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How to love a girl like her

She will never expect flowers
Instead, give her something that will not die
Give her something that will only continue to grow
To change
To wilt at times, but rebirth in spring
Love her the way Frank Sinatra sings;

''Love me the way little kids run, so free
so unafraid of looking foolish''

Love her like you told your kindergarten crush you were going to love them
Love her like it's really not that complicated in the end
Love her like the spaces in between words that were never said
Love her in a way you never have to explain
Like you were the one with a problem
Love her like who the  gets to decide what's a problem and what's a solution anyway

The way to love a girl like her, quite frankly, does not even need to be written down
Love her like you have always known how!!!

Copyright © Daniel Ayiro