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Below are PoetrySoup's featured poems for the week starting Sunday, September 16, 2018. Use the numbered navigation below to navigate through all of the featured poetry.



Spring is awakening,
The birds in the trees,
While little blades of grass
Shoot up through old leaves.
The new birds arrive
And the old ones depart,
And the children again 
Play in the park.

                  Cile Beer

written 1955

Copyright © Marycile Beer | Year Posted 2005

ON A SUMMER DAY-an American doublet

Amidst the field of seeding grass,carefree;
Lush clover scents the nectar seeking bee.

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2007

Dear God

Dear God, 
Right now I am having some problems,
I look for a rightful place amongst my kindred,
And I cannot seem to find one,
I don't speak, or think, or be,
Like my brothers that I see,
I'm young and yet this weight is so heavy,
I am so tired and yet my life is fairly easy,
But I cannot escape my eyes and heart, that every day they say in this form I do 
not beling,
I wish to leave and join your everlasting,
My problems are so trivial compared to others in your flock,
But God I am weak and it is so hard to stand,
A man.
But just keep walking with me.
If you do, I'll make it through,
This labyrinth to you.

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2007

Beside You

Nestled closely curved
Like two spoons well kept in a drawer
I lay beside you every night
Drifiting towards the dreamtime
Pressing the alien softness of your female flesh
Filling hand with its gentle weight
Enfolding into your perfect curvature
Feeding on your warmth, your living heat
As it rises through your skin
To cross over into mine.

These are the moments
The downtime after loveplay
When our sexes settle into one another
Crossing the in-between of days spent together
As an undistinguished One; the Human Beast
Who fears the dark
Who needs its mate
For strength and calm
And reasons to get up again.

We curled together so
By the guttering fire
In the frigid cave.

We'll curl together so
By the guttering fires
Of dying suns
As we cross the eternal dreamtime
Of the Universe,

Copyright © William Masonis | Year Posted 2007

The Hourglass

Mankind's finite days, as minute grains of sand. Methodically exit the hourglass, That God possesses in hand. Mankind fathoms not hours, nor discerns time of day. Nor perceives what God, has chosen as parting way. But when hourglass is empty, and judgment day's at hand. excuses then, will not subsist, Nor will God grant more sand. Ecclesiastes 11;3

Copyright © Tom Wright | Year Posted 2008

In Memory of Mary Jo

We left the meeting at the church
where we had laughed and cried
in memory of Mary Jo
whose vibrant voice had died

A family was gathered there
a baptism taking place
an angel in white christening robes
tentative smile upon her face

I paused to watch with joyful heart
the babe so young and brave
and sent a prayer that God
bless her from cradle to grave

A feeling then washed over me
as waves wash o're the shore
though beloved Mary Jo is gone
God gifts us with one more

I've heard it said that when we die
we really aren't gone
for another child will be born
somewhere to carry on

Two precious souls were blessed that day
One went home, one came to play.

But in my mind, that baptismal babe
is kin to one we know
perhaps someday we'll reunite
with the soul of Mary Jo.

Note: Dedicated to Mary Jo Dempsy, May 8 1919-June 8 2006, fine poetess and friend.  She 
is truely missed.

Copyright © Trudy Diane Rider | Year Posted 2008

Friends are special

Have you ever thought about the company you keep
I have, friends are unique and special to me.
Friends are like roses that blossom all year through
How many have you.

Friends are few and hard to find
Friends are not silent or unkind.

Friends are there to comfort you
Friends are treasures that are one of a kind.
Friends are forgiving
Friends are everlasting
How many have you.

Friends see no colour
Nor do their judge
Friends are patient
Friends are honest
Now how many have you.

Copyright © Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble | Year Posted 2009

Red Neck (Psalms and Proverbs)

For those concerned of my muse
My red neck proverbs,  please don’t refuse,

If those considered to be, of lesser degree,
Could gain confidence in themselves,  to see,

Refusing to be put down by some carnal mind,
Thank you! My love in my heart is fine,
Rather! It’s the mind that’s out of line,

For all of life will be set straight,
Before entry into the gate,
Given time, by the settling of the mind,

Although we may think we know,
Given to the mind so,
In our life, if there’s strife,
Will certainly show,

Proof there is in the pudding,
Being a gooden,
If mind wooden, blow so, and show,  
Strife,  in life so,

If a little toad frog had wings,
Wooden be given to his many flings,
Bumping little buttocks along on the ground,
Butt twood,- be heaven bound!!


Ever once in a while, I write a poem that I feel like, is good enought
to dedicate to someone."Carolyn Devonshire" this your lucky or sad
day, depending upon your own opinion of the poem dedicated!
Your dedication in your comments on poems in Poetry Soup, mine 
included, are certainly a source of inspiration to me, as I am sure others. 
God Bless you, Sincerely, John Moses Freeman

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2009

Baby Poetry

Ga Ga,
Goo Goo,
Pee Pee,
Poo Poo,
Ma Ma,
Da Da,
Pa Pa,
Na Na,
Wa Wa,
Ba Ba,
Whaaaa! Whaaaa!
Ha Ha!

OOPS! I Forgot to Spell Check.

Copyright © Billy TheKidster | Year Posted 2009

I need a Vacation

The pearlescence shine of the white sandy beaches,
Tracing love letters with fingertips in the sand.
Take me away, to the place of my daydreams,
Take me away, to a warm and distant land.

The blinding bright reflection of the sun on the ocean,
Heat beating down, warming me through and through.
Take me away, to the place of my daydreams,
Take me away, to the paradise that I knew.

A million stars shining down from a clear night sky,
Dancing barefoot together in the soft moonlight.
Take me away, to the place of my daydreams,
Take me away, we can run away tonight.

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2010

Frozen Sleep

A cloak of ice worn
Hastened Winters kiss bestow
Churning waters still

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel | Year Posted 2010

The Closing In

       SARAJEVO the closing in
They've known their only friends weren't here to stay
but only come to spend a night or two
in hopes of putting off the judgement day
that's closing in no matter what they do;

all chances are the story will be sad
but who recalls beginnings, when it ends?
To lay the blame would only drive one mad
and so they lay the blame upon their friends

who leave them to the way that's come around
in spite of all the tears there are to cry
for love of Sarajevo, hallowed ground
a fitting place for one to stand and die.

   And all the world will hear the final plea
   but pass it off as what was meant to be.

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2011


A choo! Achoo! Oh geez, here we go!
L ousy allergies putting on a show.
L ingering effects of pollen's assault,
E yes weeping, nose running, I wish it would halt.
R ecurring miseries with each seasonal change,
G uaranteeing discomfort, plans rearranged.
I ndecent exposure to dust mites and such,
E nergy draining meds a necessary crutch.
S niffing and sneezing - I've had enough!

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2011

I knew you would be mine

When I saw you waiting in that cafe
I knew you would be mine.
You were handsome, smiling, were specially designed.
You looked like men I’d only dreamed about in all those years before.
I’m so broke up,so broke up;you don’t love me anymore.

I saw you on the station as I came from out the train.
You wore an old green parka to protect you from the rain.
I wanted to be one with you,to make a Love entire;
But all I did was give you pain too bad be endured

You walked away so quickly,I could not see you long.
I wish I had a big guitar to draw you back with song.
I looked at where you disappeared;what love has loss revealed?
I wish I could just lay down on this floor and keep my face concealed.

Railway stations sadden me, for I know we’ll never meet .
I won’t cry more ,for tears are running almost to my feet.
I walk fast looking straight ahead past that entrance gate,
I pretend that you have missed your train,that work was running late/

I count from one and one up to a thousand and many more–
But I know for sure it's far too late; you have closed that heavy door.
You are hiding in a dungeon
You are covered with white steel
But I know you had a heart and you must surely feel.

I lost all my illusions, and then I lost some more.
I wish I could lay down and die,right here on this floor

Copyright © Katherine Braithwaite | Year Posted 2012

Waiting in Vain

"Waiting in Vain" all my life I've been waiting to capture the illusive brass ring to fill my heart with happiness; to lace my hands with bling. years have passed and still I wait for the rainbow's pot of gold to seal my fate and heal my soul with love to have and hold. time has escaped before my eyes as I wait for the silver lining to chase away all my cares beyond the woodbine twining. waiting for envisioned dreams to at last materialize from make-believe to reality where dreams wait to survive. in deeper thoughts of yesterday I crave my wishing well would soon erupt into new songs of life not magic spells. now I pace upon my porch; my rocker waits for me to sit and simply wait in vain for things I'd hoped 'twould be ...

Copyright © Linda-Marie SweetHeart | Year Posted 2012



World's most beautiful creature
A vision of poetry in motion
An apotheosis in satin and lace
The ultimate in love and devotion


A masterpiece of charm and guile
Perfection to the nth degree
Few words can describe this beauty
A quintessence of love is she


Primordial reaction is one of awe
When viewing this creature divine
The essence of love is all around her
On the very edge of sublime


Carnal attraction between the sexes
Can only describe this bliss
The final union of body and soul
As we tumble into the abyss

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2012


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