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You love me and I know its genuine
I try to understand the reason why
I only know that you truly love me
For its shows deep within your eyes

And I marvel at the reaction I see
When you hear the sound of my voice
As I try at this moment to reason
Why I became your only choice

I feel how your voice always changes
Once you know it’s me on the other end
And I marvel I can really hear your smile
Coming to life as your love creeps in

I am confident you really love me
And truly blessed that you really do
But I’ll let you in on a little secret
I really love you that same way too!

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2018

Before I go

A traveler in this journey of life
I pass though so many lives
So many lives pass through me
some a flicker in time
some linger a lifetime
and in every life, 
     every sparkling eye,
          every laughing face,
is a trace of that life embedded in my soul
I walk this journey alone
except for the live that have touched mine,
who left their fingerprints on my heart.
They are the only reason I continue on
for their words and kindness have given meaning to a weary traveler
I wish to leave nothing but good feelings in my wake
and hopefully my journey will be a successful one
and perhaps,
before I go,
I can leave behind a few words of comfort,
or passion, or solitude, or joy
to someone after me.

Copyright © Trudy Diane Rider | Year Posted 2008

Space, A Tribute To Wagon John

Featured Poem On Poetry Soup W/O 12/10/2018 I'm just a person not a tree to be climbed, Or trampoline to jump on when so inclined. A Frisbee I'm not, to be tossed in the wind, Or a carrier pigeon so me, please don't send. I'm no welcome mat to be laid at one's door, To wipe and be walked on like some rug on the floor; I'm not a balloon to hold anothers hot air, Nor am I a wagon to be pulled here and there. Count me not as a scapegoat when things go askew, Endeavoring to tickle my ears as you invariably do. I seek no man's pity and God made me no fool, Allowing myself to be used makes me that person's tool. Unlike the planted oak The hardiest of trees, I must be free to go, like wind, when I please. I wasn't placed here to compete in life's race, I'm just a person who requires Solitude and "Space";

Copyright © Tom Wright | Year Posted 2008


               Kneeling at your bedside, I held your hand and wept...
                I cried for you to stay.....and as I stroked your hair,
                 I begged HIM to take me... and to leave you here....
                 your life a new beginning, and my life already spent.
          I saw your pain, the suffering and fear, and I asked HIM why..

          Time stood still... and in a moment in time....I heard the angels sing.
          and I felt HIM there beside you, .... you were not alone.
         Your pain and fear became an ember, no more for you to bear, and
         as you turned to me and smiled, there was peace and comfort there.
              You saw HIS face and your tears were tears of joy...
           your tiny hand slipped from mine, and I held you tight... 
         you closed your eyes and whispered on the wings of an angel...

 "Daddy, don't cry... I saw Jesus......

Copyright © TJ Silba | Year Posted 2018

The Stranger in the House

I wander through this house
As silent as a mouse

Though it is my own I feel I've been away
I'm rather speechless, having not much to say

I see my brother working in the shed
Just passing the time as if he's seen red

I see my other brother smoking a cigarette
With no enthusiasm... has he too seen red?

I do my daily routine
Pace, contemplate and clean

Though something is not quite right
This summer day bears no light

I come into the living room
Usually lively... filled with joy

Now it's naked and abandoned
Like a toddlers chest of old toys

But wait... I see Mother on the couch
She's sad with wet crimson face

She doesn't even say hello
Has my coming here been a waste?

"Why are you crying Mother
Have I done something wrong?"

She just sobs and sobs
... a rather disquieting song

My father looks down at her
With a smile

But something about him
Seems quite vile

"I miss him... I miss him so much"
She cries so helplessly

"Who do you miss Mother?
I don't understand what you mean..."

My dad buts in with no consideration
Revealing horrible secrets in such wicked display

"Alright, alright... I confess... I killed him!
But quite you're crying about it, it's better off this way!"

It all comes to me
In such a sudden burst

I feel the intense hatred
So much it hurts

I'm not here... I don't exist... (at least not anymore)
I'm the stranger in the house!

But soon I'll get my revenge
I'll make Father feel as tiny as a mouse!

I know what you've done
I should've known all along

I will tell everyone
And correct this home gone wrong

I'll come to life again! I'l---


Rooms dark...

Blanket wet... I feel cold...

Why am I laying down? Was all that just a---

"Morning son! I've made you breakfast;
Scrambled eggs and french toast, your favorite!"

Could he really? ... no...
Just a dream...

NOTE: This entire dream actually happened to me. The only thing that was fiction was the part about my dad making me breakfast in the morning.

For Russel Sivey's Dream Contest

03 - 19 - 2013

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2013

these days

Here we go again it's just another one of those ing days
Where everything seems to blow up in your face
And for once I just want something to go my way
Cause I'm tired of all these bull*** ***ing days
And all I wanna say is 
 you  you and  you
And alll I gotta say is  *you * you * you
And all I wanna say is 
 you  you and  you
And alll I gotta say is * you  *you * you

 Is this it? is this the story of my life?
Where everything has to blow up in my face
And I just want something to go my way
Cause I'm tired of all these bull*** ***ing days

And all I wanna say is 
 you  you and  you
And alll I gotta say is  *you  *you * you
And all I wanna say is 
 *you  *you and * you
And alll I gotta say is  *you  *you * you

Copyright © The Brince | Year Posted 2018

Why am I

Through visions I do behold nature’s gift,
For me alone to see, a view so rare.
Others to see another world, in drift
to fathom existence for those who dare.
I feel the world surrounding me, my own,
for me to live, to befall its command.
Answer nature’s query and face alone,
its wrath, it‘s temptations I must withstand.
But it was nature’s call for thought of mind,
to learn from others, by way of living,
to understand another way to find,
to view through eyes of mirrors and giving.

