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Please Stop Teasing Me

Romantic overtures
like gaudy butterflies 
kissing all blooms 
that come their way,
teasing me, haunting me,
flirting with me
and playing havoc 
with my feelings
Are you really harmless?
Is it fatal poison I drink?
I ask for hero worship
I get senseless fiddle-fuddle.
I ask for endearing emotions,
I get teasing quips
and seamy punch lines
that make me feel worthless,
shabby and trivial.
I yearn for meaning
I get trivia, empty promises,
like husks of unfertilized corn,
like a rundown house
abandoned even by ghastly ghosts,
or like a hot futile desert 
filled only with smouldering sand,
empty even of a hopeful mirage.
Should I be thankful 
that you bestow your love on none,
that you just love to trifle
with every man's heart?
Alas I love you too much.

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar