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Down There

Some people say I'm working too hard
That I'm moving around too quick
I really hate to let them down
But it's a misconception trick

It's hard to tell when you see me
with these old baggy pants I wear
But if I took those pants off now
You could see what I have down there

It's a lot longer than most guys
And more than naturally wide
I know it's hard to take it in
This unnatural long wide stride!

Copyright © PAT Adams | Year Posted 2017


cherry blossoms
swirl through the streets:
a ghostly veil
to help replace the men
who have left for war


Yamazakura: a type of wild Japanese cherry tree (the word can also be used 
to describe the tree's blossoms).

During WWII, the first Japanese Kamikaze unit was given the title 
of Yamazakura, to honour the last two official Samurai warriors 
who were part of the unit.
The Samurai Bushido code dictates death before the shame of surrender.

Falling cherry blossoms were believed to bring good luck to the courtships
of the teenagers who were left behind (in hope of many male babies), 
because the Emperor had conscripted all available men into the doomed war.

February 24th, 2012

Copyright © Chris D. Aechtner | Year Posted 2012

By The Holy Fire

On those nights
I stood long in front of oceans 
Letting the waves crush violently 
Under my feet.

I used to wait 
For winds of words to come
And carry me
So I could breathe the smell of lakes
I would warm myself
By the holy fire
On islands' edges
Listening to chants of ancient people
Echoing from the depth of caves.

On those nights
The earth 
Was not enough for me.
I flew too far away
Carrying some dreams
With tired wings and
A few hopes.

I was still weak
When the storms 
Thundered in distance.

Decades later 
I realize how painful this voyage was.
But to stay 
Is more painful. 
For that 
I left my heart in the winds
Of words and dreams.

Copyright © Khalid Albudoor | Year Posted 2017

Verdandi's Plan

What’s to be? You and me, brought together by goddess of fate, Verdandi? Reverie -- our first night; your voice caressed me in a rose petal red cascade, nuances of your soul as intoxicating as eau de vie brandy as you sensuously swept me through the sultry sway of your serenade… ~~~~~~~ So many years since, so many nights now estranged, so many firsts forgotten, was this part of Verdandi’s plan that our love is meant to be misbegotten? What happened to your belief of our paths' merged by Divine intervention, was it ever in your heart or just your imaginary romantic invention?! ~~~~~~~ Undress me and redress me! Atone my aroused body, heart and mind! I’ll taste you, toast you, savor your wanton wine, inhale and breathe you in; deliver me your ecstasies erotic to realms exotic I’d never find, fill me, thrill me, strum my strings till I sing; stroke me I’m your violin. Let me temptingly tease your rising tide and I’ll ride your wild waves higher, embrace me, love me and together let’s revel in our rolling rhythmic swells; take me in your arms, pin me with your carnal charms and aching desire, rock me, quake me in rippling reverb that only you can do so well. From Heaven to Hell and back again, take me, spin my world counter-clockwise. Remind -- when your fervor first whirlwind-twirled me in a ravishment of ‘I love you’... Satiate me, with your lust that grows and shows in the glow of your elsewhere eyes, rekindle us; it’s not too late to evaporate the cooling dew of our dulling blue. Susan Ashley October 2, 2017

Copyright © Susan Ashley | Year Posted 2017

Last thoughts

Last thoughts ???

She reached in, touched the heart of my soul !
I once, kissed away the dew from her eyes.

Her soul, her heart, I truly do not know,
nor do I know, what ?, behind her heart lies.

I can only guess at what doth show
within the essence of her many sighs.

Upon solar winds that doth blow.
Upon silver wings high in the skies.

Tomorrow descends, she will arrive.
For a moment my heart will come alive.

I cannot help but want so much more.
Even if it has been five years,

since she closed that beautiful door.
Now, when I think of her, it is always with tears

washing up, upon memories, sandy shore.
Memories of her never fade away, again

and again, written in the subconscious, they remain
a constant flow, the essence of many a refrain.

Happy Birthday my Love !!!

B. J. “A” 2
September 29th 2015

Copyright © William J. Jr. Atfield | Year Posted 2015

The Rape of My Voice

I was coarsely stopped at a junction today
With fixed alternatives thrown my way
To let pedestrians storm in my life when there is no sign of crossing
Or to be my own royalty and allow no shitty bossing

Many times, I seek peace and appear meek
Louder voices around me immediately read me as weak
When I interject and show the red light
Machetes they pick up; ready for a bloody fight

I clutch on to the whistle of my dignity
Blow it hard to save my endangered integrity
Rattling vehicles of harshness, they drive
Threatened by the uprising voice they try to shove me to the Archive.

