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Lay back clear your mind
Let my hands do the rest
Close your eyes hear the music
As my tongue touches your chest
I then whisper in your ear
Sweet words as I relieve your stress
No worries and no fears
Safe in my arms you nest
Tension flows from your body
As we begin to undress
Touching each others bodies
Enjoying each others best
Movements slow then pleasure
Our bodies tightly pressed
Laying spent from ecstasy
Satisfaction at your request

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2005

Silently Falling

Look at the drops of rain
Falling silently
Glistening in the light
They make no sound
No one can tell they are around
Falling, dripping off tree branches,
A steady stream cascading, gently
To the ground below
Clear as crystal in daylight
Unseen in the darkness of night
The precious gift of water
Given from above
To sustain life
This little droplet so small
Is the source of survival above all

Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2006

Cold Heart

Within the ice laden walls that surround your heart
I'm frozen to you, and ne're shall we part
for though you are cold and hard to reach
I've seen a side of you, that I think I can breach
Once upon a time, you were gentle and kind
I knew you then, I knew your mind
I've seen what the world has done to you
and I'm here by your side, the whole way through
I've loved you so long, my heart beside yours
inside the ice walls, no windows, no doors
but one day you'll see, I mean what I say
I'm not giving up, I'm not going away
one day your heart will begin to melt 
and love that I have for you will be felt.

Copyright © Trudy Diane Rider | Year Posted 2008

The Tale Of A Pig's Tail

When I was young living on a farm,
My pig gave me cause for great alarm.
Me pig grew, I fed her in a trough.
She got so fat her tail popped off.
Oh mom oh dad what shall I do,
What form or remedy shall I pursue.
My dad said son I know not what,
Are the options you have got.
So I got me a hammer and a nail,
And I made that pig a wooden tail.
Some tails are lost, some tales are born,
Look not on your plate for this pigs loin.

For Ruben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1999 johnmosesfreeman@yahoo.com

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2009

Muscle-Man Male Call

Hey there, Muscle Men, please come my way
I’m moving out on Labor Day
Packing’s made me a muscle lady
Biceps are growing on this baby

Incredible Hulks are welcome here
Superman seems to have disappeared
Consider the workout you’ll receive
A hopeful woman wants to believe

That those who can lift barbells so high
Could stack and haul, making this move fly
Speed like The Flash is what I need most
Flex muscles, don’t just stand there and boast

Batman, the cave needs to be cleared out
So bring your friends; give Robin a shout
Trapped in time, Achilles defends Troy
I pray the Lord sends a modern boy

Who wants to help a gal in distress?
The Holy Spirit brings my request
My aching bones would welcome a hand
From one who fancies himself a he-man

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2009

The Absolute Truth

The Absolute Truth in Life is Death.
The fate for which all living things ultimately end with.

Copyright © SillyBilly theKidster | Year Posted 2009

After the rain

The rain has ended
Multi colored arches sent
Heavenly painted
Natures art across the sky
Rainbows gift for you and I

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel | Year Posted 2010



jazz piano darting chorus of hips….
   bathed raw red for midnight to rest.


(( for Rick Parisu's Piano Contest))

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2011


                                                   That your
                                               Father loves you
                                                     He does

                                                    That you
                                                 Are someone 
                                               Special because
                                                     You are

                                                    That God
                                                   Has a good
                                               Plan for your life
                                                     He does

                                                    That you
                                                  Can achieve
                                          Your goals, your dreams
                                                     You can

                                                   God works
                                                     He does

                                                    That you
                                                   Are one of
                                                God's Miracles
                                                     You are


Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2011

English Weather

April showers. Wet. Looking forward to summer. Sun. Bikini girls. Love.

Copyright © Ken Duddle | Year Posted 2012

Sunset Soiree

"Sunset Soiree" Sunset sleeps gently embracing creamsicle clouds golden eyes weave dreams. Yellow horizon Heaven's shadowed silhouette twilight canopy. Potpourri of light Earthly umbrella sundown magical painting. Sheer magnificence silky cornucopia flame glows God's sweet breath. *For Nathan's Your Best Haiku Contest ... *July 12, 2012

Copyright © Linda-Marie SweetHeart | Year Posted 2012

Pull Me Out

You laugh
As you see me stumble
Down the slippery embankment
Into the murky waters
Of a troubled mind.
You chuckle
As you see me thrash about
And you wonder if it’s just a show
An attention gimmick
Or whether I’ll actually drown.
In turn, you pity me
Wallowing in my nightmares and insecurities
Thanking God that you’re safe
On dry ground.
I look up at your face
As I gulp down my last breath
And sink to the waiting depths
With my hand thrust up
If you will stop your laughter...your pitying
Long enough...
To pull me out!

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2012

Cloud - Recited


Floating in the sky...
Changing patterns fill my eye...
What will you become?

Vagabond and wanderer...
Riding wind so high,
No matter where it blows.
You thumb your way to places
I have been and some I'll never know.

Changing shape and color,
Hiding your identity,
Until you speak with beauty and power.
First, a turtle, moving slowly.
Crawling and paddling in peaceful grace.
Next, a shark swimming swiftly
Consuming those around you.
Finally a dinosaur...
Your neck and tail extended
So I will know your name...
Forgetting you're a cloud.

Vagabond and wanderer...
Just vapor in the air, traveling everywhere.
Marshmallow treat
So soft and sweet...
Then dirty and dark...you loudly speak.
Rain, thunder and lightening are your friends.
It's pleasant when your anger ends,
And rainbows arch to show me where you've been.

At night, your shadow hides the stars
And makes us wander where they are.
You choose to show selected few
The moon and stars...romantic you.

Sunrise...you meet the sun with colors of the day.
A canvas. A pleasant palette 
Where light can play.
Sunset...you form a beautiful pillow
To gently catch the sun.
So rays may rest til morrow come.

Vagabond and wanderer...
Tomorrow let me see your face,
Another chance ...
To watch you dance...
Until you catch a ride...
Shift shape...
And hide.

Ray Dillard

Copyright © Ray Dillard | Year Posted 2013

The Bench

                                           The Bench

This evening I walked through the park, the old wooden bench was still there
And the memories of meets after dark, rushed in of the times we would share
She said, I will meet you at eight, I knew she’d be true to her word
Not once, was she, ever late, by the strokes of the town clock I heard

Long before her, I would  always be, to rehearse what I wanted to say
To dream of her touch heavenly, how her hair on her shoulder would lay
She’d settle her light form close by, I ’d slide my arm round her waist
On her face I would fix longing eye, then her loving kisses I’d taste

And how I remember the night, I knelt, asked her hand could I take
And at first, she teased, she might, then at last my heart didn’t break
She’d say, you are full of romance, is easy with you, I would say
She’d ask, if there was a chance, we’d be here when we’re old and grey

So I find myself sitting once more, on the bench where it had all begun
Though the years, have passed double score, I still hasten the setting of sun
I hear, eight strokes singing plain, and soon she’ll be sitting close by
We’ll meet at the bench yet again, where my heart waits with same, longing eye

Entered into, Black Eyed Susan, contest, On a Bench
Written 18 March 13

Copyright © Richard D Seal | Year Posted 2013

Sweet '16

We're the class of sweet '16! We're not tender vittles... we're Skittles! We're shooting Starbursts, reaching for the Milky Way. We aren't always Nerds-- we can be Airheads, too! :) We're on top of the world, even if we get the occasional Snickers! We may have to Crunch down on time once in a while, but you don't have to be the Three Musketeers to have Mounds of fun and Almond Joy! We do get the Snickers sometimes, huh? 


Copyright © Heather Secrest | Year Posted 2013

Too Late For Us To See

We were friends but I just 
Could not see the truth
Wasn't looking for
Any kind of true love in my youth
Looking back at all those times
You were there for me
Having so much fun that 
I just couldn’t see
Your eyes looking back at me
Mmm it’s not that long, long ago, that I 

Was not the man you needed 
Me to be
My heart was yours forever
But I couldn’t see
Love’s a work of art 
That needs to be given free
I hope it’s not too late 
Too late for us to see

I see I want I need were my old ways
I understand why you left me standing there
I thought life was one big party each day
It hit so hard all I could do was stare.. at
Your eyes looking back at me
Mmm it’s not that long, long ago, that I

Was not the man you needed 
Me to be
My heart was yours forever
But I couldn’t see
Love’s a work of art 
That needs to be given free
I hope it’s not too late 
Too late for us to see

I miss your touch
To me it means so much
Please forgive me
Oooo we have to listen to our hearts
Lets make a brand, brand new start
We have to make it so

I’m now the man you need 
Me to be
My heart’s been yours forever
I know you can see
Our love’s a work of art 
Let’s set, set it free
I know it’s not too late 
Too late for us to see
I know it’s not too late 
Too late for us to see

Copyright © Shawn Sackman | Year Posted 2013


Hidden within Precambrian rock
Lies "a tiny mystery"
A veiled secret in the dark
A puzzling piece of history
A radioactive photograph
A polonium halo possibly

Buried in a cryptic curtain
Its secret may elude us
But what's certain
Should we presume to solve this riddle
We'll be hurled back in the middle
Of more dilemmas or enigmas endlessly

Published in the 2012 International Who's Who in Poetry
As "A Tiny Mystery"

Copyright © Jon A Cavanaugh | Year Posted 2013


Down dusty roads by ways,
Hidden trails spreading wide.
I've been seeking freedoms,
Blazing liberty on the back,
Of my Harley Davidson two,
Wheeling masterpiece.
 Along our nations country side.
I'm casting aside social shackles,
To breathe fresh airs exhaust 
Loving every moment of it.
Feeling destiny's winds brushing,
Raw bare skin exposed.
To the elements.
Images disappearing from,
 Realities rear view mirror,
Igniting a flame within,
 America's rambling son,
A drifter gone wild,
Behold a restless spirit,
Eagerly roaming.
Chasing the whims of chance, 
Leaving it to fates navigation.
I’ll rest here awhile,
 Just observing.
Until destiny's song spurs,
 Me forward.
The open road beckons, 
Once more I hear it calling.
Pushing the pedal to the metal,
Chromes steel shines.
The distant interstate sign,
States no speed limit ahead.
God's heavenly highway, 
Lies beyond this point.
I'll ride on my friend
 Humming hymns last refrain,
Blinded by taillights amber glow.
 Lord embrace this motorcycle man,
He's lived hard but loved well.
Riding along hells edge,
 Heading into,
The last light of the setting sun.


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2013