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Featured Poems

Below are PoetrySoup's featured poems for the week starting Sunday, November 18, 2018. Use the numbered navigation below to navigate through all of the featured poetry.


Christmas at Zaxbys

I sure do like the poster they got by the door.

The one that’s just an arm holding up a glass Coke
bottle in front of the Moon.

It’s Santa, you know.


Whole thing’s done in pale Disney blue.

It’s neat how some things stand out like that. 

Copyright © word owl | Year Posted 2018

A Walk In Central Park

Central Park is where I walk
Many people to who I talk
About the weather
May seam so small
Yet little talk
Is spread with all

Copyright © victoria addino | Year Posted 2018


Please don't kiss Grandma
With your wrinkled worn out skin
Your breath like stinking ashtrays
With an undertone of gin.

I really love you Grandma,
But when it's time to leave
You always try to kiss me
And it really makes me heave

Copyright © Twig Clark | Year Posted 2018


Why does the sunrise fill you with hope and light a candle in your soul?
Why does a fast moving river fill you with courage as it rushes to the sea?
Why does puppy breath fill you with contentment?
Why does a star winking in the velvet sky make you want to wink back?
Why does the smell of a baby’s head fill you with joy?
Why do you believe there are secrets in the blink-less stare of a cat?
Why do you run from the rain? Why not dance in it?

Copyright © Trisha Sugarek | Year Posted 2018


The sunshine on the sand,
The snow that lights and lands,
The waving of the trees,
The rising of the sea,
The bird that flies along,
And sings its cheerful song,
The wreckless words and strife,
That rob you of your life,
Why do those people stay,
To turn and walk away,
Their long dark shadows grow,
And then are seen no more,
The reminiscing pain,
Will rise once more and then,
Be put back in your mind, 
To save for just that time,
When you feel strong and sure,
And wont feel insecure,
But shadows of the past, 
Will never rise to last,
Their power is broken down,
And thrown down to the ground,
Completely purged away,
To never rise again,
For Christs sweet cleansing blood,
Will make you strong and whole,
To stand against the pain,
And never fall again.

Copyright © Timothy Crim | Year Posted 2018

Loneliness: The Gentleman

Holds the door open for me,
Shows me all the chivalry;
Wraps around me in the silence,
Refuses to leave even towards the end; 
As the summer heat strikes,
Relieves and burns as the much needed ice;
As I fall apart,
Picks up the pieces of my heart;
As I bloom,
Reminds me about the days of gloom;
As I become pale and cold,
Stays with the promises of together growing old;

The one who made me believe in forever,
And in the promise of staying together;
Always stays by me side,
Deep in my heart it resides;

This loneliness is such a gentleman,
Does the best one can;
So calm and divine,
In it my solace lies.

Copyright © Tahira Khatoon | Year Posted 2018

unrequited love

I would like to make the words you speak the sound that moves my soul 
 I love it when I can see my reflection mirrored in your eyes 
 As it means your stood beside me making me whole
My essence, my emotions, my being you have stole
I hope you know you make my heart flutter like the wings of a butterfly
I would like to make the words you speak the sound that moves my soul 
 Can I find the expressions, your beauty to extol?
 Now if I could only ensnare you then I would have won the prize
 As it means your stood beside me making me whole
 Together we could be in Edens garden for a stroll
 I could never live without you, I hope you realize
 I would like to make the words you speak the sound that moves my soul 
 Your utter beauty makes me lose all my self-control
 My love for you will never be the reason for my demise  
 As it means your stood beside me making me whole
But I can never find you, your hidden in some bolt hole  
So until that day I find you my love will slowly die 
 I would like to make the words you speak the sound that moves my soul 
As it means your stood beside me making me whole

Copyright © steve pen | Year Posted 2018

A Second Late

That grip I longed for 
Decided in a second faster
Than my yearn
But was much slower to catch up
With another second
... I sank

You touched my soul
But it was too late
Now ripped from your world 
To the world
That liquefy pains;
Those streams 
That water your cheeks

We'll miss each other
But only you will notice
For in this state
No sadness nor happiness
Just eternal inexistence
Gawking at your emotions

If only you were on time
My heart would still be busy
With pressure, pleasure and pain
Soaked in red and with beats
Coming at intervals.

Copyright © Sixtus Agba | Year Posted 2018


Revenge is one thing that we human beings thrive on,
one of the few subject areas that we do so well on.
We live for the saying one good turn deserves another
and do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. 
We figure, 
if someone hurts you, it's only fair
that you hurt them back and twice as hard too.

