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Premiere Contest Winners

Premiere Contest Winners

Date JudgedWinning PoemPoetContest Name
4/27/2017 deck party Reason A. Poteet Trumped
4/27/2017 Brave New World Kai Michael Neumann Brave New World
4/26/2017 Reverie Of Limerence Jeevika Rani and then
4/25/2017 Turning Fifty Larry Bradfield On Turning Fifty
4/23/2017 Angels and Lyres Janice Canerdy ANGELS AND LYRES
4/23/2017 rainbow colored camouflage taai tekai RAINBOW COLORED CAMOUFLAGE
4/19/2017 A landscape through time Aidan Dufaux MY EASTER PREMIUM any theme any form max 25 lines
4/18/2017 Stargazing Tonight Laura Loo Stargazing
4/17/2017 Lovely Suppositions Phillip Garcia Open Poetry Contest 2
4/14/2017 Springtime Andrea Dietrich One Tanka- Old Or New - See Title Requirement
4/13/2017 By Any other Name Joseph May Ode to Flower(s)
4/13/2017 The bluebells Agnes Krampe PASCHAL PREMIER any theme-form max of 25 lines
4/12/2017 Just Desserts JAN ALLISON Your first entry on the soup
4/10/2017 Still Falls The Snow Broken Wings Any Poem Written In March-NOT for a contest
4/8/2017 Prelude to The Book of Love Rita A. Simmonds The Book Of Love
4/8/2017 Forsaken Agnes Krampe JPContest 5 : FEELINGS
4/8/2017 Sweet Violets Andrea Dietrich On any subject
4/5/2017 I Wrote My Name Broken Wings Poem Written In March 2017
4/3/2017 Utopia and the Soap Bubble Ray Gridley Utopia and the Soap Bubble
4/2/2017 Silhouettes Agnes Krampe APRIL 2017 PREMIER CONTEST any form- theme max of 25 lines
4/1/2017 2071 - Big Brother watches from on high Mark Martin 1984 or 2017
3/30/2017 Spring Is Coming Soon Broken Wings Spring Is Coming Soon Acrostic
3/28/2017 Matt The Librarian Andrew Crisci Dust
3/28/2017 Cornered Charlotte Jade Puddifoot In the Corner
3/28/2017 Goodbye, high heels: Something replaceable Agnes Krampe Someone, or Something, Replaceable
3/22/2017 Precious Moments CayCay Jennings PRECIOUS MOMENTS
3/18/2017 River Life and Beauty Pandita Sanchez River Line 8,8,8,8,10,10 Syllables
3/17/2017 Images Janis Thompson MARCH 2017 PREMIER CONTEST any form theme max 25 lines
3/16/2017 Timeless Frederic Parker Free Verse 250 words or less (read criteria)
3/15/2017 I Look Up to Her Elaine Kuriger Younger people who have inspired you
3/13/2017 ''Love's Altercation'' Broken Wings Lover's quarrel
3/12/2017 APRIL nette onclaud Open Poetry Contest
3/7/2017 Twenty-eight Tiers Elizabeth Kinch RELISHING CAKE
3/4/2017 An Unwanted Guest Larry Bradfield An Unwanted Guest
3/3/2017 Leaves Laura Leiser Show Me Your Shape
3/1/2017 Rowntree Park Phil Capitano The National Pasttime
2/28/2017 Theatre of the absurd - fusion Mark Martin Theatre Of The Absurd
2/26/2017 Hang Myself in the Sky Felicia Jarvis Anxiety
2/26/2017 Life In An Aquarium Laura Loo Jamie's interesting contest 1
2/26/2017 Bittersweet Kai Michael Neumann Just a Little Bit of Sugar
2/23/2017 The Beacon of Hope Abdul Malik Any Free Verse 150 words or less
2/23/2017 Feather Play Andrea Dietrich Sexyku
2/22/2017 I wish I could tell you Sarah Grace Fear
2/22/2017 Before The Paling Stars: Poet's Pluck Marti Sutherland THE POETS PLUCK (poet of your choice)
2/21/2017 Invisible Alessia Jay Invisible
2/19/2017 At The End Of My Garden Broken Wings RIVER LINE New Guidelines
2/19/2017 When All The World Is Quiet - Its Too Early Version Phil Capitano It's too Early to Prite Woetry...
2/15/2017 Pinnicale ELAINE Stirk Lessons in life learned
2/15/2017 Oh, My Withered Dreams Broken Wings Any Free Verse Poem In 200 Words or Less
2/14/2017 Random Acts of Kindness John lawless Random Acts of Kindness
2/13/2017 Poetic License Janis Thompson Any Poem written in February 2016
2/12/2017 Blue Moon Tears--a love spell Deborah Burch A love spell
2/12/2017 A Promise Fulfilled Beyond the Breakers Carolyn Devonshire Beyond the Breakers
2/11/2017 The Soup is On Andrea Dietrich MY POETRY SOUP RECIPE
2/10/2017 ''Mozart and Me'' Broken Wings Music To My Soul
2/9/2017 Stepping Through Time Larry Bradfield STEPPING THROUGH TIME
2/9/2017 Life as a Wolf: White Wolf Poetry in an animal's view
2/7/2017 My Roots Are Deep Broken Wings BUT SERIOUSLY
2/7/2017 Survival Broken Wings Tropical Island
2/7/2017 The Swords Speak Phillip Garcia The Swords Speak
2/3/2017 A Valentine Party --Free Love Abdul Malik A VALENTINE POEM TO PUT ME IN THE MOOD
2/3/2017 Soar Like An Eagle Laura Loo Concrete Crush
2/2/2017 Travel Light Janis Thompson Travel Light
2/1/2017 American Tears Nicola Byrne Word challenge
1/30/2017 THE COLOR BLUE Claudia Polydoro The Color Blue - Revised, Old poems Too
1/29/2017 A Large Musician Julia Ward It's time for hilarious poetries
1/26/2017 Allusions Shadow Seeker The Poet And I
1/23/2017 My Red-Tailed Hawk Laura Loo A natural metaphor
1/22/2017 Requiem for a bug The Seeker You Say You Want a Revolution
1/22/2017 The cry of The Cross Jo Daniel ANY HM EVER
1/22/2017 DIPPED IN YELLOW nette onclaud CONTEST 265 REVISED to any form ANY THEME max of 20 lines
1/21/2017 Message in an Acrostic Contest Andrea Dietrich MESSAGE IN AN ACROSTIC
1/20/2017 I Sang A Lullaby Of Love Broken Wings Free Verse About Love NEW or OLD
1/19/2017 Connected Tanis Troutman Talking in your sleep
1/19/2017 True Love Waits Mark Massey True Love Waits - 2 English Sonnets
1/18/2017 ''Poetry Eternal'' Broken Wings How long can a poetry go
1/18/2017 Loveless Janis Thompson CONTEST 264 RESULTS available any form,any topic max of 8 lines
1/16/2017 Love In A Manger Laura Loo CONTEST 263 any form,any topic max of 7 lines
1/13/2017 I dream of dreams John Hamilton CONTEST 262 any form,any topic max of 6 lines
1/13/2017 BUTTERFLIES OF BEAUTY Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser BUTTERFLIES OF BEAUTY
1/11/2017 Angels In The Snow Laura Loo It's time for a little haiku
1/10/2017 Butterfly Effect Phil Capitano CONTEST 261 any form,any topic max of 5 lines
1/8/2017 Ootcast Kirk Doug Blair CONTEST 260 any form,any topic max of 38 lines
1/8/2017 Cupid Pulls Back the Bow Frederic Parker cupid pulls back the bow
1/7/2017 THINK OF ME COME NIGHTFALL nette onclaud CONTEST 259 any form,any topic max of 40 lines
1/6/2017 survival : epic contest Seren Roberts Epic
1/6/2017 The Miss Who Taught Creative Writing Class Andrea Dietrich Who has inspired you most in your life
1/5/2017 Cold Blue Lips Broken Wings CONTEST 258 any form,any topic max of 36 lines
1/5/2017 Lifelong, Meaningless Musings CayCay Jennings Privacy is like piracy yet copy cats are unlike authenticity
1/4/2017 THE BITTERSWEET OF ISRAEL Kim Rodrigues Angels
1/4/2017 Hours of Peace Sandra Haight CONTEST 257 any form,any topic max of 32 lines
1/4/2017 Winter Loving Andrea Dietrich Winter-Related Acrostic Poem
1/3/2017 You were in my dream T.I.R.O. JY But it was not real
1/2/2017 Cycle 's End Jajosh Ongado CONTEST 256 any form,any topic max of 30 lines
1/2/2017 Winter Magic Deborah Burch WINTER MAGIC
12/31/2016 The Day After Christmas Doug Vinson The Day After Christmas
12/31/2016 Heart and Soul Francis J Grasso CONTEST 255 any form,any topic max of 28 lines
12/29/2016 Love Can Never Be Redeemed Laura Loo Contest - Form B

Closed Contests Status

Closed Contest Status

Check the status of a closed poetry contest whose judging is not finished. Click on the name of the contest to go to that contest's details and poetry contest status update.

Note: Poetry contests that have not been judged by the contest sponsor within 6 months of the contest deadline are deleted by the system.

 Contest DeadlineContest NameSponsor
5/18/2017 Screwed XVII rob carmack
5/14/2017 One Haiku - See Details - Top 5 WIN Rick Parise
5/13/2017 My Hero Shadow Hamilton
5/9/2017 Jamie's interesting contest 2 Jamie Pan
5/3/2017 YOUR FAVORITE SONG Alexis Y.
4/22/2017 The Love of Nature Carlton D Kennedy
4/21/2017 March Middleness Dave Will
4/21/2017 School yard politics Lewis Raynes
4/20/2017 Fire Cloud Phenomenon Joe Maverick
3/17/2017 Rule the world Silent One
3/12/2017 The day that changed my life forever in a POSITIVE way Cindi Rockwell
1/20/2017 101 contests in a row --- 20 (Christmas Poems) Poet Destroyer A
12/9/2016 What's in a name Viv Wigley
11/18/2016 Least viewed Marugu MO
11/4/2016 Your Last Janky Experience Tanis Troutman
11/1/2016 Premiere Contest number 14 SKAT A
8/24/2016 Crimson Royal Ninja
7/11/2016 Audio Poems (Spoken Words) C T
6/22/2016 On Golden Pond
6/20/2016 Recitation Poetry Contest Team PoetrySoup
6/14/2016 OWN IT! Cyndi MacMillan
3/23/2016 TORMENTED Nathan D.
3/20/2016 One liners 6, 7 ,8 ,9 ,10 WHEN ONE LINE IS NEVER ENOUGH Bev Smith
1/9/2016 Write Me a Duet Heather Ober
12/5/2015 Christmas with Christ Isaiah Zerbst

