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Dark Fruits

Strange Fruit choreography 
speaks to me of seeing 
and smelling 

this strange evil fruit 
of hatred 
and bigotry 
and fear 

and straight white man 
perpetual menace. 

Choreographing trauma 
only infrequently translates the words
of DarkHole poems

Rhetoric hoping to carry 
the emotional shock of evil awe 
and dark timeless burdens

Terrifying wonder 
as perceived 
within this Strange Fruit Dark VerbalView 

Rather than the more interior non-verbal feelings 
of profound inhumane disarray, 
hate climates 
and monocultures 

of straight white monotheistically judgmental, 
and disposition 
of semi-domesticated talking animals
live stock,
breeding stock,
slave labor 

Too smart for their well-endowed britches 
and es

Strange Dark Fruit,
the enslaving racist face 
frantically encircling 
straight white fascism 
in full flagrant, 
strange southern fruit, 
industrially resilient horror. 

Strange Fruit Anthropocene, 
with polyculturally felt choreography 
of ecopolitical 
monochromatic lack of appropriate appreciation for color, 
and drama,

and with way too much
StrangeFruit trauma.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck