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Basic Waters

There is a water shortage.
A problem the moon shines 
to introspect its tides
and how they can become still
with or without the clouds.

I forgive the engineered outrage.
Attracting everything but 
rhythm because to flow
is to sleep next to a hut
thatched with growth.

While the children 
in the village no longer
need to chew corn
or drain milk from cows
for nature or for their people.

No need to carry buckets of water
or language in long distances
that they forget The Alphabet,
Speaking rivers and 
lakes of a lost youth.

An unprotected innocence,
choosing for this thirst 
to be satisfied with a new system.
Too many missing words
in all our constitutions.

Copyright © Zoleka Mannie | Year Posted 2020

untitled 1

Sacrifices lost and unknown to beneficiaries-
martyrs’ deeds cast to the grasping sea.
Withheld breathes loosed from the lips,
vailed words stripped of false garments.
Crafters of hate begin to congregate-
wielders of strings sutured to the crimson pump.
Scorned thorns aim to prick, no care for whom they may infect.
Maisons of illusions, producers of disproportions
hoarders of information and seekers of large proportions.
Nevermore is the urge to learn-
fabricated truths is how we burn.

Copyright © Zachary Cook | Year Posted 2020

Broken Vessel

Woke up were us from our slumbers 
And destiny brought us together.
We were far apart from time to time;
but as the time flew to the moon,
Came her with a happy heart.

At times, I retrospect on the moments of the past.
Those happy moments a second didn't last
And now I am thrown into an abyss of a sorrowful life.

Some times, I wonder where is she.
No more I can't see my queen.
The one that has an irreplaceable place in my heart.
The one that brought a new meaning to my life.

O my sweet Glo!!
You have made me a broken vessel 
abandoned by the seashore.
Whose heart is no more.
My pain is like a crying wolf left in the desert to die.
Life without you is all but an empty life

O my Glo,bring back my heart.
For you are all I wish for in this life.
As long there is no you.
There will be no me, my queen.
Please stay with me. 
Don't go and leave me a broken piece.

Copyright © William Tubman | Year Posted 2020


Standing on busy Pilkington avenue
Rain as sky tears full of rage
Moth- men in cages 
Zoom past all of them sages
Sending post cards of themselves
To their egos. 

Copyright © watex mburu | Year Posted 2020

Winged Beauty

Cut me a piece of her horn, 
Take me a piece of her wing,
For my death she won't mourn,
But on my grave she will sing.

There is no love but death,
Cut me the wind of her breath,
Beautiful skin like a reptile,
Her caws cut into the back of the vile.

Yet her mouth shall not serve,
But serve only the one,
The circle is an a symmetrical curve,
Her true birth has just begun. 

Copyright © Walter Rego | Year Posted 2020

Hope and Faith

No matter how the days go,
Some nice, few quite and couple of high and lows;
The bond we share goes deeper as  we hold..
You pray so much, it's know without being told;
You look so brave, though inside ain't be bold..

Look my Lady, this is the time,
We've been waiting so long,
Days aren't away when we'll sing along a song..
When the line is near, yet so far,
Fear not ..
It's a phase, it has to go;
Even though it may be annoyingly slow..

So look ahead, dream again,
The picture you saw will be painted with Colors of joy and pride,
Trust God and make him your guide!

- Vijay G

Copyright © Vijay Galia | Year Posted 2020

When I Was Young

Joji Varghese Kuncheria
When I was Young

My childhood seems like yesterday,
I grew up in our family's rubber estate,
With my parents and grandparents,
In a tropical hilly place with no lights.

The climate was tropically serene,
Except for the monsoon showers,
which come with lightning and thunder,
Yet we used to chill out in the rain.

We had all kinds of organic splendour,
Jack fruits and mangoes of all varieties,
Cashew nuts and bananas of all kinds,
Guava, lemon, berries and pineapples.

I used to run around like a busy bee,
On weekends at mother's command,
Plucking ripe pepper and coffee beans,
To be dried and ground for the week.

Playing around with younger siblings,
Badminton, cricket, football and so on,
Still nostalgic to remember those days,
Of my childhood in the estate we had.


Copyright © Varghese Kuncheria | Year Posted 2020

None but a Pen

In despair, only pen can understand the distressful heart
Like a singing bird in the winter.

Copyright © Ujjal Mandal | Year Posted 2020


We were like men on earth,
We ate bread and drank from the same calabash as they,
When the time came we return to our world,
Signs were; Our toes refute the earth,
And, we walked with our foot suspended in the air.
Men who had four eyes saw,
And held their heart from straying off their chest,
“They are SPIRITS!” they cried,
But, they were no human than us,
For, humans do not have four eyes?
Their voices caused through the community,
But, everyone received it with disbelief,
“Unless we see, we will not reckon”
In twos and threes, they darted here,
We were here, standing above the ground.
We knew our time has come,
But, these people do not have eyes,
They came, but saw us as always,
The four eyed men stood on the doorway,
Guiding the blind through the right path.
We wanted to remain true to our humanism,
So, we held back the ball of fire in our hands,
If we wanted, we would have crushed them.
“Were you able to see for yourselves?”
“All we saw were our countrymen”
“You have eyes, but you cannot use them”
“How do you mean?”
“Come, let me guide you”
“Use your left hand to wash your face with your urine from this calabash,
Now, go and see again”
Trojan of people came thereafter, and saw,
Our toes have refused the earth,
“They are SPIRITS!”
Everyone held their chest,
But, all our feasts together, gushed from their mouth,
Some grew thin at once.
Oh! Today is our end on earth,
Our foot went first, then our bodies followed, and our faces.

Copyright © ugwu kelvin | Year Posted 2020


Flesh covered by dark brown skin
Teeth that could outshine The Great Sun 
Voice deep like right-side piano keys 
A laugh created by Gods 
Facial hair surrounding like cupcake holders
Love of my eternity 
Happiness to my soul 
Highlight of every 24 hours 
I dance with his bones
As though I dance with dead leaves while they drop in fall atmosphere 
Gravitation carries us through our days 
Where as it carried him to my presence 
Light through my veins
Peace through my blood 
Shockwaves to my brain 
Abnormal was he 
His touch caused me explosions with emotion
Lips thick and plump
Goosebumps with just a thought 
Eyes that could homicide
Strength that could survive the cold world 
In love I am 
Though words cannot show true meaning 
While I ache wishing for an explanation 
To say to my love 
He is everything to my existence

Copyright © Toni Abner | Year Posted 2020

Porcelain Skin, Ceramic Hearts

Canvasing the world as we solder metal bandages to wooden wings

We attempt to cover pain by silencing what our scars sing

A noted tension with a vulnerable assist

Showcases hope and a life we refuse to resist

The porcelain skin that encompasses our ceramic hearts

Shatters with words, fragile from the start

We attempt to grow strong and bring misfortune to rest

Never acknowledging our torment in life’s daunting test

Powerful stances and barricaded walls

Provide the illusion of safety from the inevitable fall

We torture our minds with grace and self-worth

A future and freedom promised at birth

Together we provoke sanity and justifying results

But solely we fail due to committmentless faults

Pressure is applied for us all to do right

Causing the misery to show only at night

We lie restless, we toss, and we turn

Contemplating all failures and lessons we learn

Memories and dreams driven by desires and needs

Pose as the trough through which our fiction feeds

Obtaining the most out of life is what we all want

Hoping when we die it’s not viewed as a meaningless stunt

Copyright © Tim Varner | Year Posted 2020

just like me

As I look back upon my life
And what it might have been
And see how fast it all past by 
It’s almost like a dream

It started with much promise
Though  it had it’s share of bumps
And now I sit here reminiscing
With my bruises  scars and lumps

I  could have been a comic
But I wasn’t very funny
I could have been a playboy
But I never had the money

I could have been a rockstar
But I couldn’t sing a note 
Might have been the president
But i never got a vote

Could have been a carpenter
But I never had the tools 
Could  have  a banker
But I never liked those fools

Could have been a model 
But i never had the looks
Could have been a teacher
But i never read those books

Could have been a moviestar
But   i never  learned to act
But what I am is all i am
And baby that’s a fact

The moral of the story
Is a simple as can be
Go and try be what you want 
Or you’ll end up just like me


Most of us are afraid to fly
Because we fear we’ll fall
But better to try flying than
Continue to just crawl
So spread your  wings
 and take a chance 
Because life can be quite brief
And maybe all it ever took 
Was a little self belief

Copyright © thomas flood | Year Posted 2019


Voices scream like  cockerels' within the farm of my mind
Awake again. should I even bother opening my eyes?
Maybe if I dont, the day wont have to start.
I roll out of bed into consciousness. 
Coffee. Black like my mood.
Nicotine and coffee are good ammunitions.
How many hours till sleep?

Copyright © Thomas Newman | Year Posted 2020

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is like no other
It covers their sins and loves their brother
There's only one kind of love that will forgive
It can bring healing to help them live

When someone who hates you and treats you bad
Show them kindness and make them glad
Unconditional love is humbling indeed
But, be an example and sowing the seed

It isn't always easy to show this kind of love
You need the Holy Spirit our Father from above
He will give you the grace that you will need
Humble yourself and bow your knees

Remember God loved us before time began
He knew us in our mother’s womb and held us in His hands
Grace is God Riches at Christ Expense
Our sins to Him are now past tense

Sometimes it may cost you to show this kind of love
You may have to sacrifice your life but your rewards wait above
There are those who are now in Heaven who did the same
They we're persecuted and beaten for sake of Jesus Christ name

When we walk in the Spirit trust and obey
This is when our unconditional love will always pay
I love you no matter what you do or say
Joy will fill our hearts in a very special way

When we give our unconditional love each day
It could change a life and sometimes save
Let us be the Light for all to see 
So they will come to Jesus and be set free

Love never fails it works for our good
Let us obey God's word and do what we should
Do you know someone who needs this love
Bring them to Jesus, but be gentle as a dove

©2009Copyright By Susan R. Smith

Copyright © Susan Smith | Year Posted 2020

The Old Tractor

Sitting in the rundown shed, rejected she does feel
Her life once was perfect, every thing was ideal
His hands weathered and wrinkled, she missed his loving touch
Never did she imagine, she would miss him, oh so much

In the Spring he loved her, he saw her every day
Together in the sun, in the fields they would stay
Gently he would guide her, as on their way they'd go
Tilling up the fertile ground, row, by row, by row

In the Summer he loved her, they worked the planted ground
Under their loving care, vegetables did abound
To the shed he would guide her, at the setting of the sun
He always made her feel, proud of work she had done

In the Autumn he loved her, she watched the falling leaves
She helped him with the harvest, bringing in the sheaves
Corn stalks cut, gathered, and bound, in rows neatly shocked
The garden almost empty, she watched him as he walked

In the Winter he loved her, for the season she retired
The land was at rest, her services not required
She sits in the rundown shed, awaiting his return
She longs to see his face, for his touch she does yearn

Spring returned, he did not, her sadness knows no allay
No one came to tell her, death had taken him away
Her lights no longer illuminate, there's no one to turn them on
She sits there all by herself, wondering where he has gone

Rust has overtaken her, her frame is weak and frail
Slowly her body crumbles, her pain does prevail
Her motor no longer runs, her sadness does abound
Soon, like him she will rest, beneath the fallow ground

Copyright © SL Davis | Year Posted 2020

My stroll in the wood

Clouds overhead,dark shadows are forming,
Nights drawing in fast, without any warning.
Trees that look sinister
Limbs swaying in the breeze,
How can anyone,be afraid of the trees.
It's getting darker and darker,
I must leave this place,
I can't see my hand,in front of my face.
How long have I been here?
I will have to leave soon
I can't find my way out
By the light of the moon.
I get back to the path,
But I'm travelling to slow,
Now I'm unsure,of which way to go.
Should I go left,or should I go right
Oh someone please help me,
I can't stay here all night.
At last far ahead,I see a light through the trees
I want to get down and pray on my knees.
Ten minutes later I'm stood by the lane,
Ten minutes more,I will be back home again.
Never again will I walk in the wood
I don't think my stroll,
Has done me much good.

Copyright © Simon Hamill | Year Posted 2020


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