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Forlorn Hope

Isn't it annoying to hope and never be truly cherry?
Do you recognize you were the lone soldier to run away?
When I reach the risky level, I had the right to shoot away.
 Is there any opportunity Fortune you may delay?" 
There is one person who must oversee the beam.
There is just one success, regardless of the storm. 
Are you insane to ponder I'm ill since you loved them?
 We'll surely deal with the true flag in the realm. 

Sent from the heavens to rescue temporal creature?
Will it even be a relief to realize the imminent failure? 
Have you received a lot of inquiries? generally, clever
You remain desolate, yearning for forlorn dinner.

Anything you can set up whenever it is close to you.
You relieve the person of its stifling love asset portfolio.
Mending a broken spirit is difficult and painful too.
The leaves tend to be defoliated and unfocused, though.

True to nature, the prolific soil is all shades of dark.
Time to agree now that you have the trust of the public.
Did you believe you were doomed from the outset mark? 
When you hit your molarity,  occurred a false block.

Regardless, I was dissatisfied with the outcome.
Charming or presumably extending your point of claim.
There was a lot of skepticism around humanity at the time. 
Did you realize your spirit was defective anytime?

Written April 14, 2021
This Or That, Vol 2 Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Edward Ibeh

Copyright © Lasaad Tayeb