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LIES.. It's very Tricky
A deceitful
crafty craft
Too Sucky 
ingratiating and obsequious.
 Picky is the teller
fussy, faddy and choosy
a picky eater
Pick the MOUTHS Up
The teller
Leaves the EAR Down
The told
And the BRAIN fooled
Living you
Vulnerable and vandalize
Living in absolute
Deceits and fear
LIES... Very bitter
When the TRUTHS 
Nothing can be 
Hidden forever
LIES... It blocks your 
The consequences
LIES... It brings you
Instant gratification. 
be the victor
LIES... Some are illusion
For survival, Being
Told for GOOD reason
And others for 
Manipulation just
to Destroy another.

Copyright © Desire Obaroyeregbe Agbeyiwa Ikoyo | Year Posted 2024


BEHOLD!!! I am!!

The vocal minority grip at our sensibilities
and demand our attention outwards. 
Monkeys, our smaller cousins that, though looking alike,
are alien in their outlook.
The apes are few and far between,
great spectacles of nature insultingly compared
to that of a simple marmoset.
Doth thou see a leviathan in a shrimp?
For this is the absurdity of equals.

A king sits on the throne, he is reading.
His loyal subjects surround him and his strange binding of sheets.
How dare the king pay more love to this ink and parchment
than the struggles of his land?
The crown is heavy as he looks around,
why do they see him as wrong?
The words of the page grow his mind,
and a new man is born in every sentence.
Is the bird selfish for flying merely because the fish cannot?
Is gold stubborn for not allowing silver to meet its value?
To think as such is to not think at all.

Unfortunately in this sandbox of us
we cannot all be diamonds, yet we can hide in the glass.
The big shards have cut too deep and stained us all.
Now value and harm are interchangeable.
I am better.
I am more.
I am sorry.

The issue isn’t you, it’s not your fault.
A treatment is needed, I could have some fun.
I’m sorry you became this, a product of a failed societal cult.
You deserve the cleansing power of the sun.
Your suffering is ending, hallowed be thy name.
The world will be reborn, a phoenix made by my flame.

Copyright © Nat Alexander | Year Posted 2024

Flies of Fate

Fly! Fly! Fly!
In the field of Reeds,
Walk through golden breeze,
Smell the scent of allure,
Clear sky and clearer mind.

Fate! Fate! Fate! 
Promise me the world over,
Promise me you wouldn't leave the prey.
Destroy all I love.
Grant me intoxicated blithe.
And let the flies of fate rain glory.

Burn! Burn! Burn!
Drown me in the mud of flames,
Where no water could save the golden prey,
Where flames made prey water,
And water no more could hold power,
Until even mud rather burn
Than suffer the pain to quell 

Die! Die! Die!
And vow to rest naught
Naught until you see them….. dead.
See the gold turn black,
See it rot, rats infest,

Flies of Fate!
All shall grow for you,
All must die for you,
And all is yours to rule,
All is yours to fool.
Eat it all.
And watch them cower.
Those who ever tried to stand up to you!

Copyright © Amjad Ali | Year Posted 2024

Fields of Glass

Is a rhythm
I could never get

Until then.
Watching the conductor, my page.
I was set on getting it
And I did-
And the conductor smiles
A smile so big it reaches to hell
And back.
I smile back
A smile so big
It reaches to the ends of the Earth.

And I play on
And I laugh 
A laugh so sweet
That it makes flowers grow
Un-der-neath my seat.
And I laugh
A laugh so bitter
It waxes and wanes
And makes rats skitter.

And I crescendo my last and final thought.
Of whether to shift or whether to not.
And as the piece takes its final bow
I think about home
And the fields I plow
Fields of glass
And fields of stone.
Fields of brass
And fields alone.

But no,
Not here.
Call it what you will. 
But even when they leave,
We are together, still.
Together in art,
Together in part,
Together we make
Something smart.

Say what you may,
Even when they graduate,
We'll find a way.

Copyright © Lilah Bausher | Year Posted 2024

Love's Longing

The longing for beloved, like a moth longing for flame,
extinguishing it's own fire, admiring it's own pain,
with the bejeweled beauty of stars and moonlight     
I find you engulfed in the scent of my unforgiving plight. 

The damage your absence did has never been aided,
the scars I have been carrying have never faded.
Your body might be aligned with roses and dust
but I'm still holding onto the blade of proses and lust.
The deeper it cut, the better it turn me into pieces,
for a poor, vulnerable, tortured soul, only left in traces.

Since centuries, conspiracies against you have allied with dove,
agony, misery, calvary, woe, curse, they say, but I opt for love.

Copyright © Anumeha Bhadouriya | Year Posted 2024

Dream or a sign?

Would you be willing to meet the younger you?" 
asked a man with a glare enthralling and eyes blue.

Said, can make my past choices wiser, 
sounded like the most sagacious advisor.

Was not an opportunity that could be missed, 
could forgo all to give my younger self a bit of assist.

Thence, appeared in front of the 19-year-old me, 
was astounding to see the little girl happy and free.

She wasn't startled at who I was but at how I looked, 
was the sad and gloomy aura that had her shook.

She could see the pain in my eyes, 
the pain of telling myself all those lies.

That how happy I was, doing my job, 
that I never wanted to be at the top.

How living every day does not hurt to the core, 
how it's very easy to get some sleep before 4:00.

How seeing my wasted potential, heart doesn't sink, how it's never tempting to get high and drink.

In that pin drop silence, no words exchanged.
Little girl just kept staring, all contained.

No explaining no hearing, just eyes spoke.
The fear became very real, no joke.

She very much understood what not to do, 
that woman was nowhere near the plan she drew.

Sigh of relief after grasping, it was just a dream.
Maybe not, but too scared to find out it seems.

Copyright © Bhavini Bhargava | Year Posted 2024

Memories Of A Snatched Homeland


Traverse of The Masses
Over the years, our land has seen,  
Rulers so brutal, with blood so mean.  
They seized our land by guns and bold  
Bullets and armored tanks they rolled 

Whipped with bile, as David's son,  
No soul smiled, they spared none.  
Men, women, children, elders, all,  
Afflicted as the army did army install  

Millions fell in East's dark night,  
Pogrom unstated, a nation’s blight.  
Soldiers' boots left an evil mark,  
Telling of a war and hearts so dark  

And a renewed war, in silent hue,  
Cleansing fighters for freedom undue.  
Soldiers against soldiers, fight on land,  
Army against army had ousting planned  

Relief came like victory so sweet,  
Torturers and their end must meet.  
Fortune, fame, by providence is grace,  
They returned joy to our citizen’s face  

A former ruler, now in gold portrayed  
From felon to a hero, his lot displayed.  
He was framed, confined, by false decree,  
Yet from raw tyranny was birthed his liberty.  

Freedom's sweetness is a great delight, 
Beret and baton, gone from our sight.  
Our land, once more, in greatness basks,  
As gainful works replaced forced tasks.  

Days of heroes, blessed with gold,  
Streets paved with gems, stories told.  
Human greed is like insatiable thirst,  
It led in front our downfall and reverse 

Old woes forgotten, sky palace we sought,  
Four times four years of leisure, we've brought.  
As astute patriots built our fortune and gain,  
From lessons learned under hardship's reign.  

Change, change, change, prayers must ascend,  
From men below to gods above, whose ears bend
To hear our pleading for that leader of greatness
When change as our prayer was also our weakness

Deities must send response, when people force
Their hands and will, the gods then did enforce
One leader, astute in creed and charming in form,  
Led people astray by his people, into deep storm  

All our fortunes lost, hopes betrayed,  
All the masses burdened, debts unpaid.  
Our prayers met but with disaster's hand,  
Capped by a pandemic that beset the land.  

Bread we begged, shelter we craved,  
Plagued rulers had only misery saved.  
Grief also lives where misery must reign 
Rotten leaders are the people's bane.  

Prayers answered was looters' gain,  
They flashed putrid wealth in disdain.  
Truly, did we pray for such a plight?  
Did we crave ruin in the dark night?  

O deceitful deity of torturous reply,  
Return our homeland from the sky.  
Children seek relief, squalor is deep,  
Poor people have no pride to keep.  

Will gods answer, or forsake our plea?  
In children's prayers, our hope we see.

Copyright © Sir Buma | Year Posted 2024


In idle pleasure he spends aimless days
A waste of time, no motivation. 
He shows reluctance to divine design
His tag on life: no destination!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  

Sin of Sloth Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Margarita Lillico
     © 16th July 2022

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2022


It may only be virtuality, but to me,
when I pick-up where I left off...
from that poem journal you sent,
Why: My dreamy eyes see yours...

Your voice so soothing as I read
verse after verse, crystal clear
it’s as if each syllable I hear,
I picture you on my pillow, dear...

These words I want to tell you, I'm reading,
this ink as sunshine I'm touching did flow so...
colorful from your pen, this day I'm all aglow,
how you knew these right words I'm feeling...
as I read along, I'd truly like to know...

