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YOU'LL SOON SHOW Days are running swift knowing your presence is this year's best gift~~ months we asked for you wishes do come true prayers answered true boy or girl: you healthy will blow any blues... Be safe and warm inside me What's best for you, the best for me... You and I, we will grow Inside ~ you; outside ~ me but this, I do not mind so long as you're hearty good We are all happy! few months to go, you'll soon show... Excited and smiling, we are looking forward... ______________________________________________________________ By: Olive ELoisa Guillermo - Fraser ***FREE VERSE; Written April 04, 2018 ~ 10:27am
***Dedicated to all expectant mothers

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2018

Whistlers Last Day

He whistled away
For most of the day
We sat in the mud, bored
half to death.
Smoking and joking,
Coughing and choking,
We'd get over this bloody war yet.

Then in dark
As if for a lark
Fritz sent up a display, I say
a beautiful bloody display.
Whizz went the bang
As the hot metal sang
A withering ballad of death.

He'd not whistle again
Most annoying of men
He lay in the mud, no more to be said
except, he is dead.
Jagged metal through his head
Quite dead I said, quite dead
He's taken his very last breath.

Copyright © Steve Sant | Year Posted 2018

What Did I Find

What did I find in my childhood, I was beaten laughed at and misunderstood. I tried to cope by cutting my wrist; because I thought my life this would fix.
 	What did I find within my lust, I found these chains and a broken crutch; that I would lean on and cause my life to break and I would hide it behind a mask which was fake.
	What did I find when I was eighteen. I was suicidal because my life was obscene. I thought I was evil and wrenched to the core, and I believe I could only be an eyesore.
	What did I find at my first twelve step meeting, I walked through those doors and found Gods hands of healing. I found my savior the restorer of souls. I did not know it then; but he planned to make me whole.
	He would fill the void within my empty life, and he would hold my hand and guide me through my strife. He showed me I can leave my sin in his hand because he will heal me and help me to stand.
For his love is great and is power is strong. He can heal my addiction and correct all my wrongs.
He taught that I am worthy and forgiven by him, even from my deepest and darkest sin. I have found sobriety from cutting my wrist. He stopped my suicidal tendencies with his mighty fist. He is helping me deal with all my lust, he is teaching me more and more to give him all my trust.	
	Who did I meet at these twelve step meeting. I met Jesus Christ with his hands of healing. 

Copyright © Jesse Ponnambalam | Year Posted 2018

Warmest Welcome

Through the door, running
Hair flowing magically
Welcomes me, my dog.

Copyright © Baalak Baburo | Year Posted 2018


Somewhat outstandingly
 millennial absurdism
 Is Seen’d slowly 
 Drownin’ towns;

 & townes’ there’ness,
 Forever’ly mere’d,

 hungry Frenetic wild dogs roam-

 Thirst, unquenchable.


 Thas’ workingly blue homosexual 
 Humanoid thingies’ living IN,
 & Cherry blossoming IN,

 kings X

 (& already some of k’s\X rabble)
 (So-so) townspeople 
 have despoiled)
(childlike attributes,).

Modern revolutionistik’ think’rs:

(Labours untouched’dd-ness &
 Less talented’ly withe onward
 Revolving sun’s,
 Brittle’d fingertips 
 Multiple faced,
 A billion tongues’ 
Withe reasons why.

“Blonde trumpet ringin’ thoudly;
 Across EV!’erythin-G!!
 A-rousing unflatter-y
THE tribe of the bluest
-FAKE kind’d lips’.>
 > Whost’ are the village of the green--purple half hair’d 
 Un-socked honey Dew, d liveateer’s.
 (All are friendly amongst;
 tillst’ A
 Differential thought
 is, a, borne.)

Their sombre complexities befoul 
 Themst’ Olde’ tech-intolorable-temple’d N’ thy self’s 
 Of AN entwined concrete society
 And it’s “Now” flaethering 
 Needed the most now
 More then ev’r

(And then)

 War will be us!~
 Opened A’rms!-
& too!
 Limbs shall fall’

What would’st be great decisions
 for the different-colour’d-natives?
 Wouldst thine 
 brothers of  
 enemies flesh cutoff bloodlines!?
 TRAITOR’ing they’s own soil&sea
 & mumma’s?
 to drive a salty sword insto’ they’s
 Own essence!!?
 Would’st OUR free-worlds empire reign onst’ an eternal myre?

 & WOULDST rationality (beautifully it is, so-so’)
Become re-equipped.’
Whenst’ our infinitely 
 Circling evolution’Y’s
 Becometh thIs pointe


•Maybe NOt•

Copyright © joshua hampson | Year Posted 2018

TV on, Volume low

Do you ever see someone?
And have an instinct-
They are the kind of person
Who sleeps with the T.V on, 
Volume low. 

Or see someone and know
They have to put a pillow
Next to them.
To fill the space,
To feel less alone. 

There’s a lot to tell
From how people sleep
It’s when the soul needs comfort most 
To be able to rest. 
To be able to breathe. 

Copyright © Alex Kidson | Year Posted 2018

To The Sea

Today I walked to
The edge of the earth
As far as my eyes 
Could see

I followed a small 
White butterfly
So delicate, so pure
So erratic but sure...

She danced in the wind
To her very own song
Her course never shifting
As I slowly walked along 

Today I followed a butterfly 
To the edge of the earth 
To the sea

The nights are short now,
Days drone by so long
No time to dream
Or live to her own song 

The answers are not here 
The answers are not there,
Choice and decisions
Not destiny or despair 

She chose her own path today
This little butterfly, she flutters on by
She had a place to be 
She left her home to find 
Herself lost or consider herself less
Who knows but where 
She goes but I silently
Follow this flittering mess 
Through hell and high water 
Through meadows, through trees

Today I followed a butterfly
To the edge of the earth
To the sea

As she led me to the water
She faltered. I stopped 
In one moment together 
This little butterfly and me 
Aware of each other
So close to being free.
Then with a whisper
She was gone
My heart sunk 
I didn't even see

For today I did not
Follow a butterfly
The butterfly, 
Was me

Copyright © Lady Ashley Louise Storrier | Year Posted 2018

To Stupid To Care

I've dropped my pen, calamity,
I write too much profanity,
it makes people act angrily,
yet I walk around quite happily.

I'm aware I speak like I don't care,
and I reek of rudeness when I share,
but I don't get offended to be fair,
not up here on my high chair.

Naturally I've no remorse,
that means I don't care of course,
but I'm a gent I'll hold the door,
just for me not you and yours.

You read from a rebel without a cause, 
whom finds it fun to wined up fools.
Though I don't hunt them down like jaws,
it's done through words I write with my paws.

With direct rhymes that are unambiguous,
also aimless and thus promiscuous,
this contradiction is a tad ridiculous,
have you worked out yet how I'm ingenious?

I told you at the beginning that I care not,
the lines since caused that to be forgot.
Are you yet to realise the plot?
Now it ends, yep, that's your lot.

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2018

Thru it all

I almost lost you. But I found my way thru the dark and I scaled the walls and I conquered all the demons and I found you. Thru it all I found you and I held on tight and I brought you back home. Thru it all I loved you and I never gave up. Thru it all you had my heart and I knew I would find you because I'll never give up on us and our love. A love that runs true and deep thru it all for all eternity. Thru it all I will find you and I will hold on tight because I know a love like ours can make it thru it all.

Copyright © Wyndi Young | Year Posted 2018

The Wooden Coffin

Set adrift in a wooden coffin,
Would I see her again?  I wondered often.
Surely this sea will take me in under,
Yet I sail for fame and plunder.

As many before and many after,
I have seen the sorrow and then some laughter.
To erase that which has crossed my eyes,
I stare into a darkened sky.

This sky seems dark and very dreary,
And as I stare it makes me weary.
Fire! Is heard all around,
But to this wooden coffin I am bound.

Do I burn or do I swim,
With each choice I cannot win.
As the boat begins to fill,
Into the sea I fall by will.

To get my mind off the cold, 
I think of the joke that a mate has told.
Holding on to this wood,
Let go now?  I think I should.

Copyright © Wayne Marques | Year Posted 2018

The tree of life

A lonely tree stands in a field
Branches entwined in one
And as those branches come to life
They reach up to the sun

This tree with all it's energy
just like a woman so it be
It's branches swaying in the breeze
just like a mother's offspring, these

And so the lonely tree does age
The human kind out living
But we all end up just the same
Our flesh to earth be giving

And thus our lives all end the same
No matter what we be
Some have long lives, some much less
In life's sweet mystery

Copyright © Vera Duggan | Year Posted 2014


After a beauty sleep, my eyes kept catapulted with darkness,
I've abandoned verses and kept nurturing acts
I tried halting the clock but it keeps tickling,
As night and darkness passes, it feeds my head like rainfall bestowing blessings beneath the sky

Toss and turn for verses and stanzas,
My fingers for pen became man and death
I tried to overlive, but the whole world became darkness at once,
Because the hand of my vaccum was full of ink

After a beauty sleep, my eyes kept catapulted with darknesss,
Because I once pressed the face of poetry into the earth,
Until oneday, I saw it stem dancing forth the ground
And I elatedly saw the sun smiling at it 

As glowing as a star, I'm a lightened darkness,
I've chosen to vomit the antidote of insouciance
I'm a pregnant cloud unable to hold my tiers,
Because now, the stream has flown back to its source.

Copyright © Olaseni Kehinde Precious | Year Posted 2018

The Stars

The stars

                         You are capable of a lot of things.
                               Take advantage of your talent 
                 and you can make something greater than you think.
                   Most people say reach for the stars but don’t.  
                               Reach higher than that. 
                               Why reach for the stars  
                               when there is the moon. 
                               Why reach for the moon 
                            when there is the solar system.
                            Why reach for the solar system 
                              when there is the universe.  
          Why reach for the universe when you can reach HIGHER !  

Copyright © brela collins | Year Posted 2018

The Recipe

The Recipe by De'Kari 

I begin---This here Recipe as if you were next to me
1 part ecstasy, 2 parts sexing me, 1 dash of ....

I'm talking---Not insecure, this love here is too pure
with mesmerizing allure 1/2 touch I'm sure, 1 dash of your....
Angelic Smile!

I know it's been a while, but believe since a child
I've pondered and wondered how I could be that Wow!....
In your eyes if you'd allow

This here man-child to reach within somehow
2 quarts of style, produce 1 mild--....
Form of commitment

I know I transcended, said it would be different
Yet messed up tremendous, but Neva was my intention--
Not to produce what I mention, If you love, then Forgiveness
I Seek and Need

To protect this Recipe, and Vision you next to me
Shed tears regretfully, no longer next to me
Sensual loving, no sexing me

This is the Recipe!

Copyright © De'Kari Stevens | Year Posted 2018

The Phoenix

The days are gone 
And the place is dry 
Nothin good was done 
There's even no fly 

Dreams were totally shattered 
And silence filled the place 
All wishes were scattered 
Around the fool's face 

They came in a sheep's mask 
Pretending to be helpful 
They only came to complete a task 
And left no soul restful 

Unfortunately they weren't aware of a living soul 
It died and lived again, making their lives a foul

Copyright © Cherity Tonga | Year Posted 2018

The Judge

I walk down the cold damp cobblestone path. I head straight toward the judges' courthouse. The gas street lanterns light up my way. With every step, I feel a sense of foreboding. What looms for me in the courthouse? Who is the judge? Will he know all the steps which I have counted to arrive?
As my feet pound the cobblestones they echo with the sound of eternity.
Nothing but judgement lies ahead of me.
I'm here...I have arrived.
With my breath quick and my heart pounding, I push open the heavy wooden door as its loud creek warns me of judgement.
I stand frozen, the judge and I look at each other, he motions me to come to him.
With every step, I am purified. All my calamities fall by the wayside.
I am finally right in front of him.
He pardons me and I am forgiven. I had to come, but only on his terms.

Copyright © Natalie Broomfield | Year Posted 2018


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