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Going Home

“Going Home”

(for all the rescue pets just waiting…)

Just when I thought how wonderful it would be in my life - 
To not be responsible for someone else, 
I met you.

You weren’t that attractive, 
A little dirty, perhaps,
A smell that indicated a bath was badly needed,
A little shy - refusing to look at me,
You sat huddled in the far reaches of that cage,
Void of all hope
Of ever loving someone again.

I walked on -
Looking at all those eager faces
Striving to show me
How playful they were,
How willing to follow me home.

But I went back -
To you
Where you still huddled
In your little corner of hopelessness.

I sat down…
And waited.
I asked:  “Have you given up?”
And you looked up at me
With those lifeless eyes
That told me you had…

I waited, sitting,
Poking a few treats thru your cage.
Cautiously, you inched toward me
And took the treats with gratitude
While I stroked your forehead.

You extended your paw
And I took it in my hand
And felt Life’s warmth within you.

We bonded.

I asked: 
 “Would you like to go home with me
And stay forever?”

You smiled …
And for one brief second
I saw a glimmer of light
Still shining in your eyes.

“Open the cage,”
I called out.

…….“This girl is going Home!”

Jb pearce

Copyright © Jan Pearce