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If not for your resilience, your boldness 
O look at how you pushed in sweat drip
And I leapt with your groans to the clan
So innocent, leapt into the untold truths

Copyright © Wilson Waison | Year Posted 2018

Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming

With every rose there are thorns: fear, pain, jealousy, anxiety, sadness, and grief

It takes time, love, and patience to grow a beautiful rose bush

But it's time well-spent in order to see the complexity and beauty hidden beneath and between each layer

It is in the depths of the layers that happiness, contentment, peace, love, and joy will be revealed to those who choose to open their eyes and see

While the rose may appear a little rough around the edges, look harder and discover the delicate design created by our Master

Layers slowly unravel and display the scars from pains of the past as the rose grows and develops

Water droplets fall on the petals creating a stream of nutrients for the flower to bloom

The free-flowing stream of water allows love to grow as fragrance fills the air

Thorns along the way remind you of the pain and loss you once endured so you can appreciate the beauty in the new blooming rose

In this bloom, there will be a new joy and an opportunity for mature love and purity to thrive creating a garden of beauty for all to see and share in

Scarring from pain and suffering is now faded and there is a joy and freedom to love and be loved that surpasses all understanding

The promise and hope of new beginnings

Stop to smell the roses and remember how beautiful you are inside and out!

Copyright © Wanda Bellmer | Year Posted 2018

Til Death Do us Part

I can still remember the very first night that we met.
I knew it was going to be a night i'd never forget.
I remember opening the room door and you stepping inside.
And all my emotions and excitement I just couldn't hide.
I put my arms around you and held you so close.
And I know right then this was love at first sight.
I remember how excited I felt when you touched my skin.
Like a tingling feeling from deep within.
I couldn't of been happier or any more proud.
To show everyone I loved you, i'd yell it out loud.
You belonged to me and I belonged to you.
Completely, loyally, honestly and true.
I had finally found my soul mate, the love of my life.
And I counted the days until you would make me your wife.
You see, since day one I knew that I was inlove with you with all my heart.
And that you were always going to be all i needed Til death do us part.

Only wish you knew it too.

Copyright © Tracy Jordan | Year Posted 2017

Empty House

Empty House

Weather beaten, sun-baked
Rickety, rackety siding,
Falling apart, worn of age
Tucked away midst bushes and brambles,
Rattling windows and dusty ledges
Battled the cold wintry breeze.
The sun porch protected the old frame
From harsh prairie winds and snow.
The wood box inside the porch was always full,
Now empty, overcome by cob-webs and moths,
Painted walls, seasoned with smoke
From the wood-burning stove and pipes
Rays of sunlight now light the room.
I seem to hear the sound of a kettle  sputtering
On a well-stoked fire,
Mingled with the fresh aroma of coffee.
Creaky, scuffed up old carpet marks
Ah, Sunday gatherings, Christmas,
Dad read the Bible round the family circle.
Sunflower seeds fell lavishly, roasted and all!
Games –“fruit basket upset!”
They dashed for mom’s round chair,
I remember the pile of spokes!
Glued and fixed it sat once again,
Restored, by the old bouker stove  -
The warmth, I feel it yet!
Glancing over the threshold where the kerosene lamp
Once sat, casting a dim ray of light.
An old bed post, a torn mattress – 
Only cast a haunting shadow of yesterday.
The living room carpet, now well worn,
The old wooden rocker in the corner – 
Mom’s oasis from tiring years,
Upstairs, the rooms, the noise – laughter,
Squeaky stairs – how well I remember!
All these – a barrage of memories dear,
In the empty house.

			Susan Fox

Copyright © Susan Fox | Year Posted 2018

Blue sky

Standing under the blue sky
Heart of mine doesn't lie
Blue ocean kisses my bare feet
Luminosity of the sun delight
Chilled wind plays with long hair
Let me feel this beautiful landscape
I have nothing to fear

My aim is as high as these mountains
Dreams may be like the fountains
 Thoughts are as deep as abyss 
Soul may be the Morning Bliss
Standing under the blue sky
Heart of mine doesn't lie.

Copyright © Sucheta Mitra | Year Posted 2018

A letter

I wrote you a letter, 
and then another letter,
and another, and another,
until I wrote you a word. 

So I wrote you a word,
and then another word, 
and another, and another, 
until I wrote you a sentence. 

So I wrote you a sentence, 
and then another sentence, 
and another, and another, 
until I wrote you a letter. 

I hope it finds you as I found you. 

Yours truly, 
Yours, truly.

Copyright © Sophie Wilson | Year Posted 2018


The numbers fly in, and out
and many more left, to fly about !

First, it was addition, then Subtraction
and now to Calculus and trigonometry!

Of course, I was stuck sometimes
but I've never given up!

Some take hours to solve
and some are done in a snap!

Math, I would say is in every way
witty and amusing

It's used in every sphere of life
never will there be an end!

There are never enough questions and
even better concepts evolve day after day

It's a subject like no other, and ...

The numbers fly in and out
and many more left to fly about !!

Copyright © Siri Jagarlamudi | Year Posted 2017

Passion for My Wife

A verse of love may come into my head
And rattle around for a while or so
Until I jot it down with ink or lead
And if it sounds okay then you I'll show

No man can call himself a poet though
If such rough lines and quips be all he write
And seldom shall such words produce a glow
As needed in your heart to win this fight

This ode is just one step along the trail
And so I pledge to dedicate my life
To put love first, and give my heart each day
For years to come, to you my lovely wife

Thus shall our love do more than just survive
True passions for each other will arrive

Copyright © Richard Raphael | Year Posted 2017

This is my Anxiety

Falling asleep to illogical thoughts.
Seeing red or nothing but spots.
Heart racing toward the finish line.
Can't seem to catch that breath of mine.
A whooshing roar inside my head.
Sometimes wishing I was dead.
Treating symptoms not disease.
Praying hard while on my knees.
Listening to the same song a thousand times.
Putting my feelings down in rhymes.
Feeling lost and out of place.
Floating untethered through outerspace.
Crack a smile and blink back tears.
Trying to cope with irrational fears.
Not being able to trust my thoughts.
My stomach twisted up in knots.
Always in survival mode.
On the brink of overload.

Impending doom 
in every room...

Ambivalent stare 
trying to care...

Then I stop indulging and reel it in.
Calmly try to slow my spin.
Can't afford to lose my cool,
and be like every other fool.
So I shake it off and bite my lip.
Then tell myself to get a grip.

Copyright © Rebecca Young | Year Posted 2017

Let Me In

You say we're on the same page
but I'm in another book
you say that you know me 
come  take a closer look
but no matter how close you get
the image remains the same
a touch without feeling 
a face with no name
You see with your eyes but your heart is blind
your afraid to let go...afraid to unwind
what are you so afraid to lose
why are you so scared to choose
why are you afraid to cry
we are only human
with no wings to fly
Break down the titanium wall
please let me in
as long as we fight together
the battle we will always win.

Copyright © Rebecca Campbell | Year Posted 2018


Social Pity
Upon the land of which we hate others
of a mirror of ourselves
we destroy ourselves
humanity is a mirror of this truth
take a look
beyond the facades
can you see
thats where the truth lies
beneath the surface
people fear
the change they cant handle
so dwell among the surface they will
as others dwell deeper
those are the hope for human kind
my hope for them have not died
but day by day it grows a slimmer chance
the distruction of mankind
will be their own ignorance
and fear
may their minds rest
and be of peace
till the choice is of time
where the scale may tip
of opposing favors
for that is the truth of humanity pitifulness may shine
till then
go of peace

Copyright © Raiven Everett | Year Posted 2018

Bipolar Bubble

Bipolar Bubble

At a recent family gathering
Friends and family ask cheerfully 
How are you feeling today?
Not too bad…my mouth says
I put a smile on my face
As I simply walk away

They don’t know I didn’t sleep last night
As well as the four nights before
When I am manic I can’t sleep at night
When depressed I sleep all day
I live in a bipolar bubble of life

Too high then so low
Takes a toll on me
Don’t know which way it could go
I don’t always get my way
I suffer thru another day

This is bipolar my life every day
If I told them just a part of what goes on
They would be startled by my reply
They can’t process the pain I am in

I’m crying in the hall way
Someone walks by
Wanting to comfort me
Don’t cry it will get better...

I’m not crying I say
Those are not tears you see
It’s my brain fluid leaking out of my eyes
What more could I say?	


Copyright © Patricia LeDuc | Year Posted 2018


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