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I sat down today

I sat down today....
Found myself prideful,
Selfish, and unruly in places.
I found myself publicly appealing! 
I sat down today.....
I saw a cloud between me and God.
I could see him, but barely.
The midst gave a rough odor!
I seen thunder and I felt the lightning in my chest and it was all I could do to hold on to his unchanging hand.
What is it to self that finds me!
I sat down today.....

Copyright © A. Humphrey | Year Posted 2017

Still, we rejoice

I see the glistening water,
I see the glittering stars...
The darkest night of the decade,
We've not yet gone through the slaughter...

I want to sleep, but can't let go
The beautiful sight, when the ship row...
Though we've worked all day and dusk,
We have the night for us to bow...

Our lives are glooming through all day,
And then comes the delicious ways,
Of making simple soup and bread,
Still we rejoice, and still, we pray…

We hear the screaming slaves all day,
And when the sombre night comes through
We let the rotten smell away,
Of bodies clinging on our way

Still, we rejoice, we think it hard,
We never let ourselves apart,
Because we know, some day, light will come,
And take all the sadness in a cart...
                                                   - Adhyatmika Tripathi

Copyright © Adhyatmika Tripathi | Year Posted 2017

Passion Purrs

clouds and clouds, no wind
pulse is swooned
passion purrs

Copyright © Alexa Orba | Year Posted 2017


Aura of angry students filled the arena....
Breath of depression brushed against my bare cheek...
So much seeking knowledge under the wings of desperation...
Yet,lost in where I tot I'll get a chance to complete my destination..
Sapiens of different habit wandered into bondage..
Murmurs of troubled hearts flowed with the wind
Here I am regretting my decision
Struggling to break the shackles of seeking admission

Copyright © Alexander Alfred | Year Posted 2017

Reminder, Reminder

It’s the little things that follow you around.
A nickname, a place, even a color.
Punishing you, making you remember all the pain you felt. 
Even after your final goodbye, when you know it’s over,
You can’t help but wonder if he’s happy.
You tell yourself that you want him to be happy, 
But do you? Really?
Because every time a reminder slaps me across the face,
I remember all the pain I felt trying to keep someone in my life that didn’t deserve to be there.
A part of me wants him to suffer just like I did. 
So, every time that reminder slaps you across the face,
Don’t you wish you could slap the person you were just reminded of?

Copyright © Allisson Mercier | Year Posted 2017

colour study

what colour do we wanna look at?
red, of course, like the doorway i knew in childhood
like the blood whispering through the pipes of an egret
it doesn’t matter
yawning voice draining unconscious energy from dying room
the boy on my left keeps opening and shutting his calculator
like a hollow refrigerator
orange-faced girls bustling into lines with warpaint on their eyes
don’t overthink it, don’t overthink, don’t think
they say form is never more than an extension of content
but everything is form
if only i could shape shift so easily
i would fit myself into the negative spaces of the atmosphere
and make tacky jewelry from the entrails of humans
after all, if you can’t figure out what to do with it
chop it off
if it’s important, it’ll grow back
just like the gouged eyes of the nordic prophet
bronze-headed swans are tripping in the rattle crash of the pond
making gilded love to dead water and sunlit reflections
i light a small fire beside me and the molecules press against my fingertips
but yellow is terrible terrible terrible
i feel like a root turning over
it’s so boring to write about having a body
and connection to the earth is tenuous
muddy sludge sleuthing sewers
brown dirt caught under the fingernails of hardheaded construction workers
it’s been ages since i’ve seen the mountains
there are no pine trees here but i can still hear
their green phalanges scratching the glass
but where do all the bags of rejected m&m’s get sent?
in that case, let’s pick blue
everyone knows the blue i mean
the midnight coffee, discount supermarket shopping, haven’t slept in four days blue
even now the air is cobalt and i am ravenous

Copyright © Andromeda Marks | Year Posted 2017

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Copyright © austin allen | Year Posted 2017

Graffiti boy

I once knew a boy 
who'd roam street to street 
with a brush in his hand
and a bucket at his feet

He'd put little shadows in corners 
where sunshine couldn't reach,
And string alphabets into quotes
from books he couldn't read

He'd draw half hearts that'd complete
in a different crimson hue,
And splatter rainbows upside-down,
he couldn't tell violet from blue

He'd paint tides across deserts
that rose and fell with the light,
And birth mermaids in silver
that glistened in a new moon night

He'd sketch open doors in tall walls
that'd make you escape in one look
He knew only a little math
he left behind more than he took

But on one fateful day
they took his brush away
Wrote laws with his stencil
'For ruining walls, he has to pay'

I now know a freckled man
who sits back against tobacco stains
with that bucket in his stretched hand
and pennies soaked in rotting paint.

Copyright © Ayushi Trehan | Year Posted 2017

Check in with yourself

As focus slows the runner’s off
Mind bolts here and there
Your past and future, autodrive
A map of where we care

Frequent flyer stops abound
Our fears and dreams 
Round and Round

Listen watch and learn
Love your stops little bird
Feed and care for your song
Yours alone can be heard

Copyright © Benjamin Foss | Year Posted 2017

I Will

As certain as a sunrises each morning, I will rise from the darkness of sorrows.  
As imminent as the crashing waves, I will emerge from my wavering past.
As stable as the mountains, I will stand firm in the midst of a storm.
As the stars lights the night sky, I will radiate my heart with peace and forgiveness.

I choose to live my life with all its glory and power and I will.

Copyright © Bhavini Chohan | Year Posted 2017

No More Balloons

So this our time
Our time to know the unknowable
But time stopped 
with this dagger to the heart
delivered from a stranger's lips
How long knowing takes
with numbed minds 
and shattered thoughts
You tore a gash in time
stranding us in pain 
you exchanged for your own
Future unreachable 
Past unchangeable 
on the breath of a balloon
you gave your life away

Copyright © Carina Stone | Year Posted 2017

outlaw poetry

the blinds die and end of story
 There is no story

What is there to talk about?
when there is nothing to talk about !!
Keep the silence for the flowers.
The smell of lilies and Fridays
And as a target ...
the world among others and acts,
And did not hesitate and did not hesitate
Or low and does not get up ..
Or up as not to break

And ... simulated and Kali, distressed
Or in the strange world,
Many twists or excursions
And the naked climbers
unbelieving and amazed
Or sauces and viscera
Or ovens, volcano fumes
frozen diarrhea dung, 
or pride and pedals

The impossible or routes
and fear?????
imprisoned more than the chains
? or fear is the prison. Yes. Fear paralyzes
Prison maybe small but maybe large

The Ethereal and Ephemeral Game
and the castration ..
Give hollow of the actions and eruptions born ..
Why are they returning to the scene?
To the dry valey of tears ...
Where have feeling hurts?

And destinations ... This unfortunate project ...
Burned in communion,
And the pipettes and the breezes
and anus in rockets and silos ...
and not the sky or ceiling;
 the Mare Eva, gave birth rats
and unclean from floods and sewers

when creating facebooks ...
 sample of the small muzzles
and kills them in eternity ...
These animal  from hollywood movies
These revenge stories
stupid milks and veneric vessels,
... the end-of-the-century poisons
By pissing on the millets
These invertebrates venoms
 and ruthless of mud and mire
of an unnamed planet

Copyright © carlos libera | Year Posted 2017

the answer to your question

if you were to ask
 me why i love you, 

i would say
i love you, 
Good days and bad days alike. 
I love you when you are brisk and unforgiving, like midnight in january,
and when you are inviting and warm, like an afternoon in July. 
I love you when you are bright like the sun
that rises and awakens a new day. 
just as much when you are dreary like the rain
That drowns my petunias and washes yesterday away.
I love you because you are Sunday, 
You restore me and leave me feeling new. 
you are all my favorite colors,
lovely in all your shades and hues. 

I need you like i need night lights, 
an essence of assurance in dark and lonely places. 
i search for you in everyone, 
but all i ever seem to find is failed expectations and painfully empty spaces. 

I crave you the way my eyes long for sleep
When early mornings follow restless nights.
you are stubborn, hard headed and obdurate. 
but i love you all the more
when you won’t admit that i am right. 
every morning when i wake, i see you with fresh eyes. 
my love, you are the answer to this question…
you are all the reasons why. 

Copyright © Cassidy Sylvester | Year Posted 2017

Since Birth

Eyes open since birth;
an old soul, seeing the world twice.
My mother's smile brightens my heart;
never changes, sadness overwhelms her face, still.
Sun comes, more days than before, but all too familiar.
Different time, but not different places.
Words are spoken; when mouths were closed.
Same words; different people.
Others listen with ears, but do they hear?
Many, many voices, paths are paved.
I been here before, the same, but a promising difference.
You listen when I speak, I listen when you speak.
Hearing is clear, seeing all its worth.
Their eyes are open, my eyes since birth.

Catherine Johnson Broussard
8228 Hickory Street
New Orleans, La 70118
504 650-1230

Copyright © Catherine J. Broussard | Year Posted 2017

Rustling Squall

I will always be lost 
In your sailing flight 
Like the light That 
Swallows the night
    Like the night that 
Swallows the light
I waited long to be 
Curled up, and might
Do the unthinkable: 
    Be the candle’s bright 
At a lonely bedstead 
Striking flakes of beaded
Seams cavorting and arresting 
The dusky tanned room
    Your love sewn to me, I 
Do find like mushrooms 
Budding lushly in Monrovia 
Unexpectedly, in sprouts grooms
The wanting spirit now full 
    Of gorgeous blooms. 
Ready to grant, heaves, 
Leaves my love soaring as eagle
Plunging deep into the 
Storms of your jungle.
   Into your Forested woods
Powerless to struggle-- 
Free, I am swept up by 
The tempest of your longing--
The restless flame flickering 
    In the fluttering winds tonight!

Copyright © CHERBO GEEPLAY | Year Posted 2017


The big heart of the person who cares, gives and receives.
The caring of doing without being told, the goodness of his deeds.
The pleasantness of his tranquility prevails carrying him his love.
The love  that person has goes  without dues, for they ask for nothing.
The compassion's takes him or  her to heights unknown, though rewards 
Are few and far between, for instilled into them are good paths.
Its just what one has been taught into them knowing right or wrongs.
Mothers and fathers, nourished them little and growing. the praying kept.
The praying just what you or I have asked for in a person.
Yet the smile he or she carries exemplifies, willingness.
He or she, the unsung hero inspiring and right over your shoulders.
You just never realized they stood right behind you right all along.
The praying of a hero, benevolent what you just have searched.
That's a true hero and the coming of an age of a hero leading.
The benevolent factor weighs in, carries today and for life all without ending.

Copyright © Cheyene Montana Lopez | Year Posted 2017


You melted me and my heart
from the very start
you were a huge part of my life 
that is until you took out the knife 
you swung and swung 
while my heart still sung 
the song you left on repeat
the song that made my heart beat

Copyright © chloe foley | Year Posted 2017

The Lie

When a word is said, it’s a lie
When the mind says a word, it’s a lie
And the all told the lies
And when the lie is been told,
The heart weakens and melted.

It’s a different thing
When the world tells a lie,
And a different situation
When your heart tells a big lie,
Wish had seen all you’ve ever told was a lie
That kills the heart beyond repair	

The lie, the lie, the lie
That the world told
And man knew well, but failed to see
And if what have written is a lie
Then, no man ever told a lie.

Copyright © Christiana osifeko | Year Posted 2017