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The dream walker

The moon sliver glittered close to Venus in this magic night,
prison’s the senses by many echoes to outcome right.
The stars that turn to faith in hopeless fold,
all endurance of bliss so bold.
Those glowing particles in this garden alley,
dreams for another promising day towards that valley.
In this steep galactic stream,
so many stairs slope in a tenacious upward beam.
Faint shoots of light by purest fire,
intimacy with the ultimate divine desire.
Touching worlds in their mighty spheres,
promised home for endless years.
To this ocean I spread my wings and fly,
where those island of preserved dreams lie.
Those broad fields of twinkled wishes bounties bring,
and eternal visions dwell.
Souls in more mingled hue,
drenches in thousand sunlight dew.
By the concern of the waxing moon,
sowing seeds of thoughts for imagination bloom.
In deep trust from that living journey of me,
visions towards the spectacle of firmament,
that love’s virtue alone is free.

Copyright © Robert Rittel