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Below are PoetrySoup's featured poems for the week starting Sunday, April 22, 2018. Use the numbered navigation below to navigate through all of the featured poetry.


I'm A Roman Centurion Guard

I'm A Roman Centurion Guard   

I'am a Roman Centurion guard.
when I'm around, you must bow.
No matter who you are.
I have a long red cape;
everyone likes the way it drapes.
Where ever I'am,
I look so fine in my Roman garb.
Along with my white horse,
I was a sight to behold;
I'am a Roman Centurian guard.
I march all day and all night
to get to the battle at hand;
we always come out victorious.
That is why we are known to be the best in the land;
part of my job is policing the conquered territories
for our leader so grand.
No one dares to mess with us  
since we are the power for now.
We use fear as the tactic at hand.
It has always worked for everyone in Rome;
so many are crucified and the families let out a sad song.
We tax everyone at hand;
you better not complain to the man;
I'm telling you this to be kind,
so stay quiet please;
you will live longer like that.
Our fearless leader is Julius Caesar. 
He wants the senator's and everyone's wife;
he has absolutely no class.
His mind is nowhere near sound.
They think it was not even around 
to get himself out of a jam.
He sent his legions 
to conquer far and away new lands,
but they all came back with many people's daughters and sons
to join the army and make everyone proud.
Caesar, he wanted everyone's gold 
and all of their wealth;
his greed could not in any way be quenched.
He crucifies anyone who even did protest
or makes even a sound,
or a comotion to make the people rise 
that simply were not allowed.
Just look at what happened to Jesus Crist.
They blamed the Jews for that,
but how can this be 
since the Jews had no power at all
so why did they take the fall?
No one really knows;
it must of have been the powers that be.
Caesar was worried he would be killed.
He was paranoid and mentally ill;
that is why he kept his guards so near-
only the best that were skilled.
These special forces were fed well at all times.
He treated them with luxuries that were so fine
they could never in any way have 
but actually they did not care for that much.
They too wanted power and it was finally at hand,
but as they say so close, but far away
until that dreadful day,
when opportunity knocked their way,
everyone knows he was betrayed. 
It happened all in one place,
at the senator's enclave.
The senators stabbed and stabbed into his frail body
until he was dead.
It was his nephew that took his mighty place.
He was also a real nutcase, but Rome needed a leader
if its all the same.
They hurried and put him in a shallow grave;
this is the end of this tale;
in Roman times they did hail.  
Caesar was the man about town,
but he could not hold on to power 
for long and now he was totally gone,
and that's that.
Many of the things they built are still working today, 
left as a monument to their mighty strength
like aqueducts and bridges and even those bath houses;
that was the pride of the land to enjoy and have a good soak.
We remember all of the Roman times
but especially the Roman Centurion guards.

By Marc Acrich


Copyright © Marc Acrich | Year Posted 2018

Alcohol can numb the pain

Alcohol can numb the pain
But it's not the best thing for it
So have a drink and have some fun
But please don't over do it.

It's can be so addictive 
You may need it everyday
But when you finally sober up 
Your problems haven't gone away

Some say it is in your genes
Others say it's just being weak 
Either way it is an addiction 
It's help, and advice you really seek 

Life long abuse will destroy 
Everything you ever had
When your health deteriorates
Your family will be sad 

I'm not saying don't have a drink 
It's safe in moderation 
But drinking vodka at breakfast 
Won't get you admiration 

Liver failure heart conditions
Symptoms you may get 
To many people gone before
Some you've never met 

Alcoholism is hard to beat
It's a drug that's legalized 
If you keep drinking like you do
Your internals will be fried 

Family and friends are there for you
To help you beat this sordid addiction 
You will then realize, alcohol kills
This is FACT not fiction 

Copyright © Gordon Alexander | Year Posted 2017

Denouement Unhitched

Magician bored with trick familiar
Simple slip knot and pin worked a treat
Letting him escape from tank on stage
When dropped in with hands tied behind back.

The slip knot and pin, hidden from view
Meant that no matter what knot was tied 
In rope wrapped tightly around his wrists 
His escape was child's play, a dumb trick.

But he was bored with the easy trick
He sought the dangerous thrill and risk
When his life depended on skill, not trick
Deft fingers to loosen knots, wrists bound.

He practiced ways to keep fingers free
By ensuring enough wrist freedom
Placing his wrists flat, his palms upright
Swelling his wrists as the knot was tied.

He made sure the length of rope was right 
So he could grab the ends dangling free
His assistant winked twice for 'reef knot'
Once for a 'granny knot', a key hint.

Finally day dawned to perform live
Without slip knot trick to save his life.
The fear built up and tension tightened
As audience member tied the knot.

He was lifted, plunged into tank.
As curtain dropped, he fumbled with rope
Twisting and pulling, fingers straining
His life in his hands, breath almost gone.

At last the knot came undone, rope dropped
He rushed to air as the curtains rose
He had done has act for real, no trick
Denouement fulfilled, knot unhitched.

Copyright © John Anderson | Year Posted 2016

The Beautiful White - Continued

You did not end Me, but the red liquid
Flowed from Me in one spot, a spot
That burned on my limb for many days.
I ran away a distance when the sticks
Began to shout and I felt the burn,
And I found shelter in the brush,
And there I watched as You cut my
Brothers and Sisters and took the

Beautiful White from their faces,
Took the feet off their limbs, and left
Them to bloat in the Sun. Many days
I stayed there, going to check what
Was left of them, to see how they had
Been eaten in the night, and it did not
Take long for the bones to be all that
Remained. One last time I went there

As the water flowed from my eyes ...
I passed my trunk over the bones so
Gently, caressed what was left as
I remembered all We had done together ...
Smelled the soft scent of their beings
That was still in the bones ... thought of
The ways We had played and swam
And dust-rolled and fed ... thought of how

The Wise Ones had taken care of Us,
How the nice ones of Your kind -
The ones without the Shouting Sticks -
Had helped Us to remain ... how We
Had cried with each other as our
Loved Ones were cut and taken away,
So long ago ... how We were taken far
Away and left, but were still together ...