They make you sad, 
forgetting the fact misery
loves company, 
we figure; why go down alone 
when you're so eager to come with me?

What kind of frenemy would I be,
if I didn't make your dreams come true?
make you see what it's like, 
to go through what I went through.

Revenge is sweet, 
we human beings feel a joy getting even, 
a sense of accomplishment
they're no longer better than us,
if it comes with a punishment
we're willing to be punished, 
why? Well we've convinced ourselves-
That it's absolutely worth it.

Copyright © Shernilia Dennis | Year Posted 2018


Recreating the same 
Eventful episode
Going through my head, 
Reopening the main source to my 
Exhaustion only
To feel a shiver going to down my 

Copyright © Shayna Posey | Year Posted 2018

In loveing memory

I thought of you with love today but that's nothing new. thought of you yesterday and the day before that to. and I often speak your name now all I have are memory and a picture in a frame. your picture is my keepsake with witch I'll never I'll never part .God has you in his keeping I have you in my heart.

Copyright © Shawn Jones | Year Posted 2018


I once knew a girl who lived far away,
Who told me a fairy tale one sunny day,
We would be friends for evermore,
I would never be shown the door, 
I called her my friend but she wouldn’t stay,

The story is over the finish less than gay,
The fact is my life has been put in disarray,
Best friends an oath she swore,
But that doesn’t count anymore,
The pain I feel will end soon I hope and pray,

Copyright © Shane Cooper | Year Posted 2014

Things I should Know

Songs that make me want to fall in love
Even though I know it's false
But the emotions that make my heart flutter
The emotions that make me fly like a dove

jackets and the harsh smell of leather
When i'm dancing with you 
I feel light as a feather 
A dance that i'll never rue 

I'll give you my heart under false pretenses 
I wont mind
Even though my heart is surrounded by barbed wire fences 
But your eyes still look more kind

Time passes and neon lights die
Under my bed , i'll cry
Alone without you
My future that i sadly knew

Your boney fingers that lures me closer
This ride im in with you is a rollercoaster
All these emotions that i've never felt
Things i've never had to dEalt
With alone

Copyright © salma rahmat | Year Posted 2018



When she had the operation 
they gave her six weeks worth of injections
to be done every day 
in her stomach
to prevent thrombosis 
which runs in the family 

she did it for a week 
and then she said sod this for a game of soldiers
and she threw them all away
in the bin

and she told the doctor
what she had done
and I’ve heard her say
this story three times 
I’ve never had thrombosis
I’ve travelled around the world 
and I’m nearly 70 
(she’s nearly 71) 
and I said Barbara you’re nearly 71
you were 70 last year
and had two parties to prove it. 

Copyright © Sally-Ann Mason | Year Posted 2018

Nothing Less than Heroic

They say I am "only a 4-year-old — a refugee”

But my parents said
We are nothing less than heroic

For like Columbus, I can swim
Through international waters
Through the sea, ocean, and endless waves

Like astronauts, I can smile and even sing
Through a dark story
Through threatening, perilous voyages

Like zombies of the world, I can rise
Through scars from working 12-to-14 hour days
Through memories of being rejected, cast out, and shot

The world may proclaim I am "only a refugee"
But I know that we are nothing less than heroic.

Copyright © Ryan Nguyen | Year Posted 2018

The Midnight Bell Tolls

Then comes the call of the witch named Kabbath,
That signals the start of All Hollow's Black Sabbath.
And, from the dark crypts and the blackest of holes;
Come the night creatures, as the Midnight Bell Tolls

Come Goblins and ghoulies, black creatures all hassled.
Come the fiends of the night that haunt the High Castle.
To the cemetery fields where the undead lay waiting
For the black orgy to begin their unholy mating.

Witches, black sorcerers, and warlocks all
Dance to the wind at this black magic ball.
Their music the cry of ten million lost souls;
All hither they come as the Midnight Bell Tolls.

All gathered at last, at this darkest of hours.
To wait for the sign of Satan's great power.
That'll send them in search all over the world,
To capture the souls of ye boys and ye girls.

So, let this be a warning this Halloween night
And pay heed to thy parents, they know what is right.
Though you search for sweet treats, wherever you stroll.
Be safe in your beds, when the Midnight Bell Tolls.

Copyright © Robert Belenzon | Year Posted 2018


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