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Classroom Nightmare

Des armées travaillent à des unités robotisées encore sous tutelle humaine, dernier stade avant l’autonomie complète à la Terminator.
.............. I found myself in a turning vortex, running , running tracked by a horde of human Cyborgs..and their faces were changing their colours.....They wore synthetic clothes. and they projected laser lights from their eyes,,,I jumped into an open Space, out into a classroom, where i found my mistress holding a long stick and she was drinking acid, and eating iron pieces of machine. She told me, to do my exercise bofore sleep, i closed my eyes and opened them . My father woke me up and told me that i should never watch science fiction "Terminator", because I was holding up my hands and crying,'' " yes,Terminator, I will do my homework !!!! "
"A fantasy creation for my daughter and for lazy students "

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