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Problems to stronger one

I'm sad
Actually God is very bad 
Sending so much problem in my life 
that I decided to commit suicide 
Mother :
Means you are strong & brave 
Have party & let's celebrate 
Okay, let me tell you a secret 
What happened in the heaven
God was sitting in his cabin 
Suddenly a monster came 
Monster : Where are you God-the beautiful soul? 
See, I'm the powerful of all 
God: How silly you "the Monster"
My children living there are stronger. 
Monster : Hey you God! 
I'll prove you wrong 
Name your children
 Who are strong 
God told all the name
Monster felt jealous of them 

This is how game starts 
God showers happiness 
Monster throws problems in their path

God is always present
Really hard to see you in pain 
But can't fight for you 
'cause he believes 
The so much strength
He gifted you 

The Law is as simple as sums
The more you are stronger 
The more you get problems 
The more you cry & get stuck 
The more party n' dance Monster does

So what will you do? 
Will you cry & get stuck in pain? 
Or will you fry the problems
& move ahead to win the game? 

Whenever you get problems 
From the next time 
Look at the sky, smile n' shine 
Tell the Monster 
"oh you loser, 
Look at me
Now you'll see 
The Brand new best version of me "

Copyright © Sakshi Singh