’s Alphabetical Rhyming Scheme poem has the following Rhyming Scheme ABCDAA EFGHEE IJKLII MNOPMM QRSTQQ UVWXUU YZYZ.

1- My Life Is Short Living,Poetess Honeylyn Lumagdas Casquijo, Rusia

Pure and virgin oh my mother(A)
She bore the seeds of love (B)
Her womb was our playground(C)
Our cradle was her peaceful chest (D)
Oh, mother of kindness and laughter(A)
we will hold your hand forever. (A)

The strength of our home lies in his supremacy(E)
He's the rock where the four corners of our home anchored (F)
With his support and dedication (G)
We succeeded our dreams(H)
Oh, beloved father of strength and resiliency(E)
We, your children shall bow to your undying legacy ( E)

The home where our hearts grew fonder ( I)
is an avenue of peace and freedom ( J)
where we learnt the value of camaraderie(K)
where we fostered our sense of responsibility (L)
thus, the arrow leading our future is sharper( I)
and the loads we carry are becoming lighter. (I)

Soon, with heads held high (M)
me and my siblings find our humble abode (N)
there, we play with our kids(O)
and boast to them what our parents left(P)
with our wings we learnt to fly(M)
as high as time keeps rolling by.(M)

If then by time we need to be separated(Q)
I wish the best and everything for my family(R)
The legacy which my parents left (S)
will be handed down to my descendants (T)
tomorrow shall be welcoming(Q)
my best clans are fast approaching. (Q)

With my generations happily waving(U)
My name will be called in heaven( V)
The angels will meet me there(W)
blowing trumpets in symphony and rhythm(X)
Birds in paradise will happily singing(U)
and all my soldiers with their boots, marching. (U)

May the Good Lord will be pleased with my coming (Y)
Decorate the heaven with lilacs and lilies (Z)
My life is short living (Y)
But my life with Him shall rest in peace! (Z)


2- Boyhood Nostalgia ( Alemseged’s Alphabetical Rhyming Scheme)

Waterfalls here and there sprout (A)
From the bottom of the mountain (B)
Monkeys and apes are gamboling (C)
Comfortably, somewhere on the leafy soil (D)
On trees top, snacking from the wild fruit (A)
Gathered, seemed as they had a summit (A)

Somewhere wavering on the tree (E)
I were alone blatantly beside the pond (F)
On the body of the botched trunk (G)
Which were beside the spring water (H)
That flew rhythmically in the middle of the forestry (E)
Wending, looking good bye me and the place peacefully ( E)

The nugget, pebble, and the sand was seen ( I)
In the pure water lazed beneath the bottom ( J)
Little fishes were swimming dreading nothing a hook (K)
And I were not a cruel boy to show them a slash of bread (L)
To trick and eat them for my hunger and fun ( I)
Nature was delicious by itself why i did them stun (I)

I had no girlfriend but I were loved a blossomed lass (M)
She was my high school grade mate, so beautiful (N)
A shy, not seen when she talk and play (O)
With boys like me and teenagers (P)
A virgin of the south Ethiopian of that epoch’s class (M)
I were dreaming here beyond my memory mass  (M)

Oh, my boyhood love had an agony of sagacity (Q)
Wishing greedily day and night losing many sleeps (R)
Being frail to say I love you snatched the aplomb (S)
Observing in heart and mind surrendered without fighting (T)
A different perspective on a dimension of beauty (Q)
A yearning of having her, an itching of victory (Q)

My childhood village, the forest, the mount, the cliff (U)
The two lakes, Abaya and Chammo, God’s bridge ( V)
They couldn’t told me how to get the bloomed aroma (W)
They couldn’t helped me how to say I love you (X)
But they whispered the song through wind that riff (U)
By Knowing my secrets, searched from my heart’s shelf (U)

Where are you now the un kissed flower of the ere (Y)
The bud and bold, the desired scent as the Mexican dahlia (Z)
I think now, the time is go on you were my potent age flare (Y)
You are  my boyhood nostalgia, as of a shadow of acacia (Z)

May 29,2021

Alemseged's Symple

invented by Alemseged Sisay


Invented by an International Poet and Writer Alemseged Sisay in Addis Ababa.


Alemseged Simple Style is a poetry style of six lines stanza with a rhyming pattern of ABCDAA. The stanza's number is not limited.

Lavender fields (Alemseged Simple style),Poetess Joanna Manuel, India

Lavender blooms sway
and in unison dance
to the tunes of west wind
In hundred brilliant hues
their grandeur they display
animated in perfect array

Brushed in lilac and green
the fields sends messages
in sweet scents of love
to distant lands that surround
through the air pure and clean
distilled in stillness serene


invented by John Anderson


The BELL has 9 lines and rigid syllable count of 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 8, 2, 1, respectively. Usually presented with centre alignment. It ends with a counter-point, or surprise in the last two lines (the hammer or clanger), after the 'argument' is developed and built-up with the longer lines. It sounds well when recited, but suits any topic.

bell is
a cup upside
down, shaped to resonate
a chime and ring, when hammer strikes
the bell cup, and makes it ring its key note
big bells make deep guttural gongs,
small bells


invented by Connie Marcum Wong


The Constanza, created by Connie Marcum Wong, consists of five or more 3-line stanzas. Each line has a set meter of eight syllables. The first lines of all the stanzas can be read successively as an independent poem, with the rest of the poem weaved in to express a deeper meaning. The first lines convey a theme written in monorhyme, while the second and third lines of each stanza rhyme together. Rhyme scheme: a/b/b, a/c/c, a/d/d, a/e/e, a/f/f.........etc.

Enchanted Earth

I have known ethereal bliss.
A crystal sea, serenity. . . .
Imparts visions to memory.
Endowed by heaven's cosmic kiss,
A peaceful healing I can share
With those who need my love and care.
By star light from this great abyss
Luna welcomes her night time sky.
When full or new, emotions fly.
How can I not be changed by this?
She wields her power over me,
Yet I am charmed, how can this be?
The glory of this earth I'll miss.
Though when I leave this realm one day
Sparks from my life are sure to stay.

I have known ethereal bliss.
Endowed by heaven's cosmic kiss,
By star light from this great abyss
How can I not be changed by this?
The glory of this earth I'll miss.

Copyright © 2007 Connie Marcum Wong

Corny Q & A

invented by Beth Evans


This form involves a question on one line and the rhymed answer on the next. The questions may be hackneyed riddles given new answers, or can refer to public figures, song titles, etc. Kept clean, of course.

1.  What did the bishop say to the actress?
"My dear, I'm a little out of practice."

2.  How many boys can you fit in a phone box?
More if they take off their dirty socks.

3.  Why did the chicken cross the road?
Wait for the next episode!


invented by Carol Louise Moon


The EIEIO is a type of English Quintain.

  1. 5 line poem with lines of approximate length
  2. no specific theme or subject matter
  3. no syllabic or meter count
  4. Each of the 5 line beginning words start with letters E, I, E, I, O
  5. Capitalization and punctuation are allowed where appropriate. So, the challenge or goal of this poem is to work both ends of your poetic line.
Canada Geese

Eight tall geese stood at attention
in our frosty, snow-filled yard today.
Elated, I'll also mention
I saw them on many a spring day,
often flying in, then up and away.

Carol Louise Moon

Gammo Balta Style

invented by Alemseged Sisay


Invented by an International Poet and Writer Alemseged Sisay in Addis Ababa.

Gammo Balta Style Four Stanza Couplet + Tercet + Tercet + Couplet Rhyming Scheme AA BAA CCC BB

O! Covid [Balta Gammo Style], Alemseged Sisay, Ethiopia

This world was in nerve-racking for the rise of population
And to the reversed death proportion

The former HIV aids has been killing
Many people were left us and gone
Transported to hell or heaven

The cruel Covid came impulsively
Squirted on the air and to take our safety
By giving two chances to all humanity

Once it catches us: Survival or deceasing
Those options it could think before taking!

May 19, 2021


Gammo Haneka Style

invented by Alemseged Sisay


Invented by an International Poet and Writer Alemseged Sisay in Addis Ababa.

Gammo Style has the following characteristics - Three lines make one stanza; -Two consecutive lines in each stanzas must have rhyme; The 3rd lines of the first, the second, or more stanzas of each stanza must have to rhyme; The first and the second line of each stanza must have a rhyme , or it can be the 2nd and the third line must be rhyming; The third line of each stanzas must have a rhyme with the next or the upper stanzas third line ; The third line of each stanza’s shall end with full stop, While you cross check it, the simplest and the basic output of all types of Gammo Poem is a couplet. Basic Rhyming Scheme of Gammo Poem are ABB ABB ….; or AAB AAB…..;AAB CBB, or ABB CBB….. The combination of rhyme in Gammo poem fails in those four rhyming patterns. This is to mean there are three options of rhyming.

Blossoming (a Gammo Haneka*), by Jackie Joseph, UK

An attention seeker i've never been
but, having red hair, i'm often seen
as distracting...

as if standing out's a choice i made.
Such recognition, i'm afraid,
is very taxing

so, when ear-nipping winters arrive
beneath my hats i gladly dive...
But then there's that diplomat, spring;

with sun-adoring color everywhere ~
meadows, parks, and on the things we wear ~
it's smiles i'm 'attracting'.


Gammo Kamba

invented by Alemseged Sisay


Gammo Kamba is an English Poetry born in Ethiopia which has built with a minimum of two stanzas. Each stanza has three lines and metering of syllables. Each line of the entire stanza shall have equal syllables with the first line of the first stanza.

TEARS INVITES MISHAP [ Gammo Kamba Poem],Santosh Kumar — Bhutan

My fair lady, when I’m gone, (8)
I know well, you’ll cry all alone, (8)
I tell you, tears invites mishaps. (8)

You’re now weary out of your love, (8)
In my heart, I keep you above, (8)
Send in riant, let safety claps. (8)

In abroad, I’m going for short, (8)
You shall wait for more love to court, (8)
And receive back with closer wraps. (8)

Gammo Leveled

invented by Alemseged Sisay


Gammo Leveled is an English Poetry born in Ethiopia which has built with a minimum of two stanzas. Each stanza has three lines. The next stanzas following the first stanza shall have equal syllables flows with the first stanza unto the end of the poem.

'Gammo 2/2/7'

She talks,
i think,
grain has combined with husk.

i hear,
as gink,
but it isn't looks fake.

winnowed on wind twice.

i see,
pure grain gets its face.

with truth,
was sat down mixed beneath.

our faith,
leads us wrongly unto death.

January 17, 2020


God's Dynamic Steps!

invented by Joseph Spence Sr


God's Dynamic Steps poem, was invented by Professor, Dr. Joseph S. Spence Sr., on October 3, 2007, while studying English literature, creative writing, and poetry at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

The poem represents elevating thoughts going up a set of stairs or a ladder to reach higher levels of God's inspiration. The title has 5 letters. The poem has 5 steps to get to the top, and the lines are dynamic in thoughts of no more than 5 syllables (5x5x5). The form symbolizes an achievement, accomplishment, or the like in the growth of the mind, body, and soul with God's grace.

1)   Reaching God Through Steps!

                       Trusting Him always./
                  Tell God you'll stay./
            From His loving ways./
     Stay His course; don't stray./
Praise God every day./

2)  For God's Love I Search!

                            Coming from above./
                     His abiding love./
              Hold His gracious love./
       Find His precious love./
Search now for His love./

© Ambassador, Professor, Dr. Joseph S. Spence Sr. USA (Epulaeryu Master)!

Progressive Beat

invented by Anthony Beck


Rhyming poetry with a minimum of five lines, in which the first line has 1 beat and the second line has 2 beats, the third line, 3 beats, and so forth with the 4th-5th...

"Spring Progression"

No mo'
On the Left Coast
Good old Vancouver
Sunshine doth improve 'er
Magic in the air this day
A new spring but few hours away
Winter’s exiles repatriating
Flora and fauna be celebrating


invented by Suzette Richards


The first WORD of each stanza forms part of the final message and is capitalized (the title is derived from this), followed by a quatrain that elaborates upon the statement in the preceding mono-rhymed line. The quatrains are presented indented directly below the first lines. The rhyme scheme:abcbc; adede; etc, (‘a’ being the mono-rhyme). The number of stanzas would be dictated by the number of lines required to convey the Suzcrostic message.

THE rusty nails of doctrines impale a secular life.
     The answers are not written in hard desert stone
     or blowing in the wind across the vast hot plains.
     Salvation, if we could our keen senses but hone,
     in silence lay the answer and ultimate gains.
LEGEND referred to by Matthew, does not jive:
     During the reign of King Ahaz, a son was born,
     but by his naming, the maiden was not fazed.
     On this birthday of the Unconquered Sun predawn,
     shepherds’ polite inquiries left them in a haze.
OF wisdom attained through heated debate and strife:
     Contested kinship to King David (join the fray);
     resemblance to Horus and Apollonius isn’t drivel.
     Like Sun, as a dying and reviving god holds sway,
     good and evil are in us around which Life swivels.
OUR personal battles paced by a shrill fife.
     Keeping the faith in which we are steeped—defiant,
     even embracing pseudo-facts that do not rhyme.
     Like the roots and the blades of the sedge are reliant,
     we grope blindly for guidance during troubled times.
SAVIOUR or mythical figure of legends rife?
     From the intellectual cornucopia, we’ve sipped.
     Ignorance makes me despair of people lacking nous,
     parlour games, and the trickery not quite gripped.
     Without an informed opinion, we are mere souse.
© Suzette Richards 2016

The Andaree

invented by Andrea Dietrich


It is syllabic, with lines of 11/9/7/5/3/1/3/5/7/9/11 Rhyme Scheme: AabbcbcbbaA About the one word in the center: It should also appear in the title of the poem It requires a Refrain: Line 1 is repeated as Line 11. Generally displayed centered.

Life Like Tasting Wine

Hold it; let it breathe; it grows better with time.
Ignoring its colors is a crime!
Sniff and swirl it for a sign.
Inhale. Sip. Divine!
Slurp! Savor
The flavor
that comes from YOUR vine
is more enhanced when you dine -
finding balance.  Life can be sublime!
Hold it; let it breathe; it grows better with time.

The Tesla 3—6—9

invented by Suzette Richards


The rationale behind the naming of this new poetic form: ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.’ ~Nikola Tesla

This was posted on my personal Facebook page and on the poetry website,, as my newly designed poetic form on 30 July 2017, as well as my first website Suzette - Poet & Author. For more background information you may refer to my article by this name posted here on Poetry Soup.


1. The Tesla 3–6–9 is to be written over nine lines, as one verse, and on one single topic;

2. the 3rd, 6th, and 9th lines must rhyme;

3. the 9th line is the punch line (the core message that draws the poem together);

4. meter and punctuation are optional, and

5. any topic relating to the poem which incorporates one of Tesla’s many interests and/or quotes must be included as a heading or footnote to the poem and italicized.  

(Also titled: SYZYGY)

The sun is the past—
crucible of the
epigenetic light.
The earth’s the present—
our arrogant might.
The moon’s the future—
a desolate orb
frozen in its plight.
‘Modern science says: “The sun is the past, the earth is the present, the moon is the future.” From an incandescent mass we have originated, and into a frozen mass we shall turn. Merciless is the law of nature, and rapidly and irresistibly we are drawn to our doom.’ ~Nikola Tesla 
© Suzette Richards 2017


invented by L MILTON HANKINS


Created by L Milton Hankins, a Trionet is a two stanza poem. The first stanza follows the rules for a standard triolet of eight (8) lines ABaAabAB (capital letters are repeated lines). The second stanza consists of six (6) lines, formed with five (5) lines repeated from the first stanza and adding an appropriate non-repeated rhyming last line with a rhyme scheme of AAABBb.

["Thankful for Being Alive" started out as a triolet (the first stanza), but lent itself so well to another stanza using many of the same lines, but with an appropriate finishing line, which turned it into a sonnet. Perhaps, I have inadvertently invented a new poetic form--the trionet?]

Thankful for Being Alive

The clouds have swallowed the sun again 
The birds are not singing, bees in the hive,
Another dismal day of gray, promising rain
The clouds have swallowed the sun again
A song I have been humming has no refrain
Their roots sodden my plants do not thrive
The clouds have swallowed the sun again
The birds are not singing, bees in the hive. 

Another dismal day of gray, promising rain
The clouds have swallowed the sun again
A song I have been humming has no refrain
Their roots sodden my plants do not thrive
The birds are not singing, bees in the hive
Still, I can always be thankful for being alive.

written June 1, 2021
Copyright © L MILTON HANKINS | Year Posted 2021

Poet Emile Pinet used the form in a beautiful poem, below:

A Delicate Flower by Emile Pinet

A delicate flower, hope starts to grow
slowly at first, as it takes in the light.
Then suddenly blossoms before you know
a delicate flower, hope starts to grow
and firmly rooted it begins to show.
Lifting your spirits till your soul takes flight
a delicate flower, hope starts to grow
slowly at first, as it takes in the light.

A delicate flower; hope stars to grow,
then suddenly blossoms before you know.
And firmly rooted, it begins to show,
slowly at first, as it takes in the light.
Lifting your spirits till your soul takes flight
and you believe that things will be alright.


Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2021

Vingt-Vers Contenu

invented by T Wignesan


Twenty lines in strict a-b end-rhyme scheme containing an extended commentary on some subject in the satirical mode, always beginning with the line: "If you pull a long face" (though the last word "face" may be qualified by epithets).



If you pull a long-bored acrimonious face
Looking hardly at anyone passing your way
Your sunken cheeks spiting your own face
But those bitter bitten lips will give you away

If you keep pulling that long forsaken-look face
Wondering why each face will not own mask betray
Slop around in slippers not deigning to tie shoe-lace
Know that « la caque sent toujours le hareng »* all day

If you then must keep pulling your long sagging face
To thwart all and everything not going your way
The noble Fa-Ling lines stop at the mouth without grace:
The « Flying Serpent enters the mouth", the Chinese say

If you still insist on pulling that long worsted face
Since no-one will miss you once you’re gone, you say
Just think how many have not even by « contumace"
Pulled a long lost face some weary dreary day

So if you're the kind to pull a put-up pleasant face
See no smile lurking in within the Sun’s awakening ray
Hear no Garden Warbler trill livening up the pace
Know then, Friend, you’re loose change in the cash tray  
Note: * Literally, in French, means: "the herring barrel always stinks of herring », but figuratively, as in this instance, means: 
« you can’t hide your origins ».

(c) T. Wignesan - Paris, September 18, 2019


invented by Edward Ibeh


Yalto is a succinct, non-rhyme, imagist poetic form invented by Edward Ibeh in 2018.

It can be used to paint a poetic portrait, express a complete thought, or tell a story. A trophy-shaped poem in vertical format. The 15-line poem itself flows like sand in an hourglass.

It consists of 3,4,2,4,5,3,2,3,2,3,3,5,6,1,5 syllables. Typically, this form of poetry is centered but can be formatted in various ways.

"Yalto" is a form invented by your truly.
Line 1-15:  3,4,2,4,5,3,2,3,2,3,3,5,6,1,5 syllables.

Format 1:


Healing wounds 
     of betrayal 
               once more with blood 
                    seeping out of it.

     brings her
          face to face 
               with her 
                    former flame.

But this time,
     walking hand-in-hand
          with the woman he left
                    at the altar for.


Format 2:


                                 a decayed
                            unfulfilled dream 
                                  of mine
                             an antique coin
                            that has oxidized 
                               on both sides
                             brown and green
                                      as if 
                                dry gangrene
                                    has set in 
                              on a dead tissue
                            no longer flickering 
                          when kissed by the sun.


Format 3:


Oh, what sweet...
    d  e  l  i  r  i  u m!
        I'm left
            begging for more.

One g  u  l  p of you is...
    not enough.
            you can't be...

c  o  n  s  u  m  e  d
    in one bite.
        Heaven knows
            I'm so d  r  u  n  k on you

I don't know what to do
         myself anymore.