Copyright © Rohini Balram | Year Posted 2017

Awakening on a May Day

When I awake, to face the world anew,
I lie musing, wondering what next I’ll do?
Shall I resume work I began yesterday,
or plan to undertake a new chore today?
What urgency is there for me to toil?
Perhaps to dig, rake and prepare the soil
of my garden beds? Should this be my intent?
As the daylight fades and the day is spent,
will I regret not taking extra time of ease,
or not carefully consider what best will please
my purpose, and lend credence to my life?
Letting my gaze shift to my still sleeping wife,
I’ll wonder what her day might have in store?
Will she follow a routine, pursued times before,
or has she planned some excitement we’ll share?
Relaxing further before rising, I’ll take care
to plan carefully, hoping to avoid any uncertainty 
that might blight my day.  This is an essential surety
that ensures my day is good no matter what I undertake,
and will prove productive.  Well worth the time I take
to think through my avowed intentions.  Spring’s arrival,
awaited with great anticipation, is a sign of survival:
triggering the start of another seasonal awakening.
This time of wonderment - a cyclical  undertaking
truly marks the birth of a promised stellar year!
When the first bursting buds and blooms appear,
and new growth emerges from what seemed dead,
we see Nature’s investment in the months ahead,
and in the world reborn, the future is seen secure.
A time most witness as her glorious Overture!
Yes, May is the showing, of Nature`s perspicacity
in surviving the cold winter, with stubborn tenacity!

Rhymer.  May 13th, 2016.

Copyright © Denis Barter | Year Posted 2016

I Have Been More Than Once, Never More Or Less Than Me -

Bricks from blood, bricks from the flood of Earth's mud,
bricks of clay, turf bricks, stone bricks, flesh bricks,
all shaped, treated and wrought in the furnace of Will,

texture of brick varies by material & method like animal behavior
projected to achieve certain results,
sometimes bricks are smooth or polished
or rough & pocked,
I have cracked bricks, large and small ones, 
red & brown, white, black & beige ones,
some keep strong for eons,
some flake or crumble from weathering or ineptitude
some bricks I replace, some I repair or salvage
as birds reconstruct nests
ravaged by the tumult of atmosphere,

these bricks have personality, vitality, loyalty,
my bricks do not always withstand Life's bombardments
but they do serve their purposes,
I will survive where Jerhico, Constantinople, Berlin & Hiroshima ashed,
hut & hovel I have been,
pyramid & palace too,
a bakery, butcher's shop, and Baron's bastion,
a bunker and a boarding school,
always it is me,
a shelter of creativity -


Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2012

Great way

Beautiful like golden shores and milky banks and a crystal sea,
beautiful like her hair goes when the wind blows on a summer’s breeze.

I've lived a life of pain so I can appreciate such things as these,
a memory remains, the understanding of how much more could be.

The clouds they serve as walls, 
for all is safe inside this airy place,

With food and drink and finer things,
 for all of those whom feel this grace.

I've loved this world and shared it to the best of my understanding,
and even got to feel the love of a woman with an angel’s face. 

Though your life will not turn out just quite the way you planned it,
and the sands of time will wipe away your life’s footprint without a trace.

You must keep faith,
and strive to love with all that you possibly can.

Then smile more and pass it on,
 until we reach the promise lands.

Copyright © Tony Brady | Year Posted 2017

A Dog Named Harry

A hairy thing once roamed our streets
Chasing cats for sport and treats.
Till it roamed too far
And a dog catcher and car,
Grabbed Harry and chained his feets.

Copyright © Richard Breese | Year Posted 2014

Until This Photo Was Taken

in sadness i gaze upon your beautiful picture wondering what it is like over there with you in laughter i see your animated face wondering what it feels like to feel an embrace with you in envy i watch you laugh and smile wondering who’s in the background to share this moment with you though these feelings embrace me with twangs of despondency and despair i can’t help but stare at this picture and wish I was there it’s like being with you but… not liking it never thought that was possible until this photo was taken

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2011

Phoney Baloney


They said:
"We've come here from head office, to help you reach your quota 
It's a selfless act on our part and we're going to devote a
Day or two to set you right and get things under control"
I thought:
"Phoney baloney, plastic banana, good time rock-n-roll"

She said:
"This new law will be wonderful if we can only get it passed
Then we'll find out what is in it that makes it such a blast
It's far too complicated for the likes of you poor souls"
"Phoney baloney, plastic banana, good time rock-n-roll"

The President was so clever he'd make fundamental change
Transform his 'evil' country, redistribute, rearrange
Take from those who had succeeded, hand it all out in a dole
"Phoney baloney, plastic banana, good time rock-n-roll"

It was spread across front pages, it was broadcast on the wind
One week later on the back page in small print was the rescind
If we accept it all then maybe we'll believe anything we're told
Though it's
"Phoney baloney, plastic banana, good time rock-n-roll"

Galileo had a problem in reporting what he saw
Church had faith that it knew better, and those days controlled the law
Signor Galilei was persuaded his integrity had to fold
Gave in to:
"Phoney baloney, plastic banana, good time rock-n-roll"

Man-made Climate change now dogma we must not question nor belie
'Debate is over! close down research! it is heresy to deny'
If that's what we now call science, we've caught an intellectual cold
For it's
"Phoney baloney, plastic banana, good time rock-n-roll"

So have care with what's accepted and what 'everybody knows'
Observe and make your own judgement; don't fear majority to oppose
Be an 'Enemy of the people' * if that's where integrity leads; don't condole
"P B P B G T R & R"

[The PBPBGTR&R refrain in these verses was inspired by the great Rush Limbaugh who tickled my auditory synapses with its use.]

* Ref. Ibsen play

Copyright © Geoffrey Brewer | Year Posted 2017


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