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Never Stops Shining

I never would've 
known that as a daughter
of a mother, 
we can make a lifetime bond within our hearts.

A mother's love,
is a love that you and your mother only share.
Her love is like an ocean, 
vast and wide.
Every wave that goes in,
is a wave of love that you give in.
Every way that goes back to you, 
is a wave of love that she gives you. 

A mother' heart,
is a heart of warmth.
If you could look inside your mother's heart,
you could truly see, 
the love that lies between the memories.

A mother is very precious.
There's only one mother in each family.
Not three, not two, but one.

For life's personal situations,
is a mother who you can turn to.

Happy Mother's Day!

Copyright © Nathasha Thalpaguruge