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This Land

When I awoke this morning
The sunny scape was grand
I realized I'm squatting here 
On someone else's land

Someone who for centuries 
Had roamed this vast terrain
Mostly uninhabited
In sun and wind and rain

Who cherished all its bounty
The spirits will atest
Who gazed on all its beauty
Their friendship was the best

Owning but belonging to
In perfect harmony
Owing only to the creatures
For sustainability 

Someone now who roams no more
Confined by his oppressor 
The guest who once was welcome 
Your governing aggressor 

With water you could walk on
Just no way to strive
Total persecution  
A struggle to survive 

Residential Schools
The Highway of Tears
Murdered and Missing Women
Count them through the years

I'm pretty sure I bought it
Worked hard all my life 
To build our house upon
My children and my wife 

Maybe I was shafted 
And didn't even know
Maybe they're good at it?
I'm here to tell you so

I won't be satisfied
Til my friends are on the mend
Til we can wander far and wide
But still not even then

When we stand tall and healthy
And proud might do the trick 
When we're all looking down on them
And they're all ducking sick

Copyright © Mike Martin