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Pickle In A Pickle

This is a pickle so I'll bear-and-grin it
It's my very own pickle got me IN it

It was always sweet with pickle power
But all these wrappings make it sour

Perhaps you'll get the urge to peel it
For dressed like this I'll never feel it

Despite your valiant efforts twerkin'
I'll still be left with a gimpy Gherkin

Another tumble upon your hassock
Is a fruitless fruit not worth a Vlasic

For a pickle in a poncho is under par
And it's far better off in a canning jar

Cuz ...

It's not the pick of pickle, it's in how you aptly pack it
But I can't pack my pickle ... in a damned latex jacket.

February 21, 2020
For the "Pickle" Poetry Contest
Nina Parmenter, Judge

Copyright © Gregory R Barden