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String your rifles and turn them to guitars, 
O seething lords of the caliphate,
And with the darling doves let your missiles fly 
in echelon, leaving dark owls behind.
The lord's children yearn more for music 
And pretty sights in the sky!

But look what you serve them: pillage, 
bondage, sacrilege, ...
All in the name of Heaven!
Hell's favorite dishes--how well you cook 
Your vicious band of soiled souls roam the 
sands of Arabia
Weaving a plague of death and anarchy,
And how you delight in it!
Treasures that even vandals spared, you have 
readily speared--
Churches, books, monuments, ...
Not one have you skipped in this orgy of terror.

But Heaven in whose name you hurt now grieves;
Her tears well up in the hearts of the virtuous.
Slowly they’ll gather into furious streams
That from breasts weary with pain
Shall erupt and sweep this caliphate to a surly fate.

Copyright © Agona Apell | Year Posted 2015


I gots to go on down to Applebees.
I gots to watch the big game on TV.
Oh, its much better than January's
Superbowl, March Madness, the history
of boxing or Tiger Woods teeing up.
We'll toss down a couple of brews and eat
our way through the evening hour and top
it all off with a chocolate dessert.
All the while on the overhead teevees
we'll watch our boys, the desert commandos
rush over the dunes on their neato humvees,
and shock and awe those Bhagdad a--holes
with our technology.Tonight we will
root for our side to bomb them all to hell.

Copyright © ahellas Alixopulos | Year Posted 2007


His hair was black, crisp and wavy,
Above a face well-featured by grace. 
A man who knew how to earn a living,
He could look the entire world in the face.

Dad’s advice I will never forget:
To try always to do your best,
And to thank God everyday,
Because He’ll take care of the rest. 

To church, he went every Sunday
To hear the pastor’s learned voice.
The singing of the church choir
Allowed his weary heart to rejoice.

He told me to know to use my mind,
Since knowledge is much to be sought;
And there is no end to learning,
Or end to what needs to be taught.

Dad had hands that fixed anything,
With a bit of cement or a nail.
And whatever he had put together,
You could be sure it wouldn’t fail

If only I had listened to him more, 
While he was here with me alive.
If I had paid attention to all he had to say,
Surely now I would know how to survive.

Copyright © Albert Price | Year Posted 2017


Sunbeams stream through out
Forest overgrown and dark 
Ascending high heights

Entered into "Ascension" Contest

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2009

Dirt Bath Diaries

gets tiresome=ingenuine..
like a rosary 
wrapped around a demon's wrist...
sometimes you've gotta shed that satin rabbit
bang the beat of a neon lynx
inhale some twilight grit
uncork the perfume bottle soul
slay something-anything- smooth and subtle
suckle cuts and nicks...
be in your face 
for a day
a dust devil at play
bold as dirty gold
(a shark painting shadows on the shoal) 
slashing dreams to the bone

...pump'em hard boy
make'em scream, make'em bleed
slinging homemade dice
leaving crimson shards of self upon urban reefs
against the black bricks of midnight..
smoke some tender thighs
with the magic wand of desire
playing dominos with rusted hearts 
grease the soul with halo grime
toking away father's precious time
tango with a cheshire smile...
uncork your champagne god 
from his bubbly pod
gleen the living from the pyre....
sometimes you've gotta
take a dirt bath
to come clean.

Copyright © Anthony Slausen | Year Posted 2012



     In cold, silent night with star filled eyes,
     Austere Winter ascends her icy throne
     And sternly rules under polar skies.

     Sleep dulled hours tread slow with little sound,
     The barely awakened days too short.
     Gentle snow blown soft upon the ground.

     Until spirited Spring usurps the throne
     And Winter's loss to Summer's profit turns.
     Then golden leaves by Autumn spirits blown

     And ancient forest trees bend and groan.
     Weary Days darken, Nature turns to rest
     As Winter once again ascends her throne. 

      Barry Stebbings

Copyright © Barry Stebbings | Year Posted 2016


You’re our hero
The poor and impoverished 
Captive starving millions
Tears of anguish
Tears of dread

The cost of their Hero’s burial
Is too their debt
Their sacrifice 
The living for their leader 

The hungry little ones 
The world watches on
In fear

My Hero gave it all
His life
A willing sacrifice 
His perfect life
His perfect love
His cost
Our hatred
That we might live

His excruciating death
Has not left us comfortless
And soon to be 
Our resurrection of renewal

We the loyal few weep for what we did
His life for ours
The rest rejoice because you died
The world now looks on 
In fear

©? Brenda V Northeast              29 Dec. 2011


Copyright © Brenda Victoria Northeast | Year Posted 2011

Ottava Rima On Pride

This thing called pride is so much like a bubble
That wants to rise and rise up to the top
When found within your heart, it leads to trouble
Your big head, like a bubble, God will pop
At times we need to be cut down to stubble
Our lofty attitudes come to a stop
Pride will only lead us to destruction
Unless we let the Lord do reconstruction.

One more aspect that deserves a mention
When considering the damage of this sin
It’s only through pride that we have contention
With others, even those we call our kin
So when there’s fighting, please pay close attention
Are you to blame for squabbles that   you’re in
Pray the Lord help you from pride to desist
For of all things God hates, it tops  the list.

Copyright © Carol Connell | Year Posted 2017







Copyright © charlene solitario | Year Posted 2016


a mother's breast
where dreams nestle
into soft whispers

Copyright © Charles Henderson | Year Posted 2016

In Search of the Vanishing Joy

As children we find joy in so many different places
Discovering life in a mother's smile and puppy dog's faces
As we move into middle childhood the joys know no end
School being out for the summer, spending time with a friend
As a teen our joy's take on a brand new life
First love blossoms and we find joy in rolling the dice
As we mature and begin the transition to making our own way
Joy can be found in TGIF and our very first payday
In middle life we seek joy from a mate of our choice
Watching our children grow into adults and finding their voice
As old age approaches we find joy more difficult to hang on to
We still get together with old friends now and then, but not like we used to
Children and Grandchildren are super busy and only call now and then
We look for joy in new places through hobbies or in words from our pen
We write about life and other things, hoping our opinion can lead to change
But joy soon fades as our words seem to be lost and our efforts burst into flames
So as the year’s role by and joy becomes ever more elusive and difficult to find
We start each day with new hope, never regretting the life left behind
Our search for joy is now focused on being the very best we can be
Finding joy in helping others, our life's partner, be it he or be it she.                           

Copyright © Charles Gragg | Year Posted 2017

A Lovers Kiss

     A wordless song drifts from your eyes
     with rhyme disguised in poems lost
     from heavens smile your heart replies
     assuming risk, no fear the cost

     You dare not weep to dampen dreams
     but pledge to take this hand of chance
     no less from love this passion streams
     in turn of fate not circumstance

     Left breathless from a lovers kiss
     this treasure found its place in time
     a pleasure true, no more than this
     not once rehearsed in pantomime

     Within each heart pure beauty lives
     When fancies flight is there to give


Copyright © Charlie Smith | Year Posted 2017

One Last Dance

Every night I think of you With eyes full of love I come to you in a dream you won`t remember `Neath sik weaved sheets I hold your hand Upon your pilllowcase I leave my kiss in a short memory you won`t recall To the wet sand I tiptoe slowly following footprints which aren`t there 'Nesth cross-stitched stars I walk the path of a sweet destiny so long forgotten where fingers once played with my brown hair With the shadow of the moon I dance Just make pretend I`m there with you Along the shore I pick the pebbles which once we tossed into the blue A sound I hear in walking distance Must be the voice of someone else Or could it be your hush~hushed whisper Asking me gently for one last dance

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2014

Mother's Love

M other we honor her.... 
O vercomer in trials and tribulations, 
T ruthful for she keeps her word and her obligations. 
H elpful to all that needs a helping hand, 
E verlasting love through time that stands. 
R ighteousness of Christ, 
S elfless from start to finish through her life. 

