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Whereto -- the Wonder

Remember long ago Decembers?
When first you saw Tchaikovsky's 'Nutcracker Suite?'
  Sitting motionless, spellbound, at the dancers' feats.

Remember long ago Decembers?  
When first you saw Van Cliburn or Yitzchak Perlman compete?
  Carnegie Hall SRO, hushed, marveling at musical mastery so sweet. 

Remember long ago Decembers?  
When you saw your first Disney animation?
Cinderella ... Snow White ... or Pinocchio perchance?
  When you left the cinema, you just wanted to up and dance.

For isn't it true?
When you wish upon a star
Won't your heart's desire always come to you?

Copyright © Gershon Wolf | Year Posted 2018


 Darken Shadows
 Deep seeded,
 Echoed voices 
 Captured souls 
 Hollow nights 
 Moonlight gifts 
 Forgotten Loves 
 Broken Solus
 Hate me 
 Break me 
 Save me

Copyright © Debbie Walker | Year Posted 2017

Grown Men Complain

Grown men today will always complain
About how much their paid a wage
When the same men in their lane are paid
At the same rate but dont say anyway.

Copyright © Criss Tripp | Year Posted 2015

Haiku - celestial seduction

lights weave through snowflakes teasing and twirling about distant stars dancing a brilliant display wearing only hand-me-downs the moon steals the show
~FJ Thomas 01/01/2020

Copyright © FJ Thomas | Year Posted 2019


Where wicked things grow, 
She waits to be found,
Down a dark and dusty road,
Eve, a Pumpkin, dying on the ground,

Ravens pick away her eyes, 
She now sees,
Her grin carved with back stabbing knives,
Revealing her unborn seeds,

Slicing her orange flesh,
She feels no pain,
Her grin releases no breath,
As she drinks in frozen rain,

Tonight she'll be warmed by their candle's flickering flame,
She'll perform,
In their evil game,

As they walk by her,
In their scary disguises,
Hoping to fit in,
To be saved from their demises,

It's her turn to play,
Her last chance before she dies,
On this her best performance yet,
All Hallow Eve's Night.

~Vickie Thayer~

Copyright © Vickie Hurtt - Thayer | Year Posted 2017

Old Man

Ancient as the wind Weathered like an old fence board he rocks in his chair Dispensing wisdom when asked Stories when you care to sit

Copyright © Paula Swanson | Year Posted 2010


Elegant shells will listen and love,
With whispering clamours that fit like a glove.
Decadent disclosure is essentially unwise,
Evicting emotions linger on in disguise.
Clarity enriched; Will the sand finally fall?
Each digit begins to explode and enthral.
The parable of justice requires repair,
Many attempts, though with cumbersome care.
Stagnant economy does not matter much,
What’s more important? Is it tactics or touch?
Lucrative levels engulf every breath,
Relinquish control it‘s just the ego’s dim death.

Copyright © Kellie Anne Smart | Year Posted 2022


So how was Christmas
And how do you feel
After turkey and tinsel
And the presents which
We’ll recycle on E-bay
Before New Year’s Day?

Or is it just those folk
Whose lives ruled by greed
Are always desiring
Far more than they need,
Ignoring the kind thought
Of the gift someone bought?

Well gratitude should be
The best feeling of all
When receiving a present
Which may be quite small,
But our spirits should lift
For the best Christmas gift.

Copyright © Elisabeth Sheaffer | Year Posted 2013

Chamber of Dreams

I walk down the stairway
every step
causes excitement to climb higher
arriving at the door
the distance is closed
I open the portal
waking up in the world of fantasy
where the sky is green
and grass is blue
Spring leaves are red
while their tree's bark is yellow
dancing around
I serenade the absence of right and wrong

Copyright © Vermillion Scythe | Year Posted 2017

Before I Say Goodbye

Before I say goodbye, to this world we live in, let me first begin!!!

Begin to give thanks for every breath that I take, for the friends that weren't fake, for a life without hate! For the knowledge I've gained even when there was pain.   For the life that I chose, who really knows!  For I am still life to behold.

Before I say goodbye, to this world we live in, let me first begin!!!

Begin to cherish the children I've beared, even through times when no father was there.  To cherish the growth of future generations, who shall one day maybe run this nation, yours, mines, ours!!!

Before I say goodbye, to this world we live in, let me first begin!!!

Begin to reflect on the beginning of it all,  as far as I can remember, I was four years old, and I stood just as tall as my first walking doll!  Life was care free, I just wanted to be me,  how hard could that be!!!  

Before I say goodbye, to this world we live in, let me first begin!!!

Begin to acknowledge my daughters, my mother, my father, my sister, my brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents cousins who have always loved me.  I could not have asked for a better family tree.  Your love is magnified within me.

Before I say goodbye, to this world we live in, let me first begin!!!

Begin to pray, and give praise for living, breathing, loving, for all of you who came into my life,  for God and Jesus always by my side, for shared memories, and special friends, "No" this is not the end!!!
It's before I say goodbye to this world we live in!!!!

Copyright © Yolanda Scott | Year Posted 2015

Wearing Wounds

It takes a spine spun of steel
To forgive a hateful infliction.
Many are wont to let it fester
Mining malignity of malediction.

For them `tis a wound to wear
With self-righteous indignation.
They herald the hurt as if a gift
And announce it in celebration.

The soul though is not deceived,
It chides for scarcity of charity.
Holding a grudge for what is grieved
Presupposes mindless temerity.

Counsel to forgive eludes them,
Divine admonition they shame.
Seasons past before they grasp
They self-inflicted their pain.

Copyright © Paul Schneiter | Year Posted 2014


The casualties rose
We couldn’t keep a body count
mass graves dotted the landscape

a toddler screaming
countless villages ablaze
unholy despot glories

nuclear seared ground
mustard gas permeates air
rancid poison is swallowed

no hiding spots found
drum tap of the machine guns
decimate remaining dreams

Copyright © George Schaefer | Year Posted 2019


The night had been long and dark I cannot sleep I don’t know what to do. I thought I 
would just lie alone in my bed and listen to all the sounds I here around me. I try to 
figure out what they may be. I think I hear the sound of the crickets call its dark I can’t 
see. I also here what sounds like cars going down the road I don’t know its dark I can’t 
see. So many other sounds I here around me. When lying alone in the dark your mind 
will play tricks on you. Sometimes you here things you can’t explain. If you listen long 
enough they will drive you insane. That is just your mind playing tricks on you. On a 
night you can’t sleep what do you do so your mind will not play tricks on you.

Copyright © craig schaber | Year Posted 2011

My Handicap Beach

My Handicap Beach

As I lay here and look out the window from our hotel at the absolutely amazing view..
It makes me wonder how something so simple creates such beauty and always seems so new..
I feel sadness for those who pass by every day and don’t think another thought about..
The beauty that surrounds them from the beach and the water with the waves washing in and out..
The lighthouse that stands unintentionally stoic and tall and lights the way for those out at sea..
And the sand that finally runs across my toes which has been a dream for so long for me…
This was only possible with the help of a loving person who got me where I needed to go…
And to whom I really hope does realize how much they have helped me in many ways to grow..
And there are always a few people that have to make a spectacle of a girl in a wheelchair..
As they walk by me and say things in a whisper as if they think I can’t hear along with a stare here and there..
If they only knew that It was one of the best days of my life and that I am feeling so relaxed and at ease..
I will take all of their comments and let them go over my head along with the beautiful breeze..
Because this morning I may have been the disabled girl on the beach which was a wonderful thing to me..
And until you learn to see the view from down in a wheelchair every day I don’t care what you think you see...
Because today my view was from the warm sand on a beach towel that was laid down just for me and was the best..
Day I have had in so long because I was no longer that poor gilt in the wheelchair and felt almost like all of the rest..
Of beach goers and comers to the new jersey shore in Atlantic City and right on the pier that is very well known..
For gambling and partying but for me it was just to feel the sand on my toes and feel like I was not handicapped if even for a few moments alone..
Coming home with my stuff in disarray the way it always is along with a few souvenirs because they are from my very first trip away from home..
I loved it so much and want to thank those who took me long on a short but awesome vacation to start me going more which I really hope..
Because it’s nice sometimes to go to places that make you feel different than the usual girl in the wheelchair always needing help from what I call in my head my proverbial rope..
Buffy Sammons

Copyright © Buffy Sammons | Year Posted 2015

You Need To Know

If he makes you wonder just how much you're loved
Then baby he's doin' it wrong
If his heart doesn't melt at the thought of your touch
Then you're somewhere where you don't belong
If he's not seein' stars every time you make love
Then I know a place you can run

You need to know that I'd love you better
In my eyes you'd see nothin' short of forever
My heart would follow wherever you go
I'd be all in baby body and soul
You need to know

If when you're apart he don't go insane
Then I'm tellin' you somethin' ain't right
If the smell of your skin the taste of your lips
Doesn't light up his fire
Then I know somebody who'd trade everything
To be what he never could be

You need to know that I'd love you better
In my eyes you'd see nothin' short of forever
My heart would follow wherever you go
I'd be all in baby body and soul
You need to know

You'd never feel second best
Or have to ask me where you stand

You need to know that I'd love you better
In my eyes you'd see nothin' short of forever
My heart would follow wherever you go
I'd be all in baby body and soul
You need to know

Copyright © Shawn Sackman | Year Posted 2022

His Touch

His loving arms reach out to me
Touched by love, he helps to make me whole

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel | Year Posted 2010



The God came  to me in the guise of a stranger
His gold body scent was of great sublimity 
His arms were marble pillars,  and his embrace
Melted the whole world on my belly.

He tuned me to the refinement of my own nature -
Pitched me so exquisitely I fell from heaven -
Totally vanquished, till I remembered
All there was of paradise, and the number seven.

He has the unfolding of centuries since
To worship me as a goddess divine,
But they couldn’t build churches fast enough
To deny our union in the votive shrine.

The salt of humble pilgrims for my wantonness
I, who had everything but blessedness.

(c) Rosemarie Rowley
From IN MEMORY OF HER (2008)

Copyright © Rosemarie Rowley | Year Posted 2014

A Needle in the Carpet

*spot poetry: Written in 15 minutes or less about any random subject.

Beneath the tweed
lay the nasty pin
It pierced my toe without a need
My foot had lost again

Of all the places I should step
I landed on this pain
"Walkin' on pins and needles"
just doesn't mean the same

I merely stepped up to the lamp
To read the daily news
When all at once
The pin, it stuck
Submerged up through my shoe

And yelling out obscenities
I screamed these words in pain
"Either I get shoes with thicker soles
or ne'er read news again"

Copyright © Gayle Rodd | Year Posted 2017


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