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My Narrative poem

     Hi today I woke up a few minutes before 8am stood up to go pi at 8am 

then went to the kitchen to have breakfast, I prayed, did the Rosary then left 

to go to my bedroom for Saturday Coffee Chat lead by Ms. Yvette and Ms. 

May. I was practicing what to say but unfortunately I did not get to check in. I 

was relieved when I finished the whole Daily Reflection on the month of March 

and after the group, I did the Living Faith’s Daily Reflection for the month of 

April. I don’t know but God took away my voice but He exchanged it and I 

don’t want to say better because it’s what I can do. Although I’m disable with 

paralyzed left arm I think I can do a good job in writing poetry but I don’t 

have any clue of poetry’s Rhythm or Meter. I actually don’t have much words 

to say that’s why I’m reading the English-Tagalog dictionary hoping that I can 

make at least a Sonnet or a 14 lines poem about I have no clue. I can make a 

narrative poem with this story. I printed the how to make a poetry and 

embarrassed that I still don’t have any clue in writing a poetry. What I use is 

the Daily Reflection of different people in Living Faith, God gave me a gift 

breaking a Daily reflection into 4 stanzas or Quatrain in poetry then turn it 

into where I am a premium member 11 yrs ago when I only 

paid $150 because right now is 159. I don’t know what else to say. U know I 

didn’t get to speak earlier because I don’t know I’m shy. People that knew me 

from before knows  that I’m not shy. Maybe because of my disability I tend to 

mumble and scared because I don’t want to look stupid, u know this is not 

the real me and I don’t like it. I’m a person that some friends say that I have 

a thick face. I don’t know why I can’t work. It seems like I need to let out 

what I have to say this morning. God please help me, thanks. 

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza