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Contest Winners And Status

This page provides access to contest winners and the status of closed contests that have not been judged.

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Premiere Contest Winners

Premiere Contest Winners

Date JudgedWinning PoemPoetContest Name
11/14/2019 shell shock Wendy Watson Pithy Pome
11/13/2019 IN OUR WONDERLAND CHAIR Kim Rodrigues Give Me 8 Lines of Rhyme
11/9/2019 magnificent spell - sexyku Edward Ibeh Sexyku
11/7/2019 OCTOBER PANTOUM Anisha Dutta Poet's October Pantoum
11/2/2019 The ache of a mother Faraz Ajmal Anything You Want
11/1/2019 Witchy Twitchy Itch Gregory R Barden Itch, witch, glitch or twitch
10/30/2019 A bloodcurdling moment Wendy Watson A NEW Halloween Inspired Limerick
10/22/2019 The Cover Of Moonbeam Lattice Subimal Sinha-Roy NUDE - descending a staircase
10/19/2019 Generational Banana Love Gigi Thrasher Give Me Your Best New Poem
10/19/2019 Sunshine Doth Quench a Beautiful Day QD Eve Roper Queen Of Day 9 x 9
10/15/2019 A Day Scar Drama CayCay Jennings Your Best Poem That is Trophy Worthy (Premiere Contest Trophy) Contest 4
10/7/2019 Softly My Love Frederic Parker Lu's Poem Switcha-roo
10/6/2019 There is no telling the things you might find Chris Green Your Best Rhyme Poem That is Trophy Worthy contest 3
10/3/2019 Cinder Girl Andrea Dietrich Your Best Poem That is Trophy Worthy (Premiere Contest Trophy) Contest 2
10/3/2019 SWEET CHERRY WINE William Kekaula Sing Me A Senryu
9/30/2019 A Black Silk Shawl Emile Pinet Because It's A Tuesday 140 - 140 Sonnet
9/30/2019 Chimney Swift Maureen McGreavy Your Best Poem that is Trophy (Premiere contest) Worthy Contest 1
9/30/2019 Looking for Answers Jeanne McGee Yalto poems only
9/30/2019 Serendipity Gregory R Barden I'LL NEVER FORGET WHAT'S HIS NAME (OR HER NAME)
9/24/2019 I'm just getting started Sandra Adams I'm just getting started
9/20/2019 You Have to Be a Hexagon -edited Andrea Dietrich Welcome to my random world
9/17/2019 ROBERT FROST Lonna Blodgett MY UPCOMING BIRTHDAY (09-03) CELEBRITY - Any Form
9/14/2019 Humana Desperata Janis Thompson Arbitrium Divisa 3
9/11/2019 Texas Larry Bradfield State Limerick
9/10/2019 Summer Song Paul Callus A Transition of Seasons Haiku
9/9/2019 night Line Gauthier one haiku
9/6/2019 Who Is Going to Tell Her Caren Krutsinger Romani Proverb
9/5/2019 Angels Danced Sandra Adams Angels Danced
9/4/2019 You Should Probably Get Dentures Lu Loo Make Me Laugh Limerick Contest
8/31/2019 Because of My Poetic Words Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode Eight Word Challenge
8/29/2019 Saturated in Autumn's Romance Lu Loo 1 -12 lines ONLY - A Poem That Did NOT Receive A Ribbon Placement 1-3
8/26/2019 a ROSE for RITA Phil Capitano Wow Me
8/19/2019 Love is the essence Georgia Kereopa Multiple-Haikus
8/12/2019 For Only Love Winged Warrior ILMO My Mom 06-24-29-08-04-09--90th Heavenly Birthday--The Most Beautiful Sonnet
8/7/2019 Old Billy Curtis Moorman Two Sea Themed Limericks
8/6/2019 Farewell in Madrid David Drowley H W Longfellow Inspired
8/6/2019 Weeping For Butterflies Gary Smith Impaled
8/5/2019 Curse Of Quiet - SOS Gregory R Barden Sound of silence
8/3/2019 Cooking with Potatoes Andrea Dietrich Cornucopia Cooking
8/2/2019 La Isla del Encanto r. h. white Love Poems for Her (That Special Romantic Interest) Poetry Contest
8/1/2019 Of Sorrow Susan Ashley One Sentence Metaphor in Free Verse
8/1/2019 Lily of the Nile Connie Marcum Wong Tri-Con
7/21/2019 Stairway to Heaven Gershon Wolf MagiCicada13 Words To Live By
7/20/2019 The Belly Of The Beast Maureen McGreavy The Miniverse
7/14/2019 lilac mauves Line Gauthier haiku-hue
7/10/2019 Withered Pages of My Childhood Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode Childhood Memories
7/7/2019 I am a blue marble with white spirals Probir Gupta The Universe
7/6/2019 We Are Alone CayCay Jennings Favourite Poem from May 2019
7/4/2019 Servility, Sweet Gregory R Barden Slave to love
7/4/2019 Date night linda williams Humorous Limerick
7/2/2019 It's an illusion Kurt Ravidas Eight Word Challenge
7/2/2019 Summer Rain Gregory R Barden Funeral, Eulogy, or Memorial Service Poetry Contest
7/1/2019 Sleepless Night Tania Kitchin MagiCicada 13 or 17
6/27/2019 Oblivion's Obituary MTY Winged Warrior More To Me
6/26/2019 My Eyes Turn Back Gregory R Barden A contest on aging
6/26/2019 DRIVER OF VICTORY Beata Agustin Driver of Victory
6/26/2019 Not Today Jacqueline Pongritz Move me
6/21/2019 meadowlarks Andrea Dietrich Birds or Bees Haiku
6/12/2019 Red Square, So Rare Gregory R Barden Nifty Named Nebula's
6/9/2019 Land of Lights Laura Leiser Nature Scene-Orphan Sonnet
6/3/2019 In the Moment P.M. Richter PREMIERE CONTEST NO 200,HAIKU(traditional or otherwise)or TANKA(inc cinqku,cinquain or lanterne
6/3/2019 Babyface What 'Cha Think'n 2 Caren Krutsinger Baby Face What's You THINKIN 2
5/31/2019 Urban seasoning sonnets brian DUFFIELD Urban Sonnet
5/29/2019 Life, To Me Gregory R Barden The Meaning of Life
5/28/2019 Heartbreak Hill Susan Ashley MAY PREMIER 8 any 4 or 5 line form,on any theme
5/28/2019 Wikileaks Keith Trestrail Julian Assange
5/25/2019 NIGHT SHOES-- James Edward Lee Sr. NIGHT SHOES
5/24/2019 Old Poems Stephen Tefft MAY PREMIER 7,ANY 1,2 or 3 line form,on any theme
5/24/2019 The Essence of Soft Shadows Gregory R Barden Epic Ethereal Editor
5/17/2019 Melting Point Susan Ashley MAY 2019 PREMIER 5 ANY THEME,ANY FORM,UPTO A MAX OF 5 (F I V E) LINES
5/13/2019 Paper Weight Maureen McGreavy MAY 2019 PREMIER 4,ANY FORM,ANY THEME,UPTO A MAX OF 14(F O U R T E E N )Lines
5/10/2019 we are one Line Gauthier MAY 2019 PREMIER 3,ANY FORM,ANY THEME,UPTO A MAX OF 8(E I G H T )Lines
5/9/2019 Please Step Away, Mrs Clinton Briauna Brown A Realistic Hillary Clinton Poem (it is NOT positive)
5/8/2019 Charlatan Summer Debjani Mitra MAY 2019 PREMIER 2,ANY FORM,ANY THEME,UPTO A MAX OF 5(F I V E )Lines
5/8/2019 The Essence of Soft Shadows Nina Parmenter Memories of May
5/3/2019 On The Way To The Ballet L. J. Carber MAY 2019 PREMIER 1 ANY THEME,ANY FORM,UPTO A MAX OF 14 (F O U R T E E N ) LINES
5/1/2019 Who Can Argue Miracles Exist Phillip Garcia Lets have an argument
5/1/2019 Loneliness Susan Ashley APRIL 2019 PREMIER 11,ANY FORM ,ANY THEME ,UPTO A MAX OF 8(E I G H T ) Lines
4/30/2019 His Name Is My Name-SQ charles messina Swap Meet
4/28/2019 MONDAY WITH BLUE BRUSHES Kim Rodrigues Brevity in Blue
4/28/2019 COLD CASE Line Gauthier APRIL 2019 PREMIER 10,ANY FORM ,ANY THEME ,UPTO A MAX OF 5 (F I V E ) Lines
4/25/2019 Sherkston Francis J Grasso Your Amphetamine
4/25/2019 Lacustrine Opera Subimal Sinha-Roy Intensity
4/24/2019 But Subimal Sinha-Roy APRIL 2019 PREMIER 8,ANY FORM ,ANY THEME ,UPTO A MAX OF 10( T E N) Lines
4/22/2019 Hummingbird Muse Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode APRIL 2019 PREMIER 7,ANY FORM ,ANY THEME ,UPTO A MAX OF 5( F I V E) Lines
4/21/2019 The Son Rose Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode Rising of the Son
4/19/2019 Bird Shadows Frederic Parker APRIL 2019 PREMIER 6,ANY FORM ,ANY THEME ,UPTO A MAX OF 14( F O U R T E E N) Lines
4/15/2019 FLECKS Line Gauthier APRIL 2019 PREMIER 4,ANY FORM ,ANY THEME ,UPTO A MAX OF 10( T E N) Lines
4/13/2019 Safe Harbor Gregory R Barden APRIL 2019 PREMIER 3,ANY FORM ,ANY THEME ,UPTO A MAX OF 8(E I G H T ) Lines
4/10/2019 NIGHT FALL Line Gauthier APRIL 2019 PREMIER 2,ANY FORM ,ANY THEME ,UPTO A MAX OF 5 (F I V E ) Lines
4/7/2019 Wishing and Waiting Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode 10 Lines, 5 Words: Rhyme III
4/6/2019 book worm Line Gauthier The Book Worm
4/2/2019 The Dogwood Dale Gregory Cozart Strength Thru Adversity
3/30/2019 Three Keys Sandra Haight 2019 Poetry Marathon Mile 27
3/26/2019 Farewell to Winter, Spring is in the Air Lu Loo Spring Is In The Air
3/24/2019 enigmatic blue Wendy Watson 2019 Poetry Marathon Mile 26
3/24/2019 Sleepy Seeds Gregory R Barden Word Morph Poem
3/21/2019 speed bump Anthony Slausin What I Love
Closed Contests Status

Closed Contest Status

Check the status of a closed poetry contest whose judging is not finished. Click on the name of the contest to go to that contest's details and poetry contest status update.

Note: Poetry contests that have not been judged by the contest sponsor within 6 months of the contest deadline are deleted by the system.

Completed Contests

Completed Contests

See the winners of poetry contests here. Click on the name of the poetry contest to go to that contest's winner's list.

View poetry contest winners for:

 Date JudgedContest NameSponsor
11/21/2019 2 to 12 Beth Evans
11/21/2019 Proverbial Monoku 2 Carol Connell
11/20/2019 Writing Challenge 2, November - A Poem Meaningful - Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode
11/19/2019 Good Luck Halloween Eve Roper
11/19/2019 November Twinkle Fairy Caren Krutsinger
11/19/2019 Love is the Answer Lu Loo
11/18/2019 Writing Challenge, November - Some Kind of Love - Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode
11/16/2019 I sense Tomorrow is the Future Sheri Fresonke Harper
11/16/2019 Introduction by collaboration Silent One
11/14/2019 Pithy Pome Maureen McGreavy
11/13/2019 LAST CALL FOR LONELY HEARTS Line Gauthier
11/13/2019 Rhyming Nonet charles messina
11/13/2019 Give Me 8 Lines of Rhyme Tania Kitchin
11/12/2019 Thanksgiving Memory Regina Riddle
11/12/2019 Metaphor of Love Bobby May
11/9/2019 Sexyku Richard Lamoureux
11/8/2019 LUDix-Rym Lu Loo
11/7/2019 A late Fall or Early Winter Haiku Tania Kitchin
11/7/2019 Poet's October Pantoum William Kekaula
11/5/2019 Pick A Title, Vol 10 - Blank Verse Edward Ibeh
11/3/2019 Crazy A's John Hamilton
11/2/2019 Anything You Want Chantelle Anne Cooke
11/2/2019 My Favorite Junkyard craig cornish
11/1/2019 Get in touch with your Zen Richard Lamoureux
11/1/2019 Writing Challenge, October- Flower or Flowers- Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode
11/1/2019 Itch, witch, glitch or twitch Nina Parmenter
10/31/2019 Favorite Teacher or Professor Chantelle Anne Cooke
10/31/2019 Love Potion Julia Ward
10/30/2019 Tautogram Poems Eve Roper
10/30/2019 A NEW Halloween Inspired Limerick Tania Kitchin
10/30/2019 OCTOBER SUN Line Gauthier
10/30/2019 If I were your brother Bobby May
10/29/2019 Let Us Collaborate a Love Verse James Edward Lee Sr.
10/24/2019 1st Corinthians 13:13 Inspiration Regina Riddle
10/22/2019 LIVING THE DREAM Line Gauthier
10/22/2019 NUDE - descending a staircase John lawless
10/21/2019 October Contest 45 or Less Words Caren Krutsinger
10/21/2019 Realism Art Eve Roper
10/20/2019 Make it Seven Joseph May
10/20/2019 Writing Challenge, October 2019 - Bird - Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode
10/19/2019 Give Me Your Best New Poem Emile Pinet
10/19/2019 Queen Of Day 9 x 9 charles messina
10/18/2019 Eleanor Rigby Who was she Jerry T Curtis
10/15/2019 Your Best Poem That is Trophy Worthy (Premiere Contest Trophy) Contest 4 Tania Kitchin
10/14/2019 If only we could turn back the hands of time Silent One
10/10/2019 Write a Rhyme about your favorite PET, living or not Regina Riddle
10/10/2019 Town Children Julia Ward
10/8/2019 Pick a line any line Richard Lamoureux
10/7/2019 HERE ONE MINUTE, GONE THE NEXT Line Gauthier
10/7/2019 Lu's Poem Switcha-roo Lu Loo
10/6/2019 Autumn sonnet John Hamilton
10/6/2019 Your Best Rhyme Poem That is Trophy Worthy contest 3 Tania Kitchin
10/5/2019 Writing Challenge, October - Butterfly- Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode
10/5/2019 Halloween Moon Chantelle Anne Cooke
10/4/2019 Three Word Acrostics Bobby May
10/4/2019 Invitation to Play Sheri Fresonke Harper
10/4/2019 Story of my life in ten lines Silent One
10/3/2019 Make IT Six Joseph May
10/3/2019 Pick A Title, Vol 9 - Enclosed Rhyme Edward Ibeh
10/3/2019 Where Bumbles Bounce craig cornish
10/3/2019 Your Best Poem That is Trophy Worthy (Premiere Contest Trophy) Contest 2 Tania Kitchin
10/3/2019 Brevity Poetry Contest No More Than Six Lines Caren Krutsinger
10/3/2019 Sing Me A Senryu Maureen McGreavy
10/1/2019 Writing Challenge 2, September 2019 - The Photograph - Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode
9/30/2019 Because It's A Tuesday 140 - 140 Sonnet William Kekaula
9/30/2019 Your Best Poem that is Trophy (Premiere contest) Worthy Contest 1 Tania Kitchin
9/30/2019 MERMAIDS Line Gauthier
9/30/2019 Yalto poems only Emile Pinet
9/29/2019 Any Poem You Want to Write 50 Words or Less Caren Krutsinger
9/28/2019 Clerimerick Couplets (Hybrid Form) Mark Toney
9/28/2019 Haunted Tania Kitchin
9/27/2019 Pick a Friend on Soup Bobby May
9/26/2019 N-A rerun 3 John Hamilton
9/26/2019 Make It Five Joseph May
9/26/2019 In the backstreets of my mind Silent One
9/26/2019 Any poem you want to write exactly 100 words Caren Krutsinger
9/26/2019 Write a Psalm Regina Riddle
9/25/2019 Picturesque Rhyme Eve Roper
9/24/2019 I'm just getting started John Hamilton
9/24/2019 Ten word Challenge 1 Kai Michael Neumann
9/22/2019 Fall Into Fall Chantelle Anne Cooke
9/22/2019 Crossroads Silent One
9/20/2019 MY HEART IS FULL Cindi Rockwell
9/20/2019 IF I WEREN'T AFRAID Line Gauthier
9/20/2019 Welcome to my random world Nina Parmenter
9/18/2019 Charlie-Quadku charles messina
9/17/2019 MY UPCOMING BIRTHDAY (09-03) CELEBRITY - Any Form William Kekaula
9/15/2019 Any Poem You Want to Write 180 words or Less Caren Krutsinger
9/14/2019 Sometimes love is not enough Silent One
9/14/2019 Arbitrium Divisa 3 Gregory R Barden
9/12/2019 FAREWELL, SUMMER nette onclaud
9/11/2019 Eight word challenge 9 John Hamilton
9/11/2019 State Limerick Kevin Shaw
9/11/2019 Overcoming Mistakes Chantelle Anne Cooke
9/10/2019 Your Choice Max 333 Words Caren Krutsinger
9/10/2019 A Transition of Seasons Haiku Tania Kitchin
9/10/2019 Writing Challenge 1, September 2019 - Eight Line Form - Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode
9/9/2019 One Hundred and Thirty Six Words Poetry Contest John lawless
9/9/2019 one haiku Rick Parise