Completed Contests

Completed Contests

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 Date JudgedContest NameSponsor
4/28/2017 A MYTHICAL CREATURE Julia Ward
4/28/2017 STANDARD CONTEST any theme 1,to 4 line form Brian Strand
4/27/2017 Trumped Anthony Slausen
4/27/2017 Brave New World Debbie Guzzi
4/26/2017 and then John lawless
4/25/2017 On Turning Fifty Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
4/24/2017 Be Didactic John Anderson
4/23/2017 ANGELS AND LYRES Mystic Rose
4/23/2017 BROKEN WING Frank Herrera
4/22/2017 Pleiades M Kim Merryman
4/21/2017 UNSHACKLE MY VERSE CONTEST Kim Rodrigues
4/19/2017 MY EASTER PREMIUM any theme any form max 25 lines Brian Strand
4/19/2017 Best rhyming poem 3 John Hamilton
4/19/2017 Easter Haiku or Senryu Laura Loo
4/18/2017 Form M - Monorhyme Broken Wings
4/18/2017 Lyrics III - Dream Theater rob carmack
4/18/2017 Stargazing White Wolf
4/18/2017 I Need A Cup Of Seuss Jerry T Curtis
4/17/2017 Pleiades L Kim Merryman
4/17/2017 Open Poetry Contest 2 Charlotte Jade Puddifoot
4/17/2017 SHORTFORM STANDARD any theme Brian Strand
4/16/2017 Doors Richard Lamoureux
4/15/2017 tweetable scott thirtyseven
4/14/2017 One Tanka- Old Or New - See Title Requirement Rick Parise
4/13/2017 Puppy love vs True love Eve Roper
4/13/2017 Ode to Flower(s) Shadow Hamilton
4/13/2017 PASCHAL PREMIER any theme-form max of 25 lines Brian Strand
4/12/2017 Your first entry on the soup White Wolf
4/11/2017 Form L - Lanterne Broken Wings
4/10/2017 Any Poem Written In March-NOT for a contest Laura Loo
4/9/2017 GO AHEAD I DARE YA John lawless
4/9/2017 APRIL 2017 STANDARD CONTEST any theme in a five line form Brian Strand
4/8/2017 Eight word challenge John Hamilton
4/8/2017 The Book Of Love Rick Parise
4/8/2017 JPContest 5 : FEELINGS Jamie Pan
4/8/2017 On any subject Brenda Chiri
4/6/2017 Luck of the Irish Limerick Contest Kim Merryman
4/6/2017 Form K - Kimo Broken Wings
4/5/2017 Poem Written In March 2017 Laura Loo
4/4/2017 Any HM Ever Laura Loo
4/3/2017 The Tale of Your Best Phillip Garcia
4/3/2017 Utopia and the Soap Bubble Kai Michael Neumann
4/2/2017 APRIL 2017 PREMIER CONTEST any form- theme max of 25 lines Brian Strand
4/1/2017 1984 or 2017 Debbie Guzzi
3/31/2017 New Day Nayda Ivette Negron
3/31/2017 Form J - Jueju Broken Wings
3/31/2017 VERNAL 2017 Standard any theme any three liner Brian Strand
3/30/2017 Spring Is Coming Soon Acrostic Laura Loo
3/29/2017 SPRING TIME Alexis Y.
3/28/2017 Dust Shadow Hamilton
3/28/2017 In the Corner Anthony Slausen
3/28/2017 Someone, or Something, Replaceable Julia Ward
3/26/2017 Having a love for someone and it not being returned Brenda Chiri
3/25/2017 MARCH 2017 STANDARD CONTEST any theme two liner Brian Strand
3/22/2017 PRECIOUS MOMENTS Kim Rodrigues
3/21/2017 Best free verse this year John Hamilton
3/20/2017 Form I - (Immortal theme) Broken Wings
3/20/2017 Where I Want To Go Nicola Byrne
3/19/2017 The Noise Shadow Hamilton
3/18/2017 River Line 8,8,8,8,10,10 Syllables Rick Parise
3/17/2017 MARCH 2017 PREMIER CONTEST any form theme max 25 lines Brian Strand
3/16/2017 Free Verse 250 words or less (read criteria) Laura Loo
3/15/2017 Best rhyming poem this year John Hamilton
3/15/2017 Younger people who have inspired you Brenda Chiri
3/14/2017 AN EXPRESSION OF LOVE Frank Herrera
3/14/2017 Any Poem Written On Your Birthday Laura Loo
3/13/2017 Fairy Tale for Children Eve Roper
3/13/2017 Lover's quarrel Lewis Raynes
3/13/2017 Pleiades K Kim Merryman
3/12/2017 Upside down world John Hamilton
3/12/2017 Open Poetry Contest Charlotte Jade Puddifoot
3/11/2017 Fable Nayda Ivette Negron
3/11/2017 NATIVE AMERICAN LORE Frank Herrera
3/10/2017 What Doesn't Kill Us Laura Loo
3/7/2017 Screwed XVI rob carmack
3/7/2017 Pleiades J Kim Merryman
3/7/2017 RELISHING CAKE Julia Ward
3/6/2017 Christmas Day Alexis Y.
3/4/2017 An Unwanted Guest Shadow Hamilton
3/3/2017 Show Me Your Shape Anthony Slausen
3/1/2017 The National Pasttime Phillip Garcia
2/28/2017 Pleiades I Kim Merryman
2/28/2017 Theatre Of The Absurd Kai Michael Neumann
2/26/2017 Anxiety Lewis Raynes
2/26/2017 Jamie's interesting contest 1 Jamie Pan
2/26/2017 Just a Little Bit of Sugar Debbie Guzzi
2/26/2017 TRIAD IN 7 BEATS nette onclaud
2/24/2017 Your best free verse love poem-2 John Hamilton
2/23/2017 Any Free Verse 150 words or less Laura Loo
2/23/2017 Pleiades H Kim Merryman
2/23/2017 Sexyku Richard Lamoureux
2/22/2017 WHAT LIES BENEATH THE LIES John lawless
2/22/2017 Fear The Seeker
2/22/2017 THE POETS PLUCK (poet of your choice) Mystic Rose
2/22/2017 The Colors Black and White Laura Loo