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"She was suicidal,
Depressed and yet a witness in harm of her mind throttled tuned up in times distressed misplaced not trust no space to grow she folds bridled not alone and not wed and not often said have nots alone and lonely worrisome yet worries

Suicide May the everlife come upon us soulless May the afterlife swiftly changed its presence you once promised me forever and so I pray for as the hour draws near say good night dear
And ponder not the arrival of the second glimpse of life less breath I take what God has given me and stuff it out like a foot a top an ant a fly a bee insectify me

I commit I submit my physical self I take away what's the left the breath I no longer take I take yet my breath away I display had my dismay I reject the prey myself derelict selfish and sway

Suicide we shall depart so it will be an adult child and unforgiven hurt selfless spiritual child of God I still his breath he gave me away through my selffish death
Suicide this will be the last you hear from me solace tear stand you once promised me until the end of time I reign as it rains in my mind.i am not fine. Mentally hurt drained mentally hurt drained mentally hurt drain keeps saying and doing the same old things I am possibly insane I hear not my heartbeat I see not my eye teared stained this will be the last you hear from me soulless you once promised me until the end of time as for the hour draws near We Say goodbye I say goodbye our time has come say good night he once promised me forever now I'm mentally spiritually physically gone from your site

Suicide we shall depart bleak break broken torn To forever drown a second a remorse no voice my choice torn to be reborn maybe not to forever drowned a second a second may this inferno come upon us has death's life for the hour draws near shall say good night a child in the end darkness descends there's only panic the only Departed I we run and hide nothing's left just sides above the pride the shame shout not I we die we shy we hide we lie in......."


Written words by James Edward Lee Sr © 2021

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr.