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What colours a heart courage? What colours a mind belief? What colours a soul unity? Underground we carry torches from station to station We are the Light We Lead No colour No religion No epic delusion Where is the race? The race to confusion? We are One You and me We are One We all bleed Underground we carry torches from station to station Poets grieving Vigilantes seething Electric conductors of Love punching tickets elevate the fire Light rises out of the numb sacrifice the smallest midst mountains of Moriah signals waking signals waving Freedom Glowing Colours are All Colours Ultraviolet magnetic to spectrum silent tapping, unheard sometimes seen no snake doctor lectern truth burns souls bound to each other all grieving in one way or another we all learn Hearts beating Lungs breathing signals waking signals waving platforms all crowing, now eyes open listening, debating all signals waking new story weaving Souls searching Souls kneeding Light now is calling Light now is leading Tubman is not dreaming (LadyLabyrinth/ 2020)
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“Any cause needs speakers and organizers. Any mass movement requires women and men of great ideas.”
1. Tubman 1.a 1.b Harriet Tubman is sometimes referred to as the Moses of her people because of the way she led them out of slavery. The Underground Railroad operated at night. Slaves were moved from "station" to "station" by abolitionists. 2. Underground Railroad 3. Moriah

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