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A thief came into my home at night
Right after I barred the doors
And switched off the lights
He was deliberate with each step he stook
He knew exactly what he wanted to steal

A thief came into my home at night 
As I journeyed in the dreams of my lover
Preparing myself as a present for our intending Union
Well wrapped in white Rosy dress for the conjugal ritual

A thief came into my house while I dreamt
Stealthy and desperate for a loot
He walked past my gold and pearls
And reached out for my lover's present as I slept
I resisted with everything I had
But he conquered and went away with everything I had to give

A thief came into my home
I think he took away my soul

Copyright © ADEOLA ADEMOLA | Year Posted 2017


I'm pecking my beak at the iron walls,
I'm trying so hard,
I feel I'm going to fall.

I'm flapping my wings,
I know I cannot fly,
The feathers are brocken,
I know I'm going to die.

I see my freedom as a far mirage,
Because I'm but a bird,
Locked in a cage.

Copyright © Hafsa Asath Ali | Year Posted 2017

Make it last

Oh what a delight
If I had it my way, enjoy something I like
Drop everything and just take flight 
No stress no worries like a kid, just me and my bike

Lesson at hand don't grow up too fast
Childhood days are just a short span
Before you know it you'll have reminisces of the past 
Hoping and wishing you was Tinker bell or Peter Pan
Not trying to scare or make you fear
Just take your time
Never know what's in store year after year

Copyright © Donesha Beeler | Year Posted 2017

Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming

With every rose there are thorns: fear, pain, jealousy, anxiety, sadness, and grief

It takes time, love, and patience to grow a beautiful rose bush

But it's time well-spent in order to see the complexity and beauty hidden beneath and between each layer

It is in the depths of the layers that happiness, contentment, peace, love, and joy will be revealed to those who choose to open their eyes and see

While the rose may appear a little rough around the edges, look harder and discover the delicate design created by our Master

Layers slowly unravel and display the scars from pains of the past as the rose grows and develops

Water droplets fall on the petals creating a stream of nutrients for the flower to bloom

The free-flowing stream of water allows love to grow as fragrance fills the air

Thorns along the way remind you of the pain and loss you once endured so you can appreciate the beauty in the new blooming rose

In this bloom, there will be a new joy and an opportunity for mature love and purity to thrive creating a garden of beauty for all to see and share in

Scarring from pain and suffering is now faded and there is a joy and freedom to love and be loved that surpasses all understanding

The promise and hope of new beginnings

Stop to smell the roses and remember how beautiful you are inside and out!

Copyright © Wanda Bellmer | Year Posted 2018


It's a strong feeling deep within
That something will happen and there are goose 
bumps on your skin..

We expect some things from the people who are close
When it's not fulfilled my heart gets froze..

It cannot be fulfilled my heart knows 
But deep within a little possibilitie blows..

Attracting towards it my mind goes 
And then bitter thinking slowly flows..

We expect some love and care In return from those..
Who you adore and love like a beautiful rose..

But remember that expectation only hurts our soul's 
So stop expecting from people and look towards your goals..

Copyright © Narayani Bhandari | Year Posted 2017


Where does it commence?
Some think it's the four walls of the school
But, I bear to differ even with this sentence
Guess what, it begins with the mind as a tool.

Is simply every little thing which empowers humanity
So as to ensure discovery of destiny and achievement
That's why some crave for it, in this era of modernity
From the youthful stage to adulthood it brings development.

Brings to the fore both good and bad of the State
As leaders try all means to make it their agenda
Thus, being the purpose of you and i to participate
In all frontiers and countries not only those in Canada.

Last but not least, Is the key to success
Henceforth, as the saying goes it need much attention
To cope with all what will bring progress
That's what makes 'Think-Tanks' of every nation.

Copyright © Ike Boat | Year Posted 2017


I am the MILKY WAY.

I am Mechanically Meticulous,
Maneuvering my way through life with
not showing the true Masterpiece of my Mind
(complex like the Milky Way).

I am an Interworking of 
1% Idiocracy,
10% Ineluctable,
15% Incisiveness,
5% Insufficient,
7.5% Insatiable,
2.5% Invisible,
10% Infantile,
50% Incomprehensible,
101% of Ian
 (A puzzle).

I am a Lionheart Lilium 
Lucidly blossoming into a 
Lackadaisical dimension
in which I Long to Liberate
my ideas from the Lucifer-Likeness of
the universe that I Live in
(My ideas are being confined).

I am a Kinetic force to be reckoned with,
put on a Kollision Kourse from
Konception to Katastrophe
eradicating those in my way,
(I can’t be stopped)

I am Young,
Yearning for wisdom ahead of my Years,
Yet Yoked by the Youth-like longing
of my elders
(caged by the generations of adults wishing to be a child, keeping me child-like).

I am Weary,
Wainscoted with Worry,
by the World I once Welcomed With Wide arms,
Wondering When the Worries created by my past Will
Wither away
(distressed by my past).

I Am An Adventurous 
Apollo 1,
Abstracted then Awakened by the
Annihilation of myself,
forced to Admit
Absolute failure,
but then Amazed by the gate of success
(I do Fail, but I must learn from failure).

I am Yawning 
at the Earth’s attempt to impress me,
Yet I Yell eternally
at it’s ignorance to the 
great wonder that I contain.

I am the MILKY WAY.

Copyright © Ian Campbell | Year Posted 2017

Let Me In

You say we're on the same page
but I'm in another book
you say that you know me 
come  take a closer look
but no matter how close you get
the image remains the same
a touch without feeling 
a face with no name
You see with your eyes but your heart is blind
your afraid to let go...afraid to unwind
what are you so afraid to lose
why are you so scared to choose
why are you afraid to cry
we are only human
with no wings to fly
Break down the titanium wall
please let me in
as long as we fight together
the battle we will always win.

Copyright © Rebecca Campbell | Year Posted 2018

My Faith in the City

My Faith in the City

Sometimes, I'm scared to be
because I am what I am looking for

As a life, I'm looking for you
And as light, I find myself

In  your merciful eyes   
I look at myself
and  I've gained courage  to be

I'm  waiting for you with hope
 In  the urban streetscape

Antonio Capalandanda
 Durban 07 Oct 2017

Copyright © Antonio Capalandanda | Year Posted 2017

Stubborn, proud love

Down those cliffs above the sea, 
There are stones who stand unfree
And in the sky there is a moon,
Not to be free anytime soon. 

Hence, I stand in the door sill,
Feeling nothing, yet tranquil.
Left in pains of martyr’s height,
Seeing nothing, but the light.

Broken in this vile doorsill,
Having nothing but this will,
To finally find freedom to get in, 
To glance my eyes in the within.

And so I stand in the door sill, 
Felling warmth and a great chill.
And I should turn around to leave,
But if I go, I’d go to grieve.

Let me in,
To what’s within.
Stepping forward from the sill,
On which loyally stood I so Still. 

Copyright © Maude Carthwright | Year Posted 2018



We've stood together
Shoulder to Shoulder

Our Bond Grew Stronger 
As We Grew Older

We've Stood Together
Back To Back

And From Others 
We Took No Flack

We're In Bad Trouble 
We're On The Run

Long Gone are the Days of 
Youthful Fun

We've Made Some Bad Choices
We've Made Some Bad Plays

But We Can't Bring Back 
Any Yesterdays

No Matter What 
No Matter Where

Brother If You Need Me
I'll Be There

Nothing Can Stop Me
Not Fire or Flood

Nothing Can Stop Me 
Cause You're My Blood

So Back To Back
Against All Others

We'll Stand Together 
Because We're Brothers

Juliann Chartier

Copyright © Juliann Chartier | Year Posted 2017

Christmas Blitz

 Blitzing Christmas

Christmas I fear
Christmas is almost here
Here it is again
Here the same time
Time to get gifts
Time to do extra shifts
Shifts from day to night
Shifts run noon to night
Night I write list
Night I think gifts
Gifts to get
Gifts to wrap
Wrap with wonder
Wrap with a bow
Bow Ties
Bow like
Like what I get
Like what I give
Give for no reason
Give tis the season
Season St.Nick is here
Season of Christmas cheer
Cheer to the world
Cheer to gift shopping
Shopping at the mall
Shopping online
Online no connection
Online price reduction
Reduction decrease
Reduction is great
Great my Santa know's
Great my nose hasn't froze
Froze ice over
Froze I have lost feeling
Feeling of family, togetherness
Feeling of joy and happiness
Happiness that cant be expressed
Happiness that show's I'm impressed

Copyright © Nikka Coleman | Year Posted 2017


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