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Snowflakes With Biting Teeth

After graduating from high school,  I left the South and moved North to the Windy City of Chicago in search of a better way of life and in the process found lots of snowflakes accompanied by biting teeth. Sometimes the snowflakes were blinding and the cold so intense that I felt every part of my body was being bitten upon, especially my hands, feet, nose, and ears.  The cold was often so severe that I found it next to impossible to get a single word to flow between my biting teeth.                                                                                     

Time and limited lines will not allow me to tell many cold-hearted teeth-biting stories originating out of the Wisconsin dairy land and Chicago, but maybe two mini-stories can make the cut. On a cold and snowy Chicago afternoon, say nothing of biting teeth, my feet were nearly frost-bitten as I drove my way through North Chicago in a Volkswagon van. This was an air-cooled engine, and there was not enough heat from the heater to keep us warm.  Need I say more about the VW that created a life-long unforgettable story? And on a cold December night in the '73 Christmas Season, very close to Christmas Eve, my wife and I left Chicago and headed South on Interstate 57.  Less than a hundred miles into the route, we encountered the iciest roadway I had ever experienced. There was clearly no question that not only were we pulling over, but we were pulling out of that road trip and heading back.
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