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After the Pub Crawl

The glass was half empty until he smashed it on the room divider

		Tequila Sunrise on the wall

Shattered the pieces lay on the ground when he walked on his shards

		Barefoot floored surrender

A bitter taste of guilt as he wretched his way to the bathroom sink

		Unplugged mosaic of pain

The lipstick kiss lingered on the mirror but her toothbrush was gone

		Message from a bottle

Staggered in defeat he stumbled on slurred words of another promise

		Twisted spluttered echoes

As he rinsed his tongue with mouthwash more lies mourned his loss

		Prolonged rapid suicide

It was the kindest thing she would ever do for the wasted drunkard

		Tough unrequited love

17th February 2020

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann