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The rose petals, confiscate the control 
Arose gobbledygook, turnin' wise crook
Illusionary propulsion creates confusion
The margarita, the graceful mascara

Desire the attire look, forsook letters
Slam sixth sense, peripheral presence
Not a dark foul, it's connected soul
Flyin' clocks, attain and grab the glocks

Resist the temptation, outer world twist
Purple rain fall over moss, red gloss
It's extreme froid, the trapped void
Escape through portal and ramble

Hear the gospel and elevate to invincible 
Cigar, in the mansion playin' guitar
Stuck in the chain, searchin' fame
Heavenly pleasure, worldwide exposure 

Copyright © Aaron Strauff | Year Posted 2022


Light and white 
The clouds go in line guided by the Wind, 
At their pasture. 
They will come back tomorrow heavy And gray loaded with rain, 

And will fill the backwaters 
Will grow the tender grass 
For the kid, for the lamb. 
If the serpent from above i.e. the Rainbow 
Didn't drink all the water 
Whose clouds are sated.

Copyright © Afrosrael James | Year Posted 2022


They say depression is just an expression of the feelings within but it so much more than that  
Depression doesn't need a invite it will come overnight and when your light is no long bright It will stop being polite. 
Despite you not feeling right depression will take away your fight and when you have nothing left to give it will let you relive it all. 
Depression has no end but it really wants to be your friend and you will always have to defend even if you don't comprehend .
It's goal is to have control and it will slowly take your soul leaving you with a hole in your heart that you won't be able to restart . 
But even know depression is so real you can still heal and you may feel weighed down like you are going to drown but just lift up that frown.
Don't be afraid because aid is coming your way and once you start to pray his love will be on display. 
Depression won't be a expression but rather a thing of the past that will never last.

Copyright © Alicia McIntyre | Year Posted 2022

midnight goodbyes

oh how I romanticize the idea of you,
a happy-ever-after-kind of ending,
a fairytale love story of you and I,
of a prince charming to take my hand,
gently guide my steps to a waltz,
kiss me in the moonlight,
and tell me you love me.

how a dove will deliver my love notes,
one with the next date of our meeting,
we sit and admire each other in silence,
a blush washes our faces as we hold hands,
hours pass with us just being together,
and everything else in the world disappears.

when you first take me to your parents,
they welcome and treat me like their own,
they love me, if not more than you,
they accept me for you, their dearest son
and give us their sincerest blessings,
for a lasting bond wealthy of love.

but only one thing stands in our way,
time was of the essence...
I would leave you at midnight,
with excuses that grew tenfold,
until there were no more excuses.
just the truth of who I am to tell.

a middle class girl with more grit than jewels,
someone who dreams of the lavishness,
but a simple, traditional life is my reality.
one with an old soul in modern times,
who will capture memories and live
like it's my very first lifetime.

will you take my hand?
will you love me for who I am?
will you think of me at midnight?
will this glass slipper remind you of me?

Copyright © Amrita Seemungal | Year Posted 2022

A stove of ash and coal

Although it matters not anywhere else my heart crushes for what it knows better to have...
I am overreacting and incapable of concluding the ordeal inside myself...
I know how vain and futile such an allowance of mind into obsession is...
Indeed a desperate man void of inspiration leaches on any hope...
This inspires the fire within...
Long a go the fire warmed my soul now so cold...
A stove of ash and coal...
How long shall I dwell within this fantasy so real?

Copyright © Andrew Severson | Year Posted 2022

Weary nights

Eyes glaring at my sealing,
Where my heart knew no healing.
Eardrums are drenched with doldrums,
Weary lullabies prompts to tantrums.
Legs hesitate to fuse with the dreary floor,
As it yearns for a flow to the shore
And my wits never wanna quench.
My clock moves by the inch & inch.
Days are endless, nights are sleepless;
Mind is thoughtless and I'm soulless
Fingers scrolling the contact
Anyway the screen remains intact
But how weary my nights are!


Copyright © Anju Senthil | Year Posted 2022

Never stop

Struggle is there in life there is no time 
Whose flight has no end, you are the one 
Success will kiss your feet, the whole world will see,
 If trouble is in front, then never stop....
Odd events will happen, life will be a quagmire
 Your courage will also be broken, your mind will also be strong, 
Keep faith in your mind, success will reverberate in every vein,
 If trouble is in front, then never stop or step. 
The world will taunt, the whole world will curse
, Wake up the flame of confidence, go to work 
Success will be in your steps, life will be lit 
If trouble is in front of you, don't ever stop.
Opponents will stop you, when you will increase, 
Never stop you, no matter how odd you are 
Do hard work so that the spark of success smolders 
If trouble is in front, then never stop...

Copyright © Ankit Singh Phogat | Year Posted 2022

I can see you but you cannot see me

I can you see you, cloaked in your own pain.
I can hear you, even when you’re hiding away.
You’re not discreet, nor subtle or as sold,
You’re so easy to read- though I haven’t been told.
Your eyes are windows to a soulless soul,
Your mouth a speaker to that you can’t control.
So loud and so bright. I can hear your tears.
They’re so deafening and cold. Damaging my ears.

Your silence is so much more than you could ever say-
A facade to that smile you carry day after day.
There’s nowhere to run, I took that from you.
And I’ll always have it, because I always knew.

But you can’t see me, wrapped up in my own.
You can’t hear me, when I’m left alone.
I’m not observed, nor watched- but just bought.
I can’t be read, because you believe what you’re taught.

I can close my eyes when needed, I’ve learnt to protect-
Can hold my words back so my secrets can be kept.
So quiet and so dark. I could scream and scream.
What was that, that noise? It must have just been a dream.

My sound isn’t enough to awaken, not so strident to hear.
I keep hiding for days- then the weeks turn to years. ?There are endless paths to turn to… so much to see,
And I can choose any because it will only ever be me.

Copyright © Anonymous Person | Year Posted 2022

Mwai Kibaki: The man of many waters

Mwai Kibaki: The man of many waters
By Anthony Muchoki
Mwai Kibaki the man of tobacco
The man of many waters
Who never learnt to swim
But build many bridges 

Mwai Kibaki they called you
The everlasting coward
Mwai Kibaki they called you
The everlasting fence sitter
Now you are dead
And the gitaruru of your life
In the hands of ancestors
For the final judgment 

Mwai Kibaki now they are calling you
The everlasting best man in town
The everlasting fine gentleman
The everlasting best president
Mwai Kibaki the same people
Their leader, 
The man of poisoned arrows
The Karogi ngunù in all his powers
Is dancing in the gitaruru of your life
And in the gitaruru of your after  life

They laughed at you
In one wife presser,
Oh Lucy, Oh dear Lucy
One and only wife 
They did not know
That when you met Lucy
You  gave  her 
An ivory snuffbox
The tobacco container
And she touched its  “V”
And a life 
And after life 
Marriage bond created
And cemented 

They should ask Kariuki wa Thuku
About Tobacco and women 
The respect for each other
Then they can cut  the silly laughs 

The boss of the bosses fooled you
But you did a lot for Kenya
Dear Kibaki, the man of tobacco
Kungu Maitu na hunyu wake
But don't  forget to slap
The man of Kuriengwo Village

We are at the precips of
Turning  Karogi ngunù
Into Irimu ria Nyakondo
Son of Tobacco
Talk to MweneNyaga
Irimu ria Nyakondo
Can only do harm
Calamities and calamities 
May it not happen 
Thai, Thathaiya Ngai Thai

Copyright © Anthony Muchoki | Year Posted 2022

My Incorrigible Dictum

In The Dead Me, 
There Is A Living You.

With You, 
I Feel Lost In The Cyesis Of The 
Deepest Pit Of Sea Of Well Beingness. 
With You, 
I Feel An Energyless Vibrating 
Symphony, Which Has 
A Tremendous Thought Momentum.

Due To The Uncertain Mutability Of Life,
I Maintain That Life Is Neither Monoic
Nor An Ideal State Of Imitation.

Perhaps "Quiescence" Is The Antonym Of Life.

Well Whatever,
My Utterance Is Like Writing Water With Water On Water.

To Know The Very Essence Of Life, 
Just Give Up.

The Verity Of Life Is Pathetically Ambiguous.
And Hence The Certitude Of Life Is Tremendously Exotic.

Kneel Before The Facts Of Life Is The Perception Of Intelligence.
It Seems That
Perhaps The Only Real Fact About Life Is Its Nature Of Factlessness.
Somehow Life Seems Axiomatic.
Life Pocessess No Fact.

Surrender Yourself To The Existence.

And I Postulate That It Can't 
Be Done By The Help Of Thought 
And The Thinking Process.
A Thinker Can Never Come 
To Know Anything About The Life. 
I Don't Know How Do I Come
To Know This, 
But It Is My Providential Insight
That Somehow You 
Only Taught Me All This And I Maintain
That You Is A Rare Happening To Me. 

And The Way I Love You Is The Only Way To Love You !

Copyright © Ashutosh Anexplorer | Year Posted 2022


Birth Such passion Such pain I want to kill him I feel the sweat, raining, rain He did this to me Do you all not see? Stab or shoot just kill kill kill I call him Bill, yes Kill Bill The evil one that seeded me Until that bright light shines Over me The cries of love like ocean waves Oh my sweet love Look dear what beauty we have made I love you to the ends of the earth Dear newborn suckle upon my dreams Forget my wild and crazy screams I lie content A family at last

Copyright © Aurore Severo | Year Posted 2015

Invisible to Me

Do you really get it?
Do you truly understand,
       that you hold my tender heart
       In the palm of you calloused hand?

It's yours to do with, as you please
I've loved you, too much, and for far too long,
        To ever up and leave.

My soul sings, when you're around.
         I'm a member of the band.
But when you're gone, it turns so dark,
          That I can barely stand.

I love you with a depth and breadth
           That you may never fully see 
All I can say is, I am yours. 
           You have all of me.

You told me not to fall in love.
          It was far too late for that.
I fell in love, past tense, you see,
          When I was just a brat.

Your heart is kind, you're strong, you're tough
           And talented, too, but that wasn't enough.
On top of that you're smart, you're fun, you're hot,
            And my favorite of them all, just a little rough.

You're not perfect, yes, I know
            But look down at me and see
All the negatives that you point out
            Are invisible to me.

Copyright © Britney Stark | Year Posted 2022

A Simple Checkup

I go to the doctors office for a simple checkup
And the first thing she tells me "I'm so proud of you for losing weight"
I look down at my feet, silent
I can't tell her about the growing circles around my eyes
I won't let her know how weak I have been feeling
I don't mention how long it's been since I've had a good nights rest
Or how cold water feels on an empty stomach
I don't talk about my missing period
I can never tell her how long it's been since I've had a proper meal
Instead I just mutter thanks 
I go home to call my mom
Thinking that if I talk to someone who knows that weight and health are not the same thing I will feel better
But I don't 
Instead I stand there cursing the girl in the mirror
I figure missing one more meal won't hurt
I get told everyday how good I look
The girls at the gym ask me my secret
And I can't tell them that I'm sick
We have sayings like "You can feel sore today or sorry tomorrow"
And "Nothing taste as good as skinny feels"
But I still don't look like Kate Moss
And I know my friends won't think much if I tell them I'm not that hungry when they invite me out. 
They won't be concerned if I skip everything but the salad with no dressing
They won't question why I am not having a meal
Because it looks like I don't miss any

Copyright © Brittany Larson | Year Posted 2022

Final Realization I am an Adult

It's a freaking trip-thinking back to "way back when"
And realizing just how fast time truly does fly,
Year by year, seems to pass faster and faster
Friends you used to have back then
Back when, you too, were just a kid.
And now, look, in what seems like just a blink
Are grown-ups, all "adulting & such"
With miniature little people's of our very own
Yupp, kids
We're barley grasping the fact,
That we're an adult. 
And now have (however many) little faces looking up to you
Expecting you not to fail
(In any situation) know what's what & just what to do, exactly how to act as so-
It's a freaking trip,
Thinking back, like for real, just where did each year go? How'd it so quickly slip?
Do you ever- I mean does it ever really sink in?
 Childhoods' gone before you even know you've lost your grip
Your plopped right on your butt expecting to know just what & how to
Do it all- all at once. Adult
Wishing you would have listened more, better, when they said "You're gonna' miss this time being young, trust me when you get to be my age...."
And you just sat there thinking, "Yeah right, what do they know?" 
"I wanna be a big kid! I can't wait to be an adult!" 
Haha I really laugh at these nieve little thoughts
Because now I've became one of them
The adults
I wish I could go back to way back when
There's not much I would undo
But more then nothing I would redo
Redo, most if not all of my childhood younger years
If for nothing more then to relive re-experience it all once again,once more be a kid
Maybe just maybe
I'd be able to fully grasp that hopefully by then by now, at 27 
Then I could accurately express
Just how precious
Just how special
Each day and every moment 
That I took for granted, the good the bad and the ugly the fun and the sad
Yeah if only.
If only we could take that trip to way back when just maybe one more once again
By the time I reach the age I am now
I wouldn't be having such a hissy fit cow
Oh if only
I, we, could take that trip to way back when 
Then I wouldn't/we wouldn't feel so on our own
And would have a more for sure idea of the way of the path....
Of the proper right way, 
Or hell perhaps just know the equation to the math!
If only....

Copyright © ButterflyGhost88 B. Smith | Year Posted 2022

The Day That I Fell Down

They probed into my attic,
And were disturbed by what they found,
Accumulated years of cluttered thoughts,
And labeled me unsound.
They put me in a rubber room,
With chains upon my feet and hands,
They fed me pills to numb the roar,
And to kill my inner man.
The roar seemed to diminish,
I talked to flowers and to trees,
But somewhere along the way,
I lost the real me.
I look forward to my future,
But i really miss my past,
They tell me that im normal now,
Wonder if it will really last.
I remember who i was before,
They came to steal my brain,
Just a man whose heart was shattered,
Trying to deal silently with his pain.
I guess i didnt have the right,
To express my brokeness inside,
But theres no pill or institution,
That will make me run and hide.
I will always remember the good times,
I will treasure moments wrapped in love,
No matter what they think of me,
I'll always give thanks to God above.
I know one day he will rescue me,
And place on me a crown,
And he will wash from me the heartache,
Of the day that i fell down...

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2012

The Words Begin to Dance

Read me,
As the words begin to dance, vacillating bewilderedly.
Without knowing who and where, or even when,
Foolishly stepped out, to meet a kind
The kind with bitter, chunderous, nature.

Kind, very kind without a doubt.
A warm, contrasting view of this being
4 limbs, 2 faces, steps out to greet me,
With its soft, frail hand, 
I pity the misunderstood, as rumours mutate
And transmogrify, smothering the barbarous reality
It smiled at me with one face

While the truth is
I set out to meet something different
Something much different, 
Something noxious, oppressive being entitled
To authoritarianism, ideology and power 

But it wasn’t here.
Or at least not yet

Copyright © Cat Lover | Year Posted 2022


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