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Poetry Contest Results and Status

This page provides access to PoetrySoup contest results and the status of closed contests that are currently being judged.

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 Date JudgedContest NameSponsor
10/18/2021 Dawn Unseeking Seeker
10/17/2021 Ghost Lace Chantelle Anne Cooke
10/17/2021 Letter to your future self Silent One
10/16/2021 CROSSROADS Kim Rodrigues
10/16/2021 Owl Haiku Robert James Liguori
10/15/2021 Quintain (Sicilian) Emile Pinet
10/14/2021 Islands in the Stream craig cornish
10/14/2021 Autumn Acrostic Poetry Contest Caren Krutsinger
10/14/2021 A Notable Horse Robert James Liguori
10/13/2021 Your Best Sijo William Kekaula
10/13/2021 Nursery Rhyme Eve Roper
10/10/2021 Bite Size Poem No 22 Line Gauthier
10/9/2021 May The Gas Be With You Farts Part 2 Chantelle Anne Cooke
10/9/2021 This or That, Vol 7 Edward Ibeh
10/7/2021 October Regina McIntosh
10/7/2021 ''R'' Contest, New or Old Constance La France
10/5/2021 rhyme me rhyme me a poem Eve Roper
10/4/2021 ''Q'' Contest, NEW ONLY Constance La France
10/4/2021 BRING ME HOME Mystic Rose Rose
10/2/2021 Quietus-August 2021 Unseeking Seeker
9/30/2021 Bite Size Poem no21 Line Gauthier
9/30/2021 Motto Matters Natasha L Scragg
9/29/2021 IDYLL THOUGHTS John lawless
9/28/2021 Your Best Sapphic Stanza William Kekaula
9/27/2021 Cleritoons Joseph May
9/27/2021 ''P'' Contest, New or Old Constance La France
9/27/2021 Fart-tastic Chantelle Anne Cooke
9/27/2021 Relationships Robert James Liguori
9/26/2021 Frankenstein tea party 2021 Joe Maverick
9/26/2021 A Lovely Memory Regina McIntosh
9/26/2021 Afghanistan Kai Michael Neumann
9/25/2021 The Avenue Julia Ward
9/24/2021 MERSE - Beauty Of Fall Malabika Ray Choudhury
9/24/2021 ''O'' Contest, NEW POEMS Constance La France
9/24/2021 Diamante Poetry For Fun - Your Choice of Theme Caren Krutsinger
9/22/2021 Why am I me? Shreya LN
9/21/2021 ''N'' Poems, New or Old Constance La France
9/20/2021 A Poem to your spouse on his-her birthday. Funom Makama
9/19/2021 HELLO SEPTEMBER Mystic Rose Rose
9/19/2021 Celebrating Carolyn's Poetry: An Uncontest Andrea Dietrich
9/19/2021 ''M'' Contest, New Poems Only - Constance La France
9/16/2021 Message in an Acrostic 2 Kim Rodrigues
9/16/2021 ''L'' Contest New or Old Constance La France
9/15/2021 Bite Size Poem no.20 Line Gauthier
9/14/2021 ''K'' Contest, New or Old Constance La France
9/14/2021 The One Who Touched My Heart Regina McIntosh
9/13/2021 Your Inner Child Chantelle Anne Cooke
9/12/2021 ''J'' Contest, New or Old Constance La France
9/11/2021 A Buggy Tanka Contest M. L. Kiser
9/11/2021 Anna And The French Kiss Mystic Rose Rose
9/10/2021 ''I'' Contest New or Old Constance La France
9/10/2021 Vagabond Dreams craig cornish
9/9/2021 Double Tetractys 8 Eve Roper
9/8/2021 ''H'' Contest, New or Old Poems Constance La France
9/8/2021 This or That, Vol 6 Edward Ibeh
9/5/2021 Kimo Form Old or New Constance La France
9/4/2021 Bite Size Poem no19 Line Gauthier
9/3/2021 Favorite Nature Haiku Constance La France
9/2/2021 Your Favorite Rhyme Poem in August 2021 Constance La France
9/1/2021 The Marmite Poem Natasha L Scragg
9/1/2021 Imagism Emile Pinet
8/31/2021 Merse Malabika Ray Choudhury
8/31/2021 Your Favorite August 2021 Poem- Constance La France
8/30/2021 Buzzword Bingo John Anderson
8/30/2021 August 2021 NA's Constance La France
8/30/2021 Fear transcendence Unseeking Seeker
8/29/2021 The Color Black Chantelle Anne Cooke
8/29/2021 Dumbstruck charles messina
8/28/2021 Bite Size Poem no18 Line Gauthier
8/28/2021 FOOTLE FINALE Brian Strand
8/27/2021 In Essence 2 Joseph May
8/27/2021 Liberum Divisa 6 Gregory Richard Barden
8/26/2021 A Brian Strand rime me Brian Strand
8/25/2021 Writing Prompt, Oceans or Seas - Constance La France
8/25/2021 Contemporary Sonnet Charlotte Puddifoot
8/24/2021 A Brian Strand your choice Brian Strand
8/23/2021 A BRIAN STRAND 2 to 5 line Brian Strand
8/23/2021 Kaleidoscope Chantelle Anne Cooke
8/23/2021 Songbird haiku Tania Kitchin
8/22/2021 Panic at the Food Bank Kai Michael Neumann
8/21/2021 Kindness Regina McIntosh
8/21/2021 MOTIVATION Shreya LN
8/21/2021 A BRIAN STRAND 3 to 14 line Brian Strand
8/20/2021 Your Best Monorhyme William Kekaula
8/20/2021 Broken craig cornish
8/20/2021 This or That, Vol 5 Edward Ibeh
8/19/2021 A BRIAN STRAND rime Brian Strand
8/19/2021 Bite Size Poem no17 Line Gauthier
8/19/2021 As we be breathed Unseeking Seeker
8/18/2021 A BRIAN STRAND you choose Brian Strand
8/18/2021 Tributes to Carolyn Constance La France
8/18/2021 Flair and Fun Quatrain Contest Caren Krutsinger
8/17/2021 A BRIAN STRAND 2 to 14 line Brian Strand

These are the latest winners of our Premiere Contests. Premiere Contests have stricter guidelines for contest sponsors as determined by PoetrySoup.

Date JudgedWinning PoemPoetContest Name
10/18/2021 Escape of The Bluesman's Song Susan Ashley YOUR PERSONAL FAVORITE, NO. 2
10/18/2021 Rebirth William Kekaula Dawn
10/17/2021 GHOST-FEARS VANQUISHED BY HOLY GHOST Beata Agustin Ghost Lace
10/16/2021 who are you Regina McIntosh Owl Haiku
10/15/2021 Cinnamon Leaves of Autumn Jenna Logan Quintain (Sicilian)
10/14/2021 Snowman - Eighty Dollar Legend Sam Kauffman A Notable Horse
10/9/2021 Flatulent Fannie Jenna Logan May The Gas Be With You Farts Part 2
10/7/2021 October, The Long Goodbye Constance La France October
10/6/2021 Here Lies a Poet James Marshall Goff YOUR BEST RHYMING COUPLET #2
10/4/2021 Bring Me Home Sandra Haight BRING ME HOME
9/29/2021 Morning on the Farm L MILTON HANKINS IDYLL THOUGHTS
9/28/2021 Jubilee Laura Leiser YOUR BEST RHYMING COUPLET
9/27/2021 Farts and Silent Stinkers Constance La France Fart-tastic
9/26/2021 My First Real Kiss Andrea Dietrich A Lovely Memory
9/26/2021 The conversation between Mother and Daughter in Taliban fraught Afghanistan Raunak Baral Afghanistan
9/20/2021 A Special Birthday Sandra Haight A Poem to your spouse on his-her birthday.
9/16/2021 Stradivarius - MIA Sean Kibble Message in an Acrostic 2
9/14/2021 The Ones Who Touched My Heart Gregory Richard Barden The One Who Touched My Heart
9/13/2021 The Boy Inside Me L MILTON HANKINS Your Inner Child
9/1/2021 Raindrops Kissing Constance La France Imagism
8/31/2021 Mimosa Sunrise Susan Ashley Merse
8/30/2021 Fear of Living Constance La France Fear transcendence
8/29/2021 Precious Black Night Evelyn Judy Buehler The Color Black
8/29/2021 My Ancestry Surprise - DK Sandra Haight Dumbstruck
8/27/2021 Depth of Love Jenna Logan Liberum Divisa 6
8/25/2021 Unsure The Shore Susan Ashley Contemporary Sonnet
8/23/2021 OOOOOO - for four line light verse contest Terry Flood YOUR BEST FOUR-LINE LIGHT VERSE
8/23/2021 Canvas Of Green Emile Pinet Kaleidoscope
8/22/2021 Food Bank Regina Elliott Panic at the Food Bank
8/21/2021 Kindness, The Gift Of God Subimal Sinha-Roy Kindness
8/19/2021 The Breath Of Om Subimal Sinha-Roy As we be breathed
8/14/2021 Depth Perception Michelle Faulkner Julyme
8/14/2021 The Writer in Me Wants You to Know Virginia Gelok The Writer In Me, Wants You To Know
8/14/2021 Stones Constance La France STONES
8/14/2021 Saffron Summer William Kekaula YOUR BEST QUATRAIN
8/11/2021 Empty Spaces Regina McIntosh The Void
8/10/2021 SHE'S A WOMAN SHE'S LUNA MWEZI- James Edward Lee Sr. Is The Moon Male or Female or Both
8/6/2021 Road Trip From Hell Tom Cunningham An interesting Couplet
8/4/2021 The Loss Of The Andrea Gail Tom Cunningham YOUR PERSONAL FAVORITE
8/4/2021 irrepressible John lawless Haiku Challenge
8/2/2021 Bio Bits Margarita Lillico THIS IS WHO I AM
8/2/2021 MUSE dwells in my garden Constance La France Finding Your Muse
8/1/2021 Cool Clear Waters Regina McIntosh Anything You Want - Must be New Poem
8/1/2021 At One With Sam Kauffman Tat Tvam Asi
7/31/2021 Remembering December L MILTON HANKINS A 3-6-9 Poem
7/28/2021 Immortal Life or Not Constance La France IMMORTALITY YES OR NO
7/28/2021 i swear Gregory Richard Barden once more I failed the truth
7/16/2021 proposal Kim Rodrigues Ni (2) Katuata
7/14/2021 PULSATING SIGH Kim Rodrigues What Makes You Sigh...
7/11/2021 Jesus, My Joy L MILTON HANKINS Jesus
7/9/2021 Woeful - SG Constance La France Seguidilla
7/6/2021 The Gift that I Give You Bryan Norton The Gift That I Give You
7/3/2021 Surprise Mary Taylor Surprise Me
7/2/2021 Regrets Ken Rone WRITE A "TRIONET" FOR ME
7/1/2021 My Struggle Bryan Norton Jaundiced Eye
7/1/2021 The Classic Car In The Glassy Globe Greg Gaul A Tender Moment From Childhood
6/30/2021 To Photograph a Memory Frederic Parker Lipogram Poem
6/27/2021 -The Poet's Hands Are Tied- James Edward Lee Sr. The Poet's Hands Are Tied
6/13/2021 Mindful Sam Kauffman MINDFULNESS
6/8/2021 Zephyr's Silky Tendrils Jo Daniel Heptastich
6/6/2021 Lost Brian Sambourne Open Poetry 5
6/4/2021 Being Human Regina McIntosh Voice of Conscience
6/4/2021 Giving Godly Grace Unseeking Seeker Giving Godly Grace
6/1/2021 The Kiss L MILTON HANKINS A new Abracadabra poem
5/27/2021 Annihilating time Unseeking Seeker Time
5/25/2021 Rain Kiss Jo Daniel Liberum Divisa 5
5/22/2021 Breathless Encounters Regina McIntosh Religion or Spirituality
5/20/2021 Cloud Nine Anytime Evelyn Judy Buehler A Time for Nine
5/15/2021 I am a prisoner, rescue me Rama Balasubramanian 'Say It Again'
5/14/2021 looking inward Constance La France Your Philosophy During This Pandemic
5/13/2021 Letting Go Constance La France Embrace and Release
5/12/2021 End Of Age Tom Cunningham A Poem of Horror
5/12/2021 A Body, a Tree Jennifer Cahill Open Poetry 4
5/11/2021 Nature Speaks Greg Gaul Nature
5/9/2021 The Fight for Equality Avery Won A MAJOR WORLD PROBLEM
5/7/2021 My Darling Boy Gregory Richard Barden FINAL 2021 N-A Choice 3
5/5/2021 REIGNING AGAPE LOVE Beata Agustin Agape
5/5/2021 Jesus, The Open Door Reason A. Poteet Tell Me, Who Do You Say That I Am
5/5/2021 - Killed Without Reason - Sunshine Smile Last Train to Auschwitz
5/3/2021 sea of trees Gregory Richard Barden Your 2021 N-A Choice 2
5/1/2021 Faith is the Key Constance La France Our last thoughts
4/27/2021 A Forest Of Dreams Malabika Ray Choudhury Your 2021 N-A Choice
4/26/2021 Joy and Melancholy Janice Canerdy Reveal Your Other Muse
4/25/2021 Mirror Of A Son's Eyes Susan Ashley Open Poetry 3
4/23/2021 Traversing The Trinity Subimal Sinha-Roy Where are we headed
4/19/2021 In the Forest of my Dreams Regina McIntosh In The Forest Of My Dreams
4/19/2021 let there be color Constance La France Changing Colors
4/17/2021 O April Susan Ashley April
4/16/2021 The Cool Blue of You Andrea Dietrich Liberum Divisa 4
4/11/2021 Acronym x2 Evelyn Swartz ACRONYMS IN COUPLETS
4/10/2021 Chimera Vijay Pandit This or That, Vol 1
4/10/2021 Sagittarius Sam Kauffman Star Sign Acrostics
4/8/2021 The Last Token L MILTON HANKINS The Last Token
4/4/2021 On Wings of Imagination Jenna Logan HexSonnetta
3/30/2021 Trinity Phoenix Chantelle Anne Cooke Phoenix Rising
3/27/2021 Scottish Hearts Are Singing John Watt Scotland - One Rule
3/20/2021 Following the Heart Regina McIntosh Inner alignment
3/18/2021 The Office Brian Sambourne Open Poetry 2

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