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Peaches a sweet treat
Beware the pit is poison
Two faced little fruit

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel | Year Posted 2010

A Puppy named 'Pig' N A Puddle

Just a regular curbside puddle,
It really wasn't that big.
But it had the look of an ocean,
To a sweet little puppy named 'Pig.'

"Your paws might touch the water,
No chances that you will drown."
Pig looked at his master- all crazy,
And was frozen like ice to the ground.

"It's only a wee-bit of a puddle,
You'll easily make the grade."
But Pig wasn't ready to listen,
He stood there and was very afraid.

On a leash Pig's brand new owner,
Tried in vain to nicely persuade.
But Pig just wouldn't listen,
To pleas that his new person made.

Again -"it's only a little puddle,
You really won't get very wet.
You could see Pig was thinking,
"Wets wet! And I'm not ready yet."

"But the water is only a trickle,
If you try you'll see you can wade."
No matter all the sweet talking,
That pup just couldn't be swayed.

The pup felt a tug on the leash,
The water was coming too near.
So Pig stared his squealing,
And squealing was all you could hear.

Discouraged -his person relented,
And lifted the scaredy-cat Pup.
He bypassed the wee little puddle,
And lost, by picking Pig up.

I wanted the end to be funny,
With a moral to find I could spin.
Yep, a guy with a pup he'd name 'Pig,'
Has a pup that is smarter than him.

Copyright © Margaret Wade | Year Posted 2017

A Well-Known Stranger

'Twas a sound I thought alarming, most assuredly disarming;
Up I rose from peaceful slumber to discern what it might be.
While my candle flickered, wavered; whilst my heartbeat halted, quavered,
At my window I was favoured by it sounding, dreadfully-
In the darkness loudly pounding- drawing nearer, dreadfully
As if calling out to me.

When the window I unshuttered, as my heart so wildly fluttered
Sounded forth the sound, and nearer, sounded forth so dismally:
And I heard the tempest sighing, through the trees and chimneys crying,
As if left alone and dying by some God-forsaken sea-
Quite forsaken, quite abandoned by the inky, lifeless sea,
Just as black as black can be.

There I stood a moment longer as the wailing winds grew stronger.
'Tis, I thought, but silly fancies dreamed imaginatively;
For there's nothing coming, leaving, and the night can be deceiving;
Yes, the wind was only breathing on the ancient maple tree,
Which was rapping on the shutters in the night, incessantly-
This was all that it could be.

Then a furious arctic guster gathered might and main and muster
And with hands so cold and clammy put my candle out while he
Wrapped his chilling hands around me, in his frozen grip he bound me;
I, his presence all around me groaned and grumbled in the dark;
As I groped and griped and stumbled, groaned and grumbled in the dark-
While he laughed so wickedly.

To the window, pitter-patter, I rehasped it with a clatter
Then relit and watched my candle as it flamed assuredly,
While it lit the old surroundings; but then how my heart was pounding!
As I gazed at the astounding standing on my posted bed,
Perched above the feathered pillows where I rest my weary head,
Perched there unashamedly.

"Ah," said I, "this nameless flutter sounding, pounding on the shutter
It was only this dear fellow trying so determinedly
To gain entrance to my dwelling, all to bring this piece of spelling,
And there really is no telling who has sent him here to me
'Till I read the little letter fastened on below his knee,
That he bears so cheerfully.

I undid the purple ribbon tied about the charming pigeon,
Quite forgetful of his presence as I read absorbedly.
I spent little time deciding who had sent this piece of writing,
For it bore me happy tidings in a hand I knew so well;
In a cheerful, laughing manner, so it was not hard to tell
That it was from my Melody.

"My favourite ribbon, I've untied it from my hair and wrapped inside it
All the words I wish to say, but am too far to tell to thee."
From this point and on hereafter I omit her words of laughter,
Words that make my heart beat faster; words that stop it suddenly:
Words that make me melancholy; words that make me shout with glee-
Words sent by my Melody.

When I'd traced each perfect letter, I was thinking clearer, better;
I set out some feed and water for my friend, repentantly.
"Pigeon," said I, "rest beside me; walls and roof shall safely hide thee
From the tempest roaring blindly o'er the inky, lifeless sea."
And I squinted through the shadows where he perched there silently;
Resting, sleeping peacefully.

Drawing near, I kissed him gently, thinking all the while intently
That the very place I kissed him once was cradled tenderly
By the hand I wish was holding onto mine, and deftly molding
Into mine, and mine enfolding, that of her who wrote to me;
That of her so far away across the inky, lifeless sea-
That of dearest Melody.

Entered In Kelly Deschler's Contest, "The Raven"

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2014

Around the Fireplace

As we sit around the fire
reminding ourselves of our ancestors' ways,
we should also remember the Great Spirit,
which has bestowed blessings on us,
in the form of rain, rich harvest,
and beautiful land.

The Cloud Warriors are drumming in the skies,
ushering in the rhythm of rebirth and prosperity
for our descendants,
and acting to the will of the Great Spirit,
who sees all, and is never seen....

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2013

as you watch me slip away

I am sands of a lonely ocean, 
sadness and other strange emotions
push from my fingers, and I write of them

I have seen the wandering in your eyes
and your smile has left me 
with doubt

I was honest, and full of love for you
more than you can fathom, 
soft, gentle, kind, 
willingly blind;
now I see
your desire to flee 

You think the churnings of my mind 
pretty words, 
yet your thoughts, you guard, 
hardly ever letting your feelings slip, 
and now, you are free
as you watch me 
slip away

Copyright © Becca Teagan | Year Posted 2017

Autumn Weeps

Summer hung her head in sorrow
wondering about a new tomorrow
over summer she began to lose leaves
one by one they sauntered to the ground
she called- they would not return
she could not revive the lifeless leaf
her dress no longer shades green
for the dryness stripped her colors
now looking forlorn and barren
she had to welcome in fall 
she apologized for her undress
as rain did not stop to visit
fall will not have the grandeur
to dress in her mutable shades
making her very sad that day.

Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2017

Billy & Marie

Billy and Marie.
Always together he and she.
Billy and Marie raising a family.
That's all I ever wanted,
all I ever thought I'd need to be happy.
Who knew things would end so badly?
Billy and Marie were never meant to be.
Billy and Marie ended very sadly.
All I now have left of she
is this most cherished yet painful memory;
Billy And Marie In Love Madly.

Copyright © SillyBilly theKidster | Year Posted 2009

Black and White

The black I bear,
The burden black, 
Betrothed bestowed,
Bewildered Brain,
Brown Disdain,
But White I Bear,
The Withered Fear,
The willful woes of domination,
Wake up World,
To wider waves, 
Of hatred in the waning.

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2007

Christmas past

I sit still in a house of tranquillity,
Thinking of times long past.
Remembrances of a child,
Of childish delights and pleasures.
Of times spent with my grandparents,
Of Feelings of love and wellbeing.
Of family and Christmas spent together.

No longer do I hear the sound of their laughter,
Nor feel the comfort of their presence.
They have abandoned this world,
And have left a hole in my heart 
A void that can never be filled.

Childish joy’s no longer fill my soul,
Life has stripped away the illusions of youth,
Laying bare the true futility of life
To be and then to be no more.
The endless cycle of life and death.

Ah! Then the miracle of Christmas arrives
Renewing, filling my soul once more.,
And the visions of childhood stream back,
They race through my mind 
A torrent of Images, feelings, love.
Of family and joyful times spent together,
I am again a child.
And dwell in the love of those now gone.

Copyright © Shane Cooper | Year Posted 2014


She asks him if her butt looks Big In last years summer dress My dear you look Hot in that It accentuates I must confess And are these streaks too brassy On my mousey shade of brown My dear you pull it off with style You wear it like a crown She points to her crows feet Are they getting worse each day It lends character to your features And that's my final say Then she goes for closure Will you love me till I die I'll love you to the moon and back He whispers with a sigh So ladies the next time you declare In a voice so strong That you are ALWAYS RIGHT And He is ALWAYS WRONG And if your man agrees with you IS HE RIGHT OR WRONG???

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2017


Beauty speaks well
When heart feels truth
In fragrant spell
That offers proof

Beauty you see
Says beyond thought
Life pulse that frees
A sacred lot

Beauty funds feel
In subtle grace
That simply heals
With love in place

Beauty frames awe
In certainty
That life now pours
Grand mystery

Beauty can sum
The sense of poise
When wisdom comes
With sublime voice

Leon Enriquez
02 January 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015


My head is in muddle,
my words are in a blur.
I see things in the shadows,
but nothing is really there.
I have no concept of time,
or even words I have said.
I don’t recognize my children,
which makes me full of dread.
Even worse people don’t understand,
the pure confusion I feel.
I know that I am me,
but “ME” at times seems surreal.
I shout instead of talking,
but my volume is at loud.
I used to be respected,
eloquent and even proud.
Each day I seem to worsen,
falling further than in reach.
I am losing my lifeline,
as quickly I reach the deep.

Copyright Elle Smith 2017

Copyright © Elle Smith | Year Posted 2017


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