No one thing nor anyone has ever effected me,
quite this way, this imagery your verse paints ...
I feel 'faint, ' my heart is pounding as I long for,
more of your sweet expressions that come...
through each rhyming poem,

I'm full of your lovely passions,
I mark your words, in 'awe, ' feeling all...
I set these covers together, rest a little love,
all starts over, as I reach to pick up your call

Copyright © Perry Campanella | Year Posted 2013

Memory Pen

The ashen bones of my family mixed with the blood of our ancestors creates the ink from which the deepest of secrets emerge. 

Copyright © McCollonough Ceili | Year Posted 2024


Do we work to appease ourself or pleasure the mob?
I have weighed the options and sometimes I feel I have been the one robbed.
  I have taken a lower paying job to take kids to school.
 I don't understand how I could have mentally been so cruel
  I have put my life on hold
   Truth be told
    Is it for the greater good?

Copyright © Debbie Chaves | Year Posted 2024

Fishes in the river

My mother my mother
You are the only one I know
I don't have any other person
You raised me from childhood
You took care of me
You feed me when I am hungry
Now you have left me
Your death is painful to me
Mother why did you leave me
I cry day and night
Poeple mock me 
The lay false accusations to me
My mother my mother
I will continue to pray for you
Rest in peace

Copyright © Kingsley Chibuike | Year Posted 2024

Luxurious Resort

This is me hidden in the shadow
Standing in this cold corner of this resort
I listen to the people who are laughing 
Passing by this greenery lot.
They pretend to be happy 
But are they? Or not?

This resort is luxurious and expensive 
But how much can you pay for a clean room
When having a dirty soul'
How much can you pay for a beautiful view 
When it's dark and ugliness inside of you'
How much can you pay for luxurious buffet dinner and food 
When your inner hunger is screaming at you'

This is me hidden in the shadow
Sitting in front of my signature cocktail drink 
How could anything ever be grander than the Eternal Feast?
How could you pay to buy something with a humans stamp
And not be eager to get God's signature on your thoughts and acts.

This is me hidden in the shadow
Falling down and kneeling hungry and worned.
Lord, don't forget me, at your Heavenly Triumph.

Copyright © Georgia Christoforou | Year Posted 2024

Dissociative Identity Disorder took care of that

A little girl lay still
Quietly in her bed
Fighting the screams
That roared inside her head

Hiding the fear within
Eyes sealed shut 
Breath contained
Too scared to move

She can longer stay
Too distressed
Her little brain floats away
Splitting itself
Forming new selves to take the pain
Anything to survive
This torturous hell

It's happening to another now
She's safe
Her psyche remains intact
Shielded from the events
Amnesia has taken care of that

When she returns
No longer aware
She continues on
As if nothing had ever happened
Totally oblivious to her own life events
We can thank Dissociative Identity Disorder for that.

Copyright © Renee Cotter | Year Posted 2024

The lost Sailor

Sat upon the mountain, high above the world below,
The stars in the sky twinkled with a burning glow.
Heart ached with loneliness in the silence of the night,
In darkness deep and void of light,sought the spark that reignites the fight.

The ocean, the shore, feels the waves crash against his feet,
His heart begins to race, a feeling hard to beat.
The moon, like a lantern, guides through the dark depths of his soul.
Soaring above the clouds, and reaching for the stars with the wings unfold.

The wind ceases its whispering, allowing to hear the echoes of the past,
Recognizes the melody of life, intertwined with the harmony of love that lasts.
With renewed purpose and clarity gained, he left the ocean behind,
Continues his journey along with the life that he signed.

Felt the rhythmic swaying of the ship and the sound of waves crashing,
Yearns to once again feel the wind in his hair and the salt on his lips.
Inhaled a deep breath of salty air,savouring the moment before exhaling,
With all the hate he bears and the love that is undying.

Copyright © Anik Das | Year Posted 2024

When I See You

Sometimes God & I fight
me mad cuz umm God
you could have warned me of this one

I’m sick of these people 
constantly testing my faith
A’nt you a christian?

If I had a penny for every person
 that tried to condemn me 
I would be a millionaire 

Christians themselves with logs in their eyes
 telling me to get it together before He comes
Well aren't you a hypocrite?

Where is the love or attempt to 
Understand my current frustration &
Moment of darkness
Where’s this light of love you posses 
Cuz you sound like that serpent in my ear
Reminding me that I am unworthy
When truth is I am unworthy yet He still loves me  SO WHY CAN’T YOU?

Copyright © Alegra Davis | Year Posted 2024


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