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The Wall 2020

What is a wall if you recall? It may stand tall and deep within the soil, keeping everyone out, without doubt, it must fall. What would you say to the president about his wall, if you can call? 
I would say to President Trump the same thing President Raegan said to Mr. Gorbachew, Russia's wall; concerning the 'Shut Down’; Mr. President, TAKE DOWN THAT WALL!
I know that the wall has not been build yet, but will you hear the call; 'TAKE DOWN THAT WALL'! Too many families are being hurt because of a cause for a wall. He may not see it now, but he will and it may be too late for 2020. Politics need to be set aside and grace and mercy need to be applied. Are they ever going to learn from history fall? MR. PRESIDENT TAKE DOWN THAT WALL BEFORE YOU FALL!

Copyright © Julius Lawrence