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The eyess

What the eyes can see is reality, to visualize life's profanity. To accumalate thoughts to see what you bought, for things that you brought, a vision to see.
The eyes are amazing to see,  grazing across the street looking at something to see, the eyes of  someone to be,
to communicate to evaluate only to see to praticipate for eyes to innervate, seeing thing's clear, open your eyes for life before life disappear.
 For things to appear  for sight to be near, only infear the vision to spare if only you care,  about things in flare turn into flames, the hate is burning hot when they came.
To see that forgiveness can defeat the pain, only to love who you hate again. Only seeing what's confused, lately abused by being used, seeing what to do, for life to refuse the conclusion and news to see the avenue pews converted by clues.Her life is a vision of virtualality with a bad personality to lose wits about things to live by all means. To have seen you saw, a life thats raw, troubled by law forever to see the being inside me, for only to be a provocative explanation o only for me to see in life situations.

Copyright © Ambrose Gibbs