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Saddened Earth

How many plagues will the earth survive, taking innocent souls to their death beds.

As their families grieve, daughters crying over fathers, children mourning their mothers.

Life is delicate like a lady bug caught in a spider web, as she tries to escape her fate.

A snowflake slowly melting in the sun.

A stray cat seeking food.

Another plague killing millions, pre-biblical diseases. 

Twentieth century diseases, and cures but look at what we have become.

A destructive race that kills one another through fumbled science experiments.

What happens when the Wuhan Institute explodes will the air fill with more disease?

What about the millions and millions of people that had a life? 

A Wedding Singer, perhaps the car mechanic with new born twins, an elderly baker, a pilot?

Plagues killing, as history repeats itself through a world wind of massive death, sadness, departure.

Blackened hearts who have no compassion for victims of plague, or genocide.

As many touch sister death, we pray for their peace in a higher place where they are no longer victimized by a world so cruel.

A world in which a delicate soul is here one minute and gone the next.

A world in which the lady bug barely escapes her captive.

A world in which we are more cautious with our scientific experiments. 

A world where we keep our water clean so our very source of life is not tarnished by a pollutant so strong that we die.

When the world ends, and god looks down at the total destruction we have no one to blame but ourselves…. in a world so cruel.

Copyright © Jayme Chapin