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A child stands

The Tears of Gaia

Wash down over a silent place,
Washing clean our plastic, 
Our Empty cans, our debris,
Tears flowing gently over, 
Humanity’s darkest fruits,

A child stands with her arms outstretched,
Waiting for the winds to change,
Waiting for sun light to break through clouds,
For daylight to kiss tired sleeping skins, 
For Lost Poets, artists, visionaries, story tellers,
Myth makers, alchemists to awaken from their sleep;

She waits;

She waits for Healers to arise from their shallow graves,
For dreamers to dream us a new place, 
For lovers to show us how to kiss again,

For the healed, 

To allow the Tears of Gaia
to flow 
Freely once again.   

John Roberts

Copyright © johny roberts