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When times are rough

Who can u turn too if thing's 
Ain't what it seems?
How can u chase a goal if you don't 
Have any dreams?
Life a roller coaster
But you have to hold on tight!
Longs you keep your Lord first
I promise everything will be alright
We all battling each other like 
Day and Night
Have to make a change!
Soon as I say I'm going to
Make a difference
People start acting strange..
Well life is like a space ship
It goes round and round 
Must have something to fall back on 
Or you will hit solid ground 
You must charge up like new electronics
Make poetry a lifetime commitment 
Like you on hooked on phonics!!

Copyright © Dante Reed | Year Posted 2017


Numinous bodies;
Complex, elegant, acme
of the universe.

Copyright © Peter Brooks | Year Posted 2017


Suddenly we appear
On a land with tinctured atmosphere
The cross, the moon and star
A sovereign state more ethnical than wazobia

A smooth and broad path before us
Hungry for our feet to break the hush
Alas the road becomes starved
With thorns and thistles upwardly breaking its soil

Like the ape, bigotry evolves
Extremist in every nook and cranny
Untamed by the scepter and khaki 
Callously murdering people in cold blood

Enemies of peace lurking around
Refusing to walk in the path of love
Killing people with façade of hide and skin
The unpunished traitors of love and nationalism

Dedicated to those who lost their lives in Southern Kaduna massacre
										YEMI AFO (2017)

Copyright © Yemi Afolabi | Year Posted 2017

untold tale

Colors are disappearing like loss of innocence
Hearing the voices from outside like a baby in the cradle
Something is murmuring just like a specific sound
The sunlight is falling and making the body hot
No movement in the body
Eyes are open; film of his past is going on
Fly is flying over his eye
He is calm and peaceful, silently shouting with pain
Pain of soul, pain of fear, pain of loneliness, pain of unknown misdeeds
Days and nights are passing, no one comes
He feels that time has stayed due to pain
For one second pain has gone
He thinks years have passed
 Nothing is changed, nor his situation, nor atmosphere
Thread of life is breaking, bit by bit
He is praying, fly is flying
It is sitting on the half black and white side of the eye
Pray for one time to blink the eyes
This thing is irritating him, forgetting about everything except remembering the hellish thing
He blinks the eye; the thread of life is broken
Now there is no irritating thing 
Loss of every physical sense and loss of to be lost
Journey towards unknown…………….?

Copyright © Dia zafar | Year Posted 2017


Fray full fantasies fill frightful phrases. Sight of faint light fades thru hills of forgotten shade. Sweat lingers to slidepanfulls of forgotten tide. Only lesions of rain play spiteful thru forbidden haze. So many depend on so many foreseen. There can only be one day of Tripoli. 

Copyright © Jason Jenkins | Year Posted 2017

Those 'Rewarding' Comments

There is no point
If you have ‘been there, done that’
Unless you announce so loudly
On social sites
Show the proof of
The ‘Happy Family’ moments
You see, enjoying those moments
At that very instance
Is secondary
It is all about looking ahead
Thinking of the future
And this is just the beginning
Because now you
Have to check, every now and then
Those comments
Of your friends
Their mushy remarks
‘Oohs’ and ‘Aahs’
Literally dripping their love for you
These bring back the twinkle in your
Sleep deprived eyes
And instantly uplift
Your travel weary selves
If you do not get a response
From someone specific
And you want to know
Whether he is dead or alive
All you have to do is
‘Poke’ him
His reaction, a ‘thumbs up’ will
Give you the same satisfaction
As a complete meal on a hungry stomach
And your daughter will tell you
‘Now, it has all been worth it’
Your ‘Thank you’ replies
To hundreds such comments
Are bound to keep you busy
For weeks to come
So much for our craving
For some ‘social recognition’
If not in the real world
Then at least in the virtual one
Where no great achievements
Are needed to get those
‘Rewarding’ comments

Copyright © VIJAI PANT | Year Posted 2017

This isn't living

I see you sitting there
Night after night
Living someone else's passions
Worried about some stranger's future
Borrowing some guy's dreams
Involved in another couple's romance
As if you were so empty inside
That you couldn't live your own life

I see you glued there
Your eyes look like mirrors to the almighty screen
And I can't help but wonder
What happened to the dreams you had to once have
How your life would be if you finally decided to live it

But I still see you there half-sleeping
And I wonder what I've been doing here
How I ever got here
Where my suitcases are
What I'll take with me
What I'll tell you as I leave
How you'll take the news
Oh- you'll be crushed for sure
For a while, maybe for a long while
And you'll have just one more excuse to escape
one more reason not to live your life
So sad

Copyright © Line Gauthier | Year Posted 2017

The steel jacketed messenger of death

The steel jacketed messenger of death!.
Hell:! Professionally proxied in a tube
A shell comfortably seated in a cube
Doors never shut yet you need to knock
...With a finger and not necessarily your fist before it let's go
The steel jacketed messenger of death.

Oh! What a messenger!
 So humble and obidient.
Without a knock, it remains there
Never delivering the message to its master
But to the aim? "The speed of light couldn't be faster"
Still the trusted messenger to still a breath.

You let, it jets,
to the target it gets 
and in its nest its sure to melt.
It never mistakingly slips while on the shelf
But even at sleep, its never mistakingly deaf
To instill bucketed fear in every gender on earth.

Its a toy to a kid, employed by the skilled,
straight to the hit yet indifferent o the killed.
With freight in its sound,
 to hell it is bound 
and the effect is now!
The steel jacketed messenger of death. Is .....A BULLET

Copyright © Omogoriola Bisayo | Year Posted 2017

The silence

As I stand alone, like all the days before. I realize how alone I truly am. I sit in silence.. I sleep in silence... I think in silence. I want to be loud I want to feel and know and talk. But there is no one around. No one has the time to stop and listen. They all have their own noise going on. So much like the silence I disappear. Like a breath on a cold night, or like the morning dew. Insignificant, and waste of time to give more then a moments thought to.
The silence is what keeps me quiet and the silence is what keeps me alone. Because in the silence, I hear every reason no one will fall for me, No one would care or even notice if I made noise. So the only noise I make is in silence and all in my head while my heart just wants to scream PAY ATTENTION but is eaten by fear. The silence has me convinced to stay silent, and just disappear. Like the darkness when you close your eyes, no one sees all the truthful lies."

Copyright © Jason Wall | Year Posted 2017

The On-looker

  His eyes stare beyond the high horizon, while his soul dances with the wild river. There he sleeps with the color of the daisies. He was struck with lightning that carried him beyond the endless sky. Beyond his thoughts he taken the moon and buried it deep in his pocket. He gazed beyond the mountains and walked in the misty valley.  In the greenest forest he rolled with the garden leaves that left a sweet smell of honesty on his palm. Even the majestic caught him with tears.  
    Free as the wind that landed him in the center of the pearl and the nectar that swept across his lips. Engage by the beauty of sound he knows the imminent of joy rested well in his heart. Now the Onlooker is in slumber where his heart grows by the grape vineyard.

Copyright © Marqueda Manning | Year Posted 2017

The Olden Renewed

(I belong to the one in who the olden way has joined the new.)

I:- Can we meet In a park not so far away? Under an Ancient Oak Tree that bows to sway?
Like children in a meadow we run and play. Bound in Metal we find Today.
II:- Exhausted by flight we find in Tomorrow. Dreams and Hopes fill the Sorrowed.
All for one and one for all! Love surly shalt not fall.
III:- With Hope in their Eyes, passed through their Peers. There is a river produced of flowing tears.
As night falls, Vision Disappears..
Minutes go by, The End ever nears….
IIII:- Out of the tunnel, The Light abound! Surrounded, An Encircled Heart is found.
Bringing from darkness what once was bound.
“One” Appears given a Crown.
V:- The Teacher was Teaching The Students of Cost. Gaining what paid, Wished Never One Lost.
The Teacher Gone,… Done in the ‘morrow….
The Song Sung? That of your Sorrow…
VI:- He seen Today, The Dream Tomorrow.
The same Yesterday and to get to the Morale.
Without that Today, All would be lost. 
The Beggar of Sorrows,…
The knowledge of Cost…
VII:- The Man’s Cost was the Price He paid.
He was worth a whole life and He Gave it Away.
Tomorrow I see the Yesterday to Be. Who yet stands to Fight with Me?

Copyright © Eric Cover | Year Posted 2017

The Most Beautiful Flowers

Delicate are the ones with their ever so soft petals.
Drawn with amazing hues of pink, red, and blue.
For some are embodied in their protective nettles.
They are covered each morning with the dawn’s dew.
They are the ones the bumblebees fly to.
Some believe they are filled with magical powers.
The powers that bring things to anew.
For they are the most beautiful flowers.

When the day of the sun starts to settle,
The beautiful flowers gently lay in blue.
Sad that the sun has closed its petals,
But needing rest and peacefulness too.
So they lie in wait wondering what to do.
For the calm of night will interrupt with showers.
Gentle rain to replenish and make them new.
For they are the most beautiful flowers.

They arise in the morning with renewed mettle.
They bent at the tips for when the wind blew.
But no flower is lost in a puddle of petals.
Strong they stand and stable and erect, too.
Bountifulness in courage they never knew.
For they stand tall in their finest hour.
Brightly painted in many hues.
For they are the most beautiful flowers.

The sun shines radiantly and brings the morning dew.
They have proven they have gifted powers.
Ready to be picked by me and you.
For they are the most beautiful flowers.

Copyright © Stephani Peralta | Year Posted 2017



Weighing the cons and pros, I prepare the argument, all aspects considered, all answers ready, let "them", just start off!
Here's an idea, to prove to be the enlightened one, worth some famous philosopher's book, here I was all set to give a sermon on life, there the subject changed over a cough!

Somewhere the wise mind was stacking these precious lessons and sermons, those brilliant monologues, enlightening ideas, sometimes even a clever answer which missed its chance!
Waiting for a next time, they start surfacing at random, "eureka" at work,  first bite at lunch, while shaking a leg at dance!

Starting to diminish, somewhere in the bottom of the mind's mine; a familiarity, a similarity triggers the senses deep, there erupts the lava of "Déjà vu"; whose occurrences was "ought";
Here's tribute to those lost thoughts!

-Mansi Sharma

Copyright © Mansi Sharma | Year Posted 2017


            THE DEATH DRUM





Copyright © ABDULLAH GOFA MORUAKGOMO | Year Posted 2017

The Day of Total Eclipse

The total eclipse is coming soon.
The sun will be covered by the moon.
Everybody will be viewing a scene.
A sight they have never seen.

Everyone will be looking toward the sky.
To see that sight as it draws nigh.
I wonder what it would be like on that morn.
If all a sudden the angels blew their horn.

Now that would be a sight to see, 
Bet some would drop to their knee.
And Jesus would appear in the sky.
And take some away to a home on high.

Would you be ready to go?
I would for this I know.
Jesus died for me and you.
It’s sad it’s only believed by a few.

So for me , I can't wait.
But no one knows the date.
Just be ready my friend
So you will win in the end.

Copyright © Tommy Beard | Year Posted 2017

The Candle

On a cold and dark night

A lonely candle shining bright

Dispelling the darkness around her with light

Hoping someone just might

Talk to her and ask her how she feels

To help reveal the sorrow that she conceals

The sadness of having no one around

The feeling that happiness can never be found

Wishing that she had just one friend

One with whom she can spend time and relax

Before the flame melts up all  her wax

But alas, no one was there to be found

And a strong wind toppled her to the ground

Breaking her to pieces and ridding her of her light

And there she lay lifeless in the cold dark night

Copyright © Charles Abraham | Year Posted 2017

The Accumulator

Arsenal first Friday, always start well
New signings too, will give Leicester hell
Arsenal easy, next,

Liverpool in the early game, a win at a canter
Watford offer up more presents than Santa
Arsenal easy, Liverpool canter, next,

Chelsea at the Bridge a cert to crush Burnley
Untouchable last season, this is money for free
Arsenal easy, Liverpool canter, Chelsea a cert, next,

Man City away win, there’s simply no reason
Why Brighton won’t be relegation fodder this season
Arsenal easy, Liverpool canter, Chelsea a cert, Man City away, next,

Spurs to cane Newcastle, big gap in class
Don’t think the magpies are gonna last
Arsenal easy, Liverpool canter, Chelsea a cert, Man City away, Spurs pure class, last,

Man United on fire, all glitz and glamour
Scoring for fun, gonna stuff the hammers
Arsenal easy, Liverpool canter, Chelsea a cert, Man City away, Spurs pure class, United on fire,

Fifty quid on a six-fold, what could possibly go wrong
Arsenal Nil Leicester 1

Copyright © Paul Chapman | Year Posted 2017


cat's tail question mark
is swishing behind the hedge
trailing lobelias

Copyright: Julian Lawson June 2017

Copyright © Julian Lawson | Year Posted 2017