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Below are PoetrySoup's featured poems for the week starting Sunday, May 20, 2018. Use the numbered navigation below to navigate through all of the featured poetry.


Say it

You knew
He liked you,
He expressed
But never said.

On social media
He followed,
Every picture was saved
that you upload.

He practiced a lot
for final meet,
So, that he could make you listen
his heart beat.

He trapped by his own
stupid dual thoughts,
Risk of loosing you as a friend
motivated him, not to propose.

Unspoken words,
would be better to say,
Otherwise, it will be,
too late........

Copyright © Trittya Yelane | Year Posted 2018

Ten Words

Copyright © Harlow Yappen | Year Posted 2018

Aftermath of a Storm

The wind dies down
People peek out their windows
To see the damage done
And damage has been done indeed
Branches strewn everywhere
Small fires
Power lines knocked down
Leaves and petals all over the streets
Garbage cans a few houses over from where they reside
Eventually, people start picking up the wreckage
Branches are thrown back in the woods
Fires are put out
Power lines fixed
Leaves and petals swept up
Garbage cans put back in people's garages
The sun shines
And all is well in the world again

Copyright © H. A. Yappen | Year Posted 2018

Gallivanting Nonchalant

Gallivanting around the wilderness with the love of my life I realize
That things are not necessarily as I would have wanted to visualize
I acquiesce as choosing what to do next 
Out of nowhere, I get a text
In a nonchalant manner, I looked to see
What could this message be
The subtle look concerned my love
He will always be there when push comes to shove
As I think about what is going on now
I realize that I should just blow off everything other than how
When we are alone I feel such ecstasy with him
No matter where the rendezvous is and whether we follow a whim
He holds my hand as we cross a precarious bridge 
It was a unique experience as we crossed over to the ridge
When we made it back home I decided to rest
The finesse of his touch on my face is the best 
Comfort in my love’s arms I love to be in
Taking time to admire his silly grin
Enjoying the moment in which I live
And all the love we have to give

Copyright © Mary Wiede | Year Posted 2018


Need a pill
Wanna die
Wanna hear
Pounding nails

Shut my eyes
Close the lid
Let it end
Please let it end

In my guts
My filthy guts
Poison rise
In my head
Dark abides
In my soul
Wanna die
Let it end
Please let it end

What has begging ever done
For a misbegotten rotten son

Saliva drips
From my lips
Eyelids flutter 
Painful shudder
Smashing brains
Always pain
Let it end
Please let it end


Copyright © Zak Whatever | Year Posted 2018

My Lilacs

I love my lilacs. 
A sign of life that blooms
A tear to my eye, oh their fragrance
Cone-shaped petals of lavender and white
They forever grow in my heart

I pick and pick at them until they grow so high
I can’t make contact. 
They stop growing
I can’t reach or
Arrange them into beautiful bouquets or 
Enjoy their sweet scent
Oh, but I love my lilacs

I now enjoy them from afar. 
I can no longer display them. 
If you stand real still and close your eyes you can catch their perfume 
When the wind blows north
Their beauty barely within reach
I will always love them. 

I have learned
With proper pruning
My lilacs would still be in reach
Their beauty for all to see
Their fragrance for all to enjoy
Their magnificence filling my world

Dandelions don’t tell no lies. Lilacs do. 

Copyright © Jenefer Venezia | Year Posted 2018

What is Wrong

What is wrong with me?
What is going on?
I need help.
I feel like I can't do anything right now.
Except cry.
Why am I crying?
I don't know why.
I just know I can't stop.
I have goosebumps.
It's a bit hard to breathe.
My family doesn't realize.
Why would they care anyway?
They know nothing of mental illness; they don't understand it.
Now I'm getting angry.
What is happening to me?
Why am I not happy?
What is WRONG?
Should I even be alive?
Why is this so hard?
Nothing feels right.
Too many thoughts and I type too slow.
It's like a conversation inside of my head.
One yelling at another, another chiming in.
Everyone's screaming.
I'm shaking.
I can't shake this feeling.
This weird feeling.
No one can see it, but I feel it.
That's why no one understands.
I know I need to seek help.
The therapist never called me back…
I feel cursed.
Plagued for eternity.
Should I just end it?
The voices are arguing.
One's saying no; there's so much to think about - friends, family, my future
Another is saying it'll take the pain away.
All the others are jumbled up, I can't focus on what they're saying.
What's right? What's wrong?
Who am I?
What am I?
I am not happy.

