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Lifes Mysteries

L- Life overflows with awesome mysteries;
I- I list a few of them that spellbind me.
F- For one, the hidden gift of Memories-
E- Etched deep within to find again and see.
S- So too, emotions that spring from my heart-

M- Meant to enhance the very way I live.
Y- Yes, best is Love which fills the deepest part;
S- So mystical this gift- I take and give.
T- To bind with love, another awe is Hope,
E- Enabling me to conquer special goals.
R- Restored with Faith that firms my will to cope-
I- I'm thankful for their unifying roles.
E- Epic is weaves of mind with heart, and soul;
S- Some of life's mysteries- that make me whole.

December 2, 2020

For The Contest,  "Life's Mysteries"
   Sponsored by John Hamilton 
      Form, Acrostic-Sonnet Hybrid

Copyright © Sandra Haight