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We are now accepting poems for our next anthology. This one with be themed with the following subjects.

  • Faith
  • Humor
  • In Memoriam
  • Mental Health
  • Nature
  • Romance

Here's more anthology information...

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A Soldier That Lost His All

A Soldier That Lost His All

Despite his means, despite his plight
He rendered help to those in need,
No place he had fixed for each night
His life lived in faith and creed.
Dressed in tatters, braved the cold
Ragged shoes, save his sole.
Thanked the Lord, each day he spent
Ate what offerings, people sent.

Every passer-by smiled his way
Answering greetings friendly warm,
Was not contemptuously cast away,
Remembered by all, in his uniform.
Served his country through many strife
Lost his property, home and wife.
Children too buried in a bombing raid
All this made him much dismayed.

Pension strained, slight; he’d live upon
His life was a real hardscrabble,
To the Bureau, monthly he’d respond
Facing another cyclic grapple.
To the graves he’d go, wife and sons to greet
For each, flowers: his grief was still incomplete,
Back to base, poor children run and seek
Distributing candies, warm smile to receive:
Giving satisfaction more than their relief.
Church bells was his call to God, praising and to thank
Every morning ritual even before the war began.
Spending time with the Lord
While silent tears he’d weep
No remorse, no regret
He was the shepherd’s sheep.

Copyright © Trevor DSouza | Year Posted 2023

A Sunny Day-Nursery Rhyme

It’s a sunny day, it’s another day.
It’s a picnic day, it’s a hopping day.
It’s a play day, it’s a friendly day.
It’s a laughing day, it’s a climbing day.
It’s an sliding day, it’s a swaying day.

It’s a Sunday, it’s another day.
It’s a beachy day, it’s a sandy day.
It’s a swimming day, it’s a basking day.
It’s a moulding day, it’s a running day.
It’s an ice-cream day, its a warm day.


Copyright © Besen Ayamore Ayuk | Year Posted 2023


Sometimes it seems so hard just to step outside 
Great big world and not a single place to hide 
And when life's storms come crashing down 
There's nowhere to go, no hope to be found 
While it seems like all my friends have it made 
I'm always behind, always a little afraid 

Sometimes it seems so hard just trying to stay afloat 
Set adrift in this great big world without a buoy or boat 
And when I think I'm finally nearing shore 
I'm swept away again and out the open door 
While it seems like all my friends have it made 
I'm always behind, always a little afraid 

Sometimes it seems so hard just trying to find my way 
In this maze of a world, it's so easy to go astray 
And when a new day dawns or comes to end 
I just brace myself and face the world again 
Though it seems like all my friends have it made 
They're all just like me, always a little afraid. 

Copyright © Ina Goodling | Year Posted 2022

As I Rise

As I rise, your smile sets upon the Horizon & clear blue skies,
Making today a day of beauty, joy, happiness & love,

As I rise, the morning sun shines bright on your melanated skin, How loving and courageous you are from within, 

As I rise,the clock ticks and counts down to the beginning of our future forever, 
Your Love is warm and buzzing like a Bee Hive,

No matter how Near or Far, I plan to hop,skip, & fly to wherever you are, 

As I rise

You are precious, you are special, You are worthy of my Love, everyday I’m Thanking the Most High Above,

As I rise, your smile sets upon the Horizon & clear blue skies,
Making today a day of beauty, joy, happiness & love,

Copyright © L. Jones | Year Posted 2023

Being active

In my room with its broken door
is a vast array of U3A nomenclature
Admitting ones age is a drag
A vast collection of antique SLR'S stands
Just needing the servicing of fandango light
Use it or lose it, the idiom goes

A coach trip awaits
were I could make a friend
to share my interests
like J'aime Francais
and Lloyds Park walks
almost being half a centurion Croydonite

Copyright © Antony Glaser | Year Posted 2022


Love is a rose, so beautiful and bright,
A symbol of beauty that shines so right,
Its fragrance so sweet, it captures your heart,
And fills you up right from the very start.

But beauty can hide a much darker truth,
Inside the petals, there's more than youth,
The thorns that prick as you reach for the rose,
Are like a warning that nobody knows.

For inside of us lies a different story,
Full of sorrow, pain, and not much glory,
Our beauty shines out, but it's not the whole,
For the essence of love comes from the soul.

And when the petals fall, and death takes hold,
Our true colors are revealed, black as coal,
The love that once bloomed now withers and dies,
And all that's left is brokenhearted sighs.

So don't be fooled by the beauty outside,
For it's what's within that counts, not just pride,
For the essence of love is truly pure,
And lasts forever, of that you can be sure.

Jacob k.s

Copyright © Jacob Kernan | Year Posted 2023


When — ever I peep into my heart
Who frightens me with Ego Skirt
Humbly, humbly whispers in me
Catch the Bibelot, seeing in me
Awakens me to vitalize mine passions
Slowly, slowly assembles the new relations
Humbly, humbly whispers in me
Catch the Bibelot, seeing in me
Sense then rings the facts bell
Gain my vine which I sell
Humbly, humbly whispers in me
Catch the Bibelot, seeing in me
Shed your blood for humanity strong
Sacrify thine self for lasting long
Humbly, humbly whispers in me
Catch the Bibelot, seeing in me

Copyright © Abdul Ghafoor Nasir | Year Posted 2023

Blasted Cobwebs

Blasted Cobwebs
By: Jamie Aldridge
Sticky business is their modus operandi
You can try to say no
but then you realize
your legs won’t let go
With all your might
you put up a valiant fight
For so many years you
strive to be
the bug they long to devour
Yet, all they desire
is to watch you tire
of pointless attempts
to reel them in
How they watch you spin
while sitting comfortably still
Unable to break free
from their thread of lies
they willfully spun
to keep you from ever
truly knowing, seeing, or
enjoying the sun
One day you’ll awake
and discover
that letting go
was always a piece of
chocolate choice cake

Copyright © Jamie Aldridge | Year Posted 2023

Blushing Blossoms

Your memory sprinkles in my mind, 
In the dusting of the springtime.
It's hard not to smile I find, 
When I am lost in thoughts sublime.

The blushing blossoms rustle thoughts 
Of touching, falling, getting lost
Until the sky is silver dots.
We talk until we both exhaust.

I wish I could go back each spring, 
And recall the sweet smell of your
Hair in my face, makes my heart sing.
It's always been you I adore.

Thank you for not going away, 
Sweet, scented thoughts of yesterday.

Copyright © Adam Kennific | Year Posted 2023



Papa, Mama.
They say marriage is a private affair.
Time without number, you've asked of my better half.
He's here today.
Look mama, he's king of my world.

Papa, do not look down upon him.
He's a deligently man.
Working day and night to ensure our decent future.
I love him papa.
He loves me too.
Every single day you've asked for grandchildren.

Mama, he's not a royalty I know.
But nobody was born with riches.
We'll strive together.
I'm certain  we'll excell.
Give him a chance mama.
Listen to him.

Without fear of your retaliation.
I can say papa was not the way he's today.
He was a struggling lad.
Grandma told  me.
That up and down you went.
Along the meanders you negotiated.
Papa, please accept him.

A hero is not judged by the number of calfs. 
I know him better.
You'll be our judge soon after our wedding.
I'm ready papa.
Mama I'm ready to carry the burden.
If things wont work as you say.
But a great certainty I have.
You'll come to praise him.

I'm aging mama.
The world is on a transit.
I can't be stagnant forever.
Allow us to tie this knot.
Papa give us your blessings.
From his side we got.

Do not subject us to torture.
Do not disrupt what we've planned for years 
Do not doubt my choice.
Do not be rigid 

?@Kipngeno Robin.
Tha Formidable Cheru.

Copyright © Kipngeno Robin | Year Posted 2022

Celestial Embrace: A Falling Star's Poetic Journey

When you see a star falling,
It's time to make a wish amending,
Stars are gifts of beauty divine,
Guiding through nights, they kindly shine,
And illuminate my darkened way,
Revealing glimpses of light each day.

My gleaming star still hangs above,
Infusing my life with purpose and love,
I am a child of the cosmos grand,
A steward of skies, destiny in hand,
Born amidst nebulae's collapse,
Embracing my cosmic heritage, perhaps.

I have forged a path I proudly tread,
A chosen journey where dreams are spread,
Though I may stumble and lose my ground,
It is not my demise that can be found,
For in each fall, a rebirth awaits,
Igniting the fire that resonates.

Here I stand, on the world's rim,
Stretching my hands, seeking to skim,
The essence of my shining star,
And make a wish, both near and far.

Grant me the strength to fulfill my quest,
A gentle nudge to bring out my best,
To discover the depths within my heart,
And let my falling star play its part,
Guiding me along my chosen way,
Where dreams twinkle, and hopes shall stay.

Copyright © Adeeso Adeyemi | Year Posted 2023


Some patients of the mental health hospital claim that reality is a prison, a prison so awful that you can't even exist outside of it, and a prison which walls and bars no one can see. One of these patients assured yesterday he knew how to escape from this prison, getting the whole bunch so excited we had to lock them, heavily drugged, in a special wing. We found no one there this morning.

Copyright © Jan Bardeau | Year Posted 2023


Blessing the Childhood

Call it back 
Call it back 
My dear childhood
Come back 
Come back
Cherish my inner soul again
With your love and warmth 
Why did you go 
Never to return
Leaving me alone in hot desert of the 
Leaving me at the cruel mercy of my city
Come back
Come back
Without you my peace is not avail
My soul is incomplete without you 

Come back !

Copyright © farihaa farihaa | Year Posted 2022

Culture of nepal

Amidst the peaks of the Himalayas,
Lies a land of culture and beliefs,
A world that's rich and diverse,
Where ancient traditions still breathe.

Nepal, a land of many hues,
Where harmony and unity reside,
Where diverse cultures come together,
And a vibrant tapestry is tied.

In the valleys and on the hills,
The people of Nepal call out,
With songs and dances, and temple bells,
Their spirit and culture devout.

In every step, in every move,
There's a story, a legend to be told,
Of gods and goddesses, of mystic beliefs,
Of devotion, that's pure as gold.

The colorful festivals and rituals,
Are a feast for the senses, a delight,
With music, dance, and laughter,
They light up the day and the night.

From the majestic Durbar Square,
To the serene Pashupatinath,
The temples and stupas stand tall,
In all their glory, in all their path.

The aroma of incense and flowers,
Permeates through the air,
With prayers and chants, and offerings,
The devotees show their love and care.

The land of Nepal is a jewel,
Where culture and beliefs thrive,
A place where diversity is celebrated,
And people are truly alive.

So, let's embrace this land of wonders,
And learn from its culture and beliefs,
For it holds the key to harmony,
And a world that's free from grief.

Copyright © Bimo Chhan | Year Posted 2023


My Eyes look out into the blackness 
My Voice calls into the void.
I see nothing I hear nothing but I feel Something 
I'm scared of Nothing but also scared of Something.
Does my subconscious make me human?
Does my fear control My destiny?
Or dose my destiny control my fear?
Will I ever know the feeling of emotion 
Or will my emotion control my fear...

Copyright © Paul White | Year Posted 2023


Sitting surrounded amidst the heap, 

Like a gale or like a storm 
They come every year every month 
All the cheer they sweep aside 
All a sudden Heavy books heavy pile
With dark bags under every eye

Cramming night sleeping daytime 
Drowsiness engulfs from the backside 
Head up focused yet mind outside 
Ticking clock running the time 
Mental trauma making way inside.

Copyright © Anshra Eifa | Year Posted 2023


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