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Without knowing why, I cry

I feel you coming closer
As you creep into my dreams, and
I close my eyes and drift away.
Tortured by my own imagination
Abused by my own thoughts …
My breathing is laboured and

Without knowing why, I cry….

A new day, a new dawn
Brings with it a hope of calm.
As the water cascades over my body
Sensual thoughts race into my mind
I see how we fit together
How we ride the waves of pleasure,
I experience the explosion
Floating, falling, drifting, coming,

Without knowing why, I cry ….

I realise once again
That my life will never be the same
Celibacy forced on me
And only in my dreams will I
ever feel a tender touch
Fulfilling my every need.

Without knowing why, I cry ….

This poem is written in Bop format which is not given in the list to choose from

Copyright © Alison Nel | Year Posted 2017


Take a walk down the lane
To the stream in the valley
Take a look in the water
What do you see
A face looking upwards
That once belonged to me

Copyright © KEVIN GRAHAM | Year Posted 2017

what foundation

Wars a raging flame. 
The catalyst?
...o.k with scenes...
of bombs and screams...
of blood and flames.......
and death? then...watch.
A single itchy finger.....
....that lingers on...
the trigger....
anticipation from a nation.
A single decisions spotlight.
another nations envy. 

Copyright © Alberto Maldonado | Year Posted 2017

We're not cool

We’re not cool
We’re in love.
We’re not looking for where we belong
We are free

We’re everything there is
To each other
There isn’t another
I’d want as my lover

You’re totally great
And my best mate
Still let’s be clear
And reiterate

We’re not cool
We’re in love.

Copyright © efe efe | Year Posted 2017


My feelings are ripping at the seams caught up in my own intensity. You are what heaven feels like. Your eyes are the perfect shade of brown, warm and deep like your chestnut hair. Baby, come here to me everything is slowing down. You can't escape my affection so be here for when I need you. I just love you so much, that I fall to pieces. My garden is yours, please bask in my sun. Drink my sweet summer wine, coconut and lime. You hold me so tightly, I give myself to you. I can't be with the man I love, unless he treats me rough. And no one could rock me like you could.

Copyright © Lana Antonella | Year Posted 2017

Two Little Sparks

My life is contrite but my feelings are right,
And I will always face bitter scorn,
Two little sparks wink my night; keep my spirit alight,
As I wait for the fortnight to dawn.

I sit in my bed as I cradle my head,
Flick through pictures I took on my phone,
Whilst my eyes turn to red at the love that's been said,
Between three hearts including my own.

It's hard to be me there is no subtlety,
So I walk into their cold empty room,
I grab a soft toy so their aroma deploys,
and a saline mark on pillow will bloom.

My chest heaves a sigh as I wish away night,
and my larynx makes up its own tune,
Twelve days must go by while I push on and I try,
To exist in this paternal gloom.

But soon it will come and the sparks turn to sun,
With the tempers and kisses and play,
Two plus one is my sum until next time they come,
Twelve days is an eternity away.

I try not to remind but my world is unkind,
as I fall and I die and I weep,
Off comes the rind with the bitter inside,
As my darlings invade my sleep.

Goodnight my cute things; my angels without wings,
I will think of you in all that is dear,
The joy that you bring just by simply existing,
Is the power that is keeping me here.

Copyright © Jon K | Year Posted 2017


Pretty rows of Tulips standing straight and tall
Sipping morning dew drops by the garden wall 
You look like lovely ladies gathered for a chat
Each displaying her boldest colored Sunday hat  
Oh lovely ladies... tell me what your secrets are
Who made you glow like a stunning movie star 
Bathed with the fresh cool rains of early spring
Your fragrance makes all of God's  Angels sing

Copyright © Gloria Dennis | Year Posted 2017

The River

We turn a blind eye as she weeps
As she sways and churns in disgust 
We let others harm her

She is engulfed in foreign filth
And we loathe her for it
She is damned to suffer 

All due to our own omission
Our negligent nature

We devour her
And bleed her dry

We need her

The river

Copyright © Sydney Loukus | Year Posted 2017

The Principle's of life

Wake up put your gear on go out in the morning
Have a positive outlook break the habit no yawning
Don't be afraid to ask push yourself stop whining

Time waits for no man when the clock is thicking
Make things easy and say yes i can stop over thinking
Talk to people build a connection enjoy the simple thing

Remain calm don't get excited find a decent job
Come to work  with clean energy don't be a slob
Have fun at work do as your told by manager bob

Eat well to live hit the gym workout plan cardio
Detox your body from poison dance it off rodeo
Inspire lead don't be a one hit wonder like coolio

Invest in your child's future save money
Do the right thing avoid trouble no phoney
In my estate with my wife and daughter never lonely

Copyright © Jay Boro | Year Posted 2017

The Other Donald

If only I could vote for you, crazy Donald of my youth, after watching tonight’s horror show of possibilities with no truth. Here comes Zero-gun control, no tolerance, no respect for all, for in the future is insanity, sanity put on the run, no reason, no rhyme, more crime. race riots in full swing, is the future Donald brings. Donald to the left of you Donald to the right, spewing crazy is as crazy does, stupid right Forrest Gump? I do not watch much news, bad news day after day it can affect your brain, but I had to see tonight the momentous spectacle that Donald may bring our way. Donald did deliver on his future of crazy, but It sure did not amaze me, an audience full of beautiful Stetson’s and ball caps no disrespect its symbolic of Donald’s mainstream demographic. Donald’s future tag line will be “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” he is clear in his campaign rhetoric he has given America it’s warning, unheeded it will be the world’s darkest morning. I wish America to vote for the other Donald as I would vote for the Donald of my youth, he delivered on comedy, he delivered the truth, that innocence in the face of crazy is part of growing up, I am not sure we expected this real life Donald, crazy Donald Trump. I vote for the other Donald, for he never let me down, he was not real, just a giggle on the cultural American deal. A story foretelling of that day, that Donald of the future will become a real Daffy and will come our way. Truth be damned rhetoric reign supreme, grasping at straws of up holding the American dream, a dream that will drown in the wake of Donald’s dribble, his drool, forever staining the world’s pillow. No sleepless nights while Daffy is in power, pray to god we do not meet our final hour…Poetry by Dean

Copyright © Dino Clarke | Year Posted 2017

The Dusty, Dirty Roads Covers Our Love

Along the old dusty roads, awaits
a jounery for you and me, it has
no roads, no signs, yet a path...
who has been here before, could

it have been us but not us, for
our love dwells on the destintion
unknown...you with me, or me with you

Am travelling this jounery, don't call me,
a traveller
for it is only because of you, your love
professionally designed, to meet my needs,
pure, it has no future, yet it is unconditional
love keeps me going, it grows as the days go

our love, your love,
the dusty roads covers me,
with your inner love that loves

Copyright © Novallan Booysen | Year Posted 2017

The Deciever

You are the deceiver
and I am the deceived
centuries you've had to master your craft
and clever you are
your words are misleading
your promises untrue
and the people you make your puppets
your games no man can win
those trapped in playing your game merit death
my life you hate
my blessings you despise
with gold and women you lure man into your trap
from children you take fathers and mothers
from fathers and mothers you take children
you wish to be God
but you are no God
You are doomed and time is against you
Look to the sky
hear the trumpets blow
feel the earth tremble
The Master comes and for you defeat is near
Victory shall be mine
Peace unto Gods people forever and ever

Copyright © Reginald Harrison | Year Posted 2017

Talk with me a while

Talk with me a while
Would you bring me flowers,
And place them on my grave.
Sit and talk with me a while, 
and show me, you can be brave.
Tell me how much you love me, 
We  missed so much time apart.
And wishing we could go back in time.
And have a brand new start.
I may not be here anymore, 
And your life won’t be the same.
I will always, love all of you.
I guess we are all to blame.
By: Donald L. Waugh

Copyright © Donald Waugh | Year Posted 2017

Strength In Me

I fly alone,
Not one in a flock,
High above,
The piercing eyes of a hawk,
Depths of blue seas,
Misty skies surround me,
No greater feeling,
Than to be free,
One with God,
And the path,
He's painted for me.

Copyright © Vickie Thayer | Year Posted 2017


I want to get off the grid
Don't want to be governed by the viscous
circle of life
Live off what nature hands you.
Live off the grid
Be free in a cabin in the middle
of nowhere.
Separate from the hustle and
bustle of life.
Enjoy every aspect of life.
Do your own thing
without judgement
Be Free...


Copyright © Shannon Hansen | Year Posted 2017

Samantha's Tree

Samantha once scampered a tree
To see whatever she could see.
So far up did she boost
That an owl came to roost
On Sammy's precarious knee.

Copyright © Richard Breese | Year Posted 2014

Remember me

                            REMEMBER ME

Shining lights that follows me like stars above. Glittering of colors, dressed in fashion, a legacy I will leave behind for the world to see; remember me! Though they spoke the words I will never achieve, do they not see the life I live will be apart of history. Remember me. I turned the tables around of their twisted dreams, your twisted dreams and visions will never be me, their T.V. world of dreams, the monster you make me out to be. Your T.V. world of dreams. This heart shows no fear, what will you do to me? Scars, pain to the heart, tragedies in life was already the beginning for me. The pictures you painted was watered down dreams, delusions of what you wanted me to be. Cover your face and cry, I stand in victory, victorious over my haters and enemies. You will remember me. Success shines forth in the eye's of many, when death swallows me, and my coffin close to the eye of thee, remember me. Like rain drops I am apart of these streets, melody will be apart of my heart for peace. I will let wisdom and understanding be my medicine to keep thee, my eye's 
will look straight ahead for better things. Remember me! For history a legacy, you will remember me.

Copyright © Jamad Harris | Year Posted 2017

Real Pain

You see the scars
Your scars to harm
To harm yourself
To harm yourself for how you felt
How you felt with all the pain
The pain that won't go away
The pain that won't go away until you feel
Until you feel something real
Something real, real pain
Real pain that distracts the way
The way you feel
The way you feel, your heart aches
Aches from something lost
Something lost
Taken from you
Taken from you, something you loved
The thing you loved
Gone for good
Gone for good but not these scars
These scars that reminds your heart
Reminds your heart to never forget
To never forget, all of it.

Copyright © Seth Maxwell | Year Posted 2017