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Black in the Day

Thanks for making us tough, ever so rough

Black in the Day, Black in today
They still do us harm when caught unarmed
Still trying to hold us back, still mad because we’re black

No matter how much we come up, they still try to hold us down

Who are we that they fear when they see, the color of a man, black, brown, caramel or tan?
Any color but white makes them paranoid on site.

The white supremist still filled with hate, we wake up early, they still say we late. 

Black in the Day, together we stay, no longer whipped, no longer hosed, are they still mad? Yes, I suppose. 
Mad cause their dad’s dad dad had it made, raped our women in the shade. 
Used and abused, tried to confuse, wounds are buried so far behind, Black in the Day in our ancestor’s mind. 
Ancestors bought, oh how they fought, lessons taught of the tuggle and struggle for free-dom.

How could this be? Some whites thought they were dumb cause they fought to be free. 

On the ground they walked, underground they crawled, they fought for justice and freedom for all. 
Some whites had desires to set afire, spray with a hose cause everyone knows, they were obsessed in finding a way, cause they feared the power of Black in the Day.

Back in the day, being Black in the Day, back of the bus, they did that to us. 

Marched, protested for civil rights, was jailed when wanting to reverse civil whites. 
They tried to hold, hold them down, turn them around, from a vision, from a King, the Doctor with an amazing dream. 
The dream was revealed, the dream was unsealed, everyone knew that the dream was real.

They tried to control, wet, fret, but know that the world will never forget, enough was enough, it was time we stood up.
The light so shine from far away, I see the light, I’m Black in the Day. 
I’m Black in the Day, I’m Black in the Night, who am I? Colette Dright

Remember my words when I walk away, and be proud to be
Black in the Day!

Copyright © Colette Dright