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The End (Where It All Begins)

I'm thankful for every moment we live together.
I will go to my knees and pray we'll never end.
I've come too far to turn around to start over!
If true love never changes, I love you forever!
It's known, you can only see what you look for!
We cannot slow down!
Then we may be late!
Where in this world?
Do I hear footsteps?
Why do I wonder why?
Is this only what you believe until the very end?
Will I need to step it up and get a little wiser?
One time or another I may figure out what I need.
At the top of my mountain, I do not see your sky.
When I cannot see the end is where it all begins.

Copyright © ... Gigno | Year Posted 2010

Random Thoughts 1

He may call you baby
But will he pick you up 
when you're down
And will he hold you when 
you cry?

Copyright © Alex Roberson | Year Posted 2015

Me Vs The Queen

We didn't know it at the start of the night.
That I'd be taking you with hardly a fight.

I knew I wanted you since my eyes made first sight.
It must of been your anxious eyes, or maybe the light.

I swooped in and started off with a joke.
I knew I reeled you in, as you started to choke.

After two rounds you hardly stood a chance.
I had you after two lines of inviting romance.

With your arm locked with mine we waved bye to the bar.
With a sober straight face we made it to the car.

With some directions we made it to your place.
With a small tug of my arm, you set the pace.

You followed up on this move with a gin filled kiss.
I stumbled back a bit knowing, "I got this."

With some persuasive words, I got you out of your clothes.
You're flawless, like an Angel, from your head to your toes.

You were nervous and scared, trying hard to not let it show through.
I was hopeful and confident, because I already knew.

"If you let me have my way, I'll tear you apart.
You should have seen it coming, back from the start."

We went under and slept with our sins,
but in the end, nobody wins.


Copyright © Angel Garcia | Year Posted 2016

C'est la vie, Billy

C’est la vie, Billy!

   His cheeks a deep scarlet, 
     His jaw tightened in an eerie grin,
        He stands, rooted to the spot
              While the snot in his nose
	          Like a long gooey
		      Streak of
				Slowly comes dripping 
					Onto his dappled T-shirt,
      and his eyes, like dazzling agates,
             Fixedly follow the interminable course of
	           The red rubbery ball
                       As the projectile
                          In a deafening clash,
	                     Smashes the headmaster’s office window.

Copyright © Anne-Marie Coreggia | Year Posted 2017

Uncommon Grounds

My heart scans 
for a familiar face 
through throngs
of strangers 
as they scatter 
pell mell 
around me 
eager shoppers 
casing brightly lit 
  sale stuffed store fronts 
while seduced
by the siren song of fresh coffee  
coupled  with 
sticky sweet  cinnamon buns 
the bitter fact
swallows  me
whole again
you no longer reside
of  my dreams

Copyright © April Johnson | Year Posted 2016

He Spoke

He Spoke

Carried about by the storm of emotion,
Over a wild and boundless ocean,
My heart was like a ship at sea,
And no one cared to rescue me.

Or, so it seemed, until I met,
A Man that I shall ne'er forget,
He spoke, the Master spoke to me,
And life the same shall never be,

He said, "I know your needs, that's why,
I went to Calvary to die,
The ocean, once so threatening,
Bowed down to meet my Lord and King.

(copyright 10/30/15)

Copyright © Arlene Binner | Year Posted 2015

Sailing on the Ocean

Listen to poem:
By Robert (Bob) Moore © 2015

We were sailing on the Ocean, my sisters, dad and me
Our sturdy ship was 12 foot long, but could stand the mighty sea
We were sailing past an Island, and native girls were there
They wore grass skirts, and lei’s, with flowers in their hair

Then someone called “13 in”, and I did a double take
We weren’t sailing on the Ocean, we were sailing Belle Vue Lake.
now we are back on dry land, and reality is here
I remember well, those days of yesteryear

Copyright © Bob Moore | Year Posted 2016

A Community Aglow

I’m taking off in a plane in the dark sky.
My window seat makes me forget I don’t like to fly.
The lights in the city sparkle like jewels below.
It is a community, alive, and all aglow.

I wonder what they are doing in their house-
Cooking, watching t.v., or talking with their spouse.
I will never see these faces behind closed doors,
But think of them as happy, laughing, not a care in the world.

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

From Fireflies to Jack-'o-Lanterns

Homes so recently abandoned
for Sunday swims and picnics
have become indoor respites
from the restless chill of change.

Secure, still days have vanished,
with hazy meadows humming.
Fireflies have met their end,
replaced with jack-o'-lanterns.

Now forewarning breezes,
stealthy, crisp, and vibrant,
pierce preoccupations,
uncovering reckless impulses.

Now uncanny images,
voices of chance and charm,
bide their ghostly time
to tease mortals hitherto content.

Darts and dashes of circumstance,
figures of flitting moments,
are creatures mysteriously born,
skipping towards certain death.

So what, if the end is approaching;
the witches' brew is bubbling--
the whispers of all moans and laughs,
the collage of dreams and desires.

Now is the ecstasy of flinging
one's fate to the unrefined choir--
the discordant sounds and initiatives
of many spirits and springs.

Grinning gourds and goblins
bless the annual surprise--
this primal burst of forces
that refuse once more to be quenched.

Copyright © Carol Mays | Year Posted 2015

The Good Citizen's Creed

Weeks slip
Dreams flip
Again & again
It'll happen in ten
nine eight seven six
Good little workers pick up sticks
five four three two
Dear little baby, the next one is you

Eat your bread
Go to bed
The clock strikes ten
Again & again
We are free men
Just a' waitin' for when
that whistle gets blown
lettin' us go on home
Where we bow down our faces and give thanks at last
to our Savior, our Comrade, bless'd Iconoclast

Red little hen
You remember when
you told us we should know
that you reap what you sow
"We should have that bread too!"
We demanded of you
Yet you selfishly stood & reminded us that
Idle souls crave, while the earnest get fat

Old ways
By-gone days
We were bound by The Ten
Again & again
We are surely free now
Hen was old anyhow
Now we toil at will
In the field, in the mill
Done away with that moral delusion of old
We've evolved, we are free, we will not be controlled
Now rid from the rule of that fairy Godhead
Our new leader has graced us with Circus & Bread
Gladly we serve that new champion of ours
Who has sworn to deliver us straight to the stars

"1. Simply do as I say
2. And you mustn't to pray
3. And lay down your arms, you're now free from all harms
4. And pay me your dues
5. And allow me to choose, what's best from your head right down to your shoes
6. Give me your blood
7. And your sweat
8. And your tears, For only through I can you live out your years, hand in hand with your brother, your sister, your friend, In prosperity, lightness, and peace till the end
9. And promise to love me with all of your heart
10. Swear that, even in famine, we never shall part"

So we strap on our boots, march in line nice & straight
For our liberator, our darling, The State.

Copyright © Carolyn Fish | Year Posted 2016

Sharing the Promise

Something spoke a promise
Whispered by the sky
And nodding clouds then passed it on
To eagles flying high
Something told the meadow
And gave the sparrow song
Who sang it to the cottontail
Who spread the warmth along
The trees soon got the message
And swayed with new delight
The raindrops danced in evening breeze
And shared it through the night
Each lily and fair flower
Stood taller on the stem
The promise shared when darkness came
                   ........The sun will rise again

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2009

Rose Petals

One by one rose petals fall
blanketing silken pink sheets 
perfumed fragrance tantalize....
rosebush garden bare

Copyright © 2010  By Caryl S. Muzzey

Fourth Place Winner ~ "Spicy” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Michael J. Falotico
Jan. 29, 2011

Copyright © Caryl Muzzey | Year Posted 2011


feel me missing you
my soul reaches out to you
be gentle with it

Copyright © Cathy Johnson | Year Posted 2016

The Silence

Tell me, only tell me
 if I have ever silently
 mentioned you.

 I hear the bells 
 that knock a the door
 that come and go
 knocking my silence down.

 Oh! Immense sound 
 you that you show at my door 
 and makes me confuse my silence,

 Now that you go away
 do not forget 
 to return my silence.

Copyright © Charlie vazquez | Year Posted 2017

I miss the sun


The sun bids farewell 
to the day

waving in effervescent hues
and as it disappears below the horizon

I am reminded how
sad goodbyes truly are…

I miss the sun

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2016


In my dreams
You call to me
With your sweet song
And beautiful melody

I hear you play your flute
It resonates in me
Playing a happy song
I dance and tap my feet

I follow your call
I look among the trees
You hide from me
Still playing your melody

Here and there I hear your laugh
Teasing me…
Challenging me…
To follow the song
To follow your sweet melody

In a clearing I see you
And you smile to me
Finally we can dance
We are together at last

Until the sunrise 
We dance and tap our feet
Following the beat
Of your sweet melody

Now I can see
That destiny brought you to me
We could find each other
Through your sweet melody

January 26, 2017

Copyright © Claudia Polydoro | Year Posted 2017

The Original Ozark Cafe

  (in John Deere green)

The décor paid tribute to an American icon,
a way of life that built this land.
Did the owner's ancestors farm nearby,
his memories the reason for the John Deere green?

Green everywhere: tablecloths, wooden posts
trim strips on walls, wind-chimes and hanging plants;
not garish or overpowering, but subtle, and pleasing to the eye.
Ceiling beams were lined with strings of Christmas lights,
every bulb in John Deere green.

One old children's hand-tooled saddle—with sheepskin lining
and a cinch made from woven rope—sat astride a dividing rail.
A small shaped mirror near the door, wore a horse-collar frame.

John Deere tractors adorned an entire wall, 
displayed on shelves, in framed photos and metal ads, 
reflected in large mirrors—evenly 
spaced— on the opposite wall.

Locals ate, took no notice. I was enthralled, and ordered
biscuits and gravy, my mind full of memories
of life on the farm, in John Deere green. 

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever

Baby we need to talk
You're eleven now
Boys your age are starting to look
Trust me they are
Stop rolling your eyes, that's not nice
How many times have I told you
To stop rolling your eyes, please
You have those nice ribbons in your hairs
A cute sparkle to your eyes and teeth
A shiny glean to your blond hair
Boys your age are starting to look
You have a growing apple orchard
A yearning strawberry patch
Feet that want to explore
Trust me
Boys your age are starting to look
You have a good head on your shoulder
A better outlook on life
A quest to be the best
Trust me 
Boys your age are starting to look
You have blue skies ahead of you
A sunnier life on the horizon
And parents that love you to pieces
Trust me
Boys your age are starting to look
Baby girl, listen
Baby you have a locket
Nice and shiny
And beautiful
You're shapely
You put a gleam into boy's eyes your age
Trust me
Boys your age are starting to look
Inside your locket is your most prized possessions
Listen to me, stop rolling your eyes
You keep it for the man that you love and plan to marry
Trust me
Boys your age are starting to look
Look at me baby, stop rolling your eyes,again
I only want what's best for you
Look at your father
His docket and my locket 
Met for the first time
On our Honeymoon
It's was fairy tail
We were Romeo and Juliet
That's what I want for you
Mama wipe those tears out of your eyes
I love you mama, 
Grandma's already told me that story
Trust me
I know
Boys my age are starting to look
Mama, I just roll my eyes at them

connie pachecho


Copyright © connie pachecho | Year Posted 2016