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the tower of hope

The tower of hope.

I think of the Vietnam war as the poorer classes war.
Soldiers were drafted, and they could not get lose,
in-growing, toenails or not. The war was lost before
it began on one side the US Soldiers who wanted
to go home, against those who wanted them to leave.
In the USA, war is fought, not for freedom
of the oppressed but for mineral and oil therefore
they end up on the wrong side of history.
The people of America have the freedom to argue
what is right but have no right to act upon their view.
It has not always been like this but the capitalist
the system got the power and smashed workers- unions,
the wages got lower and deep poverty was blamed
on the poor, the victims of the system were lazy.
The USA is a profoundly unhappy country who see
Washington as an enemy, hence the selling of arms
ready to act when the dream comes crashing down.

Copyright © jan oskar hansen