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The Dragon

My family does not believe me, 
especially my father. 
My mother gives the usual platitudes, 
'of course, dear' and 'yes, I see him.'  
I know she means well. 
I also know she is lying;
she told me once that Jason was 
'taking up the entire space in the house.' 
'Would I like to take him out to play in the garden?'

Jason, you see, he is a dragon, 
a tiny dragon that I carry in my pocket. 
He became my friend
just after Herbert disappeared.

Jason is very naughty, 
I do my best to control him, 
but he does set fire to things:
Bits of paper, 
once my homework,
my sister's hat, 
a few things in the garden shed.

Then Jason set fire 
to the carpet
in my bedroom.
After that
I started visiting a new doctor 
with my mom;
and Jason.

Copyright © Terry Miller