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Below are PoetrySoup's featured poems for the week starting Sunday, June 17, 2018. Use the numbered navigation below to navigate through all of the featured poetry.


Heart Of Gold

An invisible looking glass 
Watch's all thing's pass.
Through a cloud of love.
On the wings of a dove.

All spirit's in and out.
Confident and filled with doubt.
A golden aura of kindness.
Shines through the blindness.

As the ocean ebb's and flow's.
The golden hue come's and goes.
In sweetness and distant haze.
Touching souls in magic ways.

Copyright © leslie albright | Year Posted 2018

it could be worse

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade
it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re getting paid
sometimes when you’re down, you could really use a dog
without one, your life is like walking in a fog
life’s composed of things that are bland
but things are better if your toes are in the sand
so when you’re feeling low
remember that your life could be as bad as Othello’s

Copyright © dakota allen | Year Posted 2018

You are Unique

Poem …You are Unique

You are Unique, and You know it too
No one thinks the way you do
No one has your exact fingerprint
Philosophers, teachers, Researchers and all
Many discoveries are still on the brink
But compared to you they are quite small
You are unique, this I know to be true
How deep within you'll go, and what will you do?

You are Unique and you can no longer hide
The gifts you hid, the tears behind your smile
No one have your same lips and small ears
No one has shed the same amount of tears
No one will face death the same as you
Heartaches began with an open door to the who
Conspiracy theory or just the Who at the door
What do you think, was it a crime?

You are unique and for whom the bell tolled?
It tolled for thee, an attack on your very soul
But you emerged victorious, poem on paper 
in hand
You are Unique and now is time to stand.

Copyright © Ann Allen | Year Posted 2018


Last summer was dry
Grass turned brittle
Beetles devoured roses
Fumes from sweltering engines swept over
   dusty streets like ghosts.
The ground cracked.
Bits of dirt crumbled in my hands.
Bone dry desert thoughts
Puffy lip,tongue cleaving thoughts
   like what if memories become mirages?
Wild thoughts clothed in sackcloth and ashes
   like what if grief grafts itself into my soul
   so deeply
   it becomes who I am?

That summer,loneliness cleaved to me
   pulling me down to the dust
   until I could taste it.
It was a dry,sere summer.
I prayed for sun darkening clouds
   so that rain would trickle down your body
   cleansing you from pain.
Your courage cracked.
As you prayed for death
   bits of hope crumbled in my hands.
My eyes searched yours.
Like a vapor or a mist, your spirit left.
In but a moment you were no longer there.
by Barbara Aquila

Copyright © Barbara Aquila | Year Posted 2018


When heer-ranjha eaten poison;
They became immortal.
Lovers knows about love;
who cares about heaven or hell?

World has taken life;
Love rises on knife.
Who lost themselves in love;
They always thrive.

World tried destroy love;
But they always fail.
Still love always thrive;
It's always hail.
Lovers knows about love;
who cares about heaven or hell?

Copyright © Kamaljeet Singh Bawari | Year Posted 2018

Seafaring Foreigner

Seafaring Foreigner 

In steerage on a steamer with
Figs conceiving in Vesuvian soil 
Hidden in a pot of a sturdy trunk
Made of hope and adventure. Fear of
Sights unseen and joys unbeknownst
Of sons and daughters yet.

Hazy canyons of skyscraping giants 
Overshadow brick row houses
Hard at work, ethnic pride
Shameful bathing, worn-in
Clothing and nourishment
Beyond the return to 
Much worse.

Copyright © John Bonanni | Year Posted 2018

Murdered Me

Murdered me with your love 
Murdered me with your lies 
I could see the rage when I looked into your eyes

You told me that you loved me 
but I just wanted to leave. 
"Why can't you just be happy" you ask 
While pushing me to my knees 

Always playing the victim
You're good at playing that game
Lies of mistreatment; lies and untruths
All I ever wanted was away from your abuse. 

That night I planned to leave
That night my plan was perfect
But you found out and rallied your crew
You said I couldn't leave, you said we weren't through

I managed to escape you  
And locked myself in a room 
But you had other plans
And I knew my fate was doomed

You pryed open my door
And I tried to keep it shut
But your crew breached the second entry 
And I knew my time was up

You stood behind the gun; 
You pointed it in my direction
You pulled the trigger; 
And took my life  
You took it with just one finger

You claimed my death was suicide
But we both know the truth
You continue to play the victim
But now they're on to you!

Written By: Kristin Bordelon

Copyright © Kristin Bordelon | Year Posted 2018

History Through Stained-Glass Windows

The air is heavy here, history hanging in every breath Shot through with rainbow-hued light Dust motes, floating, drifting, flitting out of shadow And in again. Color, pattern, shape, whirling together in scenes from the past Miracles, wars, moon landings – even a rock Once resting on the lunar surface, brought down to earth at last Now stands as a testimony Of mankind’s otherworldly conquests A choirgirl’s lilting voice Echoes, then falls flat Lost amid the seven-story chamber Whose dizzying height dwarfs every onlooker Towering steeples, vaulted ceilings, beams, bricks, stones A never-ending labyrinth under the earth Holding the bodies of 200 perished citizens Who once walked the halls of America’s history Forever to rest in darkness’ embrace The nation’s children gather here Bringing prayers from every religion, uniting faiths All one, in this temple Built for our country, a house of prayer for all peoples To lift up their pains and praises Amid shadows, sunbeams, and silence – The National Cathedral.

Copyright © Kathryn Bragg | Year Posted 2018

You're The One

You’re the One

You’re the one who is extremely loving and thoughtful, 
  who makes me feel that I am a very special individual.
By showing your true values and feelings towards me,
  I no longer have feelings of doubt or insecurity.

You’re the one who gives me all the attention and affection 
  I have always dreamed of;
Never before have I ever felt so wanted, desired or loved.

You’re the one who is sincere and honest,
  Allowing me to have confidence in you as well as in myself’
Being this way, I can finally break down my wall
  And let my buried emotions come alive.

You’re the one who is in my every thought,
  Causing wonderful distractions throughout my day;
With your unique, sparkling personality and charm,
  I am constantly recalling the great times we shared
  And am anxious towards our future.

You’re the one who I can laugh with, speak freely to
  And enjoy at all times;
Because you make me feel so comfortable and relaxed,
  I can share my thoughts, ideas and dreams with you.

You’re the one who holds me tight, providing me warmth,
  Love and a sensational sense of closeness;
With your beautiful body, sensual touch and exotic kisses,
  My heart melts in more ways than one.

You’re the one who I am going to keep happy, take care of
  And love for a lifetime;
Since we so rightfully deserve each other,
  I will keep my heart and love alive with yours.

You’re the one who I’ve been searching for,
  Yet I never dared to dream you could possibly come true;
After all of this time of waiting and wanting,
  I’ve finally found everything I wished for in you.

You’re the one – the only one – I am so much in love with.

Copyright © Susan Bucsku | Year Posted 2018


Gray bird of loneliness
crystallized in north and south
Figures of useless words
deep rainy bodies.
Lost November
lost oneself
after desired darkness.
Between those lips
starts my daily death.

Copyright © Jose Cabaleiro-Ascanio | Year Posted 2018

Knowledge in poems

Poems help you learn,
they help you see,
it’s knowledge you earn,
and it will set your mind free.

They help you see,
what you didn’t see before;
and it will set your mind free,
and it will feed your core.

What you didn’t see before,
will come clear much more;
and it will feed your core,
you will see good much more.

Will come clear much more,
it is from bad that you can earn;
you will see good much more.
Poems help you learn.

Copyright © Emily-Ann Clarke | Year Posted 2018


Constraints of life unlocked by eighty-eight keys
All make a different sound
They put my mind at ease
This is where my hands are bound

My fingers move across the scale 
Like serpents through resting grass
Inspiration rushes through me like a gale
I believe ivory to be greater than brass

Copyright © Gretchen Collier | Year Posted 2018


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