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We hope to complete the anthology judging by the end of November. A lot of FANTASTIC poems have been submitted. Great job Soupers. Anthology information...

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'Silent Cheerleader'

All your fears Trembling thoughts  Add to uneasiness You can't see beyond this moment  You can't grasp the intent  The impact it might have  You have not walked this road before The cobble stones might hinder you  You were chosen for today Way before you could fathom your will  It's in the baby steps  In the calmness of your core  Draw your strength from your soul The silent yet loudest cheerleader  Of them all

Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2014


Beyond the threshold separating
Our inner from our outer lives
There stands that place we carry with us
In the inner sanctum of our hearts.

This is the place where everyone is master
Where all judgements are sealed and passed
By hands none other than our own.
Here the laws of existence
Are framed by our own thoughts
Here we serve at once as judge and arbiter
And faithful servent to our spirits.

Within this haven we permit ourselves
The simple taste of the enjoyment of being.
In this place we can experience
Life as a thing unto itself.

There is something deep and sacred here
That has no name.
But the word for this place of magic is home.

Copyright © William Masonis | Year Posted 2007

You Were Always There

As I headed down that highway, running from my dreams
Wondering why I never stopped to take the chance
Living on the edge keeps you moving constantly
But there comes a time you have to learn to dance.

Life is what you make it, so give it all you got
Go out and have some fun and raise some hell
Tomorrow will become yesterday and not return again
You can't win the race by standing at the well.

Looking back at all the times I've tried and always seemed to fail
Wondering why God ever put me on this earth
Then realizing the challenges always made me stronger
And I've been given a whole lot more than I was worth.

Now in the Autumn of my years, thinking back to days of glory
I stop and say a silent prayer
I've been to the mountains and valleys, oceans and plains
When I needed You, Lord, You were always there.

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2006

The Gift

I have heard the evening sounds 
That make the night a symphony;
Frogs and crickets, whistled trains, 
And whispers of infinity.
A teardrop glistens on my cheek, 
Mere hormones some may figure.
Knowing not from where my histories peek, 
Or loves I’ve known and lost that they may trigger.
We hook our hearts on borrowed time
Toward winter’s frosty grip
Sing songs of summer youth before
Our child-time might slip - so sure away
Each framed and famous day
I will not say goodbye though you're away, 
For in my life, the beating of my heart 
Is proof you stay.
I have walked with you on golden beaches, 
Strolled to nighttime’s furtherest reaches, 
Gave my soul and left my soul alone.
All this for lifetimes lived and tender mercies shown.
Love is all there is, the only gift we own.

Copyright © vernon witmer | Year Posted 2020


T aught  to superior abilities
H elps  heighten
E xcellent  experience

A nd applied
D ifferences causing some to cite
V arious
A uthories on
N notable skills and
T enacious technique
A ngles and aims YOUR perception at
G enuinely
E gocentric 
S tandards

Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2016

If I could fly


If I could fly,
I would sore up high,
Above the clouds,
Caught in the wind,
With the other birds.

If I could fly,
I would flap my wings,
And land on a flower,
With the other bees.

If I could fly, 
You would see me,
Darting here and there,
I never tire,
I'm a dragon fly.

If I could fly,
I would be ANYTHING with wings,
The freedom !! To take off,
Travel where I want to,
Look down upon everyone,
If I could fly.

Copyright © Tracy Mcfayden | Year Posted 2020

Violence Speaks

Driving down a dark street,
raging havoc 
on the person one seeks.
Smokin' on the Mary J.,
displays the premonitions
of one's own mission,
to strike out
with all deadly intentions.
seeing the crowd of man,
reaching for the gun
raising sand,
hearing pops,
making contact with blood
falling onto the land.
White and yellow colors outline the scene.
red and blue flashers
with badges and masters
trying to keep the scene serene.
Trippin' on the idea of blue's clues.
Reacting with the party
when your face is featured
 on the 10 o'clock news.
Sitting behind bars
for being notorious.
Trippin' with the buddies
realizing your passion of acts
was not so glorious.
Standing in front of the grim reaper,
the teacher
who's words frown
one's facial features.
Sinking into tears of fears
of the reapers critique.
Hearing echoes of the judgement
the reaper speaks.
Seeing life pass you by
like a baby's lullaby.
reaching for the freedom
that one seeks

Copyright © Tiffany Saxon | Year Posted 2007

- Do Not Wait Until Tomorrow -

                     Live now
                     Live life today, don`t wait until tomorrow
                     Life lends us only for a short time, live it today
                     Live today, life is today
                     Life offers many experiences and opportunities, large and small
                     Do not let the day turn into night
                     Life goes too fast, make sure you get everything done
                     Live today, play and learn
                     Live so that you know the happiness in your heart
                     Do not live a life you will regret, you only get one chance
                     Life is to be shared with all those you loved
                     If you dare... life can be a happy journey
                     Live life today, don`t wait until tomorrow



*10.01.12 - I wrote this poem when my mother (75) died 17 june 2011

A-L  Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved
(5th in the contest)

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2012

Last Firsts

I'd very, I'd so very like to share every next First with you.

Copyright © Stephe Watson | Year Posted 2017

Simpler Times

Horse driven carriages and umbrellas in the snow
Grey pavement, oh so dark
Gloomy every morning when the men are on the go
So happy when we used to have dinner as a whole

Oh my! Did you see that Mary has a telephone
Fascinating is not, let's go have a look
Maybe the girls and I will stop by for a cup of tea
And we'll admire the Boston sky as we sip in glee

Those were simpler times when we took pride in our own land
Had paper maps to guide our path 
Went on joyous journeys, glad
Those were simpler times when we took pride in our own clan
What Hercules did is irrelevant 
To me and all my lads

Copyright © Shreya LN | Year Posted 2021

UZB 752

So stately behind the wheel
That old Cortina could have been a Rolls
The engine chugged
To the beat of your heart
Slow and steady
Making the drive home last
Captain of your ship 
For five peaceful minutes 

Copyright © Sharon Keely | Year Posted 2020

Take Me Home

Take Me Home

Time is void of meaning
As my struggle rages inward
Hopes and dreams shatter
As my soul cries out, “Lord Take Me Home”.

Why should I stay in this non-existence
And salvage the remains where the lion has roared
I wander daily in a desolate place
Where my devoured heart and blood was poured

The wind pleads my case
Please take me where eagles soar
Let me cling to your robe and hold my child
Take me home dear Lord!

Copyright © Sarah Russell | Year Posted 2020

Touch the Sun

Fear not the flames around you,
            And those you think will burn.
            Move on despite the chaos,
            Until you touch the sun.
            Travel on throughout eternity,
            Until your race is won.
            Never let your love extinguish,
            When you touch the sun.
            Live on forever caring,
            For those who fear to run.
            Keep your light always shining, 
            As you touch the sun.
            Take on hope undaunted,
            And believe that it will come.
            Feel this pleasure ever growing,
            Once you touch the sun.

Copyright © Sanford Weir | Year Posted 2018

The widow

The widow What about the first rays of each dawn, Does recall her from the land of slumber? What does announce that the night’s gone To release her from each night’s cumber? Owning no cockerels to herald the morning, With shrill. anticipatory predawn crows Is there then, a scent that’s adorning Of dawn, only discernible by her nose? Awake, she never does lumber about, As one in the daze of insufficient sleep, Her chores, efficiently she does carry out; Her progeny, she must slave for their keep. Her aching palms, withered and abrasive, Are blistered in testament to years of toil, But never a deterrent into being dismissive Of a menial job, even the carter of night soil. She’d sworn to never use as the egress- Her body, from a poverty that’s truly abject; The goatish rich feeding off her distress And making her the village gossip’s subject Her children’s dreams she’d rather marry; Never by tradition, her late husband’s brother Forsaken by most, her suffering may tarry, But this shameful custom, she’d help smother!

Copyright © Sandison Jumbo | Year Posted 2017


The Occult is very much alive though secret where neighbors wear robes in ceremonies like their important while summoning memories and scripture of ancient pyramids, guidestones and stonehenges though it is their darkest secrets that cannot last through time of manipulating targeted ones ETERNITY through an alchemist's needle 28-September-2021

Copyright © Robert James Liguori | Year Posted 2021

They Came Home Today

Listen to poem:
In Memory of the soldiers brought home
             on 2 June 2016
They Came Home Today
by Robert (Bob) Moore

They are finally coming home today
those, who were left behind
to a different country,
and to a different time

the one they left was patriotic,
Aussie and True Blue
but now, you could be in strife
if the Aussie Flag you flew

They gave their lives, while fighting for, 
a dream we’ve long forgot
and in a far and distant land
a lonely grave their lot

But now these warriors have returned
to their own pleasant land
just hope that we remember
the reason they took their stand

So you and I could live with freedom
and have peace in our lives each day
a country well worth dying for
in a land so far away

And if they could but look around
I wonder what they’d see
is this why they fought and died
and the future they thought would be
                  Lest We Forget

Copyright © Robert J Moore | Year Posted 2016


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