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So Vaguely Clear

I remember…

It was an awful oppressing day,
The clouds were dim and the air was frosty…
I couldn't stop myself, I ran to my room and died. 
Tears were streaming down my face as Niagara falls in mid-summer.
As I looked into the mirror I could only see,
glistening scarlet eyes and a crooked smile staring straight at me.
Daring me, like a child's game, to face the knife behind my back 
I closed my eyes and a masquerade of death appeared

 I entered through the bloody mist and a wave of terror fell upon me.
A peaceful but tormenting rhythm began to play,
Its sinister sound stabbed each mask that twirled by
Some masks were devilish and ghostly others were scarred and damaged
But all were unique and held the beholders deepest fear
These masks were shields, hiding the eyes from disgust and failure
Making sure to safely conceal their most gruesome side

To no surprise, I was one of them, I was no different
I-wore a mask hiding the slicing pain that cut me from the inside out
I was a broken soul forced to play a game of life
And this everlasting impression of pain and terror devoured me
As I no longer heard the sound of music or could see the death destined masks dance by
The bloodthirsty mist slowly disappeared and the mask that once identified me as-- broken had vanished

I steadily awaken from what felt like an eternity of lifelessness
I found myself sprawled out on the floor in my room
I began to rise, like a zombie from its grave. One limb after another.
I noticed a sharp pain in my foot as I look down there were silver shards scattered around me
Terrified I glanced up and saw the cold-blooded knife stabbed into the mirror

I could no longer see my swollen eyes or warped smile
And the deep scars that were once full of pain and terror, began to heal
Finally, I was free from the awful game of life
and no world was left upon my shoulders 

But to this day
I still fear that death is holding me in his tight godly grip
Never willing to go

Copyright © ZoZo Blundell | Year Posted 2019



Standing in a field, camera in my hand,
Scanning misty pines, haloed hill so grand.
Many miles I've traversed, now lost all sense of time,
Morning dew underfoot, dappled light is sublime.
The green plants of this earth, rising to warm rays,
I hear no sound, as the camera lens follows my gaze.

My eyes fixed on the backdrop; I feel my legs in pain,
Dependably they have carried me, across this rough terrain. 
As I raise a water bottle to my mouth, beard and brow is caressed
The Cool breeze ruffles song birds, safely high in their nest. 
I could stay here awhile, no train to catch, this is no trial
Resting on my back, I’m happy to be dispossessed.

Something nudges my slumber, a hear a distant sound
Out of sight I raise my eyes to see, what on earth can it be?
The peace shattered, I hear a roar, over the crest I see a 4x4 
Bouncing across the field, advancing straight at me.
Gingerly I stand upright, consciously a friendly smile applied
No worries, I’ve made no impact, no damage to the crops
The machine grinds to a halt, farmer emerges, a shooter by his side. 

‘What da f**k you doing ‘ere, tis my turf, trespassing you are!
Take this a warning, you ain’t got no juice, dis here will put you right.
Were you at, dis no playground for you kinda people, you wanker!’
Farmer strides nearer, his hands grasping the gun; 
‘I’m only chilling out, no disrespect I meant, resting there the view I hanker.
 Arriving here was no plan, I walked through the mist and wanted some sun.’
‘Arrived here my arse, not your fault, so now your excuse is that your lost?’
 ‘No Sir, I’m not lost, but I am free, and this morning I chose the path less taken.’ 
 ‘Dat s**t out your gob, oh my god, so now you wana speak greek ? You're a freek!’ 

 ‘Yes Sir, I am a freak, but no Sir, I don't do Greek. 
 I’m here to roam, explore the land, and hope to find Johnny’s garden.
 Look, stardust is golden, and we are billion-year carbon,
 The time has come to break free from the devil's bargain.’
 Farmer pumps his gun, now I can smell the sweat stains on his shirt.
 ‘You wana break free, ha, I’ll set you free; you don’t get it - here I rule.
  Look around you , aint nada to see, everything is just dirt! ‘
 ‘Listen farmer, before I leave, I’ll give you the straight skinny, you're such a tool. ‘
  With my ears ringing from the sound, my guts and blood sprayed on the ground
  I see hedges trimmed, flowers abloom, and then I realise what I have found. 

Copyright © Yonatan Roth | Year Posted 2019

Ears, appendages I fear

Ears, two appendages I fear, 
pressure applied against the one who steers.
Pain distracts all sight, 
light drives agony into effect.
Tears fall as visions fade, Strength summoned deep within, 
pain ascends.
Blinded beneath tragic grief. 
Heart cold, no emotion shown. 
Imprisoned in manic thoughts that do not belong,
Questions of existence?
Destiny calls out to me in the night,
"OH wanderer wandering the deep, these
vast oceans await the lost, forgotten, and meek."
Signs seen in passing, 
Symbolic interpretation signal with Marks,
 Translation to be known;

Closed remarks left on stone, 
his vessel Abruptly he meets the pier.
(X) Days turn to weeks, tones claimed by sound,
whispering air begins to creep.
Growing louder the more I flee. 
Solace felt only in shade, free shelter given 
Underneath the mustard tree.
Exhaustion gives way, 
lost, an abandoned hunger pains slowly speak.
with hope in a prayer, faithful to his belief, 
suddenly entering a deep realm,
where honesty finds a poisonous leach. 
If left untreated,
not found all senses would eventually cease to be.
Into blackness he fades, 
nightmares become reality a voice echoes out ringing through the void of space. " My dreams, they dwell inside this place. " 
Inception from the night gives way to perception at Day light, 
once again awakened into another writhing strife. 
Motivation becomes a vice. The decision is made, to face ALL fear.
So He greets them directly, natural and fair.
staying true with honor, 
wielding bravery creates an awkward stare.
Subliminal coding Both hear.
Lack of sound, images will appear. 
Now the rules are clear. 
At life's start the line reads
Enemy of my enemy surrounded,
with weapons forged and sharpened against me
taking turns one by one they slice.
A crucial mistake is made. 
PAIN... when used as a KEY,
opens up the doorway "REMEMBRANCE"
above the entrance, 
opens up the sea.
With infinite choices that lead to moments of
what is or what soon shall be.
Will of instinct a question of a Souls might.
 "Do I flee like a coward taking flight? 
Or stand firm and tall through the fire?"
 YEA YEA,Till my last breath I choose to FIGHT

Copyright © William Smith | Year Posted 2019


Cookie ghost baked by mummy,
With a pit in its tummy,
We have filled it's belly,
With lots of jelly,
And it tastes, so yum yum yummy!!

Copyright © VASUDHA DEWAN | Year Posted 2019

An Eagle loves an Owl

My heart didnt jump the first time we met 
It was the first night you jumped my heart 
The rotation opened my wings to fly 
I flew with my wings closed 
Each time we fly together i fly higher 
I fly lower each time we dont
I will change to adjust to your time 
Your time is valuable for me to change 
I thought I was free 
I thought you were free 
But im trapped just like you
I get a higher view of a birds eye 
But i cant see, just like you 
Were both blind to see whats in front of us 
Im blind to see there is no us 
I want to fly in my direction 
Not down, up

Copyright © Trish Fernandez | Year Posted 2019


Dear Heroin 
I won, you didn't get my mother you may have beat her on several occasions but in the end we won I will always hate what heroin did to our family but I'm thankful that it didn't take her life she came out fighting stronger than ever and after the addiction beat her for years she finally beat it Heroin is strong it makes you lie, cheat, steal, and hurt the one's you care for without realizing your doing it I will never forgive you for the pain you caused my family but I finally forgive myself after years of blaming myself I realized it wasn't mine or my moms fault it was heroines people don't choose to be addicted and the fact that you tries drugs doesn't make you a bad person cause most people doing the drugs wanna numb their pain I mean isn't that what we all want none of us like pain or want to experience it some are just better at dealing with that pain than others and sadly my mom wasn't good at dealing but does that make her weak? NO my mom is by far the strongest person I know because she fought and she won and for that she is my hero so Dear Heroin we won you didn't take my mother from me you just brought us together People are proud of their parents because of their jobs or success but if you ask me why I'm proud of mine it's because I'll tell you that she's my rock, my hero, my fighter I mean she fights one of the worlds toughest battles everyday but guess what she wins so my message to Heroin is that your pointless you numb peoples pain by causing pain to others I'm not disappointed in my mom or scared of our story because it's just beginning I will forever say I have a strong beautiful mother who can survive anything she is my reason for fighting because she did and she won so Dear Heroin you may have taken many lives but your not taking my moms you know why cause we fought WE WON and we will continue to fight and win till we no longer need to!

Copyright © Trinity Weatherholtz | Year Posted 2019

Loki's Lament and curse part 1 by Thomas Laufey

For nine nights only your own will had bound you
to the World ´s Tree, you treacherous God,
while I wore a chain that I chose not, forever:
With cruel fetter my freedom you took!"

"Too cunning and unpredictable you were, too wild to roam free:
Greater your strength and hunger in magick and in power 
Then even my own, Tyrs and Heimdalls combined,
greedier than ravens, you sought ever more;
that's why we tied you,torso, legs and arms
In your own sons entrails for blood runs thicker than water."

"Was in nine realms no room for a trickster lord
Was there no realm that you could offer, i who existed even before you?
Of choice you bereft me to change my ways.
My trust you betrayed - Tyr and Odin Wotan most of all,
For you swore by your blood to protect and care for me when no other wouldst
You who ´d fed me and cared like a father for me
The most cursed of primordials i was.

"All of you lost your honor that day;
stronger was I, but still you tricked me:
Cunning magic you cowards employed--
Tyr you let pay for the promise you broke.

"Eternity ´s enmity is what I owe you.
Raving my greed now, grown with the years:
Not quite enough are the nine worlds to feed me,
to slake my hunger for revenge they´ll hardly suffice."
The nine worlds the aesir and vanir cherish shall fall to end my enmity

"I stand against you to strike you back,
though well I know what wyrd is mine:
That I will fall with all my Einherjar,
whose lives I ´ve taken, that life might survive.

"With bitter sacrifice bought I the wisdom
for many a day this doom to delay;
hope I have kindled, none kept for myself:
Two mortals survive in the wood of the Tree.

Copyright © Thomas Laufey | Year Posted 2019

No More Tears

How could you invade my privacy?
The only thing I had left of me. 
You opened the door for the world to explore.
My young mind grew with hate so intense.
it consumed my very sense.
You who supposed to protect me
But instead found more ways of killing me.
And I prayed .
Oh please let me grow up
So I could fly away and never look back
But it wasn’t so
As everyday passed you dealt a different blow
How could you?
You knew I had no one but you
Please tell me what have I ever done?
To deserve the treatment for one so young
It was not my fault I came out a girl
Messing up your very world
Had he loved you, it would not have mattered
Whether it be a boy or a girl you carried
You he would have still married
Foolish woman you are
Trying to trap a man by giving him a boy
And when he left you said
“ French letter I should have thrown you instead
I did not understand
But as I grew older
Your careless words became more spiteful and fill with anger
They pierced my heart, sharper than a dagger 
How could you not see
The beautiful person I could have been
You closed your eyes refusing to see me after birth.
Nothing good was I worth
Now you have grown olf and dying
But my heart have grown cold no more tears will I be crying

Copyright © Tanya Chambers | Year Posted 2019

Double J - just jetsam

Marred and minced remnants pile high in a storm’s swarm
Yesterdays, hardened-soft, surface where sea’s warm…

Flotsam found, lays tales around, in frayed traces
Another shattered shell whimpers of graces
vying with the sea-swept sands: gloss embossed fades…
Ocean’s dead! These are castaways of Hades, 
rid of depth, stranded upon the dry shallow
Interred where the sun bleaches out the shadows
till whitened ivory fills cavern’s echo:
enmeshed lime, crunching upon errors callow

Jazz died - June’s sun sank into august abyss…
Undertow currents ceased their torments of bliss
Nipped life, silenced like frothing foam vacuum-sealed,
kept smothered in an opaque ocean congealed…

Yard junked, Neptune’s home’s now a derelict mess
and yet he clings to the crap amassed, crownless
Right always, up to the end --------- that no return.
Death will erase the un-sunk bones when they burn

(10/3/2019: inspired by ‘my favorite junkyard’ contest)

Copyright © Susan Woodrow | Year Posted 2019

Mr president

Hey Mr president don't take 
us to war
Don't load up your guns to settle a score 
Your soldiers will gladly give you their lives 
Please don't feed them  bull , rhetoric and lies

Hey Mr president please save us the earth 
Take a look at your children and remember their birth 
Don't tear up nuclear agreements that will save the masses 
 Don't change the law that stop green house gases

Hey Mr president if your not a racist then do what you can
Stop the white supremacist  and the klu Klux Klan
Hey Mr president have your say 
on the rights of the needy the lesbian and gay
 and while your at it please pass a bill to protect returning vets who are mentally  ill

Hey Mr president all these things must be done
So the world can prosper an live as one
Talking and compromise will be the key
To stop us all living in total anarchy

Copyright © Stephen Power | Year Posted 2019

Life and Death

A raindrop on a fallen leaf.
Oh, Life & Death. Oh, Life & Death.
A tear upon the face of grief.
Oh, Life & Death. Oh, Life & Death.
You'd think by now,
I'd understand,
My way about this Wonderland,
Instead my brow
Rests in my hands.
Oh, Life & Death. Oh, Life & Death.

Copyright © Stephen Long | Year Posted 2019


On the mountains high smelling nature. The East came the sun and south came the wind.

And it was enchanting as trees sprung up to smiling sunrise waving hands at the passing by winds that swept across.

It looked like Peace.
I strolled down to the calm waters at the feet of the mountain,

And I loved the colour the waters wore.

I observed how heavier the fountain falls with roar into the gentle flow.

I stood still solid a century just trying to fathom if that's Peace.
Peace is the language on tongues now. 

People speak it with arrow and bow. 
Others speak it with greetings with bow.

We speak it, don't see it, wondering if it's just an illusion.

For at that nature sight I saw animals fighting for survival under the gentle waving trees I thought it was peace.

Deep down the calming waters did I you see the fishes striving for survival yet the surface looks peace.

Peace is everyday fight.

We speak it, don't feel it, wondering if it's just an illusion

Copyright © Stanley Coffie | Year Posted 2019

My last childhood love

You're my last childhood love
I don't want to lose you at any cost
You are not only you
You are my past memories, I can see myself into you my last childhood love
If you gone, I could never love someone, like I love you
You are like my last fund 
Which I have invested throughout my life after many hardships...
You are like the place I went after everytime I faced sadness and happiness...
My last childhood love you are like a old friend to me who knows everything about me and keeps it a secret..
My last childhood love you are most beautiful most perfect and most original to me than anyone else in this world...
My last childhood love you are the last person who can complete my life and give a meaning to it..
My last childhood love you are like, who was always there for me even before my birth and will stay with me even after my death...

Copyright © Somnath Nayek | Year Posted 2019


The home divine
I thought was mine
And studded with jubilation,
Was not my own
The lid was blown
A refuge with a misconception.

Copyright © Somdeb Banerjee | Year Posted 2019


What is wrong in being a normal person?
What is bad in being in the 99%?
Sure, it’s always shown, 
How nice it should feel, 
To be at the top, amongst the best.
But not everyone can get there, 
It’s not a boulevard, a large square.
I’m sure I could live well, 
Being in the middle, 
Maybe I will have to work a lot
But the living will be enjoyable.
What is bad in being ordinary?
If I can live a life worth living, 
That should be enough for me.
I would thrive, and be glad.

Copyright © Sir Crocodile | Year Posted 2019



It looked such a sorry sight
Standing in the shed
Covered in rust and dust
With just a trace of red

A vibrant red with a flash of black
Across the outside door
No sign of this embellishment
As the car sinks into the floor of the shed

A car that has lost its glory
Stands motionless and dead
This old car was my pride and joy
Many moons ago

It's going to be a wrench
To see this vehicle go
Even though the seats are worn
As are the tyres, gears and brakes

When the engine is turned on
A dreadful noise it makes
Smoke billows everywhere
The muffler has snuffed it

Mice have made their home in there
Which they must soon all exit
Broken windscreen, windows scratched
Doors all buckled and dented

Tattered stickers on the car
Air freshener that once was scented
I suppose it's true or so it's said
Everything has its day

This was my thinking
As the car was towed away
To the wreckers. a graveyard for most
One wonder if those worn-out cars
Become angels or ghosts

Copyright © Shirley Hawkins | Year Posted 2019

Magic and Fog

She was strength and magic
Timeless and tragic
She was diamonds and dust
  Just when you had her attention you lost her trust.
 Refined and dignified
 Reclusive and mystified.
 She was a mystery and a disaster
 She wouldnt like if you asked her
 Fine wines and old books
 Embroidered vintage scarves and large sunglasses
Yes she has the looks.
 Jewelery from  the island of St. Isadore
So you thought as she hides her face when leaving the thrift store
  Elegance and poise
 Brief glances and small responses never any noise
  She would breeze past you in a busy place
  You could forget everything except her expressionless face
  Her eyes straight forward she never saw you there
 Yet her intended avoidance was apparent in her indirect stare
  She would angrily stab the cobblestones at the small street market with her red high heels so you knew she was near
 She would hold fake credit cards so her facade would keep you in envy and fear.
 She would examine the market merchandise as if she had no interest or desire
 She was fueled by the  ice in her fire
 You could try to approach maybe offer a drink or meal
  With  one cold rejection your heart would fail to heal.
  She was a local story and lie
She was a social write off but we never saw her cry
 She wanted us to believe in her made up shine
 I watch her walk away to the woods
 I remember when that life was mine.

Copyright © Shauna Woodbury | Year Posted 2019

The Little House

The cat sat on the windowsill, 
And stirred a little in his sleep.
Each breath a cloud upon the glass 
And outside the snow was falling fast 
The children all went out to play,
But he couldn’t be bothered to move today.
The radiator hummed, and the woman hummed,
And the cat hummed in his sleep.
And all about the little house, 
The snow was getting deep.

The woman sat beside the fire, 
And sung a merry little tune.
As she sung, back and forth she rocks, 
Darning a pair of colorful socks.
Her hair is turning silver-gray,
But you’d never believe she had aged a day 
Since she and the cat and a box full of shoes
Came to the house on the dune.
And all about the little house, 
The snow reflected the moon.

Copyright © Sara Carr | Year Posted 2019


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