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The Breakup

In words that Kiesha Cole sang, How… Did… We… Get Here?!... 
From the beginning I made sure that things between us were very clear…

So, when you chose to link up to create this team “Us,” 
I would think that you would have known to be mindful
Of who cannot, and can be on our team bus…
Lips move, and words are spoken,
A lot of effort, and energy goes into the fakeness
That keeps me hoping…
That my my realness exposed will draw one real person
Into the open,
So that my sincere desire for meaningful companionship
That translates into positive energy can stop being stolen,,,
A crime is being committed; A robbery of my feelings is
In progress,
The fact that your response to my affections is negative is
A bit hard to process…
But, um, okay… Don’t let me stop you from doing 
Whatever it is that you have your mind set to do,
Just know that I am not hanging around until you finish
Going through what you’re going through…
You may be thinking that you can make this right somehow,
While I am cutting my losses, and washing my hands of you,
I am saying my GoodBye, right now…
… No Better Time Than The Present…
                                                                                  Suave Confessionz23
                                                                                      July 18th, 2018

Copyright © Suave Confessionz23