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Featured Poems

Below are PoetrySoup's featured poems for the week starting Sunday, October 14, 2018. Use the numbered navigation below to navigate through all of the featured poetry.


Back to School

Summer is now over,  
We’ve had lots of fun
Swimming, jumping and cycling
Always on the run.

The first day of school, 
Can be hard for mum and dad.
Part of you feels excited 
The other part feels sad.

Arriving at school in your new uniform, 
Bright and very eager, ready to perform.
Seeing new teachers is kind of scary
But you’re fine by mid-February.

When days and weeks go flying by,
You learn about acids and alkali.
Us students know when starting school,
That there is always going to be a bunch of rules.

With tons and tons of homework loading up,
The teachers just sit down with their teacup.
Just try your best at everything,
then only will you be king.

When school days end,	
You are free to go at last.
At half-three the bell does chime,
Finally! It is now home time!

Copyright © Akhil Shaji | Year Posted 2018

Living with PTSD

We were all trained to push the limits of the human barrier.
physically growing stronger.
Mentally developing professionalism.
Improvise, adapt and overcome.
A war-torn country is the birth of a squaddie.
The remembrance of the vast desert, the lush-us green zone.
etched painful memories to the soldier's daily life.
We stand together, tall and proud.
We cry together.
The heartless actions we carried out were not for revenge, not from anger.
For the greater good of human life.
At the setting of the sun.
The dead lye at rest, the causalities patched up, the amputees are on prosthetics.
But we all remain mentally scared

Copyright © Alex Butler | Year Posted 2018

Humanly Sacrifice

Fireworks dance and flourish in the air Like the pairs of lovers in the innocent sky The nostalgic tune plays from the flute Like the tormented smile of the little brave girl When happiness and jolliness echos through town When suddenly they vanish into vacuum in a BANG Missing like the name of the little brave girl What will the eagles do behind their wings? Shirking from the absence of familiar tone Reinviting the lover's dance to the night Closing their eyes to sink into the tune The eagles pack up their bags and leave Departs their home and leave the present Leaving that girl with a broken smile When all the fests drown in the water The audience shall open their ears in the silence When all light extinguishes into thin air The watchers shall open their eyes in the dark Sacrificing the impossibles in our dream The pairs of lovers in the innocent sky The brave little girl with a tormented smile It is the most humanly sacrifice one could make

Copyright © Andrew Park | Year Posted 2018



In the dark, cold shade, for some unknown reason,
Your eyes seduce, yet they betray no treason,
As you kiss my bosom,
Igniting my unbounded feminine lust.
How I gratefully feel your lips at my bust,
As my blood flows and heaves around my insatiable loins.
Sweetly I surrender to your masculine powers
Which instill within me worship, as my budding and blazing
Desire to be penetrated flowers,
And intensely peaks as my body shakes,
In your manly thrusts 
Of conquering quakes.  

Angie Bradford

Copyright © Angie Diane Bradford Bradford | Year Posted 2018


I see your lips moving,
But I can't hear you anymore,
I stare at you with wide eyes,
All I want to do is run out the door.

You say you were angry,
You ask me to understand,
We both notice I flinch when you touch,
My still tender cheek with your coarse hand.

I hate what you did to me,
I hate all of your cruelty,
But poor little William and sweet little Annie
Would never understand if I chose to ran free.

I look at you smile at my children,
All I see is the blood on the bed,
I look at my children smile so carefree,
And I choose to believe it was all in my head.

Copyright © Anjani Gupta | Year Posted 2018


Nowhere to be but nowhere;
Nowhere to go but here.
Nothing to do but listen;
Nothing to hear but my ears.
No time to waste or be wasted;
Nothing to waste but my breath.
Nothing to breathe but the wind and the breeze, no reason to leave so keep breathing. 

Copyright © Art Barclay | Year Posted 2018

Tabula Rasa

This house is empty
without you
though you've never been
here to fill it.
I thought it would help
to find a place
you have never touched. 
But all I am has 
been touched 
by you and there is
nowhere to go. 
How can laughter echo 
through a place
it has never sounded?

Copyright © Ashley Tucker | Year Posted 2018

heart seeds

As I dug my hands into the soil in her heart, she did not attempt to grow flowers there. My hands were salt and she was too smart to spend her time bending over seeds that wound never grow.

Copyright © bethany taylor | Year Posted 2018

A Leap Again

So what if you failed again,
So what if your eyes cry out expressing grief and pain,
So what if you feel your prayers are unheard,
So what if your body feels bathed in dirt and mud,
So what if the conclusion of your story is not a happy ending,
So will you quit and stop reading?
The beauty of life lies is in its chapter,
Each one has its two folds, each side has a coin brighter!
Each page can be a new beginning,each will can have a new way!
Each path can be traversed again, each step can make you stronger than you were yesterday!
So wake up, pull yourself together and breathe deep,
For this isn’t a rat race, it’s your story that you sculpt, your poem that ur prose, your rhythm that you rhyme and take again a Leap!
- [Bhagyashree Das ] 

Copyright © Bhagyashree Das | Year Posted 2018

No worries for tomorrow

To the flowers that never get hold of turgidity
Even with the morning dew
Its faded petals once enjoyed a bright youth
It lived, while it had to and forgot of the later rains
Hurry! To the single moms, formerly “slay queens”
They spent their all to the seductive Swag hood, Fools
Get old to get wiser, sorry for the principle,
You are not to blame

To the future we will never participate
I cry for your fate, we never thought you were real
We robbed your generation, and created a chasm between
We were living our destiny so we stand corrected
Quixotically we planned your present,
So long as it filled the pocket of the absurd torch bearers
Its sustainability didn’t matter, not to them
We are sorry that you will still be submissive to neocolonialism
Get old to get wiser, I guess there are exceptions

Copyright © Billy Mlonda | Year Posted 2018

Ship Wreck

Ship Wreck

What is a friendship?
A ship that doesn't sail.
It's a person to count on,
someone you shouldn't fail.
It's a person whom to look up to,
to care for when not well.
It's a person to confide in,
when a secret you must tell...

What is a friendship?
A ship without the sea.
It's a person you have love for,
that always makes you happy.
It's a person who believes in you,
who's advice should be free.
It's a person you'll share life with,
for all eternity...

What is a friendship?
It's the ship between you and me...

Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2016

Patience At The Door

I’ll be broken
I’ll be beaten
I’ll even be pieces of blue

I’ll stay scattered forever
As long as they fix you

For my times are many,
Like birds of a feather

Plus I’ll figure it took all the glue in the world
To put you back together.

Copyright © brooke noble | Year Posted 2018

This Way

I walk with my dog in the morning
our feet are soft on the earth
my gaze lifts, like my heart
while his nose reads the forest
We regard the trail 
before deciding which way to go
“This way,” his blue eye glances off to the left
his brown eye catches the rising sun
 a purple flower winks

Copyright © Caroline Martin | Year Posted 2018

My Mom

I know that you watch over us
And lend a giving hand
And every choice you choose for one 
Has reason in the end
So if I may apologize
If I offend you in anyway
But the truth be told; that woman's soul 
I wasn't prepared to give away
I know I may sound selfish
And you took her with open arms
But I wasn't ready to give her up
Because she is my mom
She's the woman that's always been there 
The one who's held me tight
The one who's wiped my tears from my face
Even after our little fights
She's the one I loved to laughed with
You can call her my best friend
She's a better listener then anyone
She kept my secrets till the end
She knows my heart along with my soul
And she thinks I'm truly brave
But this for truth, scares me to death
The thought of her forever away
I know each life has it's ending
And with every ending a story is told
My Mother's will be Deep Devotion
One she carried, no matter the cause
My mom's every bit of truly amazing
With affection, warmth, and love
Her patients she held down with kindness
Forgiveness, she's found that in all
So any person who has ever known her
Has been blessed with sweet memories
Of a petite redheaded women
Filled with Love and Generosity
So for me she could never be forgotten
No matter our time apart
For our bond remains forever
Stored deep within my heart
And I'm guided by the memories
Those I think of every day
And I pray she's truly happy
In Gods place she stays today
And my Love for her that's within my heart
Is where she always stays
Until that glorious day arrives
Where we shall meet again.....


Copyright © Carrie Mitchell | Year Posted 2018

A Firefighter One Might See

A little girl I stand, awakened early morning hour.
The sound of shuffles preparing, for coffee one will scour.

Muffled voice all too familiar, for only one it could be.
Dads words saying, “I Love You”, In the next morning I will see.

Pulling out of the drive-way, swiftness to the curtains I will peek.
Thinking about the big firetruck, heartbroken without me, fire he will seek.

Chin up my duty calls me, I drag the hose from tree to tree.
Mr. Owl followed by a quarter, responsibility instilled in me.

By evenings long awaited dusk, another dinner without dad.
We pray with mom at bedside, safe returning to be had.

Memories of impromptu visits, our other family at the station.
Popcorn, chocolate bars and hugs, dads work, a childs’ vacation.

Fond memories growing up, of all the family time we spent.
Cabin, lake and camping, Flashlight tag to no relent.

No matter our scheduled travels, no hesitations to stop and help. 
Morally guided passion, his genuine attributes not found on yelp.

Uncompensated care given, unescaped these childs’ eyes, not to be unseen.
My future I learn to follow, entirely he cares for every human being.

Waves of fear come and go, a firefighter I’m reminded.
Hearing tragic unfortunate news, unsightly loss, for I am blinded.

Thirty-seven this year his daughter, any trouble called upon he’s sure to be.
A guardian angel on my horizon, A firefighter one might see.

Copyright © Chelcie Darling | Year Posted 2016

The Power of Rain

Maybe rain 
really is God's tears 
or needles 
threaded with despair
or some other image 
impossible to conjure 
or forget.
We say so much 
of rain
because it does 
so much to us:
in hordes of vapor
off the coast 
to turn us blue,
casting stones 
as though sinless,
making us forget colors
other than cobalt 
or slate.
For me 
it washes my car,
makes me remember 
new green
and creates 
one more hour 
to be glad.

Posted:  5/5/17
Written:  9/30/97

Copyright © Dale Gregory Cozart | Year Posted 2017


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