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- Dark Brainstorm -

Being strong is his only option
Satisfaction is not always the fulfillment of what you want
when you gets stuck in an unwanted situation
Witch hunting and lynsjing
He loses control and it makes him desperate
The bitterness has taken over, as a development of a toxic virus
Bile from the stomach leaves a bitter taste on the tongue

His defense mechanisms are in constant preparedness
It's about making choices and all choices have consequences
A fear of losing his identity, total paranoia
Thoughts like a spider web in destruction
The water is polluted, rape of our world
Twisted lines of madness ...
nightmares, tears and flashbacks
He does not know the rhythm of the music

                                    Brainstorm Poetry Contest
                                  Sponsored by: John Hamilton
                                  ~  4th place in the contest ~

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2018

A Brothers Love

          Hope we'll always remember when,
               A time when all of this began;
          Every day, we spent, us two
               In unplanned mischief to put Mom through.

          A brothers life is tough at times,
               To keep each from a life of crime;
          We drank water from a hose and laughed our milk right out our nose
               From race cars to bugs in jars,
          From one adventure to another;
               With hands held tight through scary nights,
          Made safer with a brother.

          From skinned up knees to pillow fights
               And every snowball that we've tossed,
          I'm here for you, for things that might,
               Need help to get across.

Copyright © Charlie Smith | Year Posted 2016

A Community Pool in Richmond

Paper art was tongue steeped wet,
Midnight’s swim in gel.
Tactile only silhouette,
Dense unseen new shell.

Dawn’s hot shower could not clean,
Midday’s warmth woke me.
Slow cures had tapped time’s canteen,    
Blotter’s spell rinsed free.

Copyright © rob carmack | Year Posted 2015

A Fire Dream

A fire born for redemption,

To inspire the spiral of reason,

Or for it's opposite circle,

The masterful chaotic season,

This fire sits on top of my dream,

Flickering to the drum of reaction,

Feel the pain it needs to radiate,

Bonding the chemical attraction,

This is the war to end all wars,

A promised struggle of sacrifice,

Staring into it's blinding nucleus,

Chained to it's oranic solar lights,

I look up into the dark night sky,

How far does that blackness go?

Measuring the distance with loss,

But I fan the flame and watch it grow,

The particles wrap and warp to me,

Teaching me the eternal meaning,

A fallen king, a golden ghost,

In the fire that keeps on redeeming.

Copyright © Steven Delauder | Year Posted 2017

A mermaid for a day

A Mermaid for a day

A mermaid I would like to be
Swimming in the deep blue sea
Taking in the many wonders
That were made for you and me.

Tiny fish swim in and out
Of shells there lying all about
Protecting them from predators
To keep them free from fear and doubt.

Then to join in my delight
Might come a vision sweet and bright
A merman joins our little throng
To make my heart just fill with song

So then the sweet Merman and I
With bright glow filling both our eyes
So happily we two entwine
As he did swear that he’d be mine.

Copyright © Vera Duggan | Year Posted 2014

A Ripple In Time

A new borns cry
Tearful last good bye

Swaying waves of golden prairie grass
Shifting desert dunes - an hour glass

An acorn dropping among forest leaves
To mighty oak - a lifetime of dreams

The changing moon - to full again
Each morn' the sun - new skies begin

Eagles soar high - our hearts go there
These ripples in time - we all share

©Donna Jones

Copyright © Donna Jones | Year Posted 2013

A Song for My Beloved

My Dearest,

    My love for you has been my survival.  The tears I shed are because I have wasted my passions in rebellion for the cause of our country.  You were my chance at true love and I was a fool for leaving you behind.  But as I await my fate, I sing to the night wind, hoping you will hear.  And if my song finds you, know that I will always love you and my song will forever be in the air you breathe.

Your Love Eternal,
       A Song for My Beloved

Your captive lover, fading in a mist
  of love’s eternal fire from lament's rage,
blames passion’s ire, for fools could dare resist,
  and I that fool, in absence of his sage.

I wait the darkness passing into morn
  but quail to meet the dawning of the day, 
for in my dreams, our purest love reborn, 
  each night rings hope, despair thus fades away.

These whims of hope, to spite the despot thieves,
  are treasured whispers thrown upon the wind.
To croon your heart and charm the shallow breeze,  
  my song to you, mere death shall never end.

  Beloved, hold me in your heart this night
      for I embrace the gallows at first light.


Copyright © Mark Massey | Year Posted 2018

A Tree in the Harbor


Waves crashing at me feet, noble tall as I stand.
The beauty I see beyond me, tides washing in the sand.

Bright sunny days, to mist in the mornings.
Cold winter chills, see the whales adjoining.

No other life but this ocean to imagine. 
Picture perfect memories, a life not meant for a cabin.

The years have slipped by, for even a friend I could not tell.
My roots have grown down deep, for my solitude suits me well.

To the east and the west, south as far as the eye can see. 
My territory I claim proudly, belonging to only me.

I could never miss a friendship, A love bringing me such glee.
Reminiscing shared tide risings, ship sailing mad at sea.

Ask me why I grew here, for that I could not tell. 
The wreckage from a past life, for a witch cast my spell.

A smile, I will smile; My best I will always be.
Enchanted for whatever reason, is perfectly fine by me.

In sight my green leaves flourish, growing taller by salty sea.
The world will know of my beauty, from the lighthouse tall like me.

Control casted light, during the storms jilted hour. 
A guide of protecting beams, illuminated star built tower.

A Chelsea between us, ships resting, white caps sighted.
If someone were to look here, off ports path, to be united.

My secrets buried treasure, moonlit travel, capsized martyr.
My worth to yet be known, a tree in the harbor.

Copyright © Chelcie Darling | Year Posted 2016

A Winter Walk

A winter walk in minus five, Celsius degrees, 
Is colder than tee shirts of summer time. 
The snow is crisp, snow holes abound 
Along the trails I walk 
And keeping from an ankle turned 
Is challenging indeed. 

Mr. Sun is fully out, bright dazzling in blue, 
No winter clouds to block its rays of warmth 
From many million miles away 
Along these trails of snow, 
With winter breezes oh, so cold 
Brushing upon my face. 

Invigorating without doubt, many will attest, 
Can such a walk in winter time be felt, 
As minus five in Celsius 
Keeps nipping at one's ears 
And finger tips call for a rub 
From time to time to time. 

Back home again, I hang up my hooded coat and scarf, 
Heater my winter boots and mitts to warm. 
- And I rub my hands quite briskly, 
Still chilled from on my walk     
That I could do this winter's day 
Far, far away from spring.  

W.C.Hull © 2011-5-3-697 (D) 

Copyright © W.C. Hull | Year Posted 2016

An unfinished story

Where there was once light, 
now shadows dwell.

I watched as angels burned,
 and fell down to hell.

Their bodies charred,
and their wings but ash.

As the evils begin to win in this world,
but the most precious thing,
to ever be had,
is the love of their God,
and the strength in his hands.

So as they physically fell,
they returned unto him.

In time they can heal,
then turn back and fight sin.

It is faith that will win,
either abandoned or still kept.

They'll know in the end,
in the few who are left.

So, I pray that I may,
stand alongside these kin.

Then turn the world back,
to how it should’ve always been.

Copyright © Tony Brady | Year Posted 2017

At The Gates of Auschwitz

At The Gates of Auschwitz

Today, I stand
At the gates of hell;—
“Arbeit macht frei,”
(work sets you free!)
That is Auschwitz,
Where they burned God’s children,
And the world stood by,
To what was happening inside.
The League of Nations,
Whose mandate was World Peace,
And in 1942
The trains rolled in.
Packed like cattle into cars
Ready for slaughter
Were God’s children:—
Cold, diseased,
Inhumanely treated;
Insane hatred,
Blamed and damned
As in the past
For events through no fault of theirs,
Because they were Jewish!
Take for example,
That ocean liner in 1939,
The MS St. Louis, 
Carrying Jews to Cuba;
A scheme of the Nazis
To prove, Jews were pariahs
Nobody would welcome,
Nobody wanted!
Cuba denied safe harbor
And the USA turned them away,
And so did Canada,
And decreed;
“It is not our problem!”
Germany did have a solution;
Ethnic cleansing,
In the ovens of Auschwitz!
And the world looked the other way,
The world did not care!
Later, when the horror was exposed,
They would apologize, officially.
“If we do not remember the past, 
We are doomed to repeat it!”
At Dachau concentration camp,
On the memorial to the Holocaust 
It is written; 
“Never Again!”

Copyright © Dennis Spilchuk | Year Posted 2018

Beauty Of Poetic Lines

I have met many great poets, from all around the world, on this very site. Some have squeezed my heart into tears, while others filled my heart with delight. I have learned many great things, about these people through their words. We all have passion in our heart that sings, like a great musical that seldom is heard. Some write about the simple things they do, while others write about the deeper meanings of life. It matters not, who it may be, me or you, but rather we are all churning out pieces of our lives. Why must we do this thing we must do? Writing about wisdom and our everyday lives? Because that's what poetry is to both me and you, simple beauty in a form of poetic lines.
Dan Kearley:3-5-15

Copyright © Dan Kearley | Year Posted 2015

Becoming A Man

Becoming A Man #27

If you have lived all of your life like a child. 
Then perhaps it is time for you to become a man,
and if you have lived like a man all of your life.
Then perhaps it is time for you to become a child.

By Marc Acrich

Copyright © Marc Acrich | Year Posted 2018



By Edmund Siejka

He faced a challenge 
That forced him to use all his abilities
But doubt clouded his judgement
Caution gave way to uncertainty.
Needing help
He recalled these words:

1.	Believe in yourself
              Never bend your head
              Hold it high
              And look the world straight in the eye.
       2.   Smell the coffee.
       3.   Stand on your own two legs.
       4.   Life is in front of you.
       5.   Seize the day.
      6.    Get up and get moving.
      7.    Work smarter, not harder.
      8.    Save for a rainy day.
      9.    The tough get going when the going gets tough.
    10.    K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid.
    11.    Put a glide in your stride and a pep in your step.
    12.    Let’s get moving, we’re burning daylight.
    13.    Don’t deter from the main effort.
   14.   Every strike brings you closer to the next home run.
   15.   It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.
   16.   Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.
   17.   A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
   18.   Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible.’
   19.   The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
   20.   You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
   21.   The mind is everything. What you think you become.
   22.   The road to success is always under construction.
   23.   Becoming is better than being.
   24.   Nothing is interesting if you’re not interested.
   25.   Look at a half empty glass as half full.
   26.   Ambition can’t wait.
   27.  Age is of no importance unless you’re a cheese.
And last, but not least:
   28.  Wake the hell up.

Copyright © Edmund Siejka | Year Posted 2018

Come Halloween

Come Halloween! O Halloween!
We hide in the shadows no longer.
For this is our time to revel and rollick
in the fast-slipping twilight 
and don the cloaks of hallowed ones
who have journeyed before us
at the end of the harvest
and the thinning of the veils
between the Otherworld and ours
that shake the souls and frighten the hearts
of those unwilling to welcome the night
in which the sacrosanct and profane
duel unrelentless in their unseen and spiritual bouts
from minute to hour, from door to door
from field to forest, from fire to ashes
stirred by the wind and pummeled by the rain
until all is melded and finally dissolved
into the darkest dark of the night
without stars, without moon
without the flicker of candles 
lit over and over against the blackness of space
fearing the knock on the door, the rattle of the window
the shaking of the floor, the shadows on the wall,
the tingle on the flesh, the creaking of the stairs
the rap on the table, the howl of the unknown
the sound of voices whispering ethereal words
that echo like ripples on a hidden stream in a hidden dale
beyond the reach of all who await the approaching dusk
to revel and rollick and don the cloaks
at the end of the harvest and the thinning of the veils
when we do say, Come Halloween! O Halloween!

Copyright © Gregory Firlotte | Year Posted 2018

Comes Then a Day

Evening comes softly, stealing colors of day—
a rainbow of hues, fading slowly to gray.

Ten thousand days, seeking fortune and fame,
and ten thousand more, all in all just the same.

The dreams of my dad; the hopes of my mom
rest squarely on me, now that they’re gone.

The world swirls around me, alive and decaying.
Who’s in charge of it all? Who’s fasting? Who’s praying?

I kneel at life's altar of hope and despair.
The truth and its witness are already there.

I’ve won a choice few and damn all the rest.
Did I give it my all? Did I give it my best?

Now verdict’s been rendered; the court’s had its say.
Its verdict my shroud; its mercy my stay.

1st Place, Your Favorite Old Poem, Judy Konos

Copyright © Mark Peterson | Year Posted 2013


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