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Who says there wasn't an emu in the stable

I stand proud and majestic
and tall as can be
even taller than Joseph
at a whole three foot three

I am honoured to be here
and give all my heart
though I may not have lines
it is still a big part

I smile wide and honest
I sing loud and true
next to star number seven
and tree number two

Though there's rumours about
that my part in this fable
was not actually present
that day in the stable

But it was so long ago
and so far away
that who was there or wasn't
is tricky to say

So I pay them no mind
don't let them upset me
when this show is over
they'll never forget me

I am trying my best
and I hope that it shows
though I wish Mother Mary
wasn't picking her nose

This is serious business
and it must be done right
even if the three kings
are now having a fight

The donkey is dancing
there's unexplained bells
the sheep are now whispering
amongst themselves

Still I keep my head high
and do all I can do
to be histories finest
Nativity Emu

Copyright © Danielle Humphreys



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