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Poetry Contest Results and Status

This page provides access to PoetrySoup contest results and the status of closed contests that are currently being judged.

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 Date JudgedContest NameSponsor
1/21/2021 ALL YOURS Brian Strand
1/20/2021 COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE(46) any theme any form Brian Strand
1/19/2021 COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE (45)any form any theme Brian Strand
1/19/2021 Trinet Joseph May
1/18/2021 COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE (44)any form any theme Brian Strand
1/17/2021 COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE (42)any form any theme Brian Strand
1/17/2021 The Good Old Days Mystic Rose Rose
1/17/2021 Musings on space Unseeking Seeker
1/17/2021 COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE (43)any form any theme Brian Strand
1/16/2021 CRUMPLED THOUGHTS John lawless
1/16/2021 Best N-A poem of 2020 John Hamilton
1/16/2021 COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE(41) any theme any form Brian Strand
1/16/2021 20-word max - do it with feeling Line Gauthier
1/16/2021 COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE(40) any theme any form Brian Strand
1/16/2021 A Little Memory - My Invented Form - Constance La France
1/15/2021 Nature Haiku -- NON-PM MEMBERS ONLY FJ Thomas
1/15/2021 Hi-Ku(7) place promise Brian Strand
1/14/2021 Senryu - Humorous, Satirical or Dark Tania Kitchin
1/13/2021 PODIUM PLACING PROMISE(7) Brian Strand
1/12/2021 Morality Mark Koplin
1/11/2021 Podium placing promise(6) Brian Strand
1/11/2021 Clerihew Regina McIntosh
1/10/2021 My Spiritual Journey Unseeking Seeker
1/10/2021 Hi-Ku(6) place promise Brian Strand
1/8/2021 Podium Placing Promise (5) Brian Strand
1/8/2021 THE LAST LOVE LETTER Mystic Rose Rose
1/8/2021 Battle of most acclaimed 2020 POEMS John Hamilton
1/8/2021 Winter Snow or Ice Limerick Contest Tania Kitchin
1/5/2021 Your best free verse 2020 John Hamilton
1/5/2021 JUST THINKIN'....... John lawless
1/4/2021 PODIUM PLACING PROMISE(4) Brian Strand
1/4/2021 Your best sonnet 2020 John Hamilton
1/3/2021 Winter Emile Pinet
1/2/2021 Podium placing promise(3) Brian Strand
1/2/2021 Fantasy with fictional beings Caren Krutsinger
1/2/2021 2020 to 2021 Mohan Chutani
1/2/2021 LOTUS OF MY HEART Mystic Rose Rose
1/2/2021 Hi-Ku(5) Brian Strand
1/1/2021 Your Best 2020 Poem Chantelle Anne Cooke

These are the latest winners of our Premiere Contests. Premiere Contests have stricter guidelines for contest sponsors as determined by PoetrySoup.

Date JudgedWinning PoemPoetContest Name
1/17/2021 SPACE AM I Beata Agustin Musings on space
1/11/2021 Fred, the Dancer Constance La France Clerihew
1/10/2021 My Spiritual Journey Regina McIntosh My Spiritual Journey
1/8/2021 The Car Not taken Janice Canerdy PARODY OF A FAMOUS POEM
1/8/2021 If Death Should Visit Me Today Sandra Haight THE LAST LOVE LETTER
1/3/2021 Swirling in Winter's Flurry Jenna Logan Winter
1/2/2021 Like the Lotus Krish Radhakrishna LOTUS OF MY HEART
1/2/2021 blue kujira Lycia Harding Hi-Ku(5)
1/1/2021 Remember The Day Constance La France Your Best 2020 Poem
12/31/2020 You Must Choose Life Evelyn Swartz Addiction
12/31/2020 The Party Doesn't End Subimal Sinha-Roy PARTY FOLK
12/29/2020 Hypnotic Effect Jo Daniel Hi-Ku(4)
12/29/2020 A Broken Heart Regina McIntosh Faith Healer
12/27/2020 may comfort find you this Christmas Lu Loo Christmas Rhyme only 8 - 12 lines - Premium Prize
12/23/2020 Never Stopped Wishing Caren Krutsinger A Rhyme Story-Poem With Eyes On
12/23/2020 borne bright on the breeze Gregory R Barden Hi-Ku(3)
12/16/2020 a sporkful of surreal Maureen McGreavy It feels surreal
12/16/2020 monkey wrench David Kavanagh HI-KU(2)
12/15/2020 Then I Saw The Light Mystic Rose Rose The Light
12/14/2020 MY SOUL'S THANKSGIVING THIS 2020 Beata Agustin Your Soul In 2020
12/14/2020 The Roller Coaster Andrea Dietrich IMAGIST any form
12/10/2020 What Child Is This Frances Schiavina STORY FROM YOUR CHILDHOOD
12/3/2020 CHRISTMAS LETTER Beata Agustin Christmas
11/29/2020 - Fatima Hand, Tattoo - Sunshine Smile Fatima
11/28/2020 Oceana Sam Kauffman On Your Marks, Naturally,
11/26/2020 New Freedom Ahmad Abu-Gdairi Liberum Divisa 2
11/25/2020 Graciousness Sam Kauffman Graciousness
11/24/2020 The Biden Times Janis Thompson 2021 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VISIONARY
11/22/2020 Our Bountiful God Len Gasun Our Bountiful God
11/18/2020 Song of a Harvest Home Sam Kauffman Thanksgiving
11/11/2020 Snow On Serenity Beth Evans Sen-ru ( rather than hi-ku)
11/8/2020 The Hill Andrea Dietrich H I - K U
11/7/2020 Halloween Hope Regina McIntosh Halloween Challenge
11/1/2020 One Treasure of Grandma Constance La France 49ER
11/1/2020 Amberina Ballerina Susan Ashley Inward Reflections
10/28/2020 Just One More Day Sandra Haight From the Heart
10/24/2020 missing Wendy Watson Rithimus Divisa 10
10/22/2020 Panther Wendy Watson Panther (Legendary Creature)
10/19/2020 A Writer Born to Create Constance La France Quotable
10/17/2020 Chin Tattoo Constance La France One on the Chin
10/12/2020 Fragile Rose Sam Kauffman Rithimus Divisa 9
10/8/2020 Lullaby My Lustrous Twilight Susan Ashley Final Call Of NAs Your Most Meaningful One
10/8/2020 October Reflections Linda Fowler October
10/7/2020 Where Luna Treads Andrea Dietrich Rithimus Divisa 8
10/7/2020 DEPRESSION Marilene Evans Deep ( 001)
10/6/2020 MUSE Constance La France Second Chances NA poems of 2020 Part III
10/1/2020 The Poet's Knife John Watt Rithimus Divisa 7
9/30/2020 Autumn Beauty Constance La France Second Chances for NA in Any contest during September 2020
9/28/2020 IT TOOK ALL MY COURAGE TO WRITE AND POST THIS POEM JAN ALLISON Second Chances N-A Poems From My Contests Only Part I
9/26/2020 Nature the Giver Constance La France Givers
9/25/2020 Too Soon Bereft John Watt Rithimus Divisa 6
9/21/2020 Joy Overflows Aditi Mishra Joy of the Lord
9/18/2020 A Season of Color Jeanne McGee Autumn-Fall Rhyme Challenge
9/14/2020 INFIDELITY JAN ALLISON Keen Observation I
9/10/2020 Courage is When Andrea Dietrich Courage
9/8/2020 Carousel of Dreams Aditi Mishra Soul Slipper
9/3/2020 The Name of Jesus, Hymn Reason A. Poteet In honor of Charles Wesley
8/28/2020 Velvet To My Touch Jenna Logan Rithimus Divisa 4
8/27/2020 yellow lashes Sandra Haight Haiku - Color with Alliteration
8/26/2020 Sister, Sister Love Constance La France Tail Rhyme Stanza
8/25/2020 If I Ruled The World Tom Cunningham If I Ruled The World
8/22/2020 The Face of the Buddha L. J. Carber It sucks
8/15/2020 The Night Had Gone Awry Jenna Logan Be Inspired
8/7/2020 haiku - sunflower Maureen McGreavy Traditional Haiku - Nature Themed
7/31/2020 The Invisible Thread Aditi Mishra Isolation Philosophy
7/31/2020 Shapes of Smoke Aditi Mishra Delirium
7/29/2020 The Muse in Me Constance La France Muse
7/27/2020 From a Classroom Rhonda Johnson-Saunders Lipogram Poem
7/26/2020 Masked Tenderness Aditi Mishra 10-20 lines on MASK
7/22/2020 Escaping Evil Winged Warrior My Faith
7/18/2020 September Splendor Michelle Faulkner Month of the year I like most
7/16/2020 An Haiku' s sunlit feathers Gideon Idudje butter flies and marshes mellow
7/11/2020 Beautiful Rose Constance La France The Flower, The Thorn Or Both
7/8/2020 Supernova Bossa Nova Eric Cohen You are a star
7/5/2020 A welcome in the hillside Wendy Watson Wales
6/29/2020 Orchard of Perspectives Aditi Mishra Opinion
6/27/2020 Sisters Janis Thompson It's Only Make Believe
6/23/2020 Breeding Box Valley Aditi Mishra Spiral
6/22/2020 drifting Joyce Johnson Best Monoku You Wrote Old or New
6/21/2020 Indian Giver Edward Ibeh gifts
6/19/2020 Tell the Night to Hold Me Gregory R Barden Your best poem ever
6/19/2020 I have things to tell you, Mom Constance La France Your Best Free Verse That You Wrote
6/18/2020 A River Speaks Andrea Dietrich Rithimus Divisa 3
6/18/2020 Crushed Rhonda Johnson-Saunders CRUSHED
6/17/2020 AFRICAN ANTHOLOGY Tom Cunningham Best Haiku Ever Old or New
6/16/2020 vibrations Kai Michael Neumann Whisper to me II
6/16/2020 The Mother Tree Connie Marcum Wong Non Human
6/13/2020 Teach Me To Be Stronger God Constance La France Faith in a Poembook
6/12/2020 ''Beautiful Scars'' Constance La France Your Best Poem
6/7/2020 STARRY STARRY NIGHT Line Gauthier Splash
6/6/2020 ESSENCE OF JEREMIAH 31:3 TO ME Beata Agustin Favorite Scripture
6/2/2020 Sunflower Sandra Haight Favourite Poem from June 2019 or July 2019
6/1/2020 The Soothing Star Sneha RV Falling
5/30/2020 Under the Sun and Moon Constance La France The Sun And The Moon
5/27/2020 Her just reward denis bruce Nun
5/26/2020 Snapshots Of Beauty Subimal Sinha-Roy Double Exposure
5/22/2020 Memory Lillian Twolsky Nature Haiku
5/18/2020 Brave American Knight David G. Moore Action Adventure
5/18/2020 Shutter Speed Memory Regina McIntosh Shutter Speed

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