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When you are sad, I will help you get drunk and plot revenge against The sorry bastard who made you sad. When you were blue I will try to dislodge whatever you're choking on. When you smile I will know you are plotting something that I must be involved in. When you're scared I will rag on you about it every chance I get. When you are worried I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it can be.

Copyright © Jessica Zorn | Year Posted 2018

Until Forever Ends

Until Forever Ends
Robert E. Welch, Sr.
  February 4, 2012

The past comes to me so often
Of a girl that I once knew.
So beautiful, in my eyes
I knew this love was true.

Memories hold you close to me
We’ve been apart so long.
To lose you would be a tragedy,
But to love you would be wrong.

I love you so with all my heart
And wish we were as one.
But I am chosen by another
It can’t just be undone.

So I will dream of you each night
Of kisses soft and sweet,
And hold on to our memories
That makes our love complete.

I love you now, I loved you then
I guess I always will.
I’ll love you forever, dear,
Until forever ends.

Copyright © Robert Welch | Year Posted 2021

Return To Light

I call for thee
My children of light
For as I promised
Never to leave your sight
It's time to follow
The way as shown
To have you back
In my beloved home
The path you chose
I will not forget
For your tears reveal
The woes you met
Rejoice rejoice
For now you dine
For my house is filled
Of food and wine.


Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2016

Nothing last forever

Oh yeah I thought I had it all
until one day everything changed
we do not know how far we will go
each seed begins giving hope
every ending will be a new beginning

but here I am one more time
because I'm still dreaming

there seems to be no going back
I'm not the same as before
you freed me from my burdens
one after another of my tangles
I am free once more
I am free once more
because nothing lasts forever
oh yeah, because nothing lasts forever

there is no exception
when there is a revelation
we all deserve to meet you
all comes down from heaven
that moment has come
I never wrong

but here I am one more time
because even you keep me dreaming

there seems to be no going back
I'm not the same as before
you freed me from my burdens
one after another of my tangles
I am free once more
I am free once more
because nothing lasts forever
oh yeah, because nothing lasts forever

So you again, fulfill
So you again, fulfill
Before your eyes
So you again, fulfill
So you again, fulfill
oh yes, before your eyes

oh, there seems to be no going back
I'm not the same as before
you freed me from my burdens
one after another of my tangles
I am free once more
I am free once more
because nothing lasts forever
oh yeah, because nothing lasts forever

oh yeah I'm free one more time
because nothing lasts forever
oh yeah, because nothing lasts forever

Copyright © Charlie Albert vazquez | Year Posted 2020

Malleable Truth

The very fabric of my being
Being shredded by your meaning
They say rumors are demeaning
But even rats can have tales 
Your whispers stir up a gale
And your storms ravage my seas

My eyes see next to nothing
And there you are right beside it
Proclaiming how little I really mean 
To the shreds of your feelings

Feeling out the planks in the dark
I inch closer to the spark
When your fatal wind strikes again
And returns my ship into the dark

Copyright © Andrew Travis | Year Posted 2017

As I lay dying

"As I lay dying..."

Speak to me though I can no longer reply
As the life that was me does not comply
At once; for after the flame falters
The wick glows before it smolders.

Copyright © Paul Thomson | Year Posted 2021

Through the Breath of Divinity's Passing

Upon the majestic peak I stood
The wind against my face
It is there I felt
The breath of nature's passing.

Transfixed by presence
I journeyed into the mystery of the unknown
To find in the depths of tranquility
A revelation in my being.

A tree, a stream, a mountain peak
Revealing internal truth
And a calming state of consciousness
Through the breath of Divinity's passing.

Copyright © George Yiorgos Stathakis | Year Posted 2021

The Beautiful Blue Planet

Our uniquely beautiful blue planet billions of years old,
formed as a matchless marvel owing to cosmic contribution,
survived eons of trying times of tectonic turmoil untold.

Fostered diversified life in the tree of patterned evolution,
nurtured the pristine innate splendor like a loving mother
amidst the enveloping noxious haze of industrial pollution. 

The stride of civilization scripted stark dismal story another,
we’re tripping the critical balance usurping the green canopy, 
for progress the fragile ecosystem we don’t bother to smother. 

