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School Girl

School Girl

A thick and heavy wooden door yanked off the wall
Carried into the street by a black man 

Peddling wheels and bicyclists ran the streets

People strolled on sidewalks
With hands in their pockets
And music in their ears

A white woman with a large ball of shiny keyes in hand 
walked quickly

Butterflies cut out on my pair of blue jeans
Delicate and pretty ones, too, 
On my small white ,cotton tote bag
Colorful and young

I walked yonder 
To my dwelling place 
Into my chambers
Thick sheets and fluffy pillows

Floral window panels with golden accents
A black digital clock on the wall reads 11:11

Strong cologne 
In fancy black boxes

A brown wooden frame
With a little school girl in white and navy blue

Marckincia Jean 
Free verse 

Copyright © Marckincia Jean