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Reflections on the Important Things

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Reflections on the Important Things is a collection of over 500 poems on important life subjects such as nature, faith, mental health, romance, in memoriam, and humor. These beautiful poems were written by PoetrySoup members from all over the world.

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Birds, My Thoughts

Amazing these creatures.
They keep coming back to build a nest on my porch.
I say no, but they do not listen.

Without asking , they build anyway.
So I knock it down again and again and again.

Birds are psychotic I say, but just maybe it's me
I quite enjoy the battle.

After a time I ask why.
Why do they keep coming back.

Then it dawns and I see no leaves in the trees.
Oh I think. They are not psychotic at all.
They are so smart. My porch shelters them from the weather, which 
I say in a psychotic way.

Maybe im  insane instead. Doing the same thing over and over
expecting a different end to the story.

Now wait a minute!  
So do they.

Copyright © Ray Zottola | Year Posted 2020

My ever forever love

Hi, I remember
I’ve known you forever.
You still can’t remember.
We are fallen together.
And I still can show you, if you want to remember.
They always try to love us,
But don’t know that they steal us,
 They steal our forever,
And then blame us forever.
I am happy to find you. Better later than never.
Thanks god, I remember. 
Because of my old love. 
He knew what he did, and  started to grieve. 
Try to make me forget you.
But real love is forever.
You found me before,
And they stole what we were.
Well, let’s now we make love,
And show them what is love.

Copyright © Albena Yordanova | Year Posted 2024

Mansfield Dam

The barren ground bleached by the sacred sun
scantily clothed children and dogs run
Trees scarred by scavenged limbs
Burned in pyres as sunlight dims
Low water levels recorded on painted rocks 
Boats cannot reach out of water docks

I have seen he planet of the damned

The hardened earth refuses tent stakes
another hill make your Achilles ache
The ground crackles then suckles in the rain
lack of jobs, beer in hand men complain
Barking dogs and muffled screams of passion
children cry in starvation fashion
music lifted by campfire plumes
Angry voices friendship consumes

I have walked the planet of the damned

Where people's lives reduced to what they own
Homeless families are not alone
friendship the ultimate mark
the ability to see light through the dark
I have lived on the planet of the damned
And life goes on without being crammed

Copyright © J. L. Wright | Year Posted 2024

Only Human

Only Human

Sleepy seeds and 
morning breath;
Scratch the itch,
 brush with Crest.
Funky smell
 from my sit down place,
I'll have to change,
what a waste.
Sweaty hands,
dirty nails,
Shower's cold,
never fails.
Pop the zit,
 on my chin,
We humans are
Stain on toilet,
clean it soon,
In laws visit, 
use bathroom.
Spend all day,
 clean and polish,
No one comes,
till it's demolished.
Doing laundry, 
folding socks,
Not six but five…
hold self and rock.
Making meatloaf, 
7:30 sharp,
Forgot hamburger,
 in shopping cart.
Order pizza,
I just don't care,
forgotten I'm,
 paycheck impaired.
Eating tuna,
straight from the can,
go to bed,
and start again.

Copyright © Crystol Woods | Year Posted 2024

Is It To Much

Is it too much

Is it too much to ask to find that one, that one that makes your heart skip a beat the first time you see them
Is it too much to ask when you accidentally touch for the first time and, you both feel an electric shock, not the kind you get from walking across a rug?
Is it too much to ask that when you look into each other's eyes for the first time and get lost for what seems like an eternity
Is it too much to get lost in someone's words the first time you hear them speak, in a noisy crowded room and, the only thing you can hear is their voice above all else and, it melts away all your brick wall defenses?
Is it too much to ask to feel pulled to that one person, so strong that you think if they walked away, you might fall over because there was no longer anything holding you up?
Is it too much to ask, that during that first dance, you feel each other shake to the core? Each other holding so close and tight that no one can tell if two people are dancing and not just one?
Is it too much to ask that when the lights come at the end of the last song and you release your embrace and it feels like your hearts are being pulled from your chests and remaining in their own embrace on the dance floor
Is it too much to ask that you both ache deep in your heart knowing, that it won't go away until your hearts feel each again when you're in the same room and seek each other out until you find each other again
Is it too much to ask that during the first time you are together, your souls find each other, and never want to let go 
Is it too much to ask that when you’re in each other's arms you melt together and become one, feeling like there is nothing and no one in the universe that could come between you?

Is it too much to ask to feel their warm breath on your chest as they drift off to sleep, cheek firmly on you with arms holding you tight as if they are afraid it is just a dream and you won’t be there when they wake? Knowing that they are warm and safe and don’t want to live without each other?
Is it too much to ask to wake in the morning with them looking at you as you slept, find yourselves looking at each other and you both know that you are theirs and they are yours for all eternity?

Sometimes I think id!
								Someone you may know.

Copyright © Philip Wilson | Year Posted 2024


I woke up from my slumber, just as the Sun I raised up as high as my heart's desires.
The horizon wait's for the sun to perfectly align, so too with my expectations. Only exception there is no horizon for my expectations meet in any way, shape or form.

I take 3 steps towards my mirror.
Instead of seeing my reflection.
 I saw white roses embedded with blood. 
A reflection crafted by the world "World"

But HE defeated the "World"
For what was once stolen and ruined 
Has now been restored and made new through him.
I blinked and now I just saw white roses, but this time with a net as his covenrant.

My expectations now had a horizon to meet, and it was him.

Copyright © Emmanuel Williams | Year Posted 2024

Wounded Sigh

my mother is strong
     and she cries
every day is one away
     from the first destruction.

my father is weak
     and he dies
each year spent in search
     for the end.

I am the junction
     and I sigh
with the struggle to know
     the power of the present.

Copyright © Thea Williams | Year Posted 2024

I me my

I me my
I watch myself sigh-
you leave no room for me
my tears comfort each other in exploited agony

I me my
I see nothing in the sky
You don't ever notice me
My love for you is a soul bleed

I me my
If I reach out for the twentieth time
would I become closer to your silence
or closer to my sigh?

Copyright © Dakota Williams | Year Posted 2024


A raw quiet
stretches like a membrane
across the night.
Pulled tight it waits to amplify
the slightest sound.
Each passing minute dials up
the volume of a nerve
strung to snare
the powdery whispers of a moth
or the faint ticking wheezed
out of an old wristwatch
kept beside the bed.
Others sneak the outskirts,
undeciphered, just out of reach
of being named.

Then in time
thoughts take over
and chatter in an aimless
dialogue of the brain.
The past is replayed
again and again
in regrets or unhealed shame
or bent to shape
itself another way as if
a choice was had
to change what happened
into what should have been.
Or the mind stammers, afraid,
paused on the lip
of what's to come,
a dull dread
of something unshaped
palling over the days ahead,
or plucks some planned event
for it to fill
with imagined pleasure
of what might be.

A distant siren
tunnels the dark
with its urgent wail
then thins to silence.
Unease lingers in its wake
and slowly tightens
until all distills 
to just the sound
of a muffled pulse
beating in the chambers
of an ear.
One day it will stop.

Copyright © Paul Willason | Year Posted 2022

Echoes of Friendship

In laughter shared, we found our light,
With friends beside, the world felt right.
But now alone, a weight does press,
A cloak of worry, a lone distress.

In memories sweet, their faces gleam,
A distant echo, a fading dream.
Yet in the silence, hope still clings,
A whispered promise, of joyful springs.

Though paths diverge, and miles divide,
The bond we forged, forever tied.
In heart and soul, their presence near,
Dispelling doubts, calming fear.

For friendship's flame, though dimmed it seems,
Burns eternal in our dreams.

Copyright © Moonlit Whisper | Year Posted 2024


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The Coffin
Knowledge much higher my greatest desire
For this type of wisdom adventure required,

Packing some books inside an old sack
I set out on a journey and never looked back,

Before long I stumbled onto a surprise
An underground chamber a coffin would hide,

Clues in a book surviving a century
Led way to a graveyard with secrets and mysteries,

Far in the back cut my path through some weeds
Made my way to a small patch of forest and trees,

Hidden back here where none thought to look
Remarkable discoveries could not be mistook,

A star in the forest revealed a small opening
A handful a tombstones but one appeared broken,

Ancient these graves I could tell right away
Language chiseled in stone from back in the day,

I inched ever closer to see what they say,
Then noticed a cross where the broken one lay,

So small of a step soon would come a great leap
A scratch at the covers then pull back the sheets,

I quickly stood up and rubbed at my eyes
Must be blurry vision telling me lies,

Not far from the place where this family laid waste
A coffin so strange the way it was placed,

Nose down at an angle it stood from the dirt
Like it fell from the sky and stuck in the earth,

Bewildered and puzzled I scratched at my head
More troubling yet was the length of this bed,

It doubled the width and height of a man
This merely a guess one half below land,

On closer inspection soon I would see
Not made of wood but more concrete it seemed,

Return here I must at the end of my trip
Not a coffin at all but a door to a crypt.

Copyright © Donald Walters | Year Posted 2024

Just the dog, my mother, and me

I walked along, hand in hand
Strolling towards the trees. 
I was happy, had no care, 
Just the dog, my mother, and me.

I ran my hands, through the green,
Humming - carefree as can be.
I was content, and had no fear,
Just the dog, my mother, and me.

I closed my eyes, to feel the breeze,
Smiling so blissfully,
I sighed, then, I remember -
Just the dog, my mother, and me.

I opened my eyes, and the trees were bare
Barren ground surrounded me - 
I screamed, wordless, held on even tighter
Just the dog, my mother, and me.

The sky then bled, my mother screamed
As to why I couldn’t see
My dog barked, and I held on to
Just the dog, my mother, and me.

My mother looked at me, her mouth was open
Still screaming silently
The dog whimpered, why was it only
Just the dog, my mother, and me.

She then faded, I ran after
Holding my dog helplessly
I knew then that image was over, of
Just the dog, my mother, and me.

When I stopped, she was gone, and so was the dog
They were only memories.
Nightmares or dreams - the only way it can be
Just the dog, my mother, and me.

Copyright © Anna Wakefield | Year Posted 2024


I stand here still
In the stillness of the night
What have we been
Have we been through
I wonder now
Every morning a new day
I am glad you chose to stay

Whispers, softly call
Manifold shapes
A heart of gold
I can be sure 
That we grow old
Just so much
To be learned and told

You shine
You grow
I see the spheres
Of significance
I see the pillars
Of consistency
Ordeals and provocations
Our best aspirations
You shine
You grow
I’m in temptation
And in flow

So long
So long ago
Give me esteem
And I paint a wonderwork
A raging stream
That can be heart
All along through valleys
And over mountains
Hold on tight
You might be trembling
But we make it through each night
We are not forlorn
Nor restless
And I kiss you every day
And tell you that I love you
There is so much to be said
And alas so much 
To remain silent about
In good times
And in times of fraud
The heavens rise
In a burning cloud

Copyright © Michael vom Stein | Year Posted 2024

Facial expression



A picture drawn in your complexion,
Tells alot about your expression,
It hides in your beauty,
And makes it hard to tell if one is guilty,
The illustration shown through the eyes, 
Decieves the fools, and is seen by the wise
It's sometimes easy to know the truth from the lies
But sometimes it's hard to realize

The eyes of Deception
And the words of Redemption
This two Things clash 
And creates a splash
In the battle between feelings and emotions 
And sometimes it brings about the astmosphere of commotion
Facial expressions is used as a tool 
To know who is who 
But sometimes mocks the fools

It's like telling a story without a word
And create a version of our world
Deception, lies, truth, feelings and emotions
All this hides behind the Facial expression

It is like a mask we wear to play our part
Or a character we Imitate to act
Many people judge through the cover of books
And believe deeply in the looks
Even the weather decieves with it's mysterious nature
Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's playful and mature

The real truth is hidden behind those smiles 
And the fack happiness that will last for some whiles

Being reminded of the truth by the breeze
But still hinding under the trees

Living in two worlds 
One for the eyes, the other for the words

Living through our Imagination 
A life according to our beautification

Some hide it because of their foes
Living a life on the low

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Copyright © Nwachukwu Victor | Year Posted 2024


that's how i can explain how we met
I'm no astronaut
but the stars aligned when i met you

is what i found in you
I've been happy all my life
but with you there's comfort

I can keep searching for words
words to express this feeling
now i realized why i couldn't
words are spoken and feelings are felt

using words to quantify
a feeling as deep as the oceans
express a feeling as complicated as life itself
this is an impossible task even for my teachers

my light in the dark
with you I've never been alone
The darkest nights still shines bright
The emptiest room is still filled.

i shouldn't take time expressing how i feel
I'm rather grateful i found you

© Eightietwo

Copyright © Favour Eightietwo Useni-Bajon | Year Posted 2024

Sister in the Clouds

Sister In The Clouds

I warned you about the alley filled with snakes and waste.
I told you not to walk it, I told you not to turn down that passageway.
You were meant for more, you were supposed to change the world.
I preached to you frequently to be that woman I knew you would grow into to.
You were going to navigate this world so easily.  You were going to be president one day.
You were so independent, So brave, but that alley looked so enticing you couldn’t resist.
You peeked at it around the corner quick to look elsewhere.
Then you put your foot in that alley but quickly ran from there.
But those monsters were waiting for you, drawing you closer to your demise.
It brought you nearby, when the snake swayed you by the ankle and dragged you down.
That serpent bit you, and you were cemented there.  As the venom took its course through your vein.
No way to turn around and no way to get out.  Stuck in a whirlwind of no emotions.
Those serpents came back one at a time. Infecting you bite after bite, filling your veins to the brim.
Your eyes were concealed with glamour and fiction.  Till the day it took you all the way.
It grabbed you tight and pulled you down that pathway to never look back again leaving us all behind.
You were gone, and there was no way of saving you, the alley had moved on to its next casualty.
The days of witnessing you thrive, listening to your laughter had become a memory that slowly fades.
Days of seeing you dance in the sun beams had been replaced with you dancing in the clouds.
No more could the monsters scratch you.  You would forever be in our memories. Showing us all what good could be and what bad could do.

Copyright © Christina Souder | Year Posted 2024

Schooldays Over

The auld fella’s auld fella left the tech
after Ripening for sixteen summers.

Camden-Wagon-Gravity landed a
shovel and a pick at his lonely boots.

‘DIG’. he knew that Language. and by God
did he dig. there is a dignity

in breaking your back To Stuff A Ganger’s
Pockets, And His Belly With Rich Porter. 

That aching rhythm of pick and shovel
Made certain - he would never reach his height. 

sure look at him now, all stooped and bended
A Tunneller’s Posture. There Is A Man!

Breaking New Ground, Smashing Sediment and
Poverty. With every drive, slam and crack

You made Certain we would never go back. 
Thanks to underground suffering and penance

and pain. Schoolday’s are over. 
You’ve broken the Chain. 

Copyright © Patrick Silke | Year Posted 2024

Art Comes From the Heart

Art comes from the heart
Written, vocal or handmade
Born to play our part

Copyright © Anna M Shepard | Year Posted 2018


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