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Six Brothers In Harmony

Every one of my five brothers
and I strive to create harmony.
Our lives are lived in parallel
yet at times we work alone.
Other times we play well together -
unity and coexistence is our goal.

A chord can bring us together
into a rich and soulful harmony.
We often seek concord in parallel
so no one is left alone;
expressive music is our end goal,
a desire shared by six brothers.

Django Reinhardt, who often played alone,
had mastery over all us brothers,
as do Los Romeros playing together,
creating a family of classical harmony.
Andrés Segovia with his ambitious goal,
worked with composer Rodrigo in parallel.

Great rock guitarists with their goal
of playing fantastic music in parallel:
Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison playing together;
the Eagles soaring in amazing harmony;
Clapton; Jimmy Page; the Allman Brothers;
or Hendrix playing incendiary solos alone.

Bring your friends, sisters and brothers
to a concert - don't come alone!
You'll meet people who have parallel
interests to your own. Dance together
as music plays. Our common goal
should be brotherhood and world harmony!

Each string of a guitar, alone
can make a melody. But harmony
exists only by functioning in parallel,
cooperatively. Let this be our goal:
for human beings to work together,
recognizing that we are all brothers.

My brothers and I aren't alone.
In parallel lives, our main goal
is to work together, making harmony.


// A sestina is a non-rhyming poem consisting of six six-line stanzas and a three-line envoy. The last word of each line in stanza 1 is repeated in all of the following stanzas. The envoy contains all six repeating words. To emphasize the theme of "Six Relatives", I have also made each line exactly 6 words. Additionally, I began stanzas 1-6 with the letters of the six guitar strings: E, A, D, G, B, E. One final note: the "ambitious goal" of Andrés Segovia and Joaquín Rodrigo was to make the guitar a respected instrument in the classical repertoire. They succeeded!//

Written 16 Nov 2020 and submitted to the
Six Relatives Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Caren Krutsinger

Copyright © John Watt