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I'm a Genius all right - in Trump's own words

A little known fact 
That may not scream real tact,
But the truth nonetheless
A gift I possess.

I’m a genius all-right,
My star always bright,
From birth until now
Always destined to WOW.

Some call me quite mad,
But in truth they’re just sad,
That they cannot be 
A star just like me.

I’m one in a billion
America’s pillion,
The man of the hour,
The seat of all power.

Each word that I utter
Causes records to shatter,
Opponents to swoon
Crying world ending doom.

Yet the markets are up,
World leaders pile up
To knock on my door
Beseeching for more.

My supporters all know
The effect of my glow,
While the rest shall soon feel,
My art of the deal.

I’ve only just started, you’ve seen nothing yet,
I’m the one you should follow and not that great threat,
I’ll make us all rich, of that there’s no doubt
Let’s bring in the sunshine, enough of the drought.

Copyright © Robert Ippaso