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Your fault

It hurts so much when we look to each other 
and you don’t look the same way 
It hurts so much when we talk to each other 
and you end our conversation 
It hurts when I hear you laughing 
with a second voice which isn’t mine 
Its not my fault that I can’t be so relaxed
My heart pump to Fast
My brain leaves me
my heart take over my voice
And my tongue, my tongue follows my brain 
Its not my fault 
Its Yours

Copyright © Zue Zat | Year Posted 2020

Wrong passion

The wet arid desert, the satisfied starvation.
she rides on this infected horse for long,
praying it never stops running, she prayed,
into this unknown pit, the farther she goes.

She gasps for an optical lens,
did not find, only it handles.
She looked  for this, seeking her wings true nature,
yet all she sees is opaque vision embedded in chaos.

When sleep says her name, she accepts it calls,
calls to a delusional universe, at which opinions exist.
wake up, she hears her mom dragging out of this universe,
she wakes up with this scramble thought, tears sitting on her eyes.

The ways she followed, she found disappointment at it ends.
as his true being sprout out, careless it came out.
Like the seed of a plant, it germinated.
It rises up quietly and innocently.

Copyright © Egareno favour | Year Posted 2020

Who Is She

When I think of her,
The thoughts thaw away like a falling snow
With my heart so fragile she flies a long way away. 
Who is she? 
Who is the woman with whom I am obsessed?
She’s like the air that I breathe and caresses me;  
Who could she be with a voice that suspends my life?
Her bouquet of perfumes and those faint breathing sounds are my only consolation,
The longest night which I endure is in every night that comes by.
Because of her, I found myself
I closed my eyes and fell in love,
When I think of her,
The thoughts thaw away like a falling snow
With my heart so fragile she flies a long way away. 
With her scent,
With her voice
With her breath
And even though I am blind with love,
I can see reason and the path that I lead me on to her.
To her and her only,
Words of love I have to say
When I think of her,
The thoughts thaw away like a falling snow
With my heart so fragile she flies a long way away. 
Am I not someone that knows the richest of love?
Am I not someone that opens my heart and ache?
Is she not the richest fountain of love that surrounds me?
Is she not the richest voice that whispers love in my ears?
Is she not the light that comes from the burning sun?
She is the love that I treasure in my heart
Without her, I shall drown in a pool of my tears.
When I think of her,
The thoughts thaw away like a falling snow
With my heart so fragile she flies a long way away.

Copyright © Lover Song | Year Posted 2020

Well done, Dorothea

There she stood, in a room all spic and span
Her name was Dorothea – the nun of Maryland
Ever so lightly, she picked flowers day and night
Oh! She was indeed the gift of God that did all her tasks
Did she happen to disobey her superiors and anger the ones above?
Obedient, classy and wise – the gift of God did as she was told. 
Rummaging through antiques, she have found the key
Another key that held lies instead of answers, unfortunately.

Copyright © Diana Faye Bayani | Year Posted 2020

untitled 1

Untitled (2008)

	In the depth of night I crept
	and slowly witnessed a being glowing
	bilious to ponder 
			       and sat
	sat down on the bed
		of which i had crawled out of already
	i looked up
	bright - ah - bright
	crackling in my heart
	and it groaned
			      and waved
	i waved
	all in the depth of night

Copyright © Ada Daveed | Year Posted 2020

true love

True love
when you fell like you can't speak that could be a sign of true love 
when your limbs get heavy around someone you like that could be true love
when you fell the butterfly felling in your stomach that could be a sign of true love
when you can barely sleep without that special person that could be true love
when you want to be there everyday and night with one person that could be true love
when you will do anything for the special person in your life that could be true love 
when you make up after a fight that could be true love 
when you help the one you love through hard times that could really be true love
deep down in your heart you to have the feeling of true love once you show the world the better you will feel
love can be shown is many ways but true love is the hardest to show but everyone can show it if they look deep inside their hearts 
-Brian Wood

Copyright © Brian wood | Year Posted 2020

To the End of Love

To the end of love
The end of forgiving 
The end of life 
The end of beginning
It is you this concerns 
so know you must 
Love a life as it turns to dust 
For those who harm 
you must forgive
Life is not but a lesson lived
To the end of love
The end of forgiving
The end of life 
The end of beginning 
Moving forward 
inertia in place 
Meeting a force 
opposing your pace 
We watch you fight
For all that is life 
all that is love 
all that is light 
As you take your last step
away from the living
To the end of love 
The end of forgiving 
The end of life 
The end of beginning

Copyright © Tamer Tawil | Year Posted 2020


What is time 
I'm here thinking of time .
I ask myself what is time 
Time is loving 
Time is caring
Time is Relaxing , 
Time is Depressing
Time is to HELP people in time of the 
COVID virus that going around so what is time  
Time is everything  
We all need time

Copyright © Yvonne Donovan | Year Posted 2020

They say

They say, the earth and the sky never meet.
But to me, it’s very discrete.
When the gentle rain comes from heaven 
And the crystal pearls rolling down on the terrain,
I can see the sky hugging the earth,

They say, the earth and the sky never meet.
But to me, it’s very discrete.
When the fluffy clouds are floating down
And passing over the mountain crown,
 I can see the sky tickling the earth.

They say, the earth and the sky never meet.
But to me, it’s very discrete.
When the rumbling tornado spins 
And the column of air upsurges,
I can see the earth patting the sky.

They say, the earth and the sky never meet.
But to me, it’s very discrete.
When there are breezes and gales 
And the silver gleam of lightning flashes,                                   
I can see the sky kissing the earth.

They say, the earth and the sky never meet.
But to me, it’s very discrete.
When I gaze from a river bank
And at the horizon during the day- break,
I can see the waters bathing the sky. 


Copyright © PATRI VENKATA RAMANA | Year Posted 2020

The Unbecoming

She unrolled her thick dark mane
silver streaks highlighted it
the wind tossed it in disarray
while she beat her chest in aghast
the sound of which could be heard far and wide
the tears came down relentlessly
creating rivers that had no shores
she took all of her possessions
which she had sowed and left debris in her wake
This was an awakening not to be taken lightly
for she knew the switch lay at her finger tips
Her heart was being ripped out
but no one could take her soul.

Copyright © Carol Mitra | Year Posted 2020

The special one

I was in deep grief, when you gave me a fresh start,
You took away my sorrow ,when my heart was falling apart.
You became the reason for me to live my life,
Promise me!! You'll never leave , otherwise it would burn me alive.

Copyright © Anishtha Gupta | Year Posted 2020

The Seized Sky

Euphony Success didn't reach
 at my House Divine;
Money in Dress did teach
 the lie in Shrine;
Honey Access did preach the 
 shy for wine;
Rummy Progress did Breach
 did die the Shine;
Dummy Excess did Seize
 the Sky of Mine.

Copyright © Veer Rathod | Year Posted 2020

The reflection of a mirror

The things I see
You reflect in me
The things I know
I am here before you go
You look to me to find
Truths not left behind.
I may sit upon a shelf
but I will always show you yourself
I reflect your eyes
I reflect your lies
Nothing more nothing less
always at your simplest
Never do I move 
you see me and approve
Never do I speak
I am nearly always antique
Never do I cry
Never do I try
I show you, you for free
people loose to me 
yet never do I win
if you would grin
Then so would I
I've never a reason to lie
I show painful truths
In me you may wish do deny
but I am naught but a mirror I cannot lie

Copyright © Julianna Marois | Year Posted 2020


Saša Milivojev


In this century withal
Rivers of blood still flow
Bombs echo
Children are being killed
Heads are being severed
Millions are starving
Diseases are devouring
And you are singing

The gallows are trembling
In the valley of the fallen
In the salty tears
With our putrescent sores
We fall prey to the crows

Our festering entrails
For the starving wolves
A shattered house
Little boy is weeping
Over the body of his Father
That forever now is sleeping

Schools Temples and bridges bleeding
bloodstained wedding guests are screaming

Little white coffins
Maternal howls
Above Uranus
Hear the painful growls
Delirious poets are prattling
And not a word are you uttering

They blinded you
When they raped your daughter
Strangled ‘er with the wire
They abducted your brothers
Tortured in the cellar
Shattered their fingers
With ferrous clubs
With a saw agape their skulls
Their legs wagons lacerated
Their limbs with machete dissected
Flayed the skin of their backs
Dumpers of corpses
Bulldozers to the grave consigned
Roads run over their bones in cement confined
Bodies filled the bottomless well over the brim
Come closer
Look within
The infinite darkness of the abyss
To hear the silence of the universe

A spark is glistening in an innocent eye
Children are helplessly falling to the dust
Venomous saliva dripping from their mouth
As their rosy intumescent faces bust

In their closing prayer
Reverends to a cross immured
Laughing at the stake they burned
Tender ivory cherubs
Flew away like a flock of birds

Rip my heart out from my chest
As I am unsleeping
May your golden ship catch wind away from shore
To raise your glass of blood once more
As you feast your eyes in silence


Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska


Copyright © Sasa Milivojev | Year Posted 2019

The Mystery

As my heart groaned
In real deep pain
The blood oozed out
And my cry was in vain

No one near
To care for me
As I looked around
And searched for peace

All alone I wandered
Hoping to come across an oasis
But I saw no water
Just heard the wind's hiss

As I walked with my burdened legs
I found it hard to walk in the desert
I was in the middle of a huge dry land
I couldnt even think to revert

The Sun was bright and shining golden yellow
Making me feel hotter than it really is
As sweat poured down my tired eye brows
I prayed to sky for a cool blowing breeze

Far away, about miles distant
I saw something calling, shining and bright
My eyes felt much better
And the load of my heart suddenly felt light 

As I lifted my legs faster
And made an attempt to reach the treasure
The wind hugged me in its huge arms
And I felt a divine pleasure

I hurried myself to unveil the mystery
I was so eager and so much anxious
I was unaware of my own condition
Unaware of my own conscious

I took up the discovery in my hands
Blew the dust away and removed the sands

It was in fact, a twig with three golden leaves
I tried to observe them and found great relief
One was Confidence, One named Hope
And the third one was my Hearts Belief

I looked up and asked my god
Do you have any explanation for this?
To which He just smiled back 
And gave me His loving caressing kiss

Now I know what he means
He has given me the best he can
As I turn around and take a look
I am in an oasis and the happiest man!

Copyright © Prasanna Koppar | Year Posted 2020

The Hope Wins

The Hope Wins

Amid the mist of illusions, 
I see a clear hope though it changes its shape. 
Yet I'm not sad about it, as I feel 
a smiling impression ahead of all. 
This hope got wings now, 
taking a flight up high. 
It didn't wonder here and there, 
and knew its destination.
The struggle between low and high,  choose the hope and let alone the cry. 
I believe  that 
The mist of illusions will disappear and the day will be clear. 
I have no doubts any more, I see a full life, nothing too short or picture perfect. 
Life is complete in its incompleteness

Copyright © Deepika Redhu | Year Posted 2020


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