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Because you asked for it, we are extending the anthology submission deadline until the end of September.

We are now accepting poems for our next anthology. This one will be themed with the following subjects.

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My Goddaughter

Little girl, how you glow,
How much love you have, your never truly know.

As your godmother I promise, I will always help you grow,
Forever by your side,
That’s all you need to know.

My love with never dwindle,
My feelings will only grow,
For I promise you my little princess, 
I will never let you go.

Spread your wings in this wide world, and follow all your dreams,
As this my darling is your time to really set them free.

Copyright © Sarah-Louise Boozer | Year Posted 2022


A walk down the road 
Gave me a frightening sight 
People around, brutal and atrocious 
Are the reasons for such dark nights. 
Innocent hearts, like one of mine 
Were filled with sorrow and misery 
Humanity is now merely a word 
And humanism, A memory. 

The state can be ameliorated 
The streets can be cleaned 
If cruel ones are made better 
And all Indian are teamed 
No obstacle will be sizeable for us 
And, a splendid future might be achieved

Copyright © Vatsal Awasthi | Year Posted 2022

Glass - A Clear Mystery

A symbol of vulnerability with implausible durability; master at misrepresentation, a bolster of modernization. Praised for its lucidity, nowise for its amorphicity; such is human disposition, seldom beholding composition. A motif of permanence, marking time’s impermanence. Encapsulating sand and time, an hourglass, marking life’s chime. Made to be admired, Only to be called 'uninspired’. Its perspicuity appreciated by the unaware; coloured, its vibrance ready to ensnare. Weened to be understood and known, yet, only misunderstood and unknown; for such is the mystery of glass, unable to be deciphered in a single pass. Shattered and broken oft, only to be restored aloft, never seeming to age; such is beauty when taken from an age-old page. Behind us, lay five millennia of innovation. Ahead, shall lie an eternity of appreciation; for it is important lessons that we learn, when observing Nature and her glassy urn.

Copyright © Nakul Bhat | Year Posted 2022

Silent Pain, Screaming

The innocent minds that grew up
the hurt that forced us
the effortless smile that appealed through,
quiet nights with breakthrough’s.

The fears overcame covered in love
the ending pain is bombarded often
the rope of hope keeps corroding 
the other side of deep end is always waiting.

As the days in a year pass by
closest hearts sublime
the urge of denying harsh reality 
fighting it because no one can take my sanity.

The thoughts crossing my mind
the unprocessed feelings like tides
attaining a height then lowers after a while
peacefully travelling in the ocean finding some place to bide.

All the scars caged in the soul
then feeling it and letting it go.
The innocent mind that grew up was unexperienced but strong
now she understands the latent shine of tears and is bold.

Evil minds cannot conquer a beautiful heart
pretending game is for sad people as they know no one is with them till the last.
What we had was the best but what we could have would be magical
pain caged in the soul but then feeling it and letting it go.

I smile eveytime i remember the time we spent
but no one can take my sanity so i dont bend,
I cry and then laugh recalling the innocent minds that grew up
to the dreams that are more passionate and stronger.

Life is not made up of moments 
moments have to be shaped out of an unstable life,
so i stand proud because so many adventures are left
not allowing the rope to pull me away with it and falling in the deep end.

Copyright © Bhoomi Agrawal | Year Posted 2022

The Willow

Beneath the broken willow tree, lies a girl helplessly
Passersby look at her with disgust in their eyes
Her shorn hair, her torn shoes and her worn-out dress
All as she mourns her mother's death.
But what do they know?
For they are blind as cats in the day ,
But oh, there is the willow tree that shelters her from their gaze.
She has not a dime in her pocket nor a crumb in her stomach
But yet she faces the people’s cruel judgements
She’d be alone in this world if it weren't for the willow
The willow her home, the willow her haven.
If society were a predator then she’d be the prey
That’s what has come upon her, 
Ever since her parents entered the grave.
But alas she still has hope for a better tomorrow 
Until then she has to learn to make peace with her sorrow
Because she knows that this is the only way,
The only way, that she can make a change.

Copyright © Asra Aymen | Year Posted 2022

The Tongue Of Beauty

Rain and water, Sun and glitter Dust and the Moon, Birds and twitter Clouds and mist, Sky more deeper The face of beauty Peace and glamour Stay by me, watch the river Listen to the winds As they moan with fever Behold the morn, It's rise is better Than any painting seen In the treasury keeper ********* And The sun smiles, with velvet lids The moon winks through elegant reeds The bird sings, with joyful springs And the trees sway, when the wind sings This is the beauty if you really do see And if you don't; it's the same with me And yet, i know that the world needs a bow From the poet, who has much to know.

Copyright © Poetic Flame | Year Posted 2022

On a Foggy Day You Can See the War

Is it the fog or is it just the steam
That's rising from Italian coffee cups?
Today I wonder if the sunlight beam
Was ever cherished by the grownups.

The fog makes blurry things that once were clear
And make us doubt in clarity of mind
Of humans who left sunlight way behind,
Replacing emptiness of heart with fear. 

On foggy day you spot the silhouettes 
Of ones you love, though they are far away
And that reminds you how sunbeam reflects 
In loving eyes. Thus, silently you pray 

That this damn fog will dissipate one day.
Especially in the heads of those 
Who mistook thistle for some kind of rose.

Kind wind will blow away the nasty fog,
For kindness is the strongest driving force
That powers sun and every mind agog
In never-ending quest to find its source.

And loving eyes will sit with you on day off 
On some Italian piazza in the sun
And there'll be nothing more to be afraid of
But maybe pizza slightly overdone.

Copyright © Liza Bezushko | Year Posted 2022

Dear heart

Until I see her again, my heart remains broken

There’s a special Angel up in Heaven who I miss with each beat of my heart. I suppose her purpose on earth was limited, for God took her too soon from me, and everyone else who loved her. 

She was my everything in life, my dear heart of heart. that God had blessed me with. She filled my heart with  love, and spread electrifying joy throughout my being. Life was beautiful! It was a wonderful experience to be had. But she was taken unexpectedly too soon. Like my heart was ripped out of me. And now, I feel empty and hollow.  A broken soul without its shell. 

No, I’m not mad at God. Yes, I know Heaven is pure and love. But still I break down countless times for I am a broken-hearted mother, endlessly grieving. I miss her day in and day out. She was my pride and joy, and
I never even got a chance to say goodbye.

People always say, time will heal, and you’ll see her one day. So I keep on searching for her. Waiting for a sign. Staring up in the sky for a glimpse of her. I sleeplessly await for her at night to appear and tell me, everything is alright, mom. I’m fine. 

Until I see her, my heart remains broken… I miss her!

Fin Chuuk

Copyright © Fin Chuuk | Year Posted 2023


I Feel Like- IFL

I feel like i’m not alive today I feel like i’m dead today and i don't know when or how i'll come back My body is a husk of the person i was yesterday Yesterdays body becomes sour and corroded and rotten as she festers and rots away I don't know what happened to her That pretty girl from yesterday
She cries and cries and cries as her body becomes spoiled and decomposes faster than any other organism Her body is rotten it is not whole
I need to know how to fix her i have to help her It's cruel, what i do.
I do not help her
At all
I live in this body, her body,
And i do not help
I shouldn't be allowed in here
In this body I need to leave this body, the body that is far past sour.  This corroded and rotten body How can something that was left out overnight decay so quickly She is scared, This girl from yesterday,
She is terrified and i don't even know if she knows why
The girl is afraid. She doesn't know how to be okay anymore, she doesn't know how to fix things so she cries and cries and cries even more. She wants to be small again, to be young and unafraid of time and the world. She wants to be 5 years old again. Running around her friend's backyard with a crappy net and a small plastic jar catching glowbugs. She wants to feel this joy again. The joy of innocence. She wants to feel good again. She doesn't know how to feel good. I don't know how to feel good i don't know how to help her i don't know what to do at all i don't knowidontknowidontknowidontknow Its quiet In this body I've started to rot too Alongside the girl And maybe this is okay, to be rotten I look at the girl and she looks at me I reach out and hold her face in my hands I don't wipe away the tears, I just hold her. I tell her that it's okay. I tell her that im proud of her I tell her that she can cry for as long as she needs. I tell her that she is strong and that she is brave. She is not weak, it is okay to cry It is okay for her to be dead today It is okay for her to rot She's allowed to rot there's nothing wrong with that Im allowed to rot and there's nothing wrong with that
We can both rot together and it's okay.
We’re not alive today Were both dead and rotting Husks of what we were the days before and we rot together We sob together as our bodies become sour As our bodies corrode and fester Maybe i'm alive now Maybe back down to earth now the pretty girl is back now She has dried her tears now I think im alive again
I think, just maybe, 
Maybe we're not dead anymore.

Copyright © finn voss | Year Posted 2023

Snow White

Now it is white here
All white
And the moon full blue is bright
And the town so silent –
So silent night in silence sleeps
Where the snow has fallen
Fallen white it sleeps
In the drowsy comfort of its sweep
Like the pillow soft on which you lie
Asleep in dreams
The silent night in silence keeps

Copyright © John Oldham | Year Posted 2023

New India - True India

Say no to corruption, 
May it be a transition! 
Stay eco-friendly, 
Make it intently! 

Vanquish poverty, 
Vindicate prosperity! 
Integrity in words, 
Hospitality in hearts! 

Cognizance of calibre, 
Counter to briber! 
Industrial development, 
Immense employment! 

Induce space mission, 
Inculcate transmission! 
Sedentary is mortality, 
Make farming a necessity! 

Snatch your rights, 
Use them wise! 
Oblige to carve new India, Our true India! 

Copyright © Sajithaa Chinnadurai | Year Posted 2023

Go Eagles

Fly Eagles down the road I see a victory 
Fly eagles the other teams are history 
When you cross the touchdown line
You will hear a symphony 
Win the championship and do your victory dance 
Then baby come and get a kiss from me

Penned by me Neena Janeen Luke in 2022
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 
Neena Janeen Luke is the name on Instagram 
The bald woman by the way call me baldi locs lol

Copyright © Neena Luke | Year Posted 2023

joy in with a comparison

Joy is like a ray of sunshine
Bringing light to a cloudy day
Bringing hope to a broken heart
Bringing happiness in its way

It's like a gentle summer breeze
That cools down a scorching heat
It's like a melody that sets you free
And makes your heart dance to its beat

Joy is like a sweet aroma
That fills the air with its scent
It's like a picture in a frame
That brings a smile with each moment

It's like a warm embrace
That heals the wounds of the past
It's like a shining star
That shines bright in the dark

Joy is like a gift from above
That brings us peace and delight
It's like a ray of hope
That shows us the way in the night

So let us hold on to joy
And cherish it with all our might
For it brings happiness and peace
And makes life a beautiful sight.

Copyright © Noah Evans | Year Posted 2023

Powering down

"Your very Mature for your age" 
What does the mean?
Why do I have to be mature to make friends
my description label is on my back 
its all there i promise 
i even wrote them myself
organized them bit by bit
for i can be easy for you
for i can be easy for me 
for it can be easy to fix myself
i've done this all before 
like listening to a cassette tape till its broken
but sometimes people don't even look 
but i wont mind 
my power percentage is going up everytime
my description goes as told but sometimes its frustrating 
they only want me when its their need 
to finish their deed
but im their slowly rusting as my percentage slowly goes down
my legs are moving on their own 
my mouth is letting its words come out 
helping these so called friends with their issues
but gets upset when i tell my truth
don't do that its not in your description label
they will leave you if you don't do as your told
people don't even care to read my description
they don't like reading in this generation
I didn't get a 70 or above
that wont do 
you need to have the validation like you need 
your daily does of serotonin  
you need to have the attention for you can charge
your battery 
My vision is getting blurry i don't wanna malfunction 
i need to be there for those people who need answers 
and if i dont give them those answers there going to disappear 
and abandoned me like dust
my labels getting coming undone 
people aren't looking 
sometimes they wont care of they put a shipping label 
on my forehead 
sometimes i'm the problem 
but in my description im not allowed to care about that
Why is my chest squeezing me 
my vision is turning dark and my steps are moving slowly 
everyone is a black figure that i cant seem to erase
im malfunctioning but do you think they care no
 why couldn't they understand that im overheating 
the hell with the metaphors 
i hate teaching people how to not being a ty person
i hate being a test 
why don't they get it 
i hate being their convenience
my description says i don't need affection but i really do 
even if its cold to the touch 
my sticker label is slowly falling of my back
I fixed myself for them
but why did i have to
weren't they supposed to love me the way i am?
i don't wanna go to the factory to be refurbished
but i dont get
why was is it hard to see the default setting
im so exhausted i haven't charged myself
but i'm not merchandise 
i am a human,
i'm a human 
Everything isnt clear anymore
but thats fine  
im powering down

Copyright © Jailyn Perez | Year Posted 2023

beauty personified

Beauty, the enchantress, with hair like gold
She dances and twirls with grace untold
Her smile is a sunbeam, lighting the way
Bringing happiness to all who sway

Her eyes are like diamonds, shining so bright
Reflecting the stars on a clear night
Her voice is a melody, a sweet song
That echoes through the ages, never gone

Her skin is as soft as a gentle breeze
Caressing the cheek, so full of ease
Her touch is a balm, a healing grace
Bringing comfort to the world's embrace

She walks with the rhythm of the sea
Her movements, a symphony
She embodies the essence of grace
A gift to all, a beauty in space

So let us bow down to this queen
This embodiment of everything seen
For Beauty, the enchantress, is here
Bringing love and light, year after year.

Copyright © gaylord Robinson | Year Posted 2023

Tale Of Woe

Thy young maiden, Peck her Lily flower a shake. A brittle sound of break, Sobbing till tears make. Bare feet on wet grass. Alas, her life, soon ‘twill pass.

Copyright © The Painter | Year Posted 2023


Take me away with a wave of fantasy
To an ocean of wonders so full of glee
A world where I’m empowered and free
Where no sorrows can bother me.

Traveling in time, to different places
To many eras, filled with amazing grace
In a world that’s unrecognizable and strange
Where wishes come true with a single change.

Come take me away with a wave of fantasy
To a place where I can be what I want to be
Where I can be lost and yet also found
Where I’ve never been before and it knows no boundaries.

The beauty is endless, the view serene
My troubles are gone and my soul.

My dreams and hopes, they all come true
My imagination runs wild and deep
The beauty of fantasy is so surreal,
It’s the one place I want to keep.

So come on and take me away, with a wave of fantasy
Where all I can do is be me
A place where I'm in control,
To this world I bid adieu.

Where dreams come alive, never ending stories
And visions illuminate my mind
Where make-believe becomes a reality
And real life becomes so defined.

The lushness surrounding me,
Is something I can’t ignore
So take me away with a wave of fantasy
Where the wonders are evermore.

This fascinating enchantment,
Where I can open up my wings
To fly high above the stars
A new world of dreams it brings.

Let me experience something magical
That I have never seen before
Take me away with a wave of fantasy
To a realm I will explore.

Where I can be a part of the beauty
That my mind can create
I can build a world of my own
Where I can make my fate.

So take me away with a wave of fantasy
Where the impossible becomes reality
Where I explore, create and fly
And experience something truly heavenly.

My soul will be set free,
As I enter this new place
The power of fantasy soothes my mind,
As I explore this world with grace.

Let me soar through the sky,
And explore this dreamy land
Take me away with a wave of fantasy,
As I take a new journey by hand.

My journey will be filled with mysteries and delights,
As I uncover the secrets of this place
I can explore with no fear or dread,
As I take a new amazing journey through space.

Take me away with a wave of fantasy,
Where I can find new paths to take
My destiny awaits, and I'm ready to go,
Where the possibilities are endless and I won't break.

The beauty of this world will astound me,
As I explore new heights and sights
So take me away with a wave of fantasy,
Where I can experience the wonders of life.

Copyright © MUHAMMAD AHMED DATA | Year Posted 2023

The Soul Of Nature

The enchanting voice of the nature, woke me up 
From the darkness of life;
It traversed me through the lonesome wild.

It led me to the forest glade, the pristine colors of life;
The whispering wind joined the soul of nature;
They showed me the ethereal sides together
The serene pines and the flourishing streams,
And by the crystals of the lake, so majestic!

The yellow daffodils waved to me,
The pleasant wind welcomed me,
The brisk forest air cleared the sky for me.

I followed the path of nature;
Lost in the nature’s beauty,
And dazzle of the life’s melody.

Nature is my new home,
And forever it shall be.

Copyright © Debayani Acharyya | Year Posted 2023

Silent Resilience

I am not that guy, what you see
I stay in silence and you all laugh at me. 
My future is locked, just have to find the key
I will to stay in imagination having a cup of tea.

Bullying my imagination, don’t you even dare
Being known, lying others, which I know it`s not fair.
Work is the supremacy, I don’t believe in prayer
Attitude, character and behaviour are different but lie in same layer.

Life is a journey, where time is the guide 
When a problem comes, I face it rather going beside
I laugh from inside being serious at the point which people lied
I am moving with different character, keeping my shoe lace tight
Don`t take me easy, I am not the guy who compromise
Till each single drop blood dries, I will fight.

Copyright © Khatiwada Aashish | Year Posted 2023

Jasmine on Lotus

It was the season of spring
And the time for the bees to sing

Hey, I'm  a small flower bud
Grown in a pot of water flood
And tasty nutritious mud.
Eagerly waiting to bloom
And spread my wonderful perfume. 

Id always hear my sister leaves saying,
" There is a lady
Who looks like a fairy
Comes here daily 
To pick the flowers which are lovely"

I always feared of separation 
And wondered about my next location 

Soon came the night of my blossom celebration 
Where I was crowned as Miss. Floret for the current generation 

With the first ray of sun touching my petals,
And the dew drops glistening like shining metals
The fairy lady came towards me,
Plucked me,
Put me in a basket of new friends.
There I met Tulasi- Who had a look of transcendence 

Sooner we were put on something which looked like my far cousin- lotus
When I looked up a bit I saw it wasn't a lotus
It was a person with eyes, nose, feet, everything like lotus
But something more beautiful 

This beauty made me blush
And I secretly told Tulasi about my crush

She introduced me to Krishna,  the one with lotus feet
And recited few stories which were soo sweet

By then I was stolen out of the lotus feet
And replaced in a black pleat

I tried to run
But then I was captured in a black bun

I wanted to hear more about Krishna and relish
But I was caught in a mesh of hair like a fish 

With sadness when I was about to wither,
I heard the chanting and stories of Krishna with a river

With the hearing of these beautiful words
I turned brown like wheat
And wished to be born again as a jasmine to meet the lotus feet ...

Copyright © Riya Bangera | Year Posted 2023

a horse

There was a horse, in this field,
White as any snow on Earth,
He looked sad as a sad owl,
But never pried for loneliness.

This is the only friend I Get,
He understood forests and clouds,
There was, a horse in this field,
Now I am too old to remember.

Copyright © yann rolland | Year Posted 2023

Moonlit Journey of Love

Amidst the calmness of a starlit night,
Two lovers begin a journey in their boat,
Their bond grows stronger with each gentle stroke,
As they sail through the water's peaceful light.

The moon up high, a beacon of their love,
Reflects upon the waves that gently sway,
As they draw closer to each other's embrace,
And share a moment so pure, thereof.

Their craft becomes a haven from the world,
Where they can be free to express their hearts,
And cherish every moment they've unfurled,
As the stars above bear witness to their parts.

This scene of love that's painted with such grace,
Is truly worthy of an artist's trace.

Copyright © Aysha Nuwas | Year Posted 2023


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