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Melodious sunset from my balcony

Birds have started chirping
Sun is just about to set
Squirrel is squeaking as it scampers on branches of flame tree
Bees are buzzing
Crows can be heard saying caw, caw
Eagle flies with a screeching sound

Oriental magpie robin can be seen on flame tree chattering. 
They sit on a branch, walk towards flowers drink nectar, fly to another branch, do the same.
They want to finish eating before sunset

Squawk, squawk, parrots screech as they fly together. 
It seems they are going to someplace to sleep

A flock of sparrows can be seen on flame tree.
They pluck a petal from flame tree, munch it. 
Stomach full, they start chirping.

Red-vented bulbul whistle melodiously
Red whiskered bulbul whistles cheerily

Tuk, tuk, tuk sings coppersmith barbet
Koyal sings mellifluous music with its koo, koo, koo

Suddenly warmth of sun is gone. 
Cool breeze blows
Red sun goes down the mountain to other side

Chirping is birds stops
No noise can be heard. 
Absolute silence and peace permeates the surrounds

Moon smiles at me.

Contest Name :The Audience Falls Silent
Sponsor : Kai Michael Neumann

Note: Inspired by Malabika Ray Choudhury's poem "There Was Silence"

Copyright © Rama Balasubramanian