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Dear God

   Oh, my GOD!!!!

I can't believe I am still awake
It is hard to get some zzz's
When you got  ugly feelings you just can't shake
I am on my bedside, on my knees
With the broken sound, my heart makes
Asking GOD "PLEASE!"
This pain of mine, I want you to take

   Thank you, GOD!!!!
Early morning I will rise
With Gods glory in my face
My heart, waking to a surprise
Knowing God has blessed me with his grace
In my prayer, God helped me realize
He works in amazing, mysterious ways

     S.K.A.T. POETRY

Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2010

A Gift for a Girl Turning 8

Your day is coming.
The celebration is soon.
The birds will be chirping.
The flowers will bloom.

The day will be bright,
Filled full with your light.
Happy with smiles,
Pure fun and delight.

I hope 7’s been great,
A wonderful dance toward 8.
I made you a little something
I just couldn’t wait!

You can open it now.
One early gift is A-OK.
Enjoy and feel special,
Lots of hugs sent your way.

Happy BIRTHday!

Copyright © Deb Adams | Year Posted 2017

Christmas Time is Coming

Christmas Time is coming . . .

Sometimes the celebration gets totally out of hand.
Anticipation swells the air, music, music everywhere.
Lift the baton, sound the horn, strike up the band!

A country music icon, Clint Black, once sang,

“I'm looking for Christmas, a Christmas of long, long ago.
with spruce, lights and tinsel
and sled runners sliding on snow.

“I'm looking for Christmas, a long ago Christmas 
of popcorn and candy, and surrounded by family
singing carols we all know.”

That song struck a chord of memory,
causing me to search in doubt for that
‘thrown away Christmas’ Clint was singing about.

Naturally, I found it; 
in smiling faces, joyous greetings,
in star-bright lights
winking and blinking row upon row.

We sing of the babe in candlelight glow
and the message he brought,
an eternal message of peace and love.

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

Wonder and Mind

Wonder and Mind

Wonder and mind marched for northern lights 
They met wise knights and silent nights
To question about the essence of life
The stars through their dazzling delights 
Gave them some signs and sights 
But the wise knights spell the mystique
Faith by birth, destiny by the stars
Just be just and in heaven
that's all that counts

Copyright © Dr.Mohammed Alrazak | Year Posted 2016


I rest my hand on your knee
just below the hem. 
Your summer dress brushes my thumb.
The periwinkle pattern
gently reflects on my skin
as the low churn of light
filters past your cheek
your shoulder
down your breast
across your lap
pushing soft colors 
from your dress	to my hand.			
We kiss amongst the silence
despite the rushing of colors,
quietness muddled by our hearts --
a sharing of touch.
It is only my fingerprints
that prevent me from being closer to you.
If only those imperceptible ridges
did not encircle fingers
my hand, my touch would be 
closer to your skin
allowing me to feel you more,
experiencing something that no one
else has ever felt in closeness.

Copyright © JP Armstrong | Year Posted 2016

Two Broken Hearts

Will we have an early thaw?
The willows run green mid December 
My head has been ringing since 1 am
The mouse has found a place to gnaw
At my resolution
At my depleted strength

Today I seal the tomb closed 
Filled with my delusion 
And another’s guile
Old bitterness, frost, and ice
Good bye my never friend
Until spring, can warmth return
To bind two broken hearts.

Brenda  Atry  12/5/2017

Copyright © Brenda Atry | Year Posted 2017

Did the Stars

Did the stars shine that night,
Or Withhold all their light,
That night in Gethsemane.

Was the sky e'er so dim,
As when they crucified Him,
That day on Calvary.

Will my heart ever know,
How He suffered so,
And still felt love for me.

(copyright 10/30/15)

Copyright © Arlene Binner | Year Posted 2015

Process this

The oxymoron ..
His anger keeps loving you
again and again!

Copyright © Ross Blade | Year Posted 2016


my Love mustered moxie
and disused me one night:
she left me victim
to a pitiful plight
while she raised the gall
to doll herself up
and go to a ball
on the arm of a date
while I languished alone
with a case of cold beer
that I drank to forget
the heartbreak she caused,
the pain and the doubt
of first being jilted—
those longnecks went “pop”
and quickly got swilled
while in dimness she danced
and merrily tittered
that regrettable night
of drinking those beers,
I drank them alone
all bitter and rueful
while she was out dancing,
holding tight to a tux,
one I hadn’t rented—
how drunk and forlorn
that Love of mine turned me
the night she found moxie
to leave me alone
and utterly lonely.

Copyright © David Bose | Year Posted 2016

Light as a feather


Gam-ma and baby were spending the day.
Looking for ways to laugh and to play!

Baby said Gam-ma I want to dance!
Twirl me PLEEEASE, will you give it a chance?

Gam-ma said, “baby, it has been too long:
Since I have danced, let’s just sing a song”!

Oh twirl me Gam-ma, twirl me PLEEEASE!
Oh twirl me Gam-ma, just like the breeze!

You can sing a song as we twirl around.
Oh pretty PLEEEASE  Gam-ma, we won’t fall down!

So around and around, Gam-ma and baby twirled together.
Till the room was spinning, and they were as light as a feather!

Gam-ma stopped so that she and baby could rest.
But baby said “twirl again, oh PLEEEASE” she pressed!

We need to rest Gam-ma desperately said.
We need to rest, as she held tightly her head!

PLEEEASE, PLEEEASE, sweet baby cried.
Again and again, sweet baby sighed! 

So around and around, Gam-ma and baby twirled together.
Till the room was spinning, and they were light as a feather! 

While singing a song they both wiggled and jiggled.
Twirling around, Gam-ma and baby laughed and giggled!

Written for my sweet Karaline 3-30-14
Stacey Brown

Copyright © Stacey Brown | Year Posted 2014



                            Whirling winds, spiraling in and out of town,

                            Into yards with swings, behind wooden fences,

                            Nipping bites of wind, that break down ones defenses,

                            Tiny snowflakes begin to fall, covering the ground,

                            Exquisite lacy patterns, circling and dropping down,

                            Rituals of chimney smoke, circle and abscond.

  December 30, 2016

Copyright © Paulette Calasibetta | Year Posted 2016

My Superman Kite

                                           and fast,
                                        man of steel
                                     trying to escape
                                   and fly free for real,
                               darting to and fro quickly,
                            pulling and circling and diving
                         I hold tight as his cape and mighty
                        fist pointed high, finally climb to the
                         bright noon sky---no bird or plane
                          is this that flies---it's superman.
                             the wind  whips and  snaps
                                 hard against his chest
                                    and I wish I could
                                       ride there and
                                          look  down
                                           upon me
                                                     n o t

Copyright © craig cornish | Year Posted 2017

In a Perfect World


Truly, yes!
Perfect and beautiful that world is -- 
Living peacefully, smiling joyfully,
Everlasting life, ever shining Light,
Nil tears, nil fears,
Nil sorrows, nil darkness,
New heavens, new earth,
All saints, happiness great,
God with men
Men with God
Great happiness, saints all,
Earth new, heavens new,
Darkness nil, sorrows nil,
Fears nil, tears nil,
Light shining ever, life everlasting,
Joyfully smiling, peacefully living --
Is world that beautiful and perfect?
Yes, truly!

12th February, 2016

Copyright © Jo Daniel | Year Posted 2016

A Sweet Little Lie

I struggle to tell her this truth,
I consult with her pleasing smile.
Woe is a world where flaws exist,
As stains breed until flavors amend.
She hears me mince through fearful smarm,
Pandora hopes she leaves this peek alone.
A whim which daunts a doting kiss,
My muse weeps with this ugly breath.
If her heart breaks then mine will too,
She deserves a sweet little lie.
Contest Entry: A Special Secret
Sponsor: Lewis Raines

Copyright © Jesse Day | Year Posted 2016

Standing Hole

So close to the bottom,

The worms have their whispers,

Can't trust the alphabet,

Her promises were like licking honey off of dirt,

Now forever has begun,

Burn for eternity for what I have done,

My bones will snap falling off the leaf,

Sharpen them with my teeth,

A physical million miles an hour,

But I'm not chained to your organic light,

Now that I've finally decided to die,

I have arrived at the endless tide,

Dislocation of unwanted matter,

Foregone to the only wicked spire,

Forgot to evolve so I throw up black muck,

I just needed a lot of help,

My loved ones hurt me the most,

Now their gone and I'm ghost,

Promise that I could sliver so far away,

If you could just beat me up,

Travel without sound direction,

Infamous are the tears I have left in my wake,

To my first born son I pass the pain onto you,

Grand gesture of calamity to the living truth.

Copyright © Steven Delauder | Year Posted 2016