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I wake up at the crack of dawn
No need to have to yawn
My day starts early and I need to be strong
Because I only fight for what’s right and not what’s wrong
Hair up neat, above the collar and tight
It all needs to be just right
My uniform free from wrinkles and straight as can be
Remember freedom is not free
My boots laced up and tied tight
Its time for me to go out and fight.
Pants are bloused and tucked in
Some people think what I do is a sin
But what I do is fight for every one of you
Even if you think what I do is true
Early rise, head on pillow late, sometimes never.
But I know it won’t be forever 
Proud to stand here and do this four our freedom
Even if people think I am a demon
I will continue to fight strong and proud
I will scream it for the whole world to hear it nice and loud
So stand tall and swallow your pride
Because I am fighting on your side.

Copyright © Erica Berg