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Poetry Contest Results and Status

This page provides access to PoetrySoup contest results and the status of closed contests that are currently being judged.

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 Date JudgedContest NameSponsor
11/29/2023 Legos Nursery Rhymes Eve Roper
11/29/2023 Bite Size Poem no77 Line Gauthier
11/28/2023 Stoicism As Way of Life Sotto Poet
11/28/2023 First Verse is a Charm Jaymee Thomas
11/26/2023 The Metaphysics of Human Connection and Existence Jaymee Thomas
11/25/2023 Nameless, Nightmare, Neglect Words Constance La France
11/25/2023 DEAD END STREET John Lawless
11/24/2023 Autumn Reverie 2 Jcb Brul
11/24/2023 Lets Minichu on dreams Mohan Chutani
11/23/2023 Wild Birds Shadow Hamilton
11/23/2023 A November Ninette Andrea Dietrich
11/23/2023 Funny Thanksgiving Limerick Set Tania Kitchin
11/22/2023 The Last Organ Grinder Silent One
11/21/2023 Old or New Sonnets Joseph May
11/20/2023 NO 1259 NEW POEM ONLY Brian Strand
11/20/2023 Clever poetry contest Matthew Bailey
11/19/2023 The Elfin War Matt Caliri
11/19/2023 October's Story Regina Mcintosh
11/18/2023 Tetractys Ink Empress
11/17/2023 Bite Size Poem no76 Line Gauthier
11/17/2023 Lanterne - Old or New Joseph May
11/17/2023 NO 1258 NEW POEM ONLY Brian Strand
11/17/2023 Something Bauk-tiful Charles Messina
11/15/2023 Mother, Magical, Moment Words Constance La France
11/14/2023 Any Poem Robert James Liguori
11/14/2023 As I watch the waves crash Anoucheka Gangabissoon
11/14/2023 Unlock the answers with a tritina Di11y Da11y
11/13/2023 NO 1257 NEW POEM ONLY Brian Strand
11/12/2023 Halloween Lim - Old or New Joseph May
11/11/2023 Body ails yet spirit soars Unseeking Seeker
11/10/2023 NO 1256 NEW POEM ONLY Brian Strand
11/9/2023 Growing Up Robert James Liguori
11/9/2023 12 Days Holiday (Christmas) (Hanukkah) (Yuletide) Your Region Bj Legros Kelley
11/9/2023 Bite Size Poem no75 Line Gauthier
11/9/2023 This or That, Vol 21 Edward Ibeh
11/9/2023 Labyrinthine, Languish, Letter Words Constance La France
11/7/2023 autumn reverie Jcb Brul
11/6/2023 NO 1255 NEW POEM ONLY Brian Strand
11/6/2023 Featherless Angels Ink Empress
11/6/2023 EIDOLON - the Halloween edition Suzette Richards
11/5/2023 Truth Robert James Liguori
11/3/2023 NO 1254 NEW POEM ONLY Brian Strand
11/2/2023 It Happened On A Misty Morning- Collaboration Charles Messina
11/2/2023 Spooky Halloween Rhyme 8-16 Lines Tania Kitchin
11/1/2023 Keep, Knock, Knotty Words Constance La France
11/1/2023 Expertise in Verse Jaymee Thomas
11/1/2023 Society and Politics Robert James Liguori
10/31/2023 wild Animal contest Shadow Hamilton
10/31/2023 Changed past Fire Bird
10/30/2023 Lipogram Emile Pinet
10/30/2023 Bite Size Poem no.74 Line Gauthier
10/30/2023 NO 1253 NEW POEM ONLY Brian Strand
10/30/2023 A HI-POO SENRYU John Lawless
10/29/2023 The Unsupervised Stop Sign Craig Cornish
10/28/2023 Halfway Through October: Create a Little Poem Andrea Dietrich
10/26/2023 Pick a topic sentence Miranda Hawley
10/24/2023 Musings on faith Unseeking Seeker
10/24/2023 NO 1252 NEW POEM ONLY Brian Strand
10/24/2023 Journal, Junk, Jagged Words Constance La France
10/24/2023 Dodoitsu Ink Empress
10/23/2023 Any Theme - 5 Lines Joseph May
10/22/2023 Life Robert James Liguori
10/21/2023 NO 1251 NEW POEM ONLY Brian Strand
10/20/2023 Get into the conversation Eve Roper
10/19/2023 How do you feel today 2 - One liner Silent One
10/18/2023 Coconuts Robert James Liguori
10/18/2023 Imagine, Interlude, Ivory Words Constance La France
10/17/2023 No 1250 UNPLACED Brian Strand
10/17/2023 Love Poem using words four letters or less. Darla Seely
10/17/2023 Cinquain Ink Empress
10/15/2023 ABCD Clerihew - 4 Lines Joseph May
10/15/2023 How you are feeling today - one liner Silent One
10/15/2023 Autumn Regina Mcintosh
10/15/2023 Pick-A-Title, Vol 39 Edward Ibeh
10/14/2023 No 1249 NEW POEM ONLY Brian Strand
10/13/2023 Night bewitches Shadow Hamilton
10/12/2023 Bite Size Poem no.73 Line Gauthier
10/11/2023 What to Search For Miranda Hawley
10/11/2023 Etheree Contest Ink Empress
10/10/2023 NO 1248 NEW POEM ONLY Brian Strand
10/10/2023 Halcyon, Heartbroken, House Words Constance La France
10/9/2023 Pick a colour, Pick a season, Pick a creativity Silent One
10/8/2023 Try a Quincrosticain! Andrea Dietrich
10/7/2023 NO 1247 NEW POEM ONLY Brian Strand
10/7/2023 Any thing good Shadow Hamilton
10/7/2023 Lets Minichu on Fear Mohan Chutani
10/6/2023 A hypnagogic dream Suzette Richards
10/5/2023 Immanent yet transcendent Unseeking Seeker
10/5/2023 Autumnal Sotto Poet
10/5/2023 Letter to My Children or to my Unborn Anoucheka Gangabissoon
10/5/2023 Apple Picking Robert James Liguori
10/3/2023 Golden Shovel Craig Cornish
10/3/2023 NO 1246 NEW POEM ONLY Brian Strand
10/3/2023 Gnarled, Graceful, Green Words Constance La France
10/1/2023 Pour Your Heart Out Matt Caliri
10/1/2023 No 1245 Brian Strand
9/30/2023 Seven Ten Emile Pinet
9/29/2023 Mocking the dead Silent One
9/29/2023 Unwritten Absence Ink Empress
9/28/2023 Bite Size Poem no.72 Line Gauthier

These are the latest winners of our Premiere Contests. Premiere Contests have stricter guidelines for contest sponsors as determined by PoetrySoup.

Date JudgedWinning PoemPoetContest Name
11/28/2023 Untouched Orchard Ink Empress First Verse is a Charm
11/26/2023 My Darling Lauren Kleynenberg The Metaphysics of Human Connection and Existence
11/24/2023 A Sensory Dream Sotto Poet Lets Minichu on dreams
11/20/2023 snowflake - footle Constance La France NO 1259 NEW POEM ONLY
11/19/2023 Oh Lord, I Praise October Days Susan Ashley October's Story
11/17/2023 Fated as Couplets Ink Empress NO 1258 NEW POEM ONLY
11/13/2023 LANGUISH NOT Beata Agustin NO 1257 NEW POEM ONLY
11/10/2023 Key Subimal Sinha-Roy NO 1256 NEW POEM ONLY
11/9/2023 Growing Up Subimal Sinha-Roy Growing Up
11/9/2023 The Twelve Days of Christmas, Hawaiian Style Hilo Poet 12 Days Holiday (Christmas) (Hanukkah) (Yuletide) Your Region
11/6/2023 butter from blood Gregory Richard Barden NO 1255 NEW POEM ONLY
11/6/2023 Wrapping Spirit Subimal Sinha-Roy EIDOLON - the Halloween edition
11/5/2023 Truth Jahnavi Singh Truth
11/3/2023 A Southern Rose Emile Pinet NO 1254 NEW POEM ONLY
11/2/2023 It Happened On a Misty Morning Susan Ashley It Happened On A Misty Morning- Collaboration
11/1/2023 Salad and Sudoku Howard Kerr Expertise in Verse
11/1/2023 What An Upside-Down World It's Become Andrea Dietrich Society and Politics
10/31/2023 Chipmunk Tania Kitchin wild Animal contest
10/30/2023 Think Outside the Box Sotto Poet NO 1253 NEW POEM ONLY
10/26/2023 She Never Smiled Sandra Haight Pick a topic sentence
10/24/2023 Musings On Faith Ink Empress Musings on faith
10/24/2023 Woman Looking In the Mirror Edvard Munch 1892 Di11y Da11y NO 1252 NEW POEM ONLY
10/22/2023 Genius of Dawn's Rising Regina Mcintosh Life
10/21/2023 Once Upon a Time Fire Bird NO 1251 NEW POEM ONLY
10/18/2023 Coconuts Trophy Win Paula Goldsmith Coconuts
10/17/2023 Distorted Essence Subimal Sinha-Roy No 1250 UNPLACED
10/15/2023 When Autumn Comes Andrea Dietrich Autumn
10/14/2023 Dying Laughing Dale Gregory Cozart No 1249 NEW POEM ONLY
10/10/2023 A Clementine Duet Ink Empress NO 1248 NEW POEM ONLY
10/7/2023 Glasswinged Sorceress Hiya Sharma NO 1247 NEW POEM ONLY
10/7/2023 Fear Not Joanna Daniel Lets Minichu on Fear
10/6/2023 Edges of a Dream Craig Cornish A hypnagogic dream
10/5/2023 Immanent Yet Transcendent Sotto Poet Immanent yet transcendent
10/5/2023 Picking Apples Emile Pinet Apple Picking
10/3/2023 Ode To a Fallen Leaf Mystic Rose Rose NO 1246 NEW POEM ONLY
10/1/2023 Flower Clouds, Odilon Redon 1903 Di11y Da11y No 1245
9/30/2023 Essence Linda Alice Fowler Seven Ten
9/27/2023 Bountiful Regina Mcintosh NO 1244 NEW POEM ONLY
9/25/2023 Medicine - Klimt Di11y Da11y NO 1243 NEW POEM ONLY
9/24/2023 Waterfall of Shadows Andrea Dietrich Shadows
9/23/2023 Unveiling the True Meaning of Love Sotto Poet True Love
9/22/2023 The Natural Probe Hilo Poet No 1242 NEW POEM ONLY
9/18/2023 Saga of Sam and Twitch Linda Alice Fowler Any Poem 2
9/18/2023 If This Was the Last Subimal Sinha-Roy If this was the last
9/17/2023 Despite Threats of World War Iii Beata Agustin World War 3
9/16/2023 A Vanilla Dove Susan Ashley Vanilla
9/14/2023 Minichu Speaks Volumes lets Minichu on laughter
9/13/2023 Oh, Lord Sandra Haight Pantoum
9/8/2023 It Happened On a Rainy Night Susan Ashley It Happened On A Rainy Night-Collaboration
9/7/2023 The Flame of Faith Krishnanand Guptar NO 1241 NEW POEM ONLY
9/4/2023 Velvet Joanna Daniel Star-Crossed Lovers
9/2/2023 My Laptop Subimal Sinha-Roy No 1240 UNPLACED
9/1/2023 Reflections 1239 Speaks Volumes NO 1239 NEW POEM ONLY
8/31/2023 Mom's Homemade Soup Constance La France Soup
8/27/2023 Winter Enters Anisha Dutta NO 1238 NEW POEM ONLY
8/23/2023 The Last Song For My Resting Place Constance La France Black Country Communion 2
8/22/2023 Le Paysage Bleu, 1949 By Marc Chagall Di11y Da11y NO 1237 NEW POEM ONLY
8/20/2023 Demolished Childhood Subimal Sinha-Roy I KNOW YOU’RE DYING TO WRITE A CHOKA
8/17/2023 Secret Love Speaks Volumes secret love
8/17/2023 Portrait of My Soul Sandra Haight Writing Souls
8/16/2023 Boy Christopher Grieves NO 1236 NEW POEM ONLY
8/12/2023 Dishevelled Di11y Da11y NO 1235 NEW POEM ONLY
8/8/2023 No Anchor For Rancour - First Place Contest Winner Sotto Poet No anchor for rancour
8/7/2023 The Creation of Adam the Sistine Chapel By Michelangelo 1510 Speaks Volumes NO 1234 NEW POEM ONLY
8/3/2023 5th Avenue Sunrise Lonna Blodgett No 1233 New poem only
7/31/2023 :::Rain Ireland::: David Kavanagh RAIN
7/30/2023 Summer Love Sandra Haight Summertime
7/29/2023 Shadow Subimal Sinha-Roy NO 1232 NEW POEM ONLY
7/26/2023 Reverse Polarity Constance La France Reverse polarity
7/24/2023 Health and Food Footles Andrea Dietrich NO 1231 NEW POEM ONLY
7/24/2023 The Book Thief, Markus Zusak Sneha Rv Books
7/23/2023 The Crow Constance La France Black Country Communion
7/20/2023 Self Portrait With Bandaged Ear : Van Gogh David Kavanagh Van Gogh Monoku
7/20/2023 - Horseshoe - Anne-Lise Andresen NO 1230 NEW POEM ONLY
7/16/2023 Poetree Edward Ibeh NO 1229 NEW POEM ONLY
7/11/2023 - Your Summer Favourite - Anne-Lise Andresen A BRIAN STRAND PREMIERE no 1228
7/6/2023 Beyond the Veil Craig Cornish THE MOON BY DAY - Suzette sonnet
7/5/2023 Anticipation Kim Rodrigues A BRIAN STRAND PREMIERE no 1227
7/5/2023 Always Part of Me Constance La France In The Face of Love
7/3/2023 Essence John Anderson Essence
6/30/2023 Sailing Boat Subimal Sinha-Roy A BRIAN STRAND PREMIERE no 1226
6/29/2023 Eternal Symphony-The Divine Soul - First Place Contest Winner Sotto Poet A Soul is Divine
6/26/2023 In the Clearing Brian Sambourne A BRIAN STRAND PREMIERE no 1225
6/24/2023 Memory Teardrop Constance La France Teardrop
6/22/2023 My Guitar - First Place Contest Winner Sotto Poet A BRIAN STRAND PREMIERE no 1224
6/21/2023 A Sailor's Lie John Lawless Eight Word Challenge
6/20/2023 Pretending - Bonamassa Contest Di11y Da11y Joe Bonamassa British Blues Explosion
6/19/2023 First Sunday Thompson Emate A BRIAN STRAND PREMIERE no 1223
6/19/2023 Springtime Joy Sandra Haight In The Dusting Of The Springtime Sweet Scented Thoughts Of Yesterday
6/15/2023 Fair In Meads Sabahat Batool Dreaming
6/14/2023 A Magical Time Emile Pinet A BRIAN STRAND PREMIERE no 1222
6/13/2023 The Learner Journey - First Place Contest Winner Sotto Poet Random Phrases Contest
6/10/2023 Self-Existent Light Andrea Dietrich Self-existent light
6/9/2023 A Speaking Mountain Krishnanand Guptar A BRIAN STRAND PREMIERE no 1221
6/6/2023 Harsh Storm Beata Agustin Let us Rock Five - wujue
6/2/2023 Cruise the Nile Sotto Poet A BRIAN STRAND PREMIERE no 1220
5/28/2023 Wind Ruffled Petals Lin Lane Inklings
5/26/2023 Screen of Awareness Sam Kauffman Screen of awareness
5/26/2023 Through Her Eyes John Gondolf A BRIAN STRAND PREMIERE no 1219
5/22/2023 Jueju Di11y Da11y Write A Jueju-Qijue

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