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I am not bound by cults and creeds I want to know you
O god, I hate isms and their deeds I want to know you

Life is killing the living and living is killing the life always
Continuously, o god, my heart bleeds I want to know you

Disappointments are demons came and gave me distress
O god, the solace, my thought needs I want not know you 

Brain works a lot even after that darkness irked me a lot
Towards light o god, my view proceeds I want to know you

The world is university of falsity I studied for a long time 
O god, above the world truth succeeds I want to know you

With proper information, on the bridge of right knowledge
O god, for true wisdom my mind speeds I want to know you

The chaos of noises and voices has been surpassed, o god,
Soundless music this Rochishmon needs I want to know you

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