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His throat was all dry as desert,
No words to speak, indeed none were thought.
His pale eyes just exaggerated his feelings,
"I am sick of all in world", he said barely be able to speak so.

Oblivious about the consequences, he stepped ahead with his parched eyes,
Peeped through the glass, afraid to abrogate his emotion.
Just as he did so, his Parched eyes flooded with water,
all the congregated emotion unleashed, but he just uttered was,
"I remorse, I left you alone", shrilling but silent.

The girl in a moment stammered, lying on the unmade bed, sickening in look,
"Regret... regret is just a small emotion after all. Besides, you should have already done that before. Stop crying over the spilt milk!"

Her gentle eyes, wrinkled and just as those words disappeared into the thin air,
took her away, along.

The boy held himself in a torrential pouring of guilt,
he himself felt, he was now all broken apart.
Joining his hands together, he clamored and cried.

Just in a moment, when opened his eyes,
A vivid image appeared, the girl now held his hand saying,
"Mistakes are made once but only loved ones can apologize one."
smiling as an angle she said.

"I am all now!", said with her smiling eyes.
Initiating a hand.
The guy held it tight, but now his pain was all turned into,
leaves! which was dry as his past eyes... Littered all along the floor,
Where he stayed stiff.


Mistakes are only forgiven by loved ones, whether in the way to heaven or in this Earth, beautiful as heaven:) 

Copyright © Riddhi Mishra