Copyright © Brianna Velasquez | Year Posted 2018

The missing charm

O...The missing charm ...
The day of mine solving the  beautiful mystery. 
..they all knew the echo of past and history. 
She arrived in full moon light.
Of  course she was a beautiful ghost...a beautiful one..
Enchanted my thoughts captivated my soul.
....i stood still and feared the wolves howl..
She took my hand took me to the world i never been before. .
My timid heart just survived heart attack thats for sure.
Sizzling drizzling game of fireworks were played on...

I stood numb and flabbergasted 
Cause all my strength got exhausted 
..but scenerio was mesmerising; the humble game of light 
And green made me mumble.
I stood motionless ...in disdain. 
As it gave a beautiful pain...
I seeked her around but where she went..
I wish to solve the beautiful mystery which now is part of past and history.

Copyright © Ashish Vardhan | Year Posted 2018

Introduction to my life

Welcome to the place where no introduction is needed. Confusion becomes your best friend. He is joined by his friend disappointment. Welcome to the inner darkness where light is just a thing of your imagination. Loneliness becomes one of your family members not because you are willing to accept this outcome. But because in this life your put down because of your appearance. Your different belief and outlook on life. One of my favorite is because the way my brain work doesn’t appear that the people in this lifetime have caught up. Or people are too closed minded to see the what is presented right in front on them. But its also a curse never able to relate or be understood. Creative abilities mask the pain and neglect experienced on different trials in life. Welcome to the place where you want a purpose but was never presented to you. Welcome to the place where you shall question the meaning behind who you are.  So, I welcome you to my life explore, judge, and try to understand my meaning. Also, my many talents, how I seem to have it all to but really haven’t began to get closed to finding out. I’m just where I started. Welcome to the life of a conflicted King.

Copyright © jonathan Troupe | Year Posted 2018

Our Code Red

Title: Our Code Red

As I laid in my bed
Not ready to face the day
I get up to start new
To start fresh
Little did I know
That today I would go
And not come back


Who would have predicted
That we would be restricted
This was a code red. 
There was the silence.
And we were unaware
That we were in disrepair.
And we were told to keep quiet.

Shots fired.
And he was higher.
This body count amount
Would not stop climbing
And our timing?
Was worse than anything
And we could not bring
Ourselves to swing anything
To protect ourselves from his attack
We could’ve used our backpacks
To shield ourselves from the bullets flying
But our school wasn’t complying
With our need of feeling safe.
And this is what killed us.

We were all stifled
As he was holding the rifle
But we were so unskilled
To handle this situation
What was his temptation?
To ruin the lives of others?
What about our sisters and our brothers?
Would we ever be able to go back to how things were?
How was any of this fair!?

Seventeen dead.
How many more?
How many will be ignored
Turned away
To face another day
To be in,
Our Code Red.

Copyright © Liz Tingley | Year Posted 2018


I wish I could navigate the minefield of my mind
Its corners dark and undefined. 
One step too far, it all explodes
It explodes, my being erodes.
I walk through slowly with a hopeful face
Behind me, anxiety soon gives chase.

Anxiety stabs me, sanity's scorcher
And as I weep, I'm thrust to self torture.
Cut in the heart by worries future to past
I'm paralyzed to think this day is my last.
I break the mirror, shouting at my appearance
Meandering in camouflage is my only clearance.

I'm comforted by brief moments of peace
But it's back to the minefield as those cease.
I sit and smile as I amputate
In this personal hell I create.
And I shudder to think of an eternity bound
To this forsaken battleground.

Copyright © J. Michael Sutherland | Year Posted 2018


On a plane across the ocean, I really can't remember to where
For hours looking out a dark window, I'm lost in a blank stare
Just thinking about you.. Girl, I'm thinking about you
How can we really be through

The last time I made this journey, we were doing just fine
Out my window was bright hope, seemed the world was mine
Just thinking about you.. Girl, I'm thinking about you
How can we really be through

Every moment that passes
I'm taken further away
Flying into an unknown future
Clinging to memories of yesterday

Yeah, the way that I held you, oh, sweet desire in your eyes
Stars winked their approval, when we kissed under night skies 
Just thinking about you.. Girl, I'm thinking about you
How can we really be through

Every moment that passes
I'm taken further away
Flying into an unknown future
Clinging to memories of yesterday

A penny for your thoughts, and a million more if they're of me
I know you've turned the page, but I'm held captive by fantasy

Every moment that passes
I know love will find a way
If I'll just keep believing, and
Clinging to memories of yesterday

So I'll just keep believing..
That somehow love will find a way

Every moment that passes..
Clinging to memories of yesterday

~Chance Summer

Note: This is a sad song of reflection of what once was and is no more.  She's never coming back into his life. She's moved on. But he is stuck in the memories of yesterday!

Copyright © Chance Summer | Year Posted 2018


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