How We shared the wounds of anger that
No Others could understand ... again and
Again I passed my trunk over the precious
White bones, and the water flowed from
My eyes and dripped onto them, joining
With them, washing them with my
Anger and sadness ... I did this for
Many days, so many that I no longer

Remembered when the Long Rains
Would come, until one day they came
And did not stop, and the bones were
Lost in the water, and carried away.
I left that place then, (finally), and the
Water stopped flowing from my eyes.
Never again has the water flowed
From my eyes since I left that place,

And never again have I sought out
My own kind ... oh, I see Others still
Quite often, and sometimes I am
Beckoned to join, but I leave as quickly
As I can, so the wounds inside me won't
Poison the Others, so they won't see
The ugliness that You and Your Kind
Left in me, so they can't see the scars

That those knives and Shouting Sticks
Left in my spirit, and I move on ...
I move on to keep LOOKING, to keep
Searching for more of You. Whenever I find
You I do what I can with my anger -
Things I do not understand or even want
To remember - things that feel dark
And feel like the invisible cutting inside,

The things that those invisible wounds
PUSH me to do, the things that bring
More of the red liquid and bring more of
The Ending of You ... the ONLY things
That ever feel RIGHT anymore ...
The ONLY things that You left Me with ...
The rest of it You cut out of me and left
Behind, to be gnawed and eaten and

Chewed away in the night, and
Bleached by the sun each day ...
Like those precious white bones of
My Loved Ones ... washed away by
The Long Rains, as I shall one day be ...
As You shall one day be ... You and
Your Busy Bee limbs, and cutting knives ...
And Shouting Sticks.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017

The Safe Zone

          SARAJEVO the safe zone
The missiles come down from surrounding green
hills made for home, but now are turned into
the hiding place for death that's always been
a part of life as life they always knew,

and when the sound of it comes to the mind
all Sarajevo hears the boom it makes
and wonders if there's any way to find
some hope, a bit of peace, as morning breaks;

the children close their eyes and make the run
not caring where their feet are running to
as shots ring out--some fired in just for fun
not caring what a little fun can do.

   And all the world it watches in surprise   
   if any falls, or any stops and cries.

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2011


The first step was violet, the color of the flower,
The second step was indigo, the color of a thunder shower,
The third step was blue, the color of a lake,
The fourth step was green, a field of hay to rake,
The fifth step was yellow, the color of corn,
The sixth step was orange, a gorgeous summer morn,
The seventh step was red, the color of the rose,
Like the ones he planted for Ruby, a little while ago,
He walked on tall and straight until he reached the golden gate,
Then God put out his hand to welcome Jim to his band.
While he's so far from you, he's in good hands you see,
The angels love his stories, while he waits there for thee.

                                              Cile Beer

written 1999

Copyright © Marycile Beer | Year Posted 2005


An invisible web, across a road strung
Predator and prey, in the balance hung...
Ambush-predator waits in stealth
In the spot that tends to yield a wealth 
   of mindless prey whose fun does end
   as soon as just, it rounds the bend...

Predator darts from his hidden place
Subdues his prey in a short shrift chase
which soon succumbs to a pricey sting
Then predator leaves for a brand new fling

Back at the spot, the predator cop
Springs in a snap a fresh radar trap

Copyright © Hannah Borke | Year Posted 2017

Humming Birds Flutter

Humming birds
Flutter through the wind
never falling from the sky.

Copyright © Heather Brearley | Year Posted 2017


Champagne when you celebrate 
Wine just for the taste
Whiskey when you need to forget 
And you have no time to waste    

Beer when it’s hot and the work is done
Brandy when the nights turn cold
Rum on the beach fresh fruit within reach
Isopropyl when you're growing old      

Scotch and whatever, black tie affairs 
Vodka helps you play your role
But lying in the bed of an old pickup truck
Tequila... lets you visit your soul

Copyright © BJ BREWER | Year Posted 2017

Christmas Love

L ove came down from heaven above tonight
O h what a beautiful dream I had it seemed so
V ery real to life, I could feel the warmth of
E very family member and friend as they were

C oming down on the wings of angels
A nd they were singing such beautiful
M usic about the birth of our Lord Jesus
E veryone singing him praise as was I

D oves of peace were flying all around us
O verhead the sky opened and God came down, it
W as then I felt Him touch my soul with His love
N ow I believe Christmas Love Came Down tonight

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown | Year Posted 2011

Simply Flawed

The woman
 has always combined mystery, magic, and allure, we can only hunger for when together,
and remember fondly when apart.
Your power to enchant makes a man want to be better for you.
But a daunting task to maintain over time.
We are simply flawed, and attempts at showing love sometimes awkward.
Your capacity for love, needs to overcome the shortcomings of our gender.

Copyright © Randolph Byrd | Year Posted 2013


Night finds her waiting, clad in black,
Y earning for his soothing touch.
C loaked in darkness she frees her
T hreaded raven hair, letting it fall
O ver her bare alabaster shoulders.
P ausing by the window she stares at
H er reflection where the faint glimmer
I n her eyes betrays momentary sadness
L ingering alongside urges and desires.
I nhibitions fall prey to night’s allure
A s she strips off the flimsy veils of fantasy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   
A Stunner Contest 
Hosted by Line Gauthier
Placed 2nd

© 18th January 2017

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2017


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