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**** Love

We are like that dog chasing his own tail
trying to posses something of its own 
something that is beyond us
never to be touched
only to be looked upon
Gods are laughing from us
we are their laughing stock
grotesque humanity at its best
inventing our life
while being shaped by it.
And right back, where we belong
Arrogance of our loner god
is our own self deception
Led by his own will
misguided in sleeplessness
we are dying on the way,
to be reborn in clarity of future lies,
lost and never to be loved,
shaped into the featureless
sunset of a sculpture
in a snowy sense of senility
where time is moving away from us
and we fall to stand.
You call it love 
I call it master and slave morality

by Jaro T

Copyright © Jaro Tomko | Year Posted 2018

16 days

Why give up 16days 
To places and faces love forgot 
To the prescriptions of sorrows choas begot
To the floods of humiliations inspired by turbulent times 
To anxiety dangling on a ledge tormented by the exhaustions of fears 
To the falling screams draped in tears 
To the insulting insults 
To the threatening threats
To the vicious mind exploding beyond the persuasions of descriptive descriptions 
Describing reasonable reasons 
To the scattered seeds of rage that sprouted and endured flowers of discrimination 
To the 16seconds wisdom could not find 
Cause morals were pireced by shouting fences concertined by boundaries of intimidation. 
To the 16mintues of conceived deceptions that latched on to throats 
And swelled fists into bitter knots 
To the 16months of excuses and unhealing apologies silenced by mass graves of secretive secrets concealed in the terrors of abusive tombs. 
To the grieving mind 
16years later on 
Still littered with fractured memories
That remain removed from the cools of 16 being the sweet age that compels penetrating dialogues of Social maturity and justice 
16 longs to be social aware 
16 craves for responsibility 
16days will 
usher in 16nights
To find what can never be lost  
To Remember what can not be forgotten, 
To Speak what has never being spoken,
To be reborn and love what was never loved
To Reveal 
what needs to heal 
Cause brutally and violence are obligated to intervene 
Were thinking is virtually too frail to convene

Copyright © wes mbanje | Year Posted 2017



Unicorns and Amazons
chasing in a derby race;
what a noble thing for us to see !

Saint Peter tapping-out the rhythm
whilst old Gabriel leads a tune,
and Saint Francis sings harmony !

Mary and the ladies hence-
spin and play
making and baking !

The Heavens envelop
and Eden's times are warm-
Man, Earth and Love !

Rhymes that made no reason
seem all splendid in this season-
betwixt has made the scene !

Jesus sits beside His Father,
and ponders with the children-
dashing as a noble Prince !
could things be any grandeur? 

Copyright © Brady Harness | Year Posted 2018

A fool in love

A Fool in Love

We could have been in love sometimes somehow
With the person we least expected
That feeling is always wild
That it could last you for a lifetime
True love is scares and hard to find
In the midst of our daily hustles and buzzle
We get caught in the irony of who is truly who

Wait a minute what's your definition of love?
Fill the blank space in your thought
Whatever comes is actually a cool response
Now here is the gist
A fool in love is fool at lost
They don't see the signs speaking in a still voice
Its speaking out loud that they cant hear
The wool is from their inner ear
They are carried away by the feeling in response to their emotions
Can your emotions be compare to your instincts?
Don't tell me you still don't understand
Have you forgotten when you were insulted?
Even a physical assault back then
Mutual respect was lost in the air
Understanding was no where to be found
The vision was blur that you needed a sun glass
You couldn't see above your nose
Danger was calling but you were far behind
Far behind that you needed to be yelled at
Danger was tired that he left unnoticed
How could you have forgotten so soon
You even had a dream that was opposite to your feelings
Yet you ignored and kept moving
Like a child who desperate for a breast milk
There's even a time a child pauses from taking breast milk
It will soon be reality .com
You have confused true love to your emotions.
Carried away by your sensations.
That you never read meaning to the signs aforementioned 
Sheybe you see what it has caused you.
Its not time to regret
But try never to forget
What you have learnt in the process
You can now take a u-turn
From wherever you are not minding your destination and how far you have gone.
Realise you have wasted your hard earned time and move on
You are a fool in love when you are carried away by your feelings, emotions and not what love truly stands for
If you have been a victim 
Brace up. 

