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Ill Wind

        Ill Wind
Ill westerly winds were blowing today
Carrying the past to my open door
And moving old dreams that got in it's way
Blowing swept ashes around on the floor
Hints of sweet aromas filling the air
Swirling boldly with a sharp biting chill
Reminding my heart that love is not fair
Teasing and testing the mind of it's will
It's proclivity for leaving messes
Rearranging the dust on old photos
Going through boxes from old addresses
A front row seat to a rerun floor show
Why can't I learn to keep the front door closed
One never knows when the west wind will blow


       On Second Thought
Unannounced, she walked right in the front door
Cool westerly winds blowing the past in
Stirring spent ashes and heartache again
And memories of once tender rapport
Familiar aromas, the scent of yore
At first, it seemed a chill was to begin
After a few barbs we talked like old friends
Going through some boxes she'd left before
Bitterness still lives in both of our hearts
Harsh words and actions remain fresh and raw
We both concluded that kindness was best
It was obvious we had grown apart
Once gone, I sat in silence and recalled
The first time we met and how she impressed

    July 2 2016    by Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

Touching better'

Summer or Winter

Kindness; costs negligible.'

Your rewarder never sleeps.

Copyright © Joe Maverick | Year Posted 2015

A Better Way

There must have been a better way.
There's just no way around it.
Family and friends kept saying so;
But, somehow, I've never found it.

Honestly, I really never looked,
Thought life was treating me well;
But to hear those folks tell it,
My life's a living Hell

Always fraught with bad decisions...
In their opinions, I should say.
I'm sure they all wonder how
I make it through each day.

They could by right, I guess;
Although I must say,
If they were all as happy as I,
They would think they'd found a better way.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

A Dog Named Harry

A hairy thing once roamed our streets
Chasing cats for sport and treats.
Till it roamed too far
And a dog catcher and car,
Grabbed Harry and chained his feets.

Copyright © Richard Breese | Year Posted 2014

Afternoon Tea at the Szechuan Palace

Assuaging our thirst drives us in from the street,
shoppping fatigued; a welcome retreat
as a menu of delights rewards us with tea,
Black Yunnan for you and Silver Tips for me. 

Smooth liquid sunshine kisses Ruby Woo lips,
puckered to perfection; taking delicate sips,
savouring the euphotic zone where the flavour is mellow
deliciously steeped to an exquisite yellow.

Anecdotic tales shared in our corner recess,
chitchat and gossip; secrets we confess
over an exotic brew drunk from that porcelain chalice
precious moments imbibed at the Szechuan Palace.

Copyright © Rachel Fawcett | Year Posted 2018

As Love Becomes The Night

                                                  As Love Becomes The Night

                                        Feelings are morn and tears are wet,
                                        From a memory of pain lorn's beget's.
                                        One tender moment that once was,
                                        A perfect relationship that ended because.

                                        Of music so sweet from a lover's kiss,
                                        Being beside her is what I miss.
                                        My night is a moment of thought,
                                        Of feelings I've somehow brought.

                                        Whisper me a tune of love,
                                        For to night my heart float's above.
                                        Above the heaven's above my soul,
                                        For once love was my goal.

                                        Now I'm alone in sorrow's pit,
                                        Listening to thought as I sit
                                        Bleeding in pain swolling my pride,
                                        Because love for me has darkened and died.

Copyright © Michael S. Johnson | Year Posted 2014

Awake - Rapid Rhyme

Tonight she will undress, so as to put to rest, 
all assumptions & claims the ignorant sustain 
to be the truth and fact that lies do keep intact.
Turning cemented thought of all the blind who bought 
the excrement they spew as sustenance to chew 
to pupils that focus on logic not mucous. 
From mouths that are teaching all those who are reaching 
to silence oppressors, enmity's aggressors, 
that to truly succeed unity is the key. 


Copyright © Shadow of the Past | Year Posted 2018

Awakening on a May Day

When I awake, to face the world anew,
I lie musing, wondering what next I’ll do?
Shall I resume work I began yesterday,
or plan to undertake a new chore today?
What urgency is there for me to toil?
Perhaps to dig, rake and prepare the soil
of my garden beds? Should this be my intent?
As the daylight fades and the day is spent,
will I regret not taking extra time of ease,
or not carefully consider what best will please
my purpose, and lend credence to my life?
Letting my gaze shift to my still sleeping wife,
I’ll wonder what her day might have in store?
Will she follow a routine, pursued times before,
or has she planned some excitement we’ll share?
Relaxing further before rising, I’ll take care
to plan carefully, hoping to avoid any uncertainty 
that might blight my day.  This is an essential surety
that ensures my day is good no matter what I undertake,
and will prove productive.  Well worth the time I take
to think through my avowed intentions.  Spring’s arrival,
awaited with great anticipation, is a sign of survival:
triggering the start of another seasonal awakening.
This time of wonderment - a cyclical  undertaking
truly marks the birth of a promised stellar year!
When the first bursting buds and blooms appear,
and new growth emerges from what seemed dead,
we see Nature’s investment in the months ahead,
and in the world reborn, the future is seen secure.
A time most witness as her glorious Overture!
Yes, May is the showing, of Nature`s perspicacity
in surviving the cold winter, with stubborn tenacity!

Rhymer.  May 13th, 2016.

Copyright © Denis Barter | Year Posted 2016



Emotions swirling
Flying in a whirl
Sensations anticipating
Nerves in a tangle 
Butterflies dancing
Head in the clouds
Enjoying the moment
Soaring higher
Loving you
So magical
Thrillingly beautiful
Yearning wanting
Cherishing each other
Full of happiness
Desirable pleasure
Never ending
Keeps on growing
Gaining strength
So intense
My love for you
Takes my breath away

Copyright © Gail Underwood | Year Posted 2016

Burn the pictures

 Pour the acid in my eyes
 To burn the still frames in my mind 
 Take the memories away from me 
Because you don't exist if I can't see
To see the pain that you have caused 
Of course to you there is no loss 
Seeing is believing that much is true 
I wish I meant the same to you 
So if you please 
Before you leave 
Pour the acid in my eyes 
And burn the pictures in my mind 
Take all your memories away from me 
And you won't exist if I can't see

Copyright © Jessica Zorn | Year Posted 2016

By The Holy Fire

On those nights
I stood long in front of oceans 
Letting the waves crush violently 
Under my feet.

I used to wait 
For winds of words to come
And carry me
So I could breathe the smell of lakes
I would warm myself
By the holy fire
On islands' edges
Listening to chants of ancient people
Echoing from the depth of caves.

On those nights
The earth 
Was not enough for me.
I flew too far away
Carrying some dreams
With tired wings and
A few hopes.

I was still weak
When the storms 
Thundered in distance.

Decades later 
I realize how painful this voyage was.
But to stay 
Is more painful. 
For that 
I left my heart in the winds
Of words and dreams.

Copyright © Khalid Albudoor | Year Posted 2017

Can I justify my suicide

I was once asked if I wanted to live?
Did I have anything left to give?
Would I be able to justify this to my kin?
Could I be forgiven for my mortal sin?
Would my children understand?
Will the note I leave have clearly explained my plan?
How would I carry this act out?
Will there be any fallout?
Who would I want to find me?
Would it be a stranger or a member of family?
When would I want it to take place?
Could I hide my pain with my poker face?
Am I alone in this fight?
Will I see the bright white light?

Copyright © Craig Hawkins | Year Posted 2017


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