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Days of the Week

Monday means rise and shine,
get out of bed and be at work on time,
it's a day some consider makes them blue
when full of stress and crying too.

Tuesday gives us our second wind,
makes up for the tiring day before
as we hustle our bustle throughout the day,
relieved when we are headed home as we pray.

Wednesday is over-the-hump part of the week,
catching up with thoughts that were filed
within the cobwebs of our busy minds galore,
remembering to pick up a frozen pizza at the store.

Thursday is inching closer to the weekend,
a wormy sort of day taking forever to end,
as it progresses on the clock of slow motion
wanting to give it a shot of magic potion.

Friday is the barometer measuring the week,
working each day makes some feel in the pink,
watching the clock until closing time
knowing we earned every dime.

Saturday means sleeping in late,
alarms are not set to get us out of bed,
eating a leisurely breakfast is a treat,
pancakes and coffee can't be beat.

Sunday is the end of the week,
a day of worship and singing hymns,
afterward a dinner at home sweet home,
then a nap to end this very long poem.

Copyright © Sonia Walker