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Wee Willie the leprechaun,
Likes to hang out with fairies and fauns;
'Cause they're wee people you see,
Magical much like he,
And they play through the woods until dawn.

Now Willie's a bit of a joker.
Of jokes he is the town broker.
You can't put one by him,
'Cause he's the front lineman.
Like all leprechauns he's a smoker.

If you catch him he must grant a wish;
But be careful 'cause he's no dumb fish.
To get even he'll try,
You can't trust this guy,
He's mischeivous, clever and impish.

You'll just let him go if you're smart.
With his gold he never will part.
He doesn't like robbers,
Ne'er-do-wells and like jobbers,
If you're smart you'll just let him depart.

Copyright © Judy Ball