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You Are Responsible

Listen to poem:
Amid the devilment your dimples devise,
your smile is a mile of wonderful lies.
Your eyes hypnotize, and your silences speak
volumes of verses to someone as weak
as the wreck that I am,
since, meek as a lamb,
I was caught by your charm,
doing myself irreparable harm
to my centers of logic and cool calculation.
You are responsible: I demand reparation.

Copyright © Leo Larry Amadore | Year Posted 2011

The Day That I Fell Down

They probed into my attic,
And were disturbed by what they found,
Accumulated years of cluttered thoughts,
And labeled me unsound.
They put me in a rubber room,
With chains upon my feet and hands,
They fed me pills to numb the roar,
And to kill my inner man.
The roar seemed to diminish,
I talked to flowers and to trees,
But somewhere along the way,
I lost the real me.
I look forward to my future,
But i really miss my past,
They tell me that im normal now,
Wonder if it will really last.
I remember who i was before,
They came to steal my brain,
Just a man whose heart was shattered,
Trying to deal silently with his pain.
I guess i didnt have the right,
To express my brokeness inside,
But theres no pill or institution,
That will make me run and hide.
I will always remember the good times,
I will treasure moments wrapped in love,
No matter what they think of me,
I'll always give thanks to God above.
I know one day he will rescue me,
And place on me a crown,
And he will wash from me the heartache,
Of the day that i fell down...

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2012

Lessons learned

These are the things that I miss the most
The little things that I never noticed
Wish I could go back just one time 
Feel the heartbeat
Of innocence which in a sense is so sublime
It's much easier to just stay cold
You can't find your way back to the place that you would never dare to go to
And maybe someday
I'll learn
How to trust again . . .
And not feel the burn
And baby someway
I'll discern 
The blowing of the wind . . .
And not fear the turn
Drowning in the desert of deep regret
Scorched in the river of secrets never told and never kept
You can't go back to where you've never been
You can't shut out your friends if you have never been a friend to them 
You can't undo what's been undone
You can't win this race if all you ever do is run
Look with your heart not just your eyes 
You can't live this life if all you ever do is wave goodbye
And maybe someday
I'll learn
How to trust again . . .
And not feel the burn
And baby someway
I'll discern 
The blowing of the wind . . .
And not fear the turn
So take a chance and just let someone in
You may get hurt, you may get burned
But then again . . .
You just might make a friend
And maybe someday
I'll learn
How to trust again . . .
And not feel the burn
And baby someway
I'll discern 
The blowing of the wind . . .
And not fear the turn

Copyright © Kelly Crenshaw | Year Posted 2015


Birth Such passion Such pain I want to kill him I feel the sweat, raining, rain He did this to me Do you all not see? Stab or shoot just kill kill kill I call him Bill, yes Kill Bill The evil one that seeded me Until that bright light shines Over me The cries of love like ocean waves Oh my sweet love Look dear what beauty we have made I love you to the ends of the earth Dear newborn suckle upon my dreams Forget my wild and crazy screams I lie content A family at last

Copyright © Aurore Severo | Year Posted 2015

Easter Kindle

He watched them from a doorway sitting on a pavement step 
cuz when it came to social graces he was hopeless quite inept 
when the choir started singing something loosed way deep inside  
it was an  Easter morning hymn that broke his torment stride   

hungry, broken, and impovered he was always left  behind 
in a church now full of empty  only Jesus -  drew his kind  
when the light spilled forth in darkness he fast  huddled on a bench  
hunched and frozen, cold as iron, no one there to claim the stench 

stained glass windows pure of vision beaming down upon his crown  
there beneath the bench an egg from a child's hand fallen down 
slowly peeling off the wrapper he did chew with wonderous smile   
Christ had given him a chocolate! He was feeling quite worthwile! 

Copyright © Mystic Rose Rose | Year Posted 2018

It is that time of the year

It is that time of the year 
When everybody comes out of their fears 
Every Soul is enjoying this phase 
For weather is too good these days
After the freezing winters
That sucked last drop of blood from every Splinter 

Gale is no longer gale
It has become a pleasant Breeze
So good it feels when it touches your skin
A bit cold but delightful like a cozy inn
You close your eyes and you feel
As if Wind is penetrating in your veins 
Substituting all worries 
With a glint of warm fuzzies

Sky too is dark blue these days
Stars emit more brighter rays
Moon looks bigger and more bewitching
Driving you crazy and do unhitching

Long walks under the moon
And enjoying solitude’s tune
Along with shadows of the trees
And sweet, sweet sound of the Breeze
when it is awakening the leaves 
From their tiresome winter sleep

How amicably the World walks and sings
While paving ways for the Spring 
Can you feel it??
                                                  (Paghunda Zahid) 

Copyright © Paghunda Zahid | Year Posted 2020

On Being Human

I am neither brown nor white nor black
My skin tone is somewhere between ivory
And pale, like the color of the crayon
We used to paint flesh in coloring books
Those who know call it melanin. They say
The more you have the darker your skin.

I am neither white nor black nor red
My blood ebbs and flows just like your blood
Both are good for emergency transfusions
Type for type, our blood safely comingles
Because God said he has "made of one blood
All nations of men." (Acts 17: 26)

I am neither black nor red nor white
I am a human.
You are a human.
We are human.
Together we are humanity,
Just like God intended us to be!

Written December 29, 2020
Submitted to the "UN-RHY-ME"
Contest sponsored by Brian Strand

Poetry Soup Home Page
June 27, 2022

Copyright © L MILTON HANKINS | Year Posted 2020

Ghosts of the Album

Like spider silk woven into human form.
gliding in the air as it moves and beckons.
grasping the metal of an old light pole.
Head turning and seeming to look at me.

I ask, if you ever came back to us again,
how annoyed would you be at the traffic?
Would you enjoy our precious cellphones,
or perhaps you'd find them an abomination?

Smiles will shine like noon if you returned;
excitement would make the heart flutter;
but you're a crispy voice of soft whispers
indifferent to feeling, or even breathing.

Whether lost kindred fallen in a great war
ghost of the battlement, forever on guard
kept alive by the memories and pictures
in the album on my Grammy's bookshelf.

I Remember Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Malabika Ray Choudhury

Copyright © Ken Allan Dronsfield | Year Posted 2021

Awaiting a World Reset

My world can be so exciting
grand, luxurious and full of adventure

My world can be so confusing
small, confined and so inertia

The open space, sea breeze and horizon ahead
floating away free

Amazed and yet so confused
in what so often feels like captivity

There are stars that guide me through the seas
and show me what floats ahead

It excites me and it drives me
but sometimes it leaves me full of dread

My home is so far away
worry there is not, for home is always there for me

Calm these waves that divert my ship
so long it has been since I was free

End this storm that threatens my passage
that stops my adventure the world holds in store

There is still so much exploring to be had
calm will return and I will be once again touch the shore

I love my world I really do
so full of grandeur and so much diversity

But I miss my home which is so close I can see it, feel it, remember it, but for now nothing but a mere memory

These rules restrict me, I know they must lift 
I miss my friends and family

Give me safe passage and open the world 
in any direction so I can flee

I love my world
though it has been too long since I have felt the warm embrace of someones true affection

Provide me the ability to explore once more
I am so desperate I will now go in almost any direction

I love my world I really do
but let me be free so I may roam

Open the skies
Let the stars shine bright and take me home

Someone hit reset already!

Copyright © natalie johnson | Year Posted 2021

When Papi Combed My Hair

When I was growing up, the child I used to be
awakened every morning by the smell of his coffee.

Mami would make some breakfast
a bowl of cereal would do.
She claimed that it would make us strong
and help with grades in school.

We would hurry to be dressed
before we were told twice.
The morning ritual would always begin
with Papi and his coffee.

We would sit very still daring not to move,
as he plastered our hair with some Dixie Peach.
He combed every strand of our long curly hair,
before pulling it back as straight as could be.

In a pony or pig tail and tight as it could be
For as long as I remember, I will always miss you see
The time that Papi combed my hair
When a child I used to be.

Copyright © Mary Chapman | Year Posted 2021


There, in the middle of the vehicle free road,
she lulled herself, slowly and gently, back, and forth 
to the rhythm of her rocking chair, as she sang
her song in earnest defiance, strident,
misquoted words of randomly recollected hymns,
but she cared not a damn.
Perhaps we should all have joined in
form a kind of manic impromptu congregation
right there, right then,
instead, neighbours looked on and whispered.
Next day she would be gone
taken to Jenkins. 
Even us children knew what that was.

When she did come back, nothing was said
The word was never going to exit anyone’s mouth,
Ssssssh - no one dared mention it
but everyone knew
….. mother was mad.

Copyright © Judy Reeves | Year Posted 2022

Common thinking

I wonder..
what life could be like
if we all would just learn to
forgive and forget.
I hope..
a child's laughter doesn't cease 
to exist.
I want..
his hands pressed up against 
my waist making me feel secure 
and safe.
I need..
to feel what love really is
before I jump too soon.
I shouldn't..
have to go out of my
way to be heard.

Copyright © Ricki Lynn | Year Posted 2022


Light and white 
The clouds go in line guided by the Wind, 
At their pasture. 
They will come back tomorrow heavy And gray loaded with rain, 

And will fill the backwaters 
Will grow the tender grass 
For the kid, for the lamb. 
If the serpent from above i.e. the Rainbow 
Didn't drink all the water 
Whose clouds are sated.

Copyright © Afrosrael James | Year Posted 2022

And Then There Was Her

Locked in between these four walls but somehow some way you manage to see right through them 
My baggage isn't left at the door because you carry it to the garbage 
You tell my aching heart the great news 
That I am someone 
That I matter 
I may not always thank you but I'm always thinking of you 
When the days seem long I'm waiting for the minute I can come home and melt between your arms 
You are a grilled cheese, it's the comfort of your mother, something that makes you full and completely satisfies what you have been craving all along 
I never found food to be so heartwarming but she... she is the smell of warm vanilla 
It swaddles you close to the chest 
I love the way your fingers throw themselves at my head playing sweet harmonies down my spine 
The graze of her sets my wired eyes in motion 
I drank as if I have never tasted water and her lips are a tight walker on a rope Exhilarating and focused
Though I may sway she keeps me balanced 
Her kisses tell me the truth she sees in me 
The way her eyes widen when she looks my way tells me that I have her attention if only she knew she had mine 
I wish there was a map of my brain so she could look at my streets and could see how many of them lead to her 
On my worst day she calls me into her thoughts and keeps me warm 
If there is one thing I could change about her it would be for her to see how much love is in me for her 
There's nothing more than an abyss of feelings that never hits the ground but if there was a ground my lips would be the cement she walks on 
I want her 
I always want her 
My true body will remain motionless until I am one with her again

Copyright © Mirinda McKinney | Year Posted 2022

All I ever want is you

It was midnight in a cold week
My feelings  got lost in so deep
All I want is you but I can’t see through!
My mind is so destructive
My heart is more constructive
I’m looking for a path that leads to you
Walking through the dead street
I wanna see no more of this
All I want is you but I can’t get through!

And when I saw you for and in the first insight
As it was rare and now I see you every night
And I knew you heard and I knew you’re  there
And I know it all time but now I can’t bear!

This makes me miserable
And then we have never seen each other
Since the day you left me vulnerable
I wanted to see more of you
‘cause all I ever want is you but I can’t through!

Copyright © Swapnil Rai | Year Posted 2022


Got into that a mirage
Unmapped in all its grounds
Where no lifeline could exist
Cautious distrust kicking in
An area where sorrows spread
That the beings had spoonfed
A stipulation of a well-crafted hat
Intruding two thirds of real hope
In that frame of mind pinpointed.

Walked through such a path
Paved long enough to the unseen end
Beautiful flowers emerging from sides
Just strongly pouring attractive odours
The fragrances to be sold at no price
That anyone would like to pass through
An amusement of natural adorable sprays
Leaving some marks to get questioned
By the look it expresses over the context.

Seek beyond the best feasible option
Uncharted below infinite water flows
To what the superiors would believe
Self opinions triggering mass faith
A sense to be named as uncommon
That no light ray felt to beam
A true meaning of being fake
Crashing all the Joules by others
To this little significant dot.

Copyright © Edwine Born | Year Posted 2022


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