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The Cousin We Feared

She was the cousin we feared
There were no consequences
She stayed with the grown ups
No one sent her away

All the other aunts and my own mother
Did not send her away
She was our spy,
Gloating in the knowledge 

That her own 
Overly-aggressive mother
Dared not try,
For she was afraid 

Of her thirteen-year-old
Luckily, the rest of us

Had a much better
time without either of them
It was not until after we were grown
We learned the truth

Shocked that Aunt Z,
The bossiest of the bosses
The oldest in a family of twelve children
The one who was the expert in everything else

Dared not send her
bossy, mean-as-a-snake
child out of the grown-up
area, for she did not want 
her siblings to know 
who was the boss of her 

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger