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History Repeats in Dakota Territory

In my early teens (late 60's)
I remember it all
in my mind

Dad was driving us into
downtown Minneapolis
for church I think,

up ahead, a block or so,
the bob-lights on top of
2 cop cars was twirlin'
and  speakers were loopin'
that open-sore noise

then it went silent

but what caught our eyes
was, the 2 cops were standing
over a Native American sleeping
against a wall,

they picked him up,
all limp arms and legs

and chucked him into the
open trunk of their squad
car like they were swinging

gunnysacks of taters

dad was the first to say
something as we passed
by when the light changed

"the Indians got it rough
here in town, jimmy, 
help 'im when
you can, son"

50 yrs ago...
little has changed,
Dakota Oil injustice,

now near me puppet
allowing pipelines
to disgrace sacred
Treaty Lands.

People gonna rise-up
again, and get water-blasted
off their feet & stuck with
them stingin' dam electric

stun-frizzle wires

like we were some
kinda human chimera
that needs to be

dads been gone 12 yrs

"gotta help 'im
when you
can, son"

help 'im
I can

July '18

Copyright © James Marshall Goff