Copyright © Ekoh Jones | Year Posted 2018


Summer afternoon;
I’m lying on a hammock,
Under a green tree.

Copyright © M.H Emon | Year Posted 2018


Although she feeds me bread of bitterness, 
And sinks into my throat her tiger's tooth, 
Stealing my breath of life, I will confess 
I love this cultured hell that tests my youth! 
Her vigor flows like tides into my blood, 
Giving me strength erect against her hate. 
Her bigness sweeps my being like a flood. 
Yet as a rebel fronts a king in state, 
I stand within her walls with not a shred 
Of terror, malice, not a word of jeer. 
Darkly I gaze into the days ahead, 
And see her might and granite wonders there, 
Beneath the touch of Time's unerring hand, 
Like priceless treasures sinking in the sand.

Copyright © Lucia Vellen | Year Posted 2018


A beautiful girl showed up at our door
Asked for our help and collapsed on the floor
I swear she was an angel in disguise
Her soul could encompass the skies
One day we knew she was an angel 
She smiled at us and showed us her halo
But oh!
How kind were her words and how soft were her wings
"Your soul is as pretty as mine" she sings
But one day they took her away
And she returned, her soft wings torn and her kind words in a disarray
We used to think she was the sea, the tide, life itself
But in reality she was a single rose.
Because the sea, the tide, life itself
Well, they come and go.
But a rose may wither and fade
Slowly die, with elegance and grace
But give it some time and another rose
Will bloom and take its place.

Copyright © Hanako Versluis | Year Posted 2018


 I wake up each day and smell the freshness of dawn
Not looking forward to the day ahead I hesitate on whether to get up or stay in bed
Nothing has ever been the same since that cold winter afternoon
When you walked out on me and never looked back
I asked you why but you never gave a valid reason
I asked you how and you told me it was too much for you to handle
And then I couldn't help but wonder what you meant when you told me you loved me
I showed  my scars to you
And you told me you understood
I gave you myself to you
And you took advantage of my misery 
I thought you were different but I was blind
I thought you loved me although I knew I could never be loved 
You made me believe that you and I would last forever
Against it all we  would always have each other
Now here I am all alone
With nothing left in me to carry on 
With no one to lead me back into the light
With no idea how I could ever love again 

Copyright © Liyema Ngcawe | Year Posted 2018

Curled up in a Ball

I am frozen but I feel my cells divide
a cycle within me circulates the walls inside
Reaching out, yearning for the power,  to unite
a concept a journey, the enfolding light
Yellow, red flashes, about to outstretch
awaken the canvas upon what life is to sketch

Copyright © Chantal Le Goff | Year Posted 2018

Days ending

Twilight you always in the shadow

Copyright © Deborah Beachboard | Year Posted 2018

Delicate Dimensions

The Shepherd asked the poetess-
Who are you?
Twinkling her eyes, the poetess
said-who am I.

Am I a breath or a death;
breeze or a storm;
am I soothed or havocked?
I am blazed and ashed.

Am I a flower or a crackling leaf;
sand or a sea;
rock or a snow?
I am a droplet and a wavelet.

Am I a mystic sky or a fog;
cloud or a smoke;
hazed or dazed?
I am a dew and blue.

Am I a moon or its shadow;
real or a fake;
peace or a mayhem?
I am resting and running.

Am I desired or  scraped;
slapdash or deliberate;
gem or a junk?
I am nerdish and doltish.

O! dear shepherd
who cares and
wonders who am I?

I am a treasure of pleasure,
I am a glow and a blow,
I am tender and blender,
I am your treasured flow.


Copyright © Shefali Shefali | Year Posted 2018

Diamond 3

Memorial Under a tree Slowly growing. A distorted bonsai? The frangipani belongs To coastal climes far warmer Then here in a cool but beautiful Valley high in the mountains of Timor Which is where he wanted to be. Amidst a place he loved and A place that loved him Amidst beauty and Many memories. Memorial.

Copyright © Lansell Taudevin | Year Posted 2016


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