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I see a gem without shadows, nestled in the warmth 
of soft snow, illuminated by traces of rays 
emanating behind dark clouds, that you amplify past the
skies and below the bedrock of your free soil and 
through the droplets of morning's fresh scented mist, 
you scatter radiance that glisten the brisk moisture 
cradling my eyes, as I squint for the focus of your 
luster that sear through my lens the complexion of your 
silhouette, as my tears flush from the deepest 
layers of my being, revealing our stem anchored by 
the petals of your nature as I drift to slumber over 
the warmth of your searing snow, seeing only your 
bright silhouette whistling amidst abyss.

Copyright © manashir adinyayev | Year Posted 2018

Solace for pangs

When you are lost in confusion
With your heart full of depression
When your life is tangled in mess
With your mind marked hopeless
Be aware, God's the giver of gladness 

When you run after clover in fold
And you couldn't latch on it in hold
When all painted over you are scars
Even without the discerning of stars
Be conscious, God is in your mind.

When you sight your home & espy nothingness
And your connected blood are designate aimless
When you long for for an abode spruce up of rest
When the bodies in sight breathe a zest of a pest
Be apprise, God is your matchless healer of pains

When you behold your portrayal in richness
But your assets are painted in emptiness
When your bones are fashioned powerless
Don't be melt away in the ache hopelessness
Be informed, God is the giver of bountifulness

©Muhammadnasir Aloba

Copyright © Muhammadnasir Aloba | Year Posted 2018

Forgiveness Never Forgotten

Despite the restart forgiveness never forgets what caused the fall out. Both get to move on both humbled by forgiveness never forgotten. Forgive is humble accepting failure and fault perfection dream dashed, builds resilience in shadow of looming doubt, risk of offending. Forgiveness fragile yet resilient, builds depth and maturity.
19 August 2016

Copyright © John Anderson | Year Posted 2016

A Paper-Fetching Epiphany

I went out for the paper at the usual time this morning, (shortly after 5A), and while it's completely dark now at that time, I adore the quiet and the peaceful mood, and the morning air was INCREDIBLE!

Every-so-often the primary weather winds come off the ocean and carry far inland, and this morning was just like that, so the air was heavy with the aromas of the SEA, and it was just heavenly ...

I stood out there in the dark a long time, just breathing in that amazing air off the ocean, looking up at the (coming winter) sky, with Orion in the south, Pisces and Pegasus in the west, and the moon just setting ...

And thinking that it seems such a tragedy that there is so much out THERE in this Universe, so many unimaginable wonders that NO eyes will ever see - that no intelligent creature will ever behold or appreciate ...

But I stood thinking also of what a miracle it is - what a miracle it all would still BE - even if I was the only one to ever behold the heavens so, or the only one to ever inhale that glorious breeze, that brine-kissed draft of the sea that cleans the senses ...

There is so much darkness in this world - so much that is painful and evil, often beyond comprehension, but just like that incredible expanse above, if you look close enough and long enough, the darkness is FILLED with light and wonder ...

And the depth and press of the darkness, that seemingly limitless space between the stars, only serves to make the light - that sea of suns - even more glorious! The trial and struggle and pain in our lives is CRUCIAL, because without it all those amazing moments of love and joy and appreciation, would be empty and pale ...

We are blessed in ALL of it - the pain and the healing, the struggle and the flow, the heartache and the joy, the light AND the dark - ALL of it, and the mere fact that we are alive to FEEL it all, good and bad and everything in-between, is a priceless, precious, miraculous GIFT ...

So, I stood there, looked up at that expanse, breathed in that amazing air, and said a loud "thank you" to the Universe, to whatever or whoever it is that oversees this whole capriciously ordered work of wonder, for this whole astonishing opportunity I've been given ...

Good AND bad - ALL of it - and I think, though I'm not completely certain, that I heard the great expanse whisper back to me ... "You're welcome ... that is what Life is about, THAT is why you're here" ...

If you think of it, try to say "thank you" today, for ALL of it, for the whole "shebang", up AND down, good AND bad, positive AND negative, and the crucial need we have for BOTH ... you never know what may come of it! 

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2016

the going insane

     SARAJEVO the going insane
Could anyone explain the going mad
of someone that your life's depended on,
or how, the sanity, all they have had
grows weaker until all they've had is gone?

You know their love's been such a part of you
but life had reason that it couldn't stay,
and in your heart you know the love was true,
it did not end, it only slipped away.

To watch, as those you've loved, grow weak in mind
is watching death--in all your eyes can see,
and helpless, all your hope is but to find
that death is not as slow as death can be.

   It takes a long time knowing all is gone
   and longer finding reason to go on.

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2011


Here I go!
Here I go! 
Watch the leaves,
Watch the snow,
Look out, Tommy!
Look out, Tim!
Look at me
I'm Mr. Wind.

Hats are flying,
Scarves are whipping.
Children laughing,
Old folks slipping.
Snow flakes dancing
Through the trees 
Kiss the lonely little leaves.

Snowbirds flying,
Snowflakes blow.
The little flowers
Sleep below.
Sparrows silent,
Skies are dark,
Hear me roaring 
Through the park.

              Cile Beer 

written l955

Copyright © Marycile Beer | Year Posted 2005

My Love

My Beloved, 
My fervent Solemn passion
My LOVE bound to you
My Darling, I am entirely thine
As kindling in pure Formidable flame
My Beloved, My precious love
My better self,
If the moment of Immortality 
Unveil to exist between us
I shalt whisper your Beloved name 
As phantom of delight 
Riveting as melodious
As mating birds

My Beloved, 
My fervent Solemn passion,
Your elegance and beauty 
As begotten rapturous vibrant
ebullient portrait of LOVE
As blissful birth of precious 
glittering mother of pearl
Invigorating to purify
my tumultuous untamed heart
My Immortal Angel,
My Dearest LOVE
My Joyful Darling
My eyes, worships Your Eyes 
In pure adoration
My eyes can NO longer 
hide my addiction

My Immortal Beloved
The LOVE of sublimity,
Should I not let my eyes 
become lit, before YOUR eyes
As my heart’s pupil of febrile eyes
Dives in your endless ocean
of LOVE to be drowned in ecstasy

My Beloved, 
My fervent Solemn passion 
My hunger has become a fain of fasting
My Darling,
Your Lips, a provocative budding beauty
which Loves to flaunts itself
shalt be my eternal
Adoring site of pilgrimage,
As my tender lips, as nourishing
As endless waves of ocean
can not resist rushing to wet
to rescue YOUR thirst of ecstasy

My Beloved, 
My fervent Solemn passion,
Faithfullest heart,
My Love bound to you, As we stem
As rose garden of Elysium 
As sweet scent of LOVE
Emanating from the blossoms
As our tender hands entangled 
with Majestic Red Robe Of LOVE
As Our eyes wed
For moment of eternal serenity
to cast our Hearts net in endless
ocean of sublime ecstasy
to capture our own image of ONENESS

My Immortal Beloved 
Sanctuary of Love, My Darling,
I am entirely Thine,
I clasp the hand of Love
As I clasp my body
As fortitude of Love
Against YOUR body,
The Citadel of Heaven,
As my lips penetrates the silence 
to whisper tenderly in Thy Beloved ears; 
As My hearts infinite tender majesty 
Shalt illuminate the Devine promise of bliss
As it echoes in eternity,
As my heart decorate the tent of LOVE

My Beloved, My fervent
My Solemn passion,
My Darling, My precious one, 
My soul exclaimed in delight jubilation 
My Beloved LOVE
As I am fain to see THEE
in the Bethel of LOVE,
For Eternity
Forever Thine 
Forever Ours                          

Copyright © Dr. Tony Beizaee | Year Posted 2018

Uncertain Fate

I find myself in quite a precarious state.
Uncertain as to why I was so quick to acquiesce.
My heart flutters with excitement. 
My body trembles inside with fear.
The thoughts race through my minds eye,
like an out of order stampede. 
That of enlightened speech.
It is an unique ecstasy;
One of unsettled ease. 
Set into motion, forced into play.  
What was a seemingly nonchalant rendezvous, 
sent me gallivanting forward.
A rather new and unfamiliar finesse. 
It will surely be the beginning. 
The beginning to the end. 
The beginning to the end of yet another, 
yet another fragmented moment. 
A moment of eternity. 
An eternity and all that it will ingest.

May 7, 2018

Copyright © Noah Bereft | Year Posted 2018

Elusive Love

  Elusive Love

 Elusive is love, where is it now,
When I think I’ve found it, I lose it somehow
A misunderstanding, a careless mistake,
 flees my grasp, now my heart will ache..

 Long lonely nights will fulfill my life
 old memories will cut like a knife
 still I'll keep searching,  I'll find love again
though I couldn’t tell you who where or when..

 I'll never give up, I'll never lie down
as long as I’m breathing, I won't wear a frown
 I’ll make the best of each day, I'll do it I vow
My quest will go on, and I'll love life for now..

        Kevin D Blair 

Copyright © Kevin Blair | Year Posted 2018

Pay the Damn Fee

Pay The Damn Fee!
I felt so famish. 
Yet I knew I had to pay a fee.
I was in anguish.
I wanted to plead.
An alibi I needed to establish. 
So, no trouble would come for me
One that didn’t sound so outlandish. 
So, I’d be free.
To where my hunger could parish.
So, I could feed 
And finally, my need would vanish
I felt such glee
In my head, I decided. What the heck, just take that Cheese Danish, there’s no harm.
I grabbed it and shoved it into my pocket. Whoopee for me!
The officer put his arm on my shoulder from behind me. He had such glee
I already knew that I would be in trouble for not paying the fee.
“Crap officer, it was gluttony.” I said with honesty.
“Oh, I know, but I guarantee that you’ll pay your fee. With a cell mate named Candee.”  

Copyright © Richard Blanchard | Year Posted 2018

The Raven brings

Ravens bring 
darkness to the sky
shadows cross into the unknown.

Copyright © Heather Brearley | Year Posted 2017


My teric has been stuck without eso
My brid has never been hy
My stential still seems a bit exi  
And my fecta still yearns to tri

My vocotive has never been pro
No one knows my cycle is bi
But actively trying for pro
I wrote this and still don't know why

Copyright © BJ BREWER | Year Posted 2017


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