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A Brush of Wings

Skywardly yearning,
wheeling and turning,
an exaltation of larks!
Lines interleaving,
wings interweaving
an orchestration of arcs!

Just shadow and light
imbuing their flight,
shape-shifting magic they fly.
With artistic flair,
their canvas the air,
this brush of wings paints the sky!

July 22,2014

Copyright © Roy Jerden | Year Posted 2014

A painter sits

A painter sits
Alone and in solitude
Staring at a portrait
He paints of society
He starts at the bottom,
The beginning of time
It is wild and unkept
Colours outside of the lines

Animals, they roam
Without boundaries, birds soar
Evolution is yet
To rise from the core

Then he goes on,
 a short while at least
showing the first signs of red
with flickers of heat

On he goes, some colours cutting short
Not everyone continuous, some deaths not fought

Later still, and colours go dark
Hunger and suffering 
Stories of the Ark

Hope is seen,
Although followed by war
The strength of emotion 
Soul from soul were tore
Red becomes blackening
An oozing dark brown
The painting becomes abyss
No colour to be found

Quickly, we move, into more hopeful times
Slavery abolished, creates beautiful lines

And swirls, they continue 
As women gain voice,
And independent, they emerge
In a bid to fight

But war, it strikes, and so civil liberties abided
Courageous young men, flee to fight it

Heroes return, some do not
In fields of red
They are never forgot

Whilst the portrait shows red, not all is blood
Some is hope, some is sadness
some a reminder that be intolerant, we should not,

And without a doubt, more will fill the space
That currently is snow white, 
With anger and hate

But yellow will emerge, and silver too
And gold, and purple
With hints of blue.
So the artist, he sits, 
Quiet, at work
In his studio, he paints
Us out of the dark.

Copyright © Matilda Gratton | Year Posted 2019

A Tribute to Drew

D-Dreamed of the Possibility 
R-Realized the team potential 
E-Enveloped a city with love
W-Worked hard at his God given talents

B-Believed in his faith beyond measure 
R-Repeated that faith by acts of kindness
E-Exponentially gained love by showing it
E-Expessed his love of family
S-Superceded the thought that One person can make a difference

Copyright © Bonnie Miller | Year Posted 2019


Stay is such a strong word Some people are Stayers Some people are Abandoners Some people are stuck in-between What do we call them

Copyright © Sherry Soholat | Year Posted 2019


My poems are usually about light or dark or a mix.  


I saw the woman
sprawled on the ground,
her legs askew beneath her.
She was alive but could not move,
obviously in a faint.
Right in front of her
a small pram
squeezed to a wall
pinned by a truck
that had hurtled
down the hill
hitting mother and child.
No sound came from the pram.
The driver knelt down.
He cried, oh how he cried.
Did he cry for the child he had killed?
For the mother who lost her treasure?
Or for the license he was going to lose?
Only he could tell.
A family ruined.
No one thought of the husband
who lost his child
who found his wife injured,
all because of a reckless driver
who was late for work,
drove fast, painted a wall
with an innocent child's blood.
Did he have a late night call?
A drinking binge?
A lass to love?
Whatever it was
a child's life was lost,
a family ruined.
Nothing could turn
the clock back.
The ambulance arrived.
So did the upholder of the law.
Nothing to do. We move forward.
It is our destiny.

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2019

Apple Blossoms

When chances  meet thru modern means and poet trees
Then  misty dreams drift close together
As first meetings with no care 
And long flowing  hair , 
Red as apple blossoms blooming fair,
 Bewitching smiles and longing sounds 
And sweet nectar drifting through the air
Faint echoes of loves pure air and poetry abound
Bitter sweet from afar , the smiles
 rosy cheeks ,and twinkling eyes 
And most of all white doves
Floating in the sky

Copyright © jim joyce | Year Posted 2012

As The World Weeps

We watch as the world weeps.
Is there anything we can do to help?
Yes, pray for those in their time of need.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2012

Attitude Is Yours Alone

My dog died today
Making me angry and sad
Hot tears streamed down me.

I could cry for weeks
Soaked in indignant anger
Wasting my own life

Attitude is key.
The clear choice is up to me.
I decide on joy.

I will refocus
Give myself a new puppy
The choice is all mine.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

brainless zombies

we are all brainless zombies.
we live in a world that follows rules.
we are the same as each other, copies.
we work just as much as mules.

at the end of the day we want to be hip and in style.
we follow fashion trends and celebrities are our idols.
at the end of the day we all put on a fake smile.
we try to be different but we are just in denial.

what happened to being different?
we are just as boring as the next person.
people are quite ignorant,
we try to be unique, yet it seems to worsen.

we are all just brainless zombies.

Copyright © Riley Cleveland | Year Posted 2019


She had the fixation of their closeness
Ubnormally,her heart flapping from left to right 
That night her table full of flagons
And every love film she saw was a hokum to her

Her thoughts flipped for a not found answer 
And now thought she was mentally handicapped
But all these hidden in a peculiar smile
She hoped to get out of it some days

She amiably treasured her old days,she remembered
Contemplating about quitting, but again condemned the thought
Feeling not contented with everything around her
She was an avid avenger 

Every night didn't go along
She looked the skies with the beauty of her eyes
Though helplessly lying on the floor
But she hoped to get out of it some days

Copyright © Ashon Thee Poet | Year Posted 2019

By The Time

By The Time

By the time you find this
you will have already felt an emptiness
by the time you find this
you will almost unknowingly fear to open it
it will feel strange
it will unfold slowly

By the time you read this
it will dawn that something is wrong
by the time you read this
it will flow into your heart
I am missing
I am gone

By the time you finish this
you will find your mind will be racing
by the time you finish this
you will recall my last real smile
only then will you hear my last words
only then will you begin to understand

by the time you lay this down
it will still be open
by the time you lay this down
you will wonder who to call
time will seem to flood into a collage
time will seem to slow to a crawl

by the time they find me
it will only then become so clear
by the time they find me
I will already have become a memory
that last kiss will be a little sweeter
that last kiss will live forever

Copyright © Chase Brown | Year Posted 2019

Competition With Myself

I am in competition
with no one
with the exception of

Sometimes I think
life would be easier
if I were

if I were ugly
people would be

wish people
could see my

they might
actually like

Copyright © Berteena G. | Year Posted 2019

Dead Call

It’s black comedy
Lust for a death
And the deadly temperament 
Seen as temporary 
Past time a past time
Permanently he orbits 
As they work
To live
But he’s seen through it
And a friend down to his last dime
Picks up the telephone line
It’s understated how close to the bone you roll
He laughs, they laugh together 
Temporarily mentally ill together 
And it’s better
Bar the daily knocks
That bring them back to telephone calls
Again and again
Half way thugs
Alcohol and gateway drugs
Because he’s seen through it
So they work to live
And though he does do it
But ever so morbid 
Through a constant string
Of non specific laughter 
So close to the bone
Right beneath the skin
And the heart to hearts he never has with
Left close to him.

Copyright © Luke Goodman | Year Posted 2019

Dreaming On

    ELSE is... and I am... I feel

    and there is THEY... along with I

    surfing change onboard a present now

    cumulating beyond a was and then

    bow waking a forward felt endurance

    imagining time as flow through fuzzy edged space

    ELSE agrees or ELSE confounds

    as futures fill with will and when

    conscious conversations twixt ELSE and I

    merge expectations with dreaming on...

    I flicker out... become one with ELSE

    in a where-when netherverse, with no time nor space

    foaming, forming fields of potential, continuous birth

    ELSE is... and I am ELSE... I feel...

    exploring I and THEY in their time bound place

    sentience caressed by curious visitation

    probing intrique across a cosmos born

    with child of of ELSE, a multitude of I and THEY

    matter I... and matter THEY...

    to ELSE sustained, semi-potent, dreaming on...

Copyright © Ian Love | Year Posted 2017

Faded Thoughts

Thoughts how they fade from white to gray,
and the memories we made, 
                                turned to dust just today.
Ashes we smoked and the dreams we dreamt,
all DIED in your arms and I wept...
                                               -and wept.
Please forgive me- believe me when I say I am sorry-
I feel sad for you but not as sad as I feel for me.
Self pity is a disease,
              but it puts me at ease,
                         and I just wish these flea's, 
would get off my bleeding back.
If I could paint you a river, I'd swim to your shore,
mend all I tore... 
             it's you that I lack.

It has always been you...
                            ALWAYS been you...
you were my envelope, you were my flu,
you cut me apart because you made me whole,
I'm sorry I stole...your heart...
                                         -your heart...   

NA in CONTEST NO 204 any form-theme max of 16 lines 
Judged September 17, 2016

For contest: Screwed XVI 
Date Written: September 26, 2015


Copyright © Lu Loo | Year Posted 2015

Fiona Bonnie Heather Nairne

Fiona, fair beauty, fleet footed and fancy free,
Flits over the field,
Full of life and fun, a joy to see.
She’s my Bonnie canine, sweet and good,
Loving and loyal, a regal golden,
Her tail held high, 'til coursing the woods.
Wild is my Heather as her namesake flower on the hill,
Pursuing bunnies, squirrels and birds,
Though only for the chase’s thrill.
Nairne, in Gaelic means “dweller by the narrow river glen,”
Which is she, when resting from her adventures now and then.
Oh, Fi, my darling girl,
How you’ve blessed my life and set it in a whirl!

Copyright © M. Renee Taylor | Year Posted 2019

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

The caldera collects and cradles a
Beautiful, deep, impenetrable blue lake, 
A beautiful mirror of fire and ice 
Harmonizing, a wannabe visage.  

Snow uses caldera’s crater for its frame,
Covering it and breathing icy air
To ruffle the tops of old pine trees,
Shaking their patience with a whizz.

Snow slithers, frosts, and shrouds 
The dormant island in white blankets 
To show the caldera and sleeping fire 
The thrill that crowns its Ego 
Resounding about the unfazed lake. 

The dormant island enjoys its nap 
Exhaling gases to shoo the snow away
To play with the lake.   

Copyright © lily Cohen | Year Posted 2019


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