Rampant growth is crossing sustainable limits ever so rapidly,
and to face the bleak future dawning the doom’s day we wait, 
as the ravaged verdant terrains inflict climate change calamity. 

It’s time the delicate poise of nature’s harmony we don’t berate, 
for earth’s precious resources to the future generation we delegate.

March 7, 2021

Copyright © Subimal Sinha-Roy | Year Posted 2021

Flowing Breezes

Sitting alone, peacefully
Leaves wisp by
Lifted ever so gently
By the flowing breezes,
Which softly caress my face

Copyright © Anna M Shepard | Year Posted 2018

Fevered dreams

As I walk through life
Into the night
That's where i find
These fevered dreams of mine

I lay in the dark
My mind flies free
In fevered dreams
Im Anyone but me

Fevered dreams
Tearing me apart
In through my soul
And out through my heart.

Fevered dreams 
Of my delusions 
Bringing me to
Impossible conclusions

Fevered dreams
Haunting my mind
Leaving my secrets
And thoughts Intertwined 

I'm burning up 
Flying outta my skin
Can't look back
Don't know where to begin

I'm fighting the fire 
From these fevered dreams 
As flames rise higher 
I just wanna be me

I'm a Phoenix rising 
Out of its shell
The Sun is shining
Breaking the spell

Born from the flames 
As I look to the sky
Im A Phoenix rising
Ready to fly

Copyright © Heather Secrest | Year Posted 2014

April Showers


                                         With April showers gentle rain
                                          From clouds of silver tinged with grey,
                                          Reflecting through the windowpane.

                                          Springtime weaves magic once again.
                                           New life on earth grows day by day,
                                           With April showers gentle rain.

                                           Spring sings again her sweet refrain!
                                           A chorus to natures bouquet.
                                           Reflecting through the windowpane,

                                           A sunlit rainbow will ordain,
                                           Springs crowning glory on display,
                                           With April showers gentle rain.

                                           A shady glade a leafy lane,
                                           Adorned with flowers wild array.
                                           Reflecting through the windowpane,

                                           That daily journey on the train,
                                           Those changing scenes that throng the way.
                                            With April showers gentle rain,
                                            Reflecting through the windowpane.        

Copyright © george seal | Year Posted 2015

Technological Dependency

Now social networks
Before tea-room social chat –
IT changes us

Single views are flawed
Life is grey not black and white-
Harmony spawns hope

Computer jargon
Academic rhetoric – 
Actions not words count

Appeared in ACM SIGCAS Computers & Society, June 2015, Vol. 45 No. 2, p4.

Poetry Soup Featured Poem: April 12, 2021

Copyright © Simon Rogerson | Year Posted 2019



WHILE so small and feeling weary
when the moon replaces the sun
as tears fall by the way side
and there is no one you can call
you can lean on me and shed your burden
upon my own shoulders
And today you endure storms
but above the clouds 
oh, above the clouds
are shades of deep blue and sun 
  so when pain and sadness 
  oh sadness comes remember
  please remember to turn tears
  into those of happiness 
  and laughter.
You stood by me when i was drowning
and for that i am forever grateful
you are my friend
you are the silver moon
and it is a gift
that a friend like you
can only offer to another friend

(you saved me. Oh you helped me in ways I cannot repay).

:: 01.29.2022 ::

Copyright © Ernest Robles | Year Posted 2021

Fever and Chills

Fever and Chills

History writes itself
invisible pens find surfaces unknown
private life
public life
fever and chills sleep together
heaving corrosive air
from colorless lungs
hearing but their own moans
their own cries of ecstasy
how loud
how soft

From boardroom
to bedroom
clinging to manufactured essence
flesh bleeds with century's plague
ignoring contagion's history past
nurturing instead
weed gardens of delusional orchid and rose

These darkened windows aloft
where seductive airs of passion molt
fail to hide the pores of covetous fantasy
gluttony's vaporous hydration
ready to flake

While all about

Ether's wake delivers
sirens and horns
delivering ambition's twisted celebration of death
one less emergency burden
one more dodging of tragedy's awareness
the One-Percenters' plunder
destined to erode
like sand castles knowing little of ebb's inevitable tide

How courageous for some

To incandesce amidst shallow atmospheres
even as infirmity goes unnoticed by those
embracing fleeting moments
momentarily exchanging covers enfolding profit reports
for the silk and satin kind
king size queen size
makes no difference

For these of duplicitous breath
life becomes but a fool's gold enlaced treadmill
unquenchable thirst crossing windblown lips
insatiable and voracious spoils
body upon body

The sickness passes its virulent infection
its waste-basket poisons
from all too anxious glad-hands
offering but copper-nickel-dime pilings
greed's weed defoliation of flowered chameleon hope
trickling downward
battling updrafts of street despair
as sidewalk survivors reach skyward
embracing the floating pocket change tearfully

As misery rages below
this citadel high above
protects blind-weary subjects
behind penthouse glass
sitting together
sipping cognac
turning up the Bang & Olufsen
reading sonnets they know nothing of
awaiting the recurring sirens and horns

Like children beneath pup tents of fantasy
they scurry close
securing their panic
denying the dark


They too will one day know virulence
and await their own
fever and chills

Copyright © Odin Roark | Year Posted 2013

Colored With Beauty

Gleaming golden sunrise
give birth to a new day
new beginnings
the bold blue hue of the sky
adds luster to the wings
of the bird in flight
the greens and browns of the trees in spring
restore the belief of rebirth
and endless life in cycles we 
may never understand
the shinning rainbow after a storm
offers glorious hope of life ever after
and unconditional love
the reds and oranges,
purples and pinks of the setting sun
give birth to a majestic feeling of peace
and a job well done at the end of the day
with the warmth glowing in your eyes
of the love, so true, we share
I feel my soul colored in beauty,
with a rainbow of emotions o're flowing
and spilling onto my blushing cheek.

Copyright © Trudy Diane Rider | Year Posted 2008

The Yellow Curtain

               The curtain in my room is pale yellow, 
           With unique embroidered golden leaves on it, 
                My mother lived in this room for a little while, 
                    And unknowingly left a bit of her, 
                                    for ever!

               She told me, she loved the curtain. 
           Waking up at the first light of ruby dawn, 
        When sky is mesmerizing with shades of vermilion, 
          She used to gaze at the enthralling golden leaves, 
       And ponder about every one she cherished in her life, 
                  Each enigmatic leaf reminded her 
                     Of each of her beloved ones.
                    She prayed for them, 
              With inimitable tenderness, whispering,
                    Uttering each and every name, 
             Each and every person precious in her life, 
 Her love as pure and  fragrant as Jasmine flowers in her garden.  
                              And in the end, 
                      The names were countless! 

                 The Yellow Curtain still hangs there.


                                      May 23, 2020
                       First Place - In Loving Memory Contest
                                 Sponsor: Regina Riddle

                        Featured Poem: November, 2020
                                     First Place
                            "Mother" Poetry Contest
                          Sponsor: Constance La France
                           Featured Poem: April 12, 2021

Copyright © Malabika Ray Choudhury | Year Posted 2020

Note Book

Note book

Lying on her bed,
She stretched her hand,
To grab the note book,
From her bed side table.

Her arthritis crippled her,
Her movements are limited,
The only companion is note book,
She finds solace in it.

Every page has a story to tell,
Her childhood spent with her parents,
Her young days at her work place,
Her life with her husband and children.

Years rolled by her children got married,
They left their parents and gone away,
Both husband and wife are alone,
Few years later her husband died.

The children put the invalid mom in a home,
They visit her every Mother's Day,
Her birthday was never forgotten,
The children were there with the grand kids.

Mom's great friend is her note book,
It is always by her bedside carrying,
Her life history, family history and thoughts,
Every time she opens it tears roll down.

Sent from my iPad

Copyright © Gunadevi Rajaratnam | Year Posted 2015


scoops of mid - dawn sun greet my fresh skin touching laces of buttered stems, infant leaves, soft-boiled branches threaded doily thin on herbs of morn's scented face with tender weaves how intangible this soft fire in my belly’s bonnet splattering like auburn harvest blown unto air praised in all shades---the topaz, sapphire, garnet of paradise graced by bouquets ever fair good morning cuddles every dreamer and lover some god feeds humming harps and blushed stones receding beneath feet's waking slumber as charms of solemn calm soak daylight tones. .......... (c) Your Pick Any Theme/ Max 14 Lines Brian Strand's Contest By: nette onclaud

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2011


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