L ove that is enduring... 
O nly with her love, she is always reassuring. 
V isits the lonely whenever she can, 
E ternally blessed, with Jesus love she stands. 
Dedicated to my mother who has stayed with our family through thick and thin...
Written in May of 2009...This poem was written when she was in the nursing home.  
On her birthday of June 27th of this year she would have been 83, 
But is now with the Lord since August 17, 2010.

Copyright © Cinda Carter | Year Posted 2014

Searching for Others

I trek through this desert of life now Doing all I can that is right now Unable to see through the darkness In search of the eternal light now By being nothing more than a man Conjuring every ounce of might now Hoping to find others on their way I will keep them within my sight now Continuing throughout all my days Trying to win this life long fight now
Searching for Others Contest: Take The Leap By Debbie Guzzi 10-10-13

Copyright © Dan Kearley | Year Posted 2013

The Walk

On the night of January 16th, 1991
Of the spirit, my soul was reborn
At a small house in the country
God was alive and full of mercy

Christian house services were on fire
As many gathered for great revival
The house was small, I stood in the back
Shoulder to shoulder the house was packed

As the service began and the choir sang
A house full of praise began to rang
As tears flowed rampantly down my face
I could feel my heart beginning to race

The word of God was being preached
The Holy Spirit began to teach
The word of salvation caught my ear
As the word of judgment, I began to fear

Hearing of an eternal place called Hell
My eyes full of tears began to swell
How do I escape this awful place
Holding to a table with my hand braced

As the preacher called for many to repent
Speaking of a slain lamb from Heaven sent
The choir came forth with redemption's song
Thoughts flashed before me of all I'd done wrong

As the preacher called out you need Jesus now
My memory escapes the walk through the crowd
Did I walk, did I crawl, did I run, did I float
My trip to the alter, I truly don't know

I remember standing in the back, the devil saying no
But something deep within was telling me to go
The world had enslaved me I wanted to be free
The next thing I know before the alter I fell to my knees

Gathered around me, loved ones kneeled to pray
I ask the Lord to show me the way
As I felt the hands of many touch my shoulder
God whispered so sweetly, your worries are over

Come to me, My Son died so you may live
Come to me, I have much to give
Escape this world full of trouble and woe
Don't you know, I love you so

Surrender to me your troubles and fears
I will give you joy in exchange for your tears
I am the way, the truth and the life
Lay down all of your troubles and your strife

All of the sudden I gave a great shout
As I called upon Jesus, without any doubt
Now my life will never be the same
A new life before me in Jesus name

To this day I cannot remember the walk
From the back to the alter where God and I talked
All I know is my life was forever changed
Jesus's life for my soul that night was exchanged

Years have passed, a memory never to grow old
The night my Jesus, battled for my soul
In my heart, reserved a very special place
For the beauty and power of His Amazing Grace

Written by: Donetta Harless
                    Sunday, July 17, 2016

Copyright © Donetta Harless | Year Posted 2016

Spring Showers

Spring showers are God's way
Of watering wild flowers
And giving mother earth
The nourishment she needs
To feed the trees
Who in return provide the shade
For all living things
Winds blow clouds across blue blue skies
Causing sun to hide, letting spring showers
Come again to water wild flowers

Copyright © Donna Jones | Year Posted 2013

My Father's Eulogy

I say his name, and ask the question, 
"Did they break the mold or what?"
I look out over the audience
And the truth is so clear-cut
That they all nod,
They all agree,
What an honest man,
So guaranteed
To be gentle and kind,
To love humor and fun,
To have the peaceful mind,
To have the good day done.

My sister and my brothers,
I look to them, make the hopeful call,
That every child in the world
Should think they have the best dad of them all.
When it comes to our father,
We have fearless cards to bid,
For on having the best dad in the world,
Well, we really did.

Copyright © Doug Vinson | Year Posted 2016