The gift of living to understand more,
through the eyes of others, to find one’s core.

T.J Grén

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2015

Loves first breath

A missing piece in one's soul,

Is a tenderness not bound.

Although I may have yet to discover

Its freedoms.

I have its beauty

And restraint.

Copyright © Sydney Friend | Year Posted 2018


Waiting Gone is the luster of the hazel eyes That once worshiped you. Gentle olive hills and valleys, Bear spider mapped lines Across white foothill sands and The I that is left misses you. Your Adonis form and chiseled face Have gone where I cannot go, Here 'neath soft clouds, I hide from you, Awaiting that gentle wind to bear me on Renewed to you as Before the world, we will forever be.

Copyright © Sunlite Wanter | Year Posted 2016

Two in One

Trapped behind the mind


Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2010

Just Before The Sun Does Shine

Just Before The Sun Does Rise

As I sit here by my window
There's a sombre kind of feel
Just before the sun does rise
As I know it always will
Three trees they stand there all together
I'll not give them no name
For labels they are not for me
All is beauty just the same

The trees take on a golden hue
As the sun it rises higher
The sky throws off it cloak of red
Gone is that morning fire
The silence coming from those trees
I feel it in my soul
As  the morning birds began to sing
And makes me feel so whole

The early morning breeze  does start
As the trees began to dance
And a feeling of sweet mystery
It sure does me enhance
There is not much I want in life
But oh' these early morns
Such magnitude I feel I do
At the waking of each dawn

Copyright © sidney dugan | Year Posted 2018

Painting My Husband

His squarish jaw, waggles when he thinks,
holding his fingers entwined at his waist.
He stares past his silvery frame, sinks
into mind, until I break in and say hi.

His thin silvery hair, is plush with curls at neck.
He stoops over as if time has weighed in
I see him counting, saying what the heck
here’s a bird, a butterfly, noisy squirrels.

His hands have a pain in them, all webbed
inside, pulling muscles taut, but they wave
they stroke the air, my legs, the seas ebbed
the sand, the sky, building the future in mind.

And when he picks up his violin mistress,
he dances her, never still this man of mine.
His harmonica hoots the day’s stresses,
digging out his soul, bending him like grass.

Sometimes I have to silence his motions,
hold him close to heart, let him sleep.
But always he plays out his commotion
making me music, making him mine.

Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2013


Saw an old friend not long ago
That I hadn’t seen since we were bros
We said why it’d take all these years 
To catch up over a few beers

We agreed it was family and a little thing called life
We laughed cause I still have a dog and he still has a wife
The time we lost didn't seem real
Guess for good friends time’s not a big deal
But when I asked him
If we’d seen and done all we could
He looked over and said 
Man, It’s all good

We talked of old times, from fryin’-pans to fires
Good times now that we’re both much better liars 
He noticed I’d grown wider but not much wiser
I replied that I still got my hair and it ain’t even whiter

But when I asked him
If we’d seen and done all we could
He looked over and said 
Man, It’s all good

We talked all night, sharin’ our highs and lows 
Both admittin’ it’s all right and that’s just how life goes
We’re still young-guns but with old voices
Both still dreamin’ the dream that’s mostly bad choices

But when I asked him
If we’d seen and done all we could
He looked over and said 
Man, It’s all good
Man, It’s all good

Oh yeah, mmm…
Man, It’s all good

Copyright © Shawn Sackman | Year Posted 2018

The First time

Gentle whispers shared
Burning embers rekindle
Flames reaching upward
Silhouettes moving slowly
Dormant pleasures awakened

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel | Year Posted 2010

Teeth dilemma - contest

A new nurse told fetch the dentures
Was time for the old dears to sleep
Off she went did what was told
But a record she didn't keep

Mayhem next morning oh my
Can u visualise, thirty old dears
Trying dentures on for size
Was a nightmare of worst fears

Old Mrs Jones grinned  from ear to ear
Resplendent with gleaming smile
Bad thing was they weren't hers
To get them back took quite awhile

Took a whole morning 
for teeth to find right home
Pots will be labelled now
No more dentures on the roam.

Not sure if all dentures did find right homes,
Most can eat meat now when with some
everything  was cut up small.
Now smiling chewing keeping mum*

*keeping quiet.

Story is true I was that nurse!!!

penned  2 march 2014

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2014

Forgotten Soul

Forgotten Soul I turn my head, and there she is once more In her disheveled, worn and tattered dress, One pew behind me near the exit door She sits head bowed…an image of distress. Two weeks now on a Sunday she is there… The same pew in the church, the same old clothes. She shows forlornness that makes me aware Her life is sadly filled with countless woes. This time, she lifts her head and looks at me, As tears swell in her eyes and down her cheek. My heart is broken by the hurt I see Within her wanting eyes so dark and meek. I gaze into her face and see her fears Yet slightest twinkle in her sullen eyes… With tiny smile, she wipes her falling tears Away, but still, I hear the painful cries That echo from her heart so silently Of weakened body, anguished mind and soul… I wonder what in life could possibly Have caused her to now suffer such a toll. And I surmise that homeless she must be, But still some faith has brought her to this spot Where healing strength from God might possibly Renew her spirit when her life cannot. The mass soon ends, and I arise and turn, So now in front of her, I sadly stand… She grasps my hand and says, “God Bless, you earn His blessings for a heart that understands." Sandra M. Haight ~2nd Place~ Contest: First Place Only - Old Poems Sponsor: Laura Loo Judged: 06/18/2016 ~1st Place~ Contest: Highest View Sponsor: Casarah Nance Judged: 08/30/2015 ~1st Place~ Contest: Structured Forms – Iambic Verse Sketch a Fictitious Character Sponsor: Giorgio A.V.

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2014


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