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As I sit in my earthly womb reposed
Unflowered in a crib that will be my future bed
Whilst being exposed to elements retorts
That oft rain their convictions
And expound relentless energy
In that time, I sprout unnoticeably so
I tend to bury my toes
Stretching downward, as I probe
'Neath the weight of my girth, of above
Where the rest of me takes a peak
E'er so oft, I would slowly unsheath
My thin blade, by and by, will soon be mightily
As I am resigned to poke further
And the earth, then pulls away
Where I start lowly, for at present, that is my worth
A small verdant thing, that I seem to be
Yet I bring forth the breath of life, that is my being
Of that, I offer freely, more like a trade, for it to be
In exchange to being part of this world
I will extend throughout my presence
And share pieces of me
At first close to my being
For the rest of me will be carried by the wind
Thereby, validating my ever as being 
Most times, I will be my true verdant color
Then times, I will be the most colorful me
In contrast to my stated purpose
Though I sometime get very cold
For the life of me, I would slowly undress
Time passes, not a sight to behold, now naked I be
Until I return to the color of my design
Then age will creep up, its telling tale ingrained in me
For in a form that will wither me away
Nevertheless, others will follow
The same path, as I came to be
And we will all grow
For the world
Needs us so~
As that is the 
Nature of how
'Tis to

Copyright © William Kekaula