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Your Place in My Thoughts

Your Place in My Thoughts

I so forcibly suppress my thoughts of you.
Your entity lingers like the putrid scent of sulfur in my soul. 
The havoc created leaving me shattered and blue.
I had given up so many things for us.
You seemed so happy, without a fuss.
Yet you still threw me down so worthlessly like coal.

Here I lay as destructive as ever.
I knew our relations would be detrimental.
For I never thought it would be us that'd sever.
In the moments after we would both lash out.
This deep hatred for another soon began to sprout
This reality just begging to settle, I never knew it'd be so ungentle.

May 5th, 2018

Copyright © Joseph Potts | Year Posted 2018

You're Amazing

You're a message from heaven
and the waves on the ocean.
Your eyes are so lovely
your smile is so happy.
Don't compare yourself to others
Sweetie, you're like a queen.

Your heart is very young
and voice is a sweet birdsong.
Your mind is like the sky
Yeah, you are so shy.
Don't compare yourself to others
Sweetie, you're the moonshine.

I want your happiness
I want your goodness
Oh, don't be sad ever
Please smile forever!
Don't compare yourself to others
Sweetie, you're just amazing.

Copyright © Lure Pot | Year Posted 2018

Yo dog

Roses are red
udders are pink
your moms a dink

Copyright © Jack Churn | Year Posted 2018


Have the power to roar better than a lion 
You have the ability to bring life to what was dead 
You are no longer a slave to being hidden into your own body
You are a hero to our generation,
You are the HOPE we've longed for,starved for 
Don't give them the ability to gain from your weakness
YOU are going to be that spring flower brought to enlighten lives  
Are not what you were told you are,
You are what your boundaries couldn't hinder you from  

Copyright © Nwabisa Precious | Year Posted 2018

Who are we

    Some days i wonder who i am. Some days i feel empty, do you feel that too? Do my emotions feel the same to me as yours do to you? Are you just as lost as me, but neither one of us wants to admit it? i feel lost. i feel lost in my personality. Some days im confident, some days i look in the mirror and cry. Some days im outgoing, some days i am embarrassingly shy. Some days i love my friends and family, some days i can’t love at all. Some days i feel happy, some days i feel absolutely nothing at all. But is it just me?  Or do you feel it too? Some days i wonder, Who am i?  And who are you? 

Copyright © Caitlin Ti | Year Posted 2018


Within the walls of the catholic church
the rape of innocence behind the preachers
altar, holy robes discarded altar boys
sodomized by the righteous absolute
power corrupted by soldiers of God

The victims of the roman collar
implore the clergy to confess
how now to compensate for a
life time of mental torment, the
hopeful lobotomised in youth
decades of hidden truth

Prayers of forgiveness by those who defile
are misdirected, the faithful no longer
rally in droves white robes blackened
by scandal such an unspeakable tangle
of faith and innocence angers my restrain

I struggle to remain tame while confronted
by such hypocrisy that preaches here in front
of me from the same book that would send
his guilty soul to hell, dispelled my belief
a preacher that became a thief, where now to
aim for eternal relief

Antithesis cause and effect
immoral decisions designed
to reflect, fingers pointed
disappointed by them the blessed
be anointed

Burn head in hands failing to
understand, a tourist amongst
the purist, faith that stands in a
broken line

Belief left by faith at the garden
gate of Gethsemane, the ever after
knows thy enemy, suffer little children
who come unto thee

Papal temples laden with faith and fortune
above law and accountability, all within
failing to practice what they preach, a leech
sucking innocence from its prey the children
that we cradle the white collar label fable, swept
under the doctrine table

Copyright © enda collins | Year Posted 2018

When it has come to now

                                                    I    DROWN
                                                but       because
                                              I         deny       the

Copyright © Sincere Rivera | Year Posted 2018

Waiting for Love

What goes around comes around
Coming to you was like coming to heaven
Waiting for you was like spreading the word
That never end until the end of the world.

But I find that you were like a dove in my world
Like bees waiting for roses to blow for a new life
Like Lion on hunting the prey in the world
Waiting for you to come and save my life.

Copyright © Phocas Maniraguha | Year Posted 2018


You hav scarred me but whr nobdy wil eva see. 
the cut runs deep bt it your words nt a knfe tht run through me.
time heals all wounds or so thy say.
 I find it js buries thm where thy once lay.
than someone comes along that brings th smile back to your face
That scar gone vanishd without a trace.
love i thought i might not feel again 
now plays it part in my life again

Copyright © Randall Suliaman | Year Posted 2018

The plight of Albinos

Alas the as are born as albinos
What is more for them to undergo 
Though contracted in a bow of woe
Don't they also deserve to be known?

Now ask I where is the tie
That binds one being to another 
When one race lives high
And place inferiority on the other 

O what causes this shot of madness
To such a loving nature 
Could it be the habits of loneliness 
In which they take no pleasure 

When men mock the creator's scope 
Their imaginations becomes barren 
What image feeds desires and hopes 
When all they seek for is a reason 

In the bitterness of their wounded spirit 
Life becomes a channel of blur grace 
Why exist such scornful superiority 
From a different color race 

Now the tenderness of acceptance pass them by
For I dare to ask if it is a crime 
Must albinos forever in heart cry 
Since they exist from a different color line

Copyright © Elizabeth Adams | Year Posted 2018

The Gift

A gift?
For me?
What have I done to deserve such beuaty?
Such magnificence?
The startled looks on everyone's faces tell me that it really is for me.
The girl who is ignored.
But that doesn't matter anymore.
Someone realized that I'm here!
I am astonished.
The curiosity creeps in, and I take the gift and run into the bathroom stall.
I tore open the paper...

An empty box.
The tears brim my eyes, even though I shouldn't have expected much in the first place. Still, I am surprised beyond belief.

Copyright © Anna Richards | Year Posted 2018

The Garden Journey

Picking up flowers But carrying on walking on Looking at the trees Must continue walking on To reach the eight-pointed star

Copyright © David Hyatt-Bickle | Year Posted 2018


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