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The witch


A gaping black-
Curtains of a heaven, drawn
Set adrift
Across the wilt of the zodiac! 

An’ so, she emerged

An’ madness dreamt into reality 
A bow, to tether-
Then glide down humanity
Every heart string, to vibrate an’ tear-
Tooth to be pulled, an’ so strung
As white pearls, be hung
Upon her divinity

Distant, at first…

A shimmer, buried
Deep within the night
Prism of unseen color
To refract, an’ spill its beauty
Far beyond the reach of light

Drifting down,
With eyes full of curses 

As religious verses 
As the stillborn- 
Cradled, cold an’ rigid- 
By ever flowing black hearses

An’ as every angel retreats from the fight
She hung unholy, upon their sky
An’ crucified the light

An’ so every heart coiled  
An’ every prayer despoiled-
In her wingless flight, from a heaven soiled
Worldly mean, to crumble an’ crawl
As kingdoms fall, into the tilting sky
Where all cauldrons boil
Only devils’ toil,
To curse…

An’ so chain every wrist- 
Shepard in, an astral tryst
Wed coming calamity
Upon the palm of blasphemy
To close –an’ crush, the heroes of bliss

A lucid Y-cut, to pull an’ open up
Sever, the strings of destiny
In an event horizon – swallow all of reality
Every atom, split an’ drawn –
An’ inescapable gravity

Her fierce hunger…
Tearing it all, asunder

With a celestial lust
Bedding every elder star- our clouds,
Forced upon their back
The skies white thighs 
To pull apart, open an’ crack -birthing,
Every sun, black


But, to turn through thought 
A brim, yet to mull –
Unstill, until, the delusion of certainty 
Sings back, 
With such a blissful lull… 

To unseat the soul 
From this prison, 
Entombment of its fleshly hull… 

From the delusion-
The irony,
Of a meaningful mortality,
Weighed in eternity

An so she descends…

Shimmering, pale skin –such beauty
Body, draped in gossamer gown
Head, crowned in butterflies-
Descending, upside down

An’ so she stepped –nameless, between eternity
To dance with our yearning hearts, drowned in flame-
As the sole entity, who bore witness
To the birth of every star, in this reality

The daughter of entropy

Upon wax wounded throne
Ever rising 
An’ embracing
Seating the eternal all-mother of rebirth an’ rot
An end, to save us from eternity
Deliver us-
From unending torments lot


As above, so below-
It’s all a tied knot

Her, her love-           
In a fait accompli,             
Never remembered        
Yet, never forgot   

So, come to know entropy
Yet, let its mystery be-
For there is only us,
Mere illusions, of you and me…

All bound, 
By an energy 
That lives eternally

So, dance with her shadow
An’ sway almighty-
As the living chaos
Within an exploding galaxy!

Know, the witch, the shadow, the woods-
As both, friend and enemy- 
Death, true human nature 
The collective unconscious
 –for as them, as is me 

As above, so below-  
All a tied knot,
Never remembered
Yet, never forgot
So, un-darken your woods
And alight!
Set your delusions free-
Dream, yet nothing to be…

For, true peace is to know 
The witch, the shadow and the enemy-
For she is the only one
Who would never bend the knee

To the only living gods-

The holy and unholy
Forest of man, deemed humanity