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Sunken Footsteps

Life has gifted me with tragedy,
broken images, forever haunting,
excruciating my suffering; blood
upon the pulse of my serenity.
Crystal lines are etched over this glaciered heart, 
and my tears wash blotches of thoughts 
that leaves me blank again daily.

Stolen by death, I am left mourning the assassins kill,
soul sliced open, like the parted sea.
Chained and bound I evade flirtatious eyes, 
to inhibit forbidden thoughts;
for love fled upon your precious wings,
survived only by my silent memories.
I stood alone in the midst of nightmares,
just searching for you amongst a midnight dream.

Alas,  although the stars filled my eyes, 
the sky gathered clouds and the Moon reigned misery, 
no peace to be found;
yet today the heavens opened and allowed me to breathe; 
I saw your face again, arms out-stretched, 
and you said: ”Love come to me,
but mere steps into the convalescent sea."

Copyright © T.Nicole Williams | Year Posted 2006

Circle of Life

Eagle takes to flight A snowshoe hare seeks shelter The circle of life

Copyright © Rollo West | Year Posted 2012

You Got Me

You got me by my throat.
You got me good. 
I always knew you would
You shot me straight THROUGH the heart.
If you could you'd  hold me forever
And never let go.

You are the only one who could
Get me so into this emotional
Girl  I'm into it.
What can I say, you shot me
Straight through my heart.
The first time I saw you
I knew you were the one 

You got  me tied  down 
I knew  it was you 
I knew it
I knew 
You got me  strung out and baby
Strung up
You ...

Copyright © Val Brooklyn Rogers Blk Panther | Year Posted 2016

Rage of Innocence

rip your guts out 
scatter them into the wind
subsidize the pain, the humiliation
the bloodletting 
with wine, verse, and rhythm

spend the night 
beneath star filled skies
with the love of another
then deny the wrongdoing 
the aftermath 
under throes of interrogation 
and just maybe 
with a bit of favor
you might become
a poet

Copyright © Ricky Muse | Year Posted 2017


Love is forgiveness
For what we put him through
Love is the power
Hate is something it can't do

Love is the rock
That can't be torn apart
Love is the anchor
That keeps it in my heart

Love is the promise
Unbroken, tried and true
love is a new beginning
When this old life is through

Love is the voice
When everything is said
Love is my Jesus
He will raise me from the dead

Love is redemption
That stained the rugged cross
Love is the stairway
From those deep pits of loss

Love is the sunshine
In my darkest night
Love is the gold wings
For my final flight

Written by Chuck Melugin

Copyright © Chuck Melugin | Year Posted 2020

Madness Reigns

Something taunts me,
                       Lingering off in the distant,
      Hiding, waiting beyond the sheltering light & the.    
                        warmth of this existence. 
It calls me, whispering my name in the silence, when all 
     is still, as if the world itself banished me to some.     
     remote cave filled with only thoughts & darkness.
                   Yes it taunts me, I now believe,
                                Madness reigns.


Copyright © Roger Harp | Year Posted 2021

Critical Overdose

I felt the pain as the needle went in.

It quickly faded as my journey began.

No one could sense the loss of my senses.

Walking the clouds with feet on the ground.

Time slowed down like babies crawl.

My eyelids carried the full weight of life.

Coursing ever down into the abyss.

The door closed with my final breath.

I am no more!

Copyright © Randy Freie | Year Posted 2022

The Basset Hound

Is it sorrow in canine disguise?  
Is it pity empathic and wise?
Or is it not either 
Nor sympathy neither
But hunger we see in its eyes?

Copyright © Ralph Protsik | Year Posted 2023

An Ocean's Interlude

Upon an ocean's view beheld
     While on its splended
Its crashing waves now call to me, 
     A peaceful gentle
     The wonder of its vast embrace
     Quells each resounding thought.
     To know that God created it,
      Its peace to me is brought. 

While high above the seagulls cry, 
     Their black eyes at me
They watch me quelled in sad regret, 
     My pain to all is
     Emotions flowing like the tide,
     They rise and fall each day;
     Yet here my feelings that I hide,
     Just gently float away.

Beneath each wave a world resides, 
     Just like my outer
Where all my pain and hurt resides,
     That rages fierce
     The soft warmth of the sands embrace, 
      Bestills my aching heart;
      It helps to fill my loneliness
      Where you were once a part.

As days turn slowly into years, 
      Our love doth fade
No longer can I guide our fate, 
      Then where the ocean
       Upon my heart you'll always dwell
       Just like the oceans shore;
        To find the ending of its reach;
             Our love that was...No more!

Copyright © Robert Zukowski | Year Posted 2023

June Hymn

He kept his end of the bargain,
A man with a strong moral sense
Endowed with struggle,
Eternally he repents.

He was once forced to apologise,
For what errant slight he did not know.
Carried it on his back,
Full of such haunted sorrow.

I was only a young babe then,
Unable to recall the song he sang.
The choked rhyme was confused, 
But the beat still rang.

He remembered the night I was born,
And tried to comprehend his sad tune.
A girl named Annie Jayne,
My first cry a night in June.

Copyright © Kate Davies | Year Posted 2023

A bud on a spruce tree

Said the last goodbye,
Leaving us, as old rye,
Taking you, Earth withers,
And I am left in shivers.

Tears flow in eyes,
The driest ones; wept,
Grays are the skies,
The wind, no longer kept.

Children shall be told,
Reminiscent  they'll be,
Before they grow cold,
That's  how time does be.

Tales, rumours,
I shall dismiss them all,
As long as i live,
I shall know you.

Time, shan't  take you away,
The son of the wind,
Oh! How you did sway!
But their chains did bind.

The very air, 
Enclosed in glass walls,
They didn't  care,
 And ignored  all your calls.

Wild spirits at ease,
Like streams never cease,
Slow them, change their ways,
Leaving them no longer a maze.

All the smiles, all the tears,
Now go away, as they came,
Going away in shame,
Where are your  prayers?

I stand beside the gravestone,
Tear stained and weary,
Nothing now is known,
Everything feels so eerie.

The rain comes,
 takes  away, 
Something i can't point out,
Its all too loud.

Silence  is worse than  screaming,
Nothing nothing at all,  in feeling,
And then I see,
A bud on a a spruce tree.

Copyright © Veer Seth | Year Posted 2023

my earliest memory of shame

The thought of you reminds me of what it feels like to scream without a voice 
To scream and internally feel the words fall deaf
Fall deeper down into the pit of my soul
I despise you, although I’m sure you don’t remember me
The way I feel about you is difficult to put into words
I despise you, although I don’t know you
Holding such hate for a someone I do not know
Hate held for someone who would not remember me
Connected to a stranger by my earliest memory of shame

Dirty, filthy, cold, old man hands
Creeping, stalking, preying on my childhood innocence
It belongs to you now
Since then it always had
Not because you asked for it
Someone as vile as you does not dare ask for consent
No, it belongs to you only because you snatched it
As though it was yours to take

From that moment victimhood consumed me
Fell over me, as if descending from the unknown
Dark, heavy, full, resembling the greyest of rain clouds
Ready to implode at any time
A child could not scream
Who would believe me?
How would I even tell? 

I swallowed the encounter, 
Took it on as as my own burden to nurture 
Mine to carry, I could not remove it
Not with acceptance, nor with time
The baggage gets so heavy sometimes
Even with my now mature body carrying it 
It’s a part of me, because I thought I had no other option 
I was just a child, barely a teen
Dirty, filthy, cold, old man hands
Groping me under my skirt

I despise you, although I’m sure you don’t remember me
The way I feel about you is difficult to put into words
I despise you, although I don’t know you
Holding such hate for a someone I do not know
Hate held for someone who would not remember me
My earliest memory of shame 

Copyright © SJ Portelli | Year Posted 2023

Touch me

If you could, would you touch me again
Your touch soothed me like a hug after a long day
Contrary to all the burning I've had to endure

If you want, could you touch me again 
Your touch unraveled me like every person that has been loved
Contrary to all the disgust I've settled for 

Even if you would, I don't want you to touch me again
Your touch which felt like home started to feel a lot like the burning I tried so hard to let go of
Resemblance to the disgust I felt after knowing you've touched someone else

So even if you could, if you wanted to, I DOn't want you to
Touch me

Copyright © Kara Luna | Year Posted 2023


There's no us in us when I'm lacking trust
You want to discuss but all there is is disgust.
I once looked up to you and now I can't even look

The voice outside tells me to give a second chance
How can I trust a voice that once was the poison I drank
the water drowning my lungs.

Now I'm just stressing
thinking about the past.

My Mama says the past is the past, just let it go
But Mama, it won't let me go.
Growling, clawing, digging into every pore
until there is no more

Room for me.

Words are words and memories are memories.
I was told just to sit with them 
and watch them drift away.

Drift away

I can drift away off this bridge at the right speed
No one would notice
No one would hear a sound
No one would try and find

Drifting in the depths of blue hues. 

Copyright © Trenda Nash | Year Posted 2023


I can not shake this feeling 
There something I need to do 
I don’t think I can get through the day 
If I don’t have you 

You’ve become my only outlet 
To release me from the pain 
The only way I can de-stress 
To disconnect my brain 

I may be over thinking 
I’m trying to make it stop 
There’s a voice I can’t silence in my head 
I think I’ve lost the plot 

I think it makes me calm 
And takes away my fear
But the more I seem to ingest 
The more I disappear 

I’m no longer myself 
It’s taking over me 
I just can’t seem to stop
How do I become free 

I need to make a change 
I’m better than this 
If I continue this way 
How much will I miss

Copyright © Jack Koumas | Year Posted 2023

As a Kid

As a kid, I couldn’t have known 
I could have never understood how short our time would be 
I couldn’t have known how painful it would be 
There’s no way I could have known 
I couldn’t have known how much to cherish our time together 
I couldn’t have known how much I’d miss your voice 
How much I’d miss your hugs 
How much I’d need your advice 
As a kid, I never could have known that there would come a day I’d give everything to see you 
Now I know. 

Copyright © Carly Swaney | Year Posted 2023


You were the first 
To speak to herbs
And make the ailing cured.
The greatest healer known to all
Like ripples, your fame 
Was far spread.

Olubikin! Olubikin!
Heed the elders' call—
Bitter fruits are not sought by bats.
For honey— bees are hunt.
Flamboyant plumage 
Will attract hawks.
Success is a curse.

Copyright © Olatunji Ayodeji Abulude | Year Posted 2023

Spring in Beijing

Spring in Beijing Alexander Bugh The once was a man who walked in Beijing He walked and he walked admiring the spring The flowers started to bloom and trees to green The lake was defrosting, a wonderful sight to be seen But the poor blind man saw not a thing.

Copyright © Alexander BUgh | Year Posted 2023


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