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Standing around
Hoping it will come
But things are never easy
Or ever really go your way
Sitting, laying down
Nothing will change
The eventuality of it
That it will never arrive,
That you are stuck in limbo
Waiting for the bottle in the water
That will tell you
That you were right to stay
But we all know
This isn't a fantasy
It was dumb to think
You could have your way,
You could have everything
But can't have the one thing
You had desperately wanted
Life can be that way
Keeping you away
From complete and true happiness
But everyone deals with it
So suck it up,
Continue on,
Because what else can you do?
Mope around all day?
Cry an endless river?
All because one opportunity
Had flown away?
Well, that would be weak
And stupid, since you
Can create new possibilities
With a few words
Out of your mouth
But people are either
Too scared or unbelieving
That they can do anything
But truthfully, amazing things
Can happen if you at least

Written on November 23, 2020

Copyright © Dylan Ravenclaw