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Be Young

Children are free,
No real responsibilities.
Whispering about one another..
Look at them,
Looking at me.
Let us go spend some money,
Being young,
Playing video games until the sun comes up;
Until the sun goes down.
Can I go outside?
Please please please?!
Can I have some candy?
Can I?
Can I?
I promise I will be good..
Showing off the biggest smile.
Children can not seem to wait;
Are we there yet?
Jumping up and down-
How about now?!
Be young,
Being young.
Time seem to pass-
One blink,
It is gone too fast.
Being young will be a memory of your past.
To my beloved sister- Troy,
Lived a life feeling young as she could.
She never wanted to grow,
Being young.
Now as she relates to her favorite fairy-tale story;
Sleeping Beauty-
As we miss you in every way,
We all smile knowing you are off to play.
Be young,
Have fun,
Let your life be a game,
Let us play!

Copyright